‘Big Brother 18’: Overnight Revelations Make Paulie’s Game Go BOOM

Well that escalated quickly. Overnight Tuesday we witnessed major changes in the dynamics of the Big Brother 18 house as HGs began to realize through mutual confessions that Paulie Calafiore was running the house and pitting them against one another. While he slept in the next room his former allies turned against him.

Bomb Squad alliance - Hurt Locker

Backing things up a bit we had seen James wavering over whether or not it’d be in his best interest to use his new Care Package power against Paulie to send Zakiyah out the door. After things shifted back, as expected, to sticking with Paulie, things were finally pushed over the ledge for James and he wasn’t alone.

A little after 11PM BBT last night Michelle put in a hard press to get James and Natalie to consider keeping her. She urged James to realize Paulie was running the house but James continued to goof and make silly comments. After Michelle was gone Natalie started to apply the pressure as well.

Around 11:45 PM BBT Natalie told James that Paulie had made repeated flirt comments about them making out and no one knowing, taking a bite out of her butt, and has mentioned them dating back home (they both live near each other). James wants to call Paulie out but is hesitant because of the impact on his James’s game.

About thirty minutes later Bridgette has joined the talk and they’re going over who all wants Michelle to stay. James is surprised by the momentum but isn’t ready to try and blindside Paulie.

Move forward to 5:00 AM BBT as James and Paulie are alone in the Have Not Room. James lets Paulie know he’s upset about the alleged advances he’s been making on Natalie. Paulie denies it and also says it would have just been joking. Paulie says back home he and his boys would “put her in her place” then get rid of her after telling the other guy that a girl was suggesting someone was trying to cut in on their girlfriend. James says he’s upset with Natalie for suggesting this was happening.

Leap forward again to 6:00 AM BBT to find James and Natalie in the Storage room. If James was upset with Natalie then he’s over it now. They’ve been talking about the vote situation again. Bridgette arrives and the talk continues when James tells Bridgette she needs to make sure she’s got Victor with them. Bridgette realizes James is down for going against Paulie. There is much celebration in the room.

James wonders if they should hold a House Meeting to call out Paulie on his duplicity. Ugh. Such a bad idea. Don’t do that James! The group talk continues as they spend nearly thirty minutes discussing how to go about getting the house to flip. The three of them could work together though and that’s all they’d need to control this week’s outcome after using James’s ACP power. James says it’s time to go to war. Both Natalie and Bridgette say they’re in.

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Happy Dance with Bridgette & Natalie as they celebrate their plan w/ James to flip vote on Paulie this week. #BB18 pic.twitter.com/sNtY2AKlqD

— Big Brother Network (@bigbrothernet) August 10, 2016

At 6:30 PM BBT the group leaves the Storage room and Bridgette goes to wake Michelle telling her things are happening. James and Natalie have soon joined the room where Paul is also sitting and listening. James, Bridgette, and Natalie begin explaining everything they know about what Paulie has been doing to pit them against one another.

There’s a lot more to cover in their talks on the next page…


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  1. If they can pull it off, this season will have finally become interesting, and My interest in it will be renewed, along with my faith in a number of this season’s houseguests.

    However, with a day to go before the eviction vote, I find I have little faith that this plan will hold together, as James has never a) shown a backbone and b) stuck to his word and also because Paul’s mind is always so easily changed by Paulie. We shall see…

    • That is also my concern. But even if this vote flip fails, Paulie’s game has been caught on to by a lot of people and I don’t think he can mastermind the whole house into playing his game any longer.

      • You got that right, but remember Paulie’s mind is constantly spinning over several different scenarios too, just like Derrick’s did in case each plan backfired.

    • Trick will be keeping the plan quiet. If Paulie finds out he’ll mind mist Paul. Without Paul I think James will cave. Numbers are nice but you need someone on your team that can win comps

      • So they’ll now have Paul, Vic, James, Nat and Bridgette to help with that, even without Michelle’s help.

    • It’s because Paul has gone to Paulie with stuff others have said to him, and James needed more than just Nat and Bridgette on board to back him up if it should backfire.

  2. I’ve just returned from two weeks with no access to wifi and spent a day to catch up on what has happened since James put Frank and Bridgette up. And I am elated to learn about this vote flip!
    I personally do not care for Michelle but I am really happy that my girl, Natalie, has turned on hardcore game mode. I used to worry that she was just another Victoria but glad I was wrong! For the past three seasons a vote flip has always occurred on the 1st DE but for BB16 and BB17 it flipped for the worse in my perspective. This time I am very satisfied with this potential vote flip.
    My winner’s pick preseason was Paulie, but Natalie is my girl now and I wouldn’t mind Paulie sweating a little more for his money.

