Bridgette Dunning – Big Brother 18 Eviction Interview

Bridgette Dunning was voted off Big Brother 18 last during the Double Eviction this week after her allies efforts to target Paulie and his allies failed to come through on the critical HoH and Veto wins. With a One-Way ticket to Jury Bridgette had the chance to answer a few questions for us about her game and experience.

Bridgette Dunning with Julie Chen on Big Brother 18

We asked Bridgette what went wrong and why she thinks her allies bailed on her in favor of Michelle, what would she do over, whether or not she regrets that big flip against Paulie, and more. Read on to find out what she had to say.

Big Brother Network (BBN): You had just rallied a group together to flip the vote against Paulie, then all your support vanished and they voted you out over Michelle. Why do you think HGs turned on you in the vote?

Bridgette Dunning: I think I showed my cards as a very headstrong feminist who is unwilling to back down from a fight. If someone comes at me, I just can’t help myself but to defend what I believe in and my friends.

BBN: You had a lot of highs & lows in your game this season. If you could go back and change one event or decision, what would it be and why?

Bridgette: I would have eaten a larger meal before the dubstep competition. The comp had to end when it did because I either had to make a deal with James and Da’Vonne or I would have fainted off the platform.

BBN: The vote flip on Zakiyah this week was such a big move. Do you think it might have ended up making you a bigger target and lead to your eviction in the DE or were you going either way?

Bridgette: I think flipping the house made the target on my back larger, however I knew I was going to be on the block sooner than later… I might as well shake the house while I still can.

BBN: Who is playing the best game right now and who can far in the game?

Bridgette: I think Paul is playing the best game right now. He’s proven to be a man of his word. He’s a strong physical competitor and he’s incredibly smart. I think if he plays his cards right he can make it to the end. Which is why I tried to make an alliance with him.

BBN: Thank you, Bridgette

Considering the size of the target on Bridgette’s back after her week of danger with Frank she managed to make to escape through some tight situations in the mid-season, but realistically it did look like she had a tough uphill battle to make it to the end as she sat on too many hit lists. Now off to the Big Brother 18 Jury Bridgette will help decide who will win the half-million dollars.

What did you think of Bridgette’s game and her latest big push for that flip this past week? Was it better to go out in a blaze of glory and be quietly sent off to Jury?


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  1. I agree with Bridgette’s opinion. If Paul is sitting in the Final 2 with any of the guys I think he wins. He’s playing the best social game so far.

  2. I do think Paul has played a great game. Going from the bottom to the top and if Victor nominates Paulie and he gets evicted, he’ll be my new favorite.

    • Very fake and actually thinks something will happen between her and Frank. Frank is an adult and I don’t think he likes teenagers.
      I did want her to stay so she could play with Michelle and Natalie.

      • I don’t get the sense that she necessarily wants to date him outside of BB. I think she’s more so just a super superfan of his.

      • Yes I cannot believe she thought she had a chance with Frank. I am sorry but I am glad she was evicted. She was too fake and I could not stand her.

  3. I kinda agree that Paul is playing a great game. He went from being on the outs from Week 3, to improve his social game. Yeah he’s a bit wacky, but that’s just him. Plus nobody seems to hate him. I see Paul going far int his game

  4. If Victor and Paul are working together the whole house is in trouble..Paul is blowing up Paulie’s game for not being “loyal” when he has turned on Victor so many times. Come on ppl wake up!! If Paulie stays it would be the best season ever!!! Let it come to a out and out battle against Paulie and Corey and Vic and Paul..and let’s sit back and watch the battle. When or if Paulie goes Vic and Paul will run the house..totally. I personally want to see a battle..period!! As far as James goes Vic and Paul are using him!

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