‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Care Package Round 3 Winner Revealed

New spoilers today on the Big Brother 18 Feeds as the latest America’s Care Package winner was revealed to the Houseguests in the backyard.

America's Care Package twist on BB18

This week’s reward was “Super Safety” and after the chaos last night I’m guessing a lot of fans strategic voting for Bridgette was nuked when she became the second victim of the Double Eviction. Time to find out who snagged the valuable reward this week.

Big Brother 18 Round 3 Care Package:

  • Nicole was awarded this week’s prize: Super Safety

Update: Nicole’s costume has been revealed. It even lights up. This is pretty well put together.

This week’s power will give the winner a full week of immunity from the Block and eviction along with a goofy costume. Nicole won’t be going anywhere. How’s that going to work with this week’s nomination plans? Shouldn’t change things at all. We’ll see those picks made official later today so get ready for some great drama for Big Brother fans!

No surprises here as Nicole was in our Top 3 for popularity polling for weeks and weeks now. She was a likely expectation considering James and Natalie were the top two spots this week and both were ineligible.

But again, this won’t change their ability to evict either Corey or Paulie. Could it change Victor’s thinking though? You never know.

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  1. Well it’s Meech for HOH next week. Meech can get out whoever remains of Corey/Paulie/Nicole

    • Well again America – James and now Nicole. Both worthless players. People voting for those two dunderheads must only watch the show

      • Nicole might be the 2nd choice. I voted for Bridgette but, she got evicted. My guess is the 2nd place in votes got it instead. What I do not understand is they should have the care package arrive before the eviction then, Bridgette if she got it might have been saved! So, all her votes got wasted!

      • Okay let’s guess who America will vote for – since we think the majority likely watch show only

      • We have to see who is left. I do not like Michelle, James, Natalie, Victor and Paul. Might vote for Corey or Paulie if they are still in the game for the drama and force everyone else to play the game instead, of just floating along. I would like Michelle, James and Natalie to go to the jury house. Whoever wins, I do not really care!

      • Sorry. I seem to like the people that you don’t. I would never vote for Paulie or Corey.

      • That is okay. I do not like anyone in particular. Just used to enjoy Big Brother because of the game play and too bad the days of Dan Gheesling, Dr. Will and Mike Boogie are long gone! Now, most house guests need to be forced into making moves! Survivor is number 1 because majority of tribal members are out to win that $1,000,000 check. Without Corey, Paulie and Nicole, it would be pretty boring. We need drama and we need these slugs to be forced to make the moves! As long as there are house guests on the other side, the game can be turned on its head which is a good thing!

      • I agree with you on that. I miss Evel Dick. That was a great season. Loved Will and Boogie and their antics

      • Respect your views. But James is my favorite and Paulie is at the bottom of the list. Now that the game has gotten more interesting Paulie may be good for viewers interest. But I can’t wait for him to go home. The F word comes out so much I can’t quite catch what they are saying.

    • Meech is disgusting. Trashed people when she was safe and sobbed when on block. She is trash. All she does is bad mouth others. Let’s count…lol. And Paulie has been on block, week 1..he knows how it feels.

    • People who don’t go online and/or feeds — they only have the TV edited version of the players.

      • Yeah she is shown to be some type of nice girl when she is a POS like Paulie and Corey. You aren’t friends with guys like that without being like them.

      • Eh. She was telling James how she didn’t think men should be spoken to badly about Nat/Paulie. James asked what Nat said and she said nothing.
        She said this year the girls were catty. When Meech asked her if it was catty to pick off the women one after the other in her season. She felt it was not.
        Nicole is the kind of girl who wants to be liked by the guys, and will crap all over other girls to be a cool girl.

      • How can u pick on Nicole? Natalie is gross. Desperate for attention. Nicole annoying, yes. But Natalie and Michele are DISGUSTING

      • Nope! Nat does not hang all over James like Nicole does with Cory. She also hasn’t aligned herself with Paulie as Nicole has.

      • Yup..but you have to understand they can’t put the really bad stuff on the show because it’s prime time television…protect children, etc.