      • Do yall really think Natalie can win this season? She MIGHT float to 3rd place if she’s lucky because she’s clueless and didn’t even know what a back door was until James told her! Bridgette has a better chance to win in my opinion. We’ll have to see.

    • I’ve been saying this for a couple weeks now, Natalie is smarter than she gives herself credit for.

      Her and Bridge are sweethearts, so I’m really hoping they can keep this train rolling.

      • Sweethearts? When Natalie was with Bronte and that group everyone called them the mean girls. Then Natalie joined up with Day and Michelle and then they were called the mean girls. Now it’s her Michelle and Bridgette and they are a bunch of hypocrites. Natalie is turning into Day. Cracks me up how that group is saying Nicole plays dirty. How is she playing dirty? Because she’s with an alliance and doesn’t tell people that aren’t in her alliance who she’s voting out. Now Natalie is the queen of playing dirty and being a mean girl. Just a little while ago on the feeds Natalie is telling Z you look so pretty when you wear that on eviction. Michelle’s going so you’ll look nice. Then she goes in a room with Michelle and starts laughing and talking crap about Z. Talk about being fake. Yet she says Nicole is fake. She’s as fake as they come.

      • Lmao jealousy sure is ugly I’m talking about the poster not nat nat …ha ha relax sweetheart lmao

    • Finally I find someone to root for. I’m so glad Natalie started playing, it’s time to see her win this thing

  3. James has always been a chick with a d. Paulie is disgraceful and derserves whstdver is coming. But James is also scum. He has no concept of loyalty or keeping his word as proven in this and his last season.

    I have no heros in this house to root for.

  4. The game has finally begun. Nat deserves a lot of credit for stirring things up and pulling people together to band against Paulie. I called it weeks ago…don’t sleep on Nat, she’s picking the game up quickly.

    Hope it all goes well for this new group and they pin Paulie to the wall.

    • Yes Natalie should get all the credit this week. Bridgette and Michelle had given up, but Natalie kept applying the pressure all night to James and things finally flipped.

      • James always tries to go with the majority of the house. Hopefully he realizes that he is currently on the majority side and learn to keep his mouth shut until it’s too late for Paulie to flip the vote back.

      • For sure. It wasn’t a good idea for James to confront Paulie last night over his flirting/comments to Nat. This is only going to tip Paulie off to the flip and it really didn’t help James learn anything.

      • Regardless of whether Natalie sees James as her showmance, friend or puppet, Natalie will have James’s back over anyone else’s and Paulie will not. And James should realize that.

      • I would like to point out, that Natalie has told James several times that is is not looking for a showmance, and is not thinking of him romantically.

      • BB should get all the credit. Both of them came up with all this stuff after being called into DR. JS

      • Bridgett gave up weeks ago when she aligned with Frank. She has made ZERO game moves, she hid behind Frank’s back, did what he said and when he was gone she looked to another guy to save her. When she is in a rom with men she is all flirty and giggly, when she is with the women she is somber and sullen.
        Then when Da was trying to tell her what was up (after Frank was gone), she got resentful and happily fell into Paulie’s lap so to speak. Since we are all about giving credit, Da was trying to get the others to recognize what was going on with Paulie, BUT NOT ONE of them listened.

      • The flirting part of Bridgett’s game is that, a game…she gave a shout out to her boyfriend early this morning when she said she was going out to flirt. As far as looking depressed…the boys Paulie/Paul have told her to go out and look sad and depressed…it’s all part of the game. Now, she has finally wised up!!

      • Frank schooled Bridge on how to play the rest of the game. I knew they were not just talking about Star Wars. Paulie and Paul were idiots not to get her out after Frank. Well Paulie. Paul wanted Bridget. But was manipulated by Paulie.

    • Nat deserves credit for telling James mostly made up lies about Paulie hitting on her. She failed to mention how she says and does things to Paulie. How about her comment to Bridge about Paulie being her future husband?

      • Nat isn’t completely innocent, but what she told James was accurate. Paulie did make these comments knowing full well that James, his “boy” was involved with Nat. It’s telling that Paulie never does this when James is around.

