Caleb Reynolds – Big Brother 16 Eviction Interview

Caleb Reynolds on Big Brother 16
Caleb Reynolds on Big Brother 16 – Source: CBS

Loyalty may have been Caleb Reynold’s greatest strength and worst enemy as a Houseguest on Big Brother this season. He joined the Bomb Squad alliance in the first few days of the game and rode it out to the end even as its only passenger with a solid trust in Derrick. Unfortunately for his game, when Frankie was gone so was his role in the alliance.

Luckily for Caleb he keeps in mind that it was all just a game after being voted out in fourth place this week on BB16 and following his former ally Frankie out the door.

In our interview Caleb discusses that whole Amber situation, what changed for him when she left, who he hopes to see in the Final Two, and much more.

Matthew Boyer – Big Brother Network (BBN): If you had won the Power of Veto & had the only vote, would you have done the same thing and voted Cody out?

Caleb Reynolds: Yes.

BBN: What was going on for you with Amber at the start of the season?

Caleb: You know, just getting to talk to a girl that shared similarities with a similar lifestyle growing up. And her being amazingly gorgeous. All around, just made me want to get to know her more.

BBN: Once Amber was evicted you seemed to be an entirely different HG. Compare your game style/approach between when Amber was in the house and when she was gone. What changed for you?

Caleb: I would say when Amber was in the house I was probably more worried about pleasing her and being a gentleman to kind of win her over. When she left, I was not interested in anyone else like that so I got to open up and be myself more.

BBN: Given the chance to start the season over and form a new alliance with two other Houseguests, who would you pick?

Caleb: Nicole and Donny.

BBN: What was your game decision and strategy behind finally deciding it was the right time to target and evict Frankie?

Caleb: When you’ve got two beasts in the house, only one of you can win the game. While I was in power, I felt it was time to get him out before he got me out.

BBN: When you first decided not to backdoor Frankie you cited concerns that it would earn you millions of haters from his family’s fans. How did Frankie’s reveal of his sister’s fame impact your game moves?

Caleb: It didn’t impact it at all. For one, I didn’t know who she was. I hadn’t heard a song she sang. And, she wasn’t playing the game, Frankie was.

When I said that, I was making a joke about his sister’s fans hating me. But I didn’t evict him then because I didn’t think it was good for my game at the time, and he was a friend of mine.

BBN: When Nicole returned to the game and offered a deal. Did you give that any serious consideration and why did you decide to decline her offer?

Caleb: I did not give it a serious thought at all because she very known for throwing deals peoples way and not following through. She was very good at manipulation. She already had a chance in the game. She played the comps and lost.

BBN: If you could go back and hit the Rewind button on any one of your game moves this season, what would it be and why?

Caleb: I would hit the rewind button on this last week. I would have tried to study a lot more for that final Veto comp.

BBN: Who do you hope to see make it to the F2?

Caleb: Derrick and Cody

BBN: What’s next out there for Beast Mode Cowboy?

Caleb: Going home to the country lifestyle. Breathing that fresh Kentucky air. Just taking a stab at every opportunity that comes my way and hopefully find a girl that loves me for who I am. Who loves Caleb, not Beast Mode.

BBN: Thanks, Caleb. Congratulations on making it to Final Four.

Watch Caleb Reynold’s preseason cast interview to see how his perspective on the game changed:



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  1. Yes, really nice guy, he stabs a boar with a stick with such grace. He also enjoys kicking over tables of people because of the color of their skin, what a great guy. And honest too, would never lie, oh wait, there is that website that has a list a mile long of his lies in the house about things he has done. A real genuine nice guy.

    • Thanks for that perspective, Joe. How quickly we forget things sometimes when we get a glimpse of something deemed as positive by some. Whether it be human nature in wanting to see the good in people and overlook the bad or naivety, it happens. Sometimes it takes others to bring us back to reality.

    • Definitely a really screwed-up person who can put on the charm when he needs to. Nothing much that comes out of his mouth is the truth when it comes to talking about his “accomplishments”. Sounds like his parents, who seem like lovely people, turn a blind eye to his delusions. Someone needs to call him on it when he starts his tall tales – it would be good for him in the long run.