      • They could make it more real than they do, tho … editing is an art and they can manage to spin it either way or even try to make it fair … ha!

      • I know right they give Natalie such a good edit. I hope they start showing the fake mean girl she really is.

      • I like Natalie. At least she knows the guys’ intentions, which is to pick the girls off one by one

      • Sorry I watch the feeds and voted for Nicole. See I watch what’s really happening and not an edited version. Michelle and Natalie after last night are just as bad as Paulie.

      • Glad to see someone feel the same way as me. Meech was already as bad as Paulie but then Nat decided to drop to that level also. Just sad to see.

      • She didn’t. How is it Meech and Nat are mean girls, but that idiot Paulie who treats women like dirt, and can’t open his mouth without saying the f word. He’s a snake, yet we are talking about the girls

      • Thank you. Funny other articles I’ve read on other websites the majority love Nicole. And now they are also commenting how Natalie has changed since the beginning into a mean girl. Guess they watch the feeds too and not just read what Joker posts. Which Joker omits soooooo much. They don’t post half of what goes on. Not knocking the site because before I had feeds several years ago it was a great site to go to for info.

      • I don’t feel she mean or fake…she’s now playing the game. As far as what she said to Z, I have mixed feelings, I would want to know any info…JMO

      • I would want to know too. But it would of been different if Natalie told her with good intentions. But she didn’t. She told her the night before she knew she was leaving and said she couldn’t hold it in. She had plenty of time to tell her. She wanted Z to blow up at Paulie and in case she had the round trip ticket then she would come back and go after him.

      • I think Natalie is trying to survive without being voted out. At least she has the guys’ number, including James. She showed poor judgment telling Z about Paulie

      • I like Meech at least just says it, instead of being fake. She’s still better than Paulie

      • I watched her during first season and now this repeat. Same ole Nicole. Always wants to snag a guy and cling to the boys

    • Not me. But not to worry…it only saves her this week only. No matter who replaces either Corey or Paulie, Corey or Paulie will still be going home because Nic, Corey and Paulie don’t have enough numbers to save themselves over the other five.

      • Right .. and Nicole was not the target this week anyway and now she will have to wear the costume … hope she hates it and that it’s hot and uncomfortable and extremely embarrassing. Maybe others will convince her that America just wanted her to have to wear the costume.

      • Yes, it is disqusting. Thought I would write it before having to read it. Lessened the shock/!#!#!/

      • Why is it disgusting to talk about when it is displayed on national tv? They are the ones doing it…Should we say “Bless his little heart, he wont get to F—– D– her if she wears that costume to bed.. Is that better?

      • Ok so Paulie makes a comment about Natalies fake boobs and he’s just so awful but you agree that comment was just fine. Okay talk about double standards. Bye hypocrite.

      • He says f word 1000 x a day. He really was inappropriate with Z, but they are adults. He’s a douche

      • GROSS and uncalled for Banitap
        . Corey was an idiot to not go after Paul and Victor or back door Victor!

      • You know, I have read worst comments and I decided to beat others to the punch. I have seen no one else objecting to the vulgarity in others’ comments. Nicole is a snake and needs to sliver out the door in two weeks time. But wait, she never does anything, does she.

      • Well Nicole ran to Paulie like the nutter she is, and asked who do we put up? Paulie told her and she relayed to Corey. Those two deserve each other, and Paulie can go back to the shore, and fade into oblivion like Corey

      • We have a lot of people acting and saying things that are just as ugly or worse than all of them in the house, I don’t like the way some are playing, but I will not day anything ugly about them because I do not know them personally. You have to remember its just a game and everyone in their has family, I’m sure you all would not like people saying some of the hateful things said about your family

      • Well here’s the thing. I don’t watch BB, live feeds, updates, and agreed to be watched 24/7. They did. So, I’m not going to sit around and be nice when they aren’t nice, just to appease a few. If they act and have ugly language, guess what? It’s going to be talked about. Apparently they don’t care what their families think, so why should I? Don’t sign up and be a tool or be sexually active, if you don’t want viewers to talk about it. You worry about their families.