        Later in the storage room, Nat did admit to James that she reciprocated some of these comments in order to stay on Paulie’s good side. I don’t think she’s ever gone over the line with her flirting, can’t say that about Paulie.

      • Nat and Paulie alone in the bathroom. Really awkward of Nat to ask Paulie if he likes her boob job. Guess hair twirling wasn’t cutting it?

      • sigh, I quit recording time stamps (so many people believe only what they want) and my computer was down and out for 4 days but I’ll make an effort. I doubt if she was even flirting at this point, seemed kind of hyper and just looking for attention? Who knows.

      • All she ever had to do was say that she felt *uncomfortable* with him doing those things. But she isn’t going to do that , because as she told Bridge..*There is my future husband*

  5. Best night in quite a while. I feel confident James, Natalie, Bridgette, and Paul are going to save Michelle. Paul and Victor were already having talks among the 2 of them saying how Michelle going is very bad for their game because all those couples are running things. If things go according to plan Zakiyah will go, followed by Paulie or Nicole assuming someone from the others win HOH. It’s not official but in the room of Paul, James, Natalie, Bridgette, and Michelle Paul said they are the “No Names” and time to stop getting boned in this game and turn the tables. DE this Thursday is going to be absolutely insane. I can’t wait!!

    • I’m so glad they are finally getting wise to Paulie I have hated hearing him talk like he is the only person who knows how to play the game. As to James…he did have the guts to put frank and bridg up so I wouldn’t put him completely out of the equation

      • That didn’t take guts. The whole house wanted them up on the block. He knuckled under to the majority.

  6. Gottifiore might have bit the dust. Paulie is not going to savor being just another HG. Let’s see if he knows his place.

  7. Natalie has learned this game and is using her skills that she has learned at the perfect moment. Let’s just hope that Paulie doesn’t have the Round Trip Ticket IF he gets evicted during the double on Thursday.

  8. There is finally hope for this season thanks to Nat & Bridge!!! As for James, he better stick to the plan or his game is over.

    • I wouldn’t be surprised that if James doesn’t stick to the plan, Natalie would take him out in a heartbeat for her own sake.

  9. What? Did the zombies finally come out of their coma and look around? Yay!! This should be fun!

  10. It’s about freaking time!! If these 5 stick
    Together this is a game changer and will actually give someone besides
    Paulie a shot at winning!

    • Yeah, James. Duh. At least James’s new attitude has some potential. And it’s Wednesday already, so there’s a chance this might get pulled off. If this happened last Friday, I’d say no chance at all.

  11. I think Nat could take James.Two twirls and a kick and he is gone. He needs to know his place. Ha!

    • LOL! I hope the girls get wind of what Paulie said about “girls knowing their place”.. Ugh—gag me!

      • Paulie’s a pig. (From Jokers):

        Paulie: (to Nicole) I’m like bro (talking about J) what did I tell you about Jersey girls, they are the worst, why do you think Cody & I are fu….ng single. Jersey girls are the worst girls to date
        Nicole: OMG. I would have never thought you hit on her even once ..
        Guess what, you POS. I grew up in New Jersey. Jersey girls wouldn’t waste once second of their lives dating someone like you. You and your attitude toward women are pure, unadulterated garbage.

  12. It’s not even that I don’t like Paulie it’s that he needs a reality check and Zak going home would be just that. Plus she does absolutely nothing for the game or show, the last thing he needs is another puppet. Fingers crossed James and Paul hold strong and make this is show worth watching again.

  13. Wed 8:31 AM BBT – Natalie tells James/Michelle that they can’t keep playing like pussies. And says sorry for using that word.

    I finally have a BB crush after all these years, I love this girl!

  14. I just hope Paul doesn’t open his big mouth. Hopefully he learned from last time.

  15. Looks good on paper.. Except all the part left out where Paulie steps his game up when he realizes they’re pulling a “Frank move,” in voting Z out. This so called “shift” will go nowhere in a hurr-a if Paulie wins one (if not the next 5) HOH/POV. People will be quick to sellout.

    It would be nice to see it work but I’m not underestimating Paulie… If they really want to get him out, they should not give him a headsup.. It should be a complete blindside.

    • I don’t think they’re really wanting Paulie out, they just want to weaken his alliance.

    • I agree with you. They say they don’t want to blindside Paulie, but this guy’s not stupid. If there are any changes in the air, Paulie is going to become suspicious very quickly.