    • Narcissists are known for being charming. It’s one of the usual, but
      not always, traits. That’s not to say that all charming people are
      narcissistic. But, it is one of the reasons that they can attract people at first and some can overlook the rest of the traits.

    • It was obvious that most of his comments about himself were jokes. I have so much more respect for Caleb than I could ever have for Derrick and Cody…Derrick is a bullying, controlling punk and Cody has no respect…flirting with a married woman…touching her…etc…NO respect.I honestly don’t care who wins this year…it was a joke of a cast!!!

      • How do you figure Derrick is a bully? He is absolutely controlling because that was his strategy coming into the game….getting everyone to do what he wanted them to do while keeping himself off the block and his hand clean. It was a masterful plan and it has worked. Sounds like you had a favorite who didn’t make it.

        You may not like the game plan but that’s all it was a game plan during a GAME.

      • Derrick IS a bully, he uses his superior intelligence, training and devious personality to manipulate the will of others. He doesn’t use physical force, he uses the force of the mind. He manages to convince people he’s helping them and acting in their best interests, while doing exactly the opposite. If he weren’t a cop, he could be a world-class scam artist.

      • Why is it that when someone voices a negative opinion, they are accused of being jealous? I’ve seen that a few times now and I don’t get it.

      • Same person who used such words as dramatic, bigoted, generalizing yesterday when he disagreed. Needs to check out a dicktionary(just for him) before using such big boy words.

      • they are also accused of not knowing what they are talking about,or not knowing the game or how it is/should be played. Hopefully we are all adults and should be able to express our opinion and have it be respected by others even if you don’t agree with it

      • Derrick found his way into a house of very trusting and loyal people – the opposite of what Big Brother is supposed to be about. Even now, at the end Cody is talking about “if Derrick wins $500,000, its the same as me winning”. How CBS managed to find 14 people who don’t care about winning the $500,000 is beyond me, but what I saw this year was just 2 people who made it clear they want to win $500,000 – Derrick and Devon.

      • THAT is perfect game play in THIS game. Haven’t you watched this show when Doctor Will did the exact same thing using manipulation to get others to do his dirty work?

      • I did see him actually bully both Nicole and Victoria at least once each, but I wouldn’t call him a bully overall… manipulator , yes.

      • Don’t dictators try to gain power first and then use threat and intimidation to control their subjects? I didn’t see Derrick doing any of that.

      • Yeah, you are right, and add up Derricks traits and it equals sociopath. Controlling, aggressive, self serving, liar, lacks empathy, manipulative, and the list goes on. We saw little sparks of nasty anger, but he controlled it.

      • I agree about Caleb. I think people are misreading him. Caleb is a dreamer, not a narcissist. He is just capable of laughing at himself as anyone. Caleb talked big about things he thinks he can do but some of them he actually can do. At the same time he was honest about what he can’t do – like mental comps. Caleb said several times he is not the smartest guy in the house and that’s not something someone with a big ego says.

        People who grew up in suburban or urban areas don’t easily comprehend people who grew up in very rural areas.

      • Right on. Caleb has a lot of talent due to his vast imagination….he can dance, compete, imitate, judo, sing….he’s quite an interesting kid. He is that, just a kid…and from rural surroundings

      • so when Caleb is called a narcissist, it’s considered an objective critique from knowledgeable BB enthusiasts, but when Derrick is called a bully, it’s because they’re haters? lol, okay…………… ;)

      • I enjoyed this season…. strategy, loyalty. Donny, what a pure heart. Derrick was flawless… playing and planning 24/7…bully? Bwahahaha. As for Cody… I think you should look at Christine… she was more all over him than he was. She is the married one. Course if I had her husband, I would be all over Cody too….. or anyone for that matter.

    • Good grief. I wonder what the website would be if they listed mine or your list of things you’ve done. I can’t believe they have a website devoted to the things he’s done in the house. Dear lord.

      • This is Big Brother. When you go on a show like this, open yourself up to public scrutiny, and tell numerous and never-ending stories that don’t begin to add up, this is the kind of thing that happens. People respond to what they see, sometimes developing feelings of outrage and getting very emotionally caught up in these characters, sometimes too much. I’ve been guilty of that. I don’t sit down and think of all the things I l either admire or dislike about people in my private life, but these forums are for BB fans to express their views of an HG at that moment. The websites listing Caleb’s “exaggerations” are a part of that phenomenon.