      • Thank you! I was lost for a moment in anger at who SUPPOSEDLY won the CP this week. No way she won that,.. Im sorry but for the first time ever I will be joining the “production helps certain players” bandwagon. Michelle or Paul (imo) would’ve been the ones to win it this week. Bridgette has she stayed. This is crap. But back to my point Thank You for pointing out the fact one of the 3 will be gone next week no matter what!

      • She’s going to be soooo peeoed when she finds out it won’t help her to keep her honey bun safe if he should go home.

      • They could still vote her to sit on the chair to ensure paulie goes home. Wouldn’t that be Huge for Nicole to sit next to him.

      • I wish that was true, but according to this care package rules, she can’t be put on the block as well as evicted. She’ll have the same perks as the hoh of this week. And that also includes her having a say of who should go on the block, but the ultimate decision of that call is Victor and Victor’s alone, so what ever she says to Victor about who should be put up will be falling on deaf ears. She just won’t know that until it happens. So please Victor, stick to Paul’s and your plan to put up Corey and Paulie.

      • Safety acts the same way..you can’t put her on block, thus she can’t be renommed or evicted.

      • you are looking at the wrong care package. she won super safety, not co-hoh

      • I know, I went back and looked to make sure. Nicole can have this one, she won’t get the Co-HOH package next week. I’m good with that.

      • Then this is one horrible package. Bet victor will Hate this.

        I can just envision this, Nicole ‘ s bird nest will certainly expand to enormous portion.

      • Does she brush that mop? It always looks the same mess. I think her extensions are falling out

      • I honestly believe she likes it this way cause she thinks it’s sexy. She is constantly looking at herself, pulling at that mop.

    • I voted for her only because I didn’t know if Michelle or the other girls would be evicted and I didn’t want any guys to get it.

    • This is totally fine. She need it, it’s kept out of the hands of Paulie and Corey, and she’s now ineligible to win it next week, when it would probably be of more use to her.

  2. Oh hell no. If anyone, should have been Meech.

    BB must be protecting Nicole. Bet she goes to end. Make me barf.

    I will DROP BB like a hot potato if this happens.

    • She was safe this week anyway though. Better for her to get this one this week rather than the co-HOH one next week. The pool for that reward will be Paul, Victor, Michelle, and whoever remains from Paulie/Corey. Nothing to worry about.

  3. Well. I do hope she gets eliminated next week right after Paulie. If Victor doesn’t change his mind.
    Michelle may be safe this week anyway.

  4. I hope Nicole remembers to thank Michelle for making her the recipient of the care package due to Michel’s ‘snake’ comments.

  5. It truly doesn’t matter. Even in the worst case scenario, either Paulie or Corey are going to jury (barring the round trip ticket.) This package has literally no effect on what’s happening this week (as things stand right now.)

    • It does if the veto is used. She would have been the replacement. Even so, it won’t change who’s evicted.

  6. So if Corey or Paulie (the apparent nominees) win Veto and take themselves off the block I wonder who Victor would put up?
    Maybe Natalie? or James?

      • Riiiight? Paulie is going to be so peeoed if he doesn’t win Veto and Mich’s accusation will have come true for her.

      • Aren’t Victor and Paul closer to Big Meech though?
        Especially after Nat humiliated Victor with her farewell speech?

      • I mean Nat hasn’t offered herself, whereas Meech has. They might still not put her up but she said she would be ok with it.

      • Natalie would certainly be an idiot to volunteer and I don’t see that happening at all :D

      • So then Michelle will realize she’s at the bottom of the ‘new alliance’s’ pecking order and Nat is favored over her? Bottom is not a good place to be and if Nicole is smart she’ll try to recruit Michelle.
        Just my thoughts Joni.

      • Idk Joni, I don’t think Victor has really gotten over that incident and is just pretending. His ego seems fairly healthy after all..

      • Yeh, but Paul’s talking sense into him so he doesn’t use that as a personal reason instead of a strategic move.