    • They said they don’t want to blindside him. They want to frame how they out him…I think Paul wants to be sure Paulie only knows what he tells him about it afterward.

      Good thing is, Paulie is probably so confident, he will be shook. But if he reels them boyz back in and gets them to abandon this plan and to keep Z baby – he freaking deserves props. I’ll give him those.

      Look for Paul to steal Meech’s move of stomping around in faux fury after Z leaves. Lol.

      • He was in the kitchen very recently, in front of James and Corey and Michelle, talking about guns and he was swinging a butter knife around and talking about what to do if you get shot and putting out other violent imagery. A tactic just to raise the temperature of the room a little bit and make everything a bit awkward I would imagine.

  16. I don’t think it will last. As soon as Paulie wakes up, Paulie will run and tell him EVERYTHING. Or if Paul tells Vic the plan, Vic will run and tell Paulie EVERYTHING.

    • I hope you’re wrong, but knowing Paul’s past behavior, I could see him doing just that.

      • I hope I’m wrong also but after I read through Joker updates to get the full story, the last thing Paul said was letting Vic aka Exec know the plan.
        One Vic finds out, it’s game over. He’s loyal to Paulie

      • I noticed that Vic didn’t seem to be a party to the big changes, and I hope Paul can keep his mouth shut, but even Paulie admits the one thing he has going for himself is access to Paul’s big mouth.

      • Yep. Bad, bad idea.

        If this new group is smart they’ll get Z out on Thursday and follow that up either Paulie or Victor in the DE.

  17. Yes! I really hope they stick to this plan. To ensure no one tips Paulie off, I think Michelle should be by his side at all times until it is time to vote. Also, that would upset Zakiyah which will annoy the rest of the house guests, making them wanting her (Zakiyah) to go even more.

    Though I want Zakiyah evicted this week, to get away from Paulie, I want him gone next week. I worry that she is going to suffer more unkindness from him in the jury house. If that happens, I hope DaVonne can talk some sense into her and put Paulie in his place.

    • Good idea about sticking by his side. Who cares?

      Jury House will be different, I think. No game there/no excuses.
      I think he’ll be a darling there. Look how Jeremy changed.

  18. Im hoping with the stress of DE and the fact that the competitions are tailored for anyone to win will make Paulie nervous and throw him off his game. I hope this plan goes through!

    • If this happens….I look for Paul & Vic to run the game unless the
      girls win comps. With Paulie out, there would be room on the bench for
      others to rack up some Ws.

      James & Nic should still be
      cautious. If Nat/Bri/Mich team up and win – after they get the big boys
      out, Nic would be the first female they’d target and Natalie would not
      take James to the end. She’d have no problem cutting him loose or
      letting them do it.

      That’s why you play for yourself. There are
      no thank you’s by way of carrying you halfway or by using your package
      to help the cause. James needs to think about his own game to the end,
      too. Not rooting for him to win – not crazy about anyone right now – but
      just saying (devils advocate) that he needs to think…the girls will
      cut him. IMHO

  19. I finally feel like I can jump on the Big Meech bandwagon. I saw so much potential in her and a likeable personality, but her mean girl attitude early on and her emotional breakdowns more recently had made it impossible for me to root for her. But now after all the work she put in, planting seeds to blow Paulie up she’s my new #1.

    • Well, I wouldn’t call her my #1, but she has risen a bit in my estimation. That said the girl has almost no chance at a win here.

  20. In all honesty, they probably should let Meech get voted out, just use her as a rallying point.

    With Michelle voted out, Paul or James should tell Paulie it isn’t such a great idea to win HOH. Get him to throw it, then put him on the block with Nicole, Paulie wins Veto? Renom Corey.

    We gotta remember things happen quickly during a DE, so Paulie won’t have time to process everything that’s happening.

      • Vote Z out but let her have the returning card! Then with the DE vote out Paulie somehow.

        This way they are separated for a period of time & Z has a chance to finally play her own game.

        I see a female winner this year and it a’int Nicole!

        I love my plan…. Muah Hahahaha!

        What do you think? Ya?

    • If you have access to flash back go back and watch what happened and how well Michelle played her game all night if you want to watch the whole thing started about 11 p.m. but if you just want to see the fireworks start at about 5 a.m.

      Michelle is playing an amazing game now and deserves to stay.