      • True, my friend most people don’t live out their days the same way they type their words on a public forum… or… do they? THink about whom we choose to congregate with, or talk about, or live out our lives. Do these things in our daily life look so honourable at all times? If we asked 10 people who don’t particularly ”like” us would they say ”Oh yeah he/she is so amazing even I can’t say anything bad about him/her?” I think each of us does a good job at surrounding ourselves with like-minded people because we want to be accepted in our everyday lives just as much as people on a reality show want to be accepted by a whole continent of viewers. The reality (as you rightly pointed out) is that with a bigger audience comes bigger scrutiny…

      • Yes! I’m glad somebody else has the humility and wisdom to know that nobody wins when you throw rocks in a glass house. Having said that, if Caleb has concealed forms of hate and malice while trying to sell himself as a likeable person, I would say it’s better to not give him the attention he wants (then again, I wonder how many of us truly think we’re such amazing people that a whole forum of commentators would love us without controversy). ;)

    • If you watched the show with his parents, they commented that they were not sure where he got those stories from. I think he is a big story teller…One of those that has the need to exaggerate.
      He seems like a very good loyal friend and was honored to be in the military for this country. Caleb like all men and women who have served in the military deserves our thanks and respect.

    • Yeah, the people who chop up a cow so you can eat your burger at McDonald’s do that with such grace too… as well as a million other businesses and people around the world, since time began… All of them are such horrible people.

    • The last I looked, Amber was black. He was CRAZY for her. So exactly how does he hate black people? And don’t talk to me about Obama — people on the left crucified Bush, people on the right crucify Obama. Touche partisans. And, nothing wrong with eating what you kill, city boy. You just sound like an angry liberal.

      • Who said Amber is black? Did I miss something? She’s a beautiful, intelligent woman, whether white, black, yellow, purple. Too bad she had to be in the house with Caleb – he ruined her experience.

      • Luckily, it looks like she found a real country boy in Judd. Can’t wait till Caleb realizes she came to the finale with him. judd might need a body guard.

      • Ok, that might be true, BUT Caleb Caleb PRESIDENT Obama “a Muslim monkey” that’s both racist, disrespectful of the president of the United States of America.

    • Woah woah those are some serious accusations Joe. He kicked over tables BECAUSE of the colour of somebody’s skin? If this is the case and you are truthfully representing Caleb, then I would have to agree he is not a person I would like. If however the accusation is exaggerated or false, who then do we gang up on?

      • Why would I make that up, early in the season he told the story of him and his buddies going into a bar, they saw some middle eastern men at a table, and he just walked up and flipped the table over. It probably isn’t true, but why make up a story unless you really want to do it. When he got a bad reception from the other houseguests about the story he clammed up. At least the others didn’t jump on the bigot bandwagon.

      • I’m afraid I can’t tell you why people make up (or further spread made up) stories Joe. Insecurity? Pride? Shame? Need for attention…etc
        But I think before spreading THIS story that you mentioned, it would be important to check the facts on it because if it is true it’s a very serious accusation. If it isn’t true, then it’s you who will be viewed as the person who didn’t have the integrity to hold back a serious public accusation.
        I say this with the impression that you seem to be a man who wants to be known as a person of integrity. Because of this, I know you’ll do the proper fact checking and/or apologizing so the rest of us will truly know who’s at fault here and whether this story has merit…
        Looking forward to hearing the results…

      • You are not serious, are you? If you watched the live feeds you would have seen this comment, and you probably can go back on Jokers Updates and find something about it. He did say it, many heard it, and talked about it earlier in the season, what don’t you get. Stop slandering my name about something you know nothing about.

      • I’m not doubting you ”heard” the story, I’m asking if you know it to be true because your original comment (which is serious) was:

        “…He also enjoys kicking over tables of people because of the color of their skin.”

        Like I said, you seem to be somebody who cares a lot about integrity so I’m hoping you’ll do the research to verify whether your statement is true. If it is then count me on board with your opinion of Caleb!