      • But Big Meech will still realize that she is considered as the bottom of the pecking order. Does Victor want to make a new enemy out of Michele by showing his hand?

      • Michelle has resigned herself to going no matter what, she just didn’t want to go until after Zingbot is all.

      • But who will Victor put on the block to replace Corey or Paulie if one of the them wins VETO since we know it won’t be Nicole?

      • James. Paul. Michelle. Natalie. It could be anyone at this point because that person is just a warm body sitting next to whomever is remaining between Paulie and Corey.

      • The chosen person may still remain, but they won’t hesitate to nominate Victor if they get the chance in the future.
        Instead of making a new enemy I think Vic will nominate Nat instead. We’ll see Gus.

      • it don’t matter cause if one comes down the other goes home cause the 1 remaining will only have 2 votes (if all goes as planned) I think maybe Paul should be put up as pawn cause he won’t be voted out ..

      • Victor will be burning a lot of bridges and making new unnecessary enemies who won’t vote for him to win. Victor is a smart guy and I think he’ll consider all options before making his decision since this does seem to be Paul’s plan for him.

      • that would make me want to vote Victor to win the whole thing, if he got Paulie out…good move

    • America picked Bridgette but she went home so Nicole was second. But now Michelle can get the coHOH so vote Michelle.

      • Right .. so many votes were probably wasted when Bridgette was evicted and then there was not enough time to gain on whoever had been voting for days before for Nicole.

    • I can’t stand Meech or Natalie. I gave Nicole every single one of my votes. I still don’t understand all the hate.

      • She’s the kind of girl who hates other girls.
        She’s the kind of guy who is friends with racists like Aaryn.
        She’s the kind of girl who is friends with misogynists like Paulie
        She’s the kind of girl who is hooking up with racists/misogynists like Corey
        But most of all she is a moron. She thinks she is playing the game with the guys when all she is is a body and a number. They will dump her the moment they can. And she will never learn. She will continue looking for that validation from them. If she wasn’t such a POS, I would feel bad for her.

      • Isn’t Natalie playing the same type of game as Nicole except it’s with James instead of Corey?
        Since both Nat and Nic have survived so far with this strategy I’m not so sure it’s a stupid strategy.
        Perhaps Day, Tiffany or Bridgette should have employed a similar strategy and they would still be in the house.

      • Nicole seems to be having her vote go with whomever Corey is voting for. Nat seems to make up her mind and has to convince James to vote the same way.

      • Yes, but Nicorey were in the inner circle of power players so there was no reason to make waves at that time.
        What bothers me is that Corey had the guys alliance and left Nicole in the dark so apparently he has no problem stabbing her in the back.
        Neither Corey or Paulie is good for her game but she didn’t realize it.
        Good thing Victor seems to have taken a shine to Nicole though…

      • I definitely would not want Nicole’s game to be blown up because of Corey or Paulie. Hope she wises up before it’s too late.

      • So do I Lisa. Nicole might want to tell Victor everything she knows about Paulie to save herself.
        After all, he planned on getting rid of her during the DE – I wish someone would tell her this.

      • Only problem is that Nicole is so into Corey would she even listen. Look what happened to Z. Paulie wouldn’t use his Veto on her and she was still all over him.

      • I don’t care for Corey at all and someone needs to tell Nicole that Corey was going with the guys to the end and not her.

      • Maybe Vic can help her see the light because Corey is bringing her to a dead end.

      • You have the right to your opinion. Now can I get your reasons why Michelle’s treatment of Bridgette was justified?

      • I dont hate Nicole too muich either but she really is useless. She is sneaky which is okay because its bb I guess, but she is just all around useless. She is being played by the boys once again after saying she wont fall for anyone. And she falls for the most boring person in the house.

      • That is why I voted for her. She has no clue that her allies were getting ready to throw her under the bus.