  21. The thought of Paulie having to go into a jury house alone with Da’ and Z makes me happy.

    • Especially a very angry Z because if they both get evicted Thursday, it won’t be a romantic getaway weekend that’s for sure. He will have no more use for her and life in the jury house will not be pleasant. In fact, they could probably make a special episode about just that.

      • Any indignation by Z will probably be short lived. As soon as he smiles at her she will be lounging all over him.
        She enjoys talking about “Strong Women”, but she is a wimp.

  22. I believe that James and Paul are the keys to exit of Paulie’s dungeon. Should Paul run to Paulie or James is unable to inflate his gonads. I do look for the young ladies to start making a move to take over the game. Nicole will see the light and join the other ladies.

    • Agree with you in all but the Nicole seeing the light part. I was a Nicole fan prior to this season, and was happy to see her back. Shes made it hard for me to continue supporting her through her bad decisions. She reminds me of Christine (the one who back stabbed her) and we all know what majority of America thought about her.

      • I agree. I loved Nicole her first time around, but this year she rakes on every single nerve I have. After Zakiyah, I would be happy to see Paulie go in the DE. Then Nicole can go out the front door, followed by Corey, who isn’t a threat to anybody. #TeamNatalie

      • Christine. The only houseguest I can recall that got a universal boo when leaving the house.

      • Thank you! I thought I was the only one that thought she reminded me of Christine from BB16.

    • At this point I don’t even think it matters if Paulie knows because they have a plan to keep him so preoccupied by a neurotic Z that he won’t be able to do much of anything anyway. I guarantee you that he wasn’t able to keep track of all of his own lies and now that they’re going to start calling him out on them he won’t be able to defend himself at all. Just watch. The emperor with no clothes.

    • Nicole won’t see s#it.
      She is the most useless, clueless, self-absorbed house guest in both of her seasons.
      I dislike Paulie, but I would prefer to see Nicole out next.

  23. It would be awesome to see Paulie walk out the door after Zakiyah… but if that don’t happen I will be happy to see him shot down off his pedestal….We also need to remember the Paris cards and that whoever goes out may come back in..

  24. IF Z has the rt card…. not a big deal as she isn’t a real threat. I kinda hope she does so they would know once Paulie is out, he is really out.

  25. That would be very interesting if they proceed with this coup.
    But be careful how you frame it cuz if Paulie wins the HoH for the second eviction, you won’t have time to think. I suspect that is why Paul wants to hang this on Nicole’s neck – so Paulie will be fired up against her and, well, another girl, to put them up if he wins HoH and he might.

    Paulie may not want to win HoH in the second eviction but if this happens, he’ll need to, to protect himself unless Paul, James & Vic convince him they have his back and he can wait for the 2nd HoH to get his war room back.

    But just in case one of their own wins the first HoH, have your nominees & replacement ready in your mind and/or discuss amongst yourselves so you know you have the votes. Of course, I assume if anyone but Paulie wins HoH, he/she will put him up either as nom or renom.

    • We don’t know anything about where Vic stands with this whole plan. We know at one point he “planned” to target Paulie, given the chance, but since he’s been back in the house that hasn’t happened. Right now, where does Vic stand – with the house or loyal to Paulie?

  26. Maybe they should name somebody else as their ringleader, like Bridgette or Natalie? Because Paul has a tendency to screw things up.

    As of now, I’m sticking with “I’ll believe it when I see it happen” because, let’s face it, nothing so far this season has yet to prove that these HGs have it in them to pull off something like this.

  27. James & Paul are both Complete Cowards, This will never happen. Sounds to good to be True. Paulie has more poop for them to Lick Up. I want Corey & Brigette be the Final Two Winners.

  28. why are they trying to pull nicole and corey. Who will they vote out after Paulie if they’re all working together? still so freaking dumb. get the numbers you need and target the rest. geeez.

  29. I’ve been waiting for this 2nd update..thank god it’s still on….No more update, while I’m doing the happy dance with Bridge/Nat, unless it’s good. lol..love the pic Matt!

  30. I want to see Z evicted first and then Paulie be evicted in the second eviction.

    I want to see them leave as a couple and hit the jury house single haha.