      • How would I know if it were true, it is what he said, and most of what the guy says probably isn’t true. As for it being a big deal, why would it be. The guy posted racist comments online even before saying that.

      • (sigh), if you don’t see what you’ve said as being a big deal, I’m afraid we’ll just have to accept we have a very different standard on things like this… No worries. Take care Joe.

    • I think Caleb is hilarious. He’s just a one upper. Who cares. I worked
      with a guy like that and once I realized he was full of BS I had fun
      with it. I always looked forward to what he was going to say next. I
      don’t take anything too seriously though.

      • Through all of this Caleb stuff, I have tried to remain silent because of personal reasons. But, Jessali, I was married to a man for 12 years with very, very similar characteristics as Caleb has shown. I left that marriage bruised and battered with no self confidence. Some things he has said and done made cold chills run up my spine because I have seen and heard the almost identical things in that marriage. I literally shuddered sometimes when I watched him. I don’t know him and can’t say how he would actually treat a woman, but I know I would not want my granddaughter near him. Some things need to be taken seriously.
        You have added much pleasure to my summer of posting here. I can tell you have a good heart.

      • Well I’ve always been told that I am naive. This may be the case. This was my first year to get the live feeds, though I didn’t get to watch them as much as I wanted. Nothing that I have seen has made me think him to be an abusive person, but I admit I didn’t get to watch much. So I’m sure I missed a lot of what others and yourself could be talking about. Another problem that I have is that I always try to see the good in people. I have a lot of respect for Caleb have serving in the military, but that’s a soft spot for me bc my husband and I were in the army and naturally we met some of our best friends there. Though, I also know that there are all types of people in the military and they are not all good people.

        I too have enjoyed your input on the game.

      • Naive, trusting, gullible, wanted to see the good in everyone, loved doing things that made other people happy… this was my downfall, because it is also a fairly precise description of the type person an abuser seeks to dominate. It took many years for me to even have an opinion, much less to think it mattered. As I said, I don’t know Caleb and I have said he deserves respect for his service. Maybe the similarities in character that I noticed are just a coincidence. Awareness is a good thing. Thanks for your reply.

      • Very sorry you had to go through that, but hopefully by sharing that, you can save someone’s life

    • Same here I give him a lot of props for controlling his answers and not letting Julie try and influence her way on him, he handled it very well.

  2. You know, I wasn’t crazy about Caleb when Amber was in the house. He was… creepy. He acted like a jealous ex-boyfriend. BUT, once she left, he really did open up and became one of my favorite house guests. These past few episodes he’s had me belly laughing because of the silly stuff he’s said and done.

    Is he big-headed? Sure. Regardless, he was one of the more entertaining and memorable house guests. If they ever do an all-stars, hopefully he’ll get a call back. He’s the perfect guy you want to work with. Loyal to a fault and very good at competitions. He does the heavy lifting, and you do the manipulating.

    • I have laughed out loud at some of his sayings and antics. he really did do a big turn around after Amber left.

    • I think that’s a good description of him. Though I tend to stay away from words like creepy or stalker with him. I see him more as a lovelorn person who is socially awkward around women which comes across in people’s minds as creepy and stalker-like.

  3. Its really funny how now everyone who was out regrets not siding with Nicole & Donny, even though those are the people they wanted out most.

    • But this is why this season was such a bore and why Derrick is overrated for his play. Donny knew early on that Cody and Derrick were working together. He told Nicole and Hayden but no one did anything about it. There were no attempts to flip the house. No alliances to combat the boys alliance, just 8 floaters waiting for their to be evicted.

      Donny had the insights to be a good player but he had no social game at all. Had he hooked up with Nicole and Caleb maybe they could have dragged in Christine again or Hayden to form a fairly good alliance of their own. Had they done that, is there any doubt that either Cody or Derrick would not have lasted to the end?

      The season got of to a bad start when Devon created the 8 person alliance at the start of the game.