      • Because they evicted Day for lies, at least Day did it to their faces. Nicole is always under cover

      • That too, they should at least be consistent in the voting lol. Day is a very good reader of the game. She is average at comps and all around terrible in the social aspect (which is what got her in her 2 attempts)

      • Damn, you would think she was playing Big Brother.
        Nicole just takes info back to her alliance. She is loyal to them. She does”t make up stories about people like Day did.

      • Because James lied to them about voting Z out.
        James was in on the plan to get Victor out in the DE. He just was not the only one.
        Name one person in there who has NOT lied.

  7. I keep getting bumped off. BB must not like my response. They are protecting Nicole to the end and if she wins, I’m definitely dropping BB like a hot potato. Don’t like being manipulated into watching a fake show. And I’m not talking about Nats fake boobs.

    • You are not the only one … this site freezes up on me a lot, it’s so annoying especially when you are in the middle of a reply and I’ve seen others comment about it also.

      • I think it’s all the moving ads causing the problems.
        The same thing happens when I’m checking my emails. there are so many moving ads constantly uploading that I can’t even access my email at times.
        The only way to get rid of them is to pay $45.00 a year; and it’s beginning to sound very tempting.

      • I’m computer illiterate so please tell me how to get rid of all these moving ads – they’re driving me crazy!

      • I have no clue? I have a pop up occasionally when I first get here, then nothing. I have a Mac and am using Safari. Not sure if that makes a difference.

      • I think I might have a computer virus then if I’m the only one having gazillion moving ads on every page I go to. It’s so aggravating I think I’ll buy a new computer.

      • thanks for that info, I really need advice on what kind of computer to buy. I’ve heard from others that Apple computers are the best.

      • I think you are right about ads …tho only happens to me when I am on BB site. You might go on internet and research how to alleviate that problem if it happens even with your email.

      • I have Linda, and I tried to tell my hubby (he’s a lot older than me and hates computers) that we had a problem with moving ads but he always disagrees with anything I say so he’s no help at all. I think I’ll just fork over $45.00 to get rid of them.

  8. Can somebody please remind me what the last care package contains? I’m too lazy to go look it up LOL

  9. OMG … I think Nicole’s costume is a ……. yes, a snake!!!!!!! ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahah and it looks really uncomfortable and hot and itcy and she also got a can of bug spray and she wonders why. Saw that on tweets. Hope it’s right. Maybe too good to be true.

    • Corey is stupid, but I didn’t think America was ever going to give it to Nicole. She is as doofy as her boy toy.

      • It’s because everyone was voting for Bridge and Nicole still has some of her fans from BB16 (why I will never know)

  10. worst case scenerio….Paulie wins veto and saves Corey….Then what??? These other guys better fight hard for the veto…. Any one have any idea what this veto comp might be?

    • Now that Nic won the safety. Putting Corey and Paulie up is best and whomever wins it, then vote out the other. Either of them leaving is fine by me and then Nicole after Paulie. The replacement could be Michelle and she won’t get voted out again.

      • Sad, that, huh? I want Michelle to tell Paulie she was right and he was wrong…about his game being blown up.

      • She needs to not suck up to Paulie if that’s what you meant. I am liking her again because she spoke up about it and got the house to flip.

      • It was a collaborative effort I think. If Nat hadn’t gone to bat for Michelle and got others on board, Michelle would have been evicted.

      • Yep. The veto only removes one hg from the block…he’ll remove himself guaranteed and vice versa.

      • If Corey had won Safety (has a man worn a unitard yet? I forget) and then Nicole won POV, she could save Paulie and all 3 would be safe this week.

        Then it’d be back to putting up the girls. James would no likey because even if he wasn’t up there, it’s just his & Paul’s vote vs P/N/C’s so Nat Nat might go bye bye. I don’t think P/C/N would trust James to make a deal to keep Nat.

      • Yeh, I know that why I didn’t want Corey or Paulie winning this CP! LOL Glad neither did! :-)

    • If Paulie wins veto (and he’s on the block), he’s not going to save Corey. Paulie doesn’t have it in him to be selfless.