  31. Paulie just tried damage control by telling jealous Zakiyah about the incident with Natalie. Not only is Zakiyah now going to cling to him like a piece of lint, she will probably confront Natalie or act ugly towards her
    If James back out of the house flipped plan, I’m truly done with this season and it is apparent that some pre show alliances have been formed so game sabotage is in full effect in favor of Paulie, James & Nicole (since Nicole & Paulie’s family are close and James & Paulie are close because of Cody & Derrick)
    Which is unfair and no one else stood a chance since the beginning.
    The game was decided when all 3 were cast together

    • Oh bru-ther! If James doesn’t go through with the plan (and quite frankly I don’t think he has the cojones TO pull it out) it will certainly put yet another downpour on what is already a sopping wet season (well, for Nicole and Chrismas Corey..lol).
      Seriously though, how could alliances have been formed before the show started? During the week they were sequestered before they entered the house?
      I’m really disappointed in this season. It’s brought out a nasty, cynical side of me that I really don’t like. Usually my sarcasm is funny, but not so this season. The only person I find likable is Bridgette. But as long as the Pee Pee Twins are there, she has a snowball’s chance in hell of getting near F3.

      • This happened beforehand. James hung out with Paulie, Cody and Derrick way before the game. And to learn that Derrick’s dad is James manager- you do the math.
        Paulie & Nicole’s family are closely linked (not sure how) but that has been mentioned in the house as well as some of the blogs (you do the math)
        Derrick has coached Paulie, James & Nicole.
        They all came into the house with a connection that started before the game.

      • Aw Jeez. That really bites. Thanks for the info butterflykisses!

        p.s. Can I do regular math—or do I have to do Bronte math? Lol!

  32. Should not worry about it but will say that Zakiyah is gonna be extremely hurt and upset when “all’ comes to light about Paulie…Personally I don’t think that Natalie or anybody else should tell her about Paulie playing touchy feeling or sexist remarks made about or too other women.. I can see where Zakiyah needs a wake up call as she has had a superior and entitled attitude but to tell her for no other reason than to take her down with Paulie is not good reasoning …unless theres a blow up in the house and Zakiyah starts acting uppity then go ahead and tell her…

    • I think they should cuz if he gets to the end that could be the one vote that determines everything. Don’t forget that this is a game. They all signed up for it and all the antics that go with it.

      I see your point about Z being hurt but it also may be the catalyst that begins her feelings to mend…. You never know, right?!

      But at the end it’s a reality show & a game!

  33. I love the idea that IF this works, it was pushed by the girls that Paulie says he’s got “trained.” I worry about James not having the backbone to do this AND Paul snitching to Paulie about the plan.

    • I don’t even think it will matter If he knows. What I’m waiting for is the flirtation plan that the girls have on poly in order to make Z jealous. I’m also waiting for them to start feeding Z the information that’s going to start her on the road to complete freak out. She should then keep Paulie so occupied he won’t even be able to play his game. Mix that with a double eviction and we have ourselves a bloodbath.

  34. Oh I have my fingers and toes crossed that this plan sticks through and no one rats each other out. If this occurs smoothly this would be the best thing that’s happened all season and will bring back a bunch of viewers guaranteed! And kudos to Nat for finally overthrowing king Pee(Paulie)! I’m so hoping I see him walk out that door right behind Z come Thursday night! And I pray he didn’t hold the round trip pass. Let Da tear him to shreds at jury house :D

  35. Natalie sure has my vote for AFP! And if she can pull it off I hope to see her sitting pretty in final two come finale night.

  36. Yesss! I think my favorite player this season might be Nathalie. Might start watching again if those goes through.

  37. Please let them go through with it. It’s about time someone called him on his control. Coached by Derrick; he never talked “crap” and treated people like Paulie does!!!

  38. Paulie is such a misogoninigonist pig. He and the boys back home would have “put her in her place.” What a D-bag.

    • Agreed…But doesn’t that say a lot about Zakiyah too, she keeps coming back for more?! This Dude has played her so Badly, & dogged her out too. But this Young woman is in love with a Dude that she has only known for a few weeks?!

  39. Will the Spy Girls finally become Spy Women and sit Paulie back in his own pool he urinated in? If the plan works, this could set the ball rolling for the 8 Pack to finally realize who they are dealing with. Like what Cabbage Patch Bridge said, “You better watch your freaking back!”

  40. James only cares about his showmances. He is like Nicole, only Nicole got a showmance twice, whereas James was rebuffed last year in his pursuit of Meg. So done with him.

  41. I’m so excited about DE night! Can you imagine if Z and Paulie get evicted and Paulie ends up having the round trip ticket? Drama! I need more Johnny Drama!

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