    • Nick, that’s nothing unusual. That’s what can happen when you form an alliance on the 2nd and 3rd day, which Caleb did, and it happened to not include someone you later got to know more and maybe wished you had aligned with at the start. Plus, Donny was anti-social-game, so it was hard for anyone to truly get into an alliance with him, especially while Devon had already attempted to form one with Donny on the first day in the house, before Caleb even got in the house. And by the way, for those Derrick worshipers out there, Caleb selected Devon and Derrick as two “soldiers” to form an alliance with on the 2nd day. That ended up being a crucial formation that just happened to fall in Derrick’s lap that he didn’t plan or engineer. Derrick could’ve just as easily been on the other side of the fence, not being selected like Nicole, and he probably would’ve already been out of the house weeks ago. No matter how good of a manipulator you are, you HAVE to have luck on your side, to get where you are…

      • True, a lot of alliances are just circumstantial. But if you look at the evolution of an alliance there are other ”jump in” periods where people can join up and/or be booted out. Look at Hayden. He was one of those guys that surely had a solid final 5 position BUT he got involved with Nicole which pulled him out of the alliance. Look at Christine, Nicole & Hayden – they COULD have been a bit wiser and pulled over 3 more people near the beginning and had a fairly good alliance (minus their poor winning record at comps). So yes, Derrick was ”lucky” but he was also observant and knew when the time to jump in and out with various people was.

  4. Though some like Caleb and others don’t, I would like to thank him for being a veteran for the USA. Just imagine our troops being made up of people like Frankie. I’d choose Caleb any day.

    • But what’s the true story behind his military service? I’d like to know. If he really did serve a full term with honor, I’ll give him all the respect he deserves.

      • He did serve and was actually at one of the prisons investagated. He was not charged. He spoke of it some in the house, how they would spit on them and throw feces on them. Talked about how rough it was. That can mess with your mind.

      • Probably his deployment. Basic is usually 2 months then a school for your job. They dont usually send you right over. My son was Marine and he finished basic 3 days after 9-11. He wasnt deployed till Jan 2003. Almost 2 years.

      • He was deployed for 9 moths, according to his preseason interview with Rachel Reilly. I don’t believe anything he has said about his life outside of the house. There are just too many lies.

        Check out this …
        youtube (dot) com/watch?v=UNJSIPDKdRA

      • Very true. I don’t envy anyone who has to go over there and go through that; it has to have been a nightmare, especially for someone so young. Still, I think Caleb’s mind was probably messed up before he went in the service. I hope his stories are all true because it’s kind of shameful to misrepresent your military service, bring it up constantly and represent yourself as a hero, if it’s all fantasy.

      • You better believe if he was lieing abt serving we would have heard. Vets are quick to come down on somebody for that. I’ve seen it in papers here.

      • Based on what his family had to say, I would assume anything Caleb has to say is fairly heavily exagerated.

      • While I can respect his service, that doesn’t mean I need to excuse his stalker like behaviour with Amber, which was downright creepy. He was also a total bully with other women at the beginning of the season. Service or not, there is no excuse for that kind of behaviour.

      • I think the REAL stalker in the house is Victoria….Derrick and his family may have to move and change their names…she is freakin scary…

      • I do find it interesting how people label Caleb as a stalker but so easily dismiss Victoria and/or Christine for the same behaviour. They followed around the men they were interested in, they kept trying to get closer and closer while using what people would call inappropriate language, and they tried to keep other people away from ”their men”. The difference? That labelling a meek and petite woman doesn’t fit the narrative or image of what people want to believe is a stalker… I think I once heard that recent statistics over the past decade show more women are convicted of stalking than men are. But again…doesn’t fit the image Hollywood has planted in our brains…

      • This is exactly how I feel too. I was reminded of the weird way his mind operates regarding women when he said he was different when Amber was there because he was being a gentleman! I mean, does he even live in reality?

      • Agree. Nothing about his behavior was gentlemanly. It was scary and controlling. He talked about putting her in her place.

      • I really do think you see Caleb through a certain narrative and lens. I would call him ”socially awkward” and not a stalker as so many have been comfortable labelling him as. If you’ve ever had an encounter with a real stalker (or known somebody who has) you would know there’s a pretty big difference between the label of one vs. the reality of the other… It’s not a fate I would wish upon anyone.