  11. At least we don’t have to listen to Nicole whine all week about this (though she will when Coryand Paulie are OTB). Wait until she finds out after the season is done that she only won by default Bridget got evicted. I would like to be a fly on the wall then!

  12. Who the heck would vote for that stupid man hungry girl? Either two things happen, the vote was rigged as usual by CBS or we voted for Nicole to wear a costume as a punishment for siding with Paulie.

  13. Ugh!! I don’t care much about Nicole, but the perception will be that America likes her side of the house. That just can’t be. (Can it??)
    Either way, makes no difference IF Victor sticks with the plan. Put up Paulie and Corey. If either win the veto, Victor puts up someone on his side, but they still have the votes to send home P or C.

    • No, it can’t. America is sick of Big P systematically ridding the house of women, and since Nicole is #3 in popularity, at least we had the power to stop Big P from removing yet another woman. From the way Matt wrote the article, I’d bet Bridgette was the real winner, but because she got nixed, it went to the runner-up (Nicole).

  14. I’m just worried that Victor will take this as a sign that he shouldn’t go against Nicole’s side of the house. PLEASE stick with the plan, Victor!!

    • He still is holding a grudge against Nat for the goodbye speech she’d given him weeks ago.

      • True, and he’s been talking with Paul about splitting up the couples so hopefully Nat goes on the block and Victor hasn’t burned any bridges.

    • I don’t think Vic will leave Paul at this point especially after everything he has learned.

    • Especially since Victor or Paul haven’t received a care package yet and can’t help but wonder why.

      • We’ll have to see about that Joni and Paulie or Corey could become a comp beast yet.

      • It’s not easy, but it can be done! hahaha I went about this time last year. I can go to the internet cafe 20 min drive away and see who got evicted, but that’s about it. I’ll survive it. Been needing this vacay more than BB. LOL

  15. Voting for Corey next week for Co-HOH. Then I hope Nicole wins HOH. Get one of the mean girls out. I don’t care if it’s James, Natalie or Michelle as long as one goes.

      • Lol. Sorry. I like who I like and stand behind it. I’ll be glad when it’s done I’m exhausted. Lol

      • Me, too … lots of ups and downs and I get so emotional about it sometimes and it’s so silly. I guess it’s a social game out here, too. I’ve learned a few things about myself. I will be especially glad for this BB to be over, but then I always look forward to the next – just hope there is more game playing next time.

    • If Corey is evicted I might have to vote to give it to Paulie next week.
      Glad to see another Nicorey fan here.

      • Not that I like Paulie but just to keep Nicole safe for another week. Once the alpha males start going after each other Nicole might manage to stay around a little longer.

      • But Nicole would be safe the next week if Corey won HOH after losing Paulie. There are Nicole fans obviously or she wouldn’t have received the care package.

      • I think it’s more like there are ‘women’ fans. Just tired of watching Paulie have women removed just because of their gender.

    • I’m with you Lavendargirl. I hope that whichever one of Corey or Paulie had the RT. This is after Nic wins HOH and we give Corey or Paulie the co-HOH I’m going to split my votes this week between them.

      • Don’t split them it will hurt one of them. I’m giving all mine to Corey until after POV. Then if they are still both on the block I’ll continue to give them to Corey because I think Paulie will get evicted. People voted for Bridgette and their votes were cancelled because she was evicted.

      • It will all depend on if Paulie wins veto today. If he does and goes down. Then Corey will probably be gone. Or if Corey comes down or both of them stay up..then Paulie will go home.

      • Yeah after the veto if both of them are still up I’ll give all mine to Corey but if Paulie comes off and Corey is still up I’ll have to decide who to give them to because your right Corey will probably go. But Corey could have the round trip.

  16. OK AMERICA I do hope this does not backfire on those that voted Nicole.. If it does and yall don’t like what plays out this week Do Not come in here and bitch moan and groan.. The goal is to get the “d-hays” out not keep em in…

    • I voted for Nicole to keep her safe from the d-heas. They were contemplating putting her up. She is loyal to them, but they planned on getting rid of her like they did Z.