      • Thank you thank you, people have forgotten all that happened for the entire summer, nobody liked him, now suddenly “he’s so funny, so sweet, so likeable” give me a break, I thank him for his service I respect that, the rest of him is narcissistic just as bad as Frankie

    • Caleb joined the military, he was not drafted. It was his choice and he was paid for his service. He received good medical benefits and shopped at the commissary. We were not at war and he was not some hero. If Caleb is the posterboy for honesty and morality, we are in trouble. He was a delusional, liar. He was and is a celebrity in his own mind.

      • “We were not at war and he was not some hero.

        Where did you hide for the last 13 years ? Under a rock ?

      • Yeah, I think Tom might be underestimating what it’s like to do a tour in Iraq during a time where many (dare I say most?) people in the middle east want nothing more than to destroy anything that has a USA flag on it… He’s not a war hero, but in my opinion Caleb is a fairly brave and honourable man, and I’d much rather have him standing beside me than standing in front of me.

      • Anybody that did a tour in Iraq and/or Afghanistan is a hero in my book. I’m certainly happy I didn’t have to go. I’m not a hero.

  5. While, I do see his faults (everyone has some), I love this kid. He seems to have a really good heart and I hope the best for him in life. He has made me laugh; get a little teary; and yes, even roll my eyes a time or two. He played this game well and has nothing to be ashamed of.

  6. Too bad BB Network didn’t put up a tribute article showcasing Caleb’s varying sense of fashion. :)

  7. I respect Caleb for serving. Caleb reminds me of many young boys who are the youngest in the family always trying to be the center of attention. He has some problems but I wish him well and would like to see him in an all-star season.

    • True Brenda, it’s not easy being the youngest. You constantly lose at every game you play with your siblings no matter how hard you try to win for starters.

      • Do we really want to get into this oldest, middle, youngest child syndrome? lol I am 3rd of four, and, of course, I think it is the worst possible place to be in the birth order. And you’ll never convince me to feel sorry for my little babied sister.. :)

      • Hey KSJB, I didn’t say being the youngest didn’t have its perks and I certainly didn’t mind being petted on either :D

        But I certainly agree that being next to youngest would be a pretty tough position in the family.

      • I will miss you after BB Karen..are you gonna be on Survivor?……………..I wish I can visit your country

      • LMAO..My COUNTRY…lol..I do believe that was a sarcastic blow to my little neck of the woods. But that’s ok city slicker. You can come down here to my country and mark your territory by going out and peeing off the back porch. Be a lot easier for you since you don’t wear clothes anyway. I’m really going to miss playing the posting game with you, Cyril. With holidays coming up, I need to concentrate a little more on family, but I’ll be watching as I always have. Maybe I’ll be able to sneak in a post every now and then when I get the shakes for a fix.LOL

      • lol.Can’t hide anymore. You always dig my sarcasm now. Almost the end of the season, so I’m posting good bye messages now…..anyway, What currency are you guys using?…hahaha

      • It’s so much fun. We get each others humor. I have enjoyed posting so much with people like you, GMaG. You are humorous, witty, you say what you mean and mean what you say. It’s been delightful.:)

      • Oh my, indeed. I always close my eyes when posting with Cyril. I did peek once, but I didn’t see much…..

      • Back at ya KSJB. At least you could always beat your little sister at all the games you played while you were kids! I always hated playing the Old Maid card game, I wound up with that card every time.

      • Hey hey now, I’m the youngest of 3 and though I agree on some things you’ve said, I would have to strongly disagree with the whole losing to my older sibings. Heck they used to get really ticked off when I’d come along (they’re 10 & 11yrs older btw) and beat them at a video game, or an athletic sport, or…well many things. My dad used to laugh his head off at them which of course would only make them more mad at me. ;)

      • I always thought I was a fairly strategic checker player, until I taught the game to my grandson at age 6. A few games later, he had it mastered. It’s been three years and I haven’t been able to beat him since. Your intellect shines through, Matt.

      • It’s been a pleasure posting with you. I wish you well in all you do, and I expect that has been and will continue to be a whole lot of good!

      • Hi Matt, I found out later in life that my older sister was a card cheat and that’s the reason I could not win a game of Old Maid.
        I’m glad you never experienced the frustration of losing every game like I did, must have been nice :D

  8. It’s really easy to make fun of him, and his whole thing with Amber was…… uncomfortable at best, I do think Caleb is a good guy. His biggest problem was that he was loyal to a fault, but if he had more of a will of his own, I think he could have made it to the end. Still, he was one of the better players this year.

    • Better players? Hmmm, that really depends on the definition of what makes a better player. One could say that because he made it to the final 4 he was in fact one of the better players – so from that stance I would agree. And yes, I also agree that Caleb got a bad wrap from a lot of the critics on here….

    • I think their wardrobe is somewhat limited in the house… I did notice that Caleb didn’t seem to want to wear much of anything anyways.

  9. Well, I just read Vivid Production is going to offer him to play the lead role of “Rambone” Part II. (jk)…bright future after BB

  10. Caleb is as delusional as Frankie, thinking that they are more important than they were in the house. Caleb is Hot!!!

  11. I sure wish Caleb was still in the house for entertainment value…these last 3 are about as boring as you can get. The good thing is…I can finally get to bed at a decent hour…good luck watching these 3 goofballs who were all born without personalities ….and to ALL a good night!!!

  12. Martie your comment on Facebook was nicely stately. Breaking the delusional off him and decreeing success to him in full measure. Luved Caleb for who he is and missed him when he left. Success, Success to him. He is handsome too!

  13. I can’t wait for him to watch the season and realize what was really going on. Now THAT’s a reaction video I’d actually watch.

  14. I’m impressed by Caleb in many ways, but not the least of which is his ability to be unashamedly loyal and true to his values…

  15. Wow! Did anyone see how Skankie Frankie threatened the guys and I am so proud of Caleb sticking up for himself twice against Skankie Frankie Grande the Douche Bag A$$ Entitled Spoiled Brat Wannabe Frankie J Grande!

    • Should be interesting to see how ”god like” Frankie feels once Caleb comes through the door and tells the jury house ”Oh Frankie says that he’s now going to control all your votes, so don’t worry, he’ll vote for all of us.” ;)

  16. Does it bother anyone else that he still has such an untrue perspective of Nicole? She was one of the least manipulative players this season and was the victim of Frankie and Derricks lies. I wish I could be there when Caleb watches the season back and realizes how many times Nicole and Donny tried to tell him the truth about his alliance….

    • Guess you didn’t catch the part where he said if he had to do it all over again he’d be in an alliance with Donny & Nicole because he respected their honesty and their game?

      • Yeah I guess I did…all I read was that if he could redo who would he work with and he said Nicole and Donny. I only see their names no statement regarding their honesty. Especially since later in the interview he accuses her of breaking promises and being manipulative….must be reading a different interview….

      • yes sorry, I admit I was actually reading a site that was quoting his exit interviews with different websites… so he may not have actually said to the same extent I claimed. I went and googled some of his exit interviews and tried to sum up what I thought he was saying – but please do call me out if I’m wrong. :)

    • Caleb probably won’t believe that what he’s watching is the way it happened. Delusional as he is.

  17. When Cody won the POV, I knew that Caleb was as good as gone!! He may not have played the best game, but I have respect for the guy for believing that being honest and loyal is the best policy. Out of all the houseguest that have gotten evicted this season, the crowd’s cheer was no where near as loud as it wasfor Caleb… IMO, that says alot about how much people liked Caleb and hopefully it’s good sign that he will win America’s Favorite Player. At least at the end, the blinders were finally turned off for him in regards to Derrick. That was only truth that Frankie did try to get Caleb to see.

  18. Caleb a nice guy? I would not say that guess you were not watching every show! He is a big lair and was so stuck on him self and all he thought about was who was going to sign he up the minute he got voted out! He carped on his best friend Frankie the first chance he had and said he didn’t like him as a person! Come on Caleb, if it wasn’t for Frankie you would of been gone a long time ago! Go back to the Blue Grass State and be the butt head you really are!

  19. So he complains about the guys being disloyal but admits he would have voted out Cody if he’d won POV? And he talks about being a gentleman for Amber but he tried to control her in the house and “punished” her lack of interest in him by nominating her in order to “put her in her place.” He goes on and on about himself in the game, telling people to call him Beast Mode instead of Caleb but says he wants a woman to love him for him and not for “Beast Mode.” He’s a delusional piece of work.

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