    • What site do you suggest I switch to since I can’t comment if this ‘backfires’ on Nicole.?

      • personally I don’t care what site u go on.. and I said nothing about people switching sites.. and why would u take my comment “personal”??? It was not directed at u as an individual cause I could less how u voted or ur opinion and Nicole was 2nd choice not # 1…

  17. This whole thing is fixed . Do you really believe Nicole actually won the votes to get it. The only reason they gave it to her was because CBS new she has a high chance of getting backdoored this week.

      • I’m okay Michelle didn’t get it…as long as Corey or Paulie didn’t now. It will not help Nicole long term any way you look at it.

      • look what just to vvixctor know he so screwed him over should have let meech win hoh this week to!

    • She was runner up. No one wants her to get CoHoH because that would basically be Corey’s HoH.She was already safe. This sets the situation up so she can’t get any other packages and those are more important.

  18. Everyone needs to vote Meech to get the Co-HoH power.

    A lot of people are saying Vic since he can’t play HoH, but don’t do it. That’s a big, big mistake.

    After Corey or Paulie leaves this week, there’s a very good chance that Vic/Paul will try to scoop up whoever is left and go after the girls. Giving that power to Vic risks him going after Meech/Natalie.

    Remember, Vic is still kind of annoyed at Nat over her goodbye message. Plus, remember who Vic was early season… not a big fan of women in general. He’s hiding it to stay in the house and improve his position, but the real Vic likes to bro down HARD. If Paulie leaves, he and Paul could scoop up Corey/Nicole and dominate to the end. That will be really tempting for him.

    Meanwhile there’s a very very low chance Meech or Natalie wins HoH at this point.

    The only sure bet is Meech for co-HoH. She’s the only player 100% guaranteed to go after the remnants of Corey/Nicole/Paulie.

    Vote Meech! Accept no substitute

    • “A lot of people are saying Vic since he can’t play HoH, but don’t do it. That’s a big, big mistake.”

      Uh…what if you’re cheering for Victor? Then it wouldn’t be a big, big mistake! lol

    • I say Vic for coHOH if you don’t like paulie and want to freak him out. Three weeks in a row? America, have you lost your minds?? (Paulie)
      And let Paul bribe! he’s been hiding all season! make him play For REAL, he’s been getting off easy with his innocent “I had no idea bridgette was going, I had no idea they were voting Z out”.
      Let’s make Paul bleed a little

  19. It was actually going to go to Bridgette…but she left yesterday…. so, Nicole got it which does not surprise me…

  20. CoCory thinks he or paulie will probably will get the next care package. Really? I think not!

  21. Who cares about super safety… doesn’t do much anyways …co HOH to Michelle is still an option….

  22. I’ll admit.. I split my votes each day between Bridgett and Nicole. The guys were gunning for girls.. nobody liked Z, Meech was supposed to go home Nat can’t get anything else, so that left Brig and Nic.

    • I agree, and I think that’s the main reason Nicole got it. I believe Bridgette really was the winner, but with her gone, Nicole was the runner up. Not surprised America would want to stop Paulie’s rant against women however we could.

  23. Nicole is wondering why she got Deep Woods Off in her package…hmmmm…she’s not the only one but I can guess why. To protect herself from the bugs that will soon attack her, namely Paulie, Vic or Paul. LOL

  24. Shocked Nicole won. Though it was Bridgette’s to lose wasn’t it?

    I guess it dont matter because Michelle isnt being targeted this week so far. Hopefully she wins co hoh! I wish Natalie didnt win never have not now so she could win the better stuff.

  25. I read won by default, Bridget got the top vote, but she is not here…Nicole got the next highest votes.

    • I don’t understand why everyone hates Nicole, Cory and Paulie so much. They were playing the game the way its supposed to be played. I voted for Nicole and if Paulie or Cory make it through the week I’ll vote for them. Meech and Nat are the mean girls in the house and Paul is the most annoying braggart I’ve ever seen.

      • Paulie is a pig and Corey agrees with everything he says. Paulie could have saved Z with his Veto win but he didn’t. Just led her on.

      • She allowed it! If she is that desperate for a mans attention she deserved it. The girl was ridiculously jealous

      • That is what I thought as well. But other people told me Paulie insulted the other women on BBAD. I also do not like Michelle, Natalie, and Paul. I think Nicole or Corey should win.

      • I hate Meech, James, and Natalie. I like Victor, Corey, and Nicole. Paulie is definitely going home this week.

  26. Funny how things change during the season. At the start, I really liked Day and Paulie. But I ended up not caring when Day was evicted, and Paulie is now my least favorite. I did not like Victor and Paul, but now they and Natalie are my three favorites.

  27. OMFG I was so freaking happy was I saw she won on the live feed (And yes I watch the live feeds and still love Nicole) I spent all my votes on this week and even forced my aunt and parents who don’t like Nicole to vote her

  28. People keep comparing Nat/Nic game play as being similar…both hanging on guys coat tails. this is the difference to me. Nat is honest, admits she hasn’t won anything, says she is terrible at comps, but at least she is trying… Nic brags about all she has done ( her TEAM) won the comp for her hoh, not her. then she says she just wants to lay low and not win anything but if one of her “group” wins something, it’s high fives all around about how she helped!!!! Confusing, No,, Nic is just a hippocrit.

      • Neither did Nat. I don’t recall seeing her do anything with any of the guys, not even James.

      • Before there was james both Victor and Corey rejected her advances. This is why Nat is jealous of Nicole, Corey preferred her over Nat.

      • Natalie flirted with them. She was looking for a guy to latch on to and James took the bait. Nicole is doing god knows what with Corey who has said many times he is not into her and Z was a huge hole. Natalie may be annoying with her girlie behavior, but she has not behaved as indecent as those other girls. She flirts and talks to James, but nothing inappropriate that I have seen. All 3 girls are floaters and using the guys. The guys are also using them.

    • Don’t forget, she always says she hasn’t done anything. Corey gives her that blank look.

    • Ok..did you watch the comp that Nic got the HOH in? She was the first one to finish the comp. She clearly did win it.

    • The voting started earlier in the week. Most of the voter probably strictly watch the show. They have been showing the guys talking about “clipping” Nicole.

      • At first I thought it was going to be too. That was another reason I voted for Nic. I figured the guys were going to try to backdoor her again. This was before any of this flip talk started.

      • bu i dont think she can play next week hoh bexcause the care package next week co hoh!

      • She should be able to play. She just has safety. It would be equivalent to winning a veto but without the ability to remove anyone from the block.

      • but wonder id she play thre next hoh wuith being choh?tyhis wghy this care packagwe should have played last night!now people cryn over it!

  29. At least we know that Nicole’s not going to get co-HOH next week. Michelle or Paul for co-HOH, let’s do this!

  30. This is better because next week is the Co HOH and no one wants Nicole or any of the other guys to get that.

  31. Now there is a pic of Nicole in her costume and I think it is some sort of spoof on keeping her safe from her own clumsy self. (Darn, a snake costume would have been soooooooooooo much better!) She has knee pads, safety orange colored suit and a safety cone for a hat (looks like an orange witch), etc.

  32. I like this. If Meech got safety this week when she really isn’t in any danger, it saves a more valuable prize for her next week. After all with James and Natalie out of the running, who would you vote for for co HOH? Unfortunately, we’re not going to have a lot of options left when it comes to the bribe package.

  33. Sorry to go off point here , but since this is a fairly large forum, I have a question. When did jumping on a trampoline become an Olympic sport? I am 60 and have never seen this event.

  34. Paulie still thinks Michelle and Natalie are going OTB and has been preparing his speech! hahahaha

    • Is Victor really putting them up or is he still confused.?
      I hope he does, but Paulie has a good chance of winning Veto. I hope the guys prepare to evict him again if he has the golden ticket.

    • Yeah, and it’s a mean one, too. He plans to interrupt Vic’s nomination speech to fire it out. Vic’s noms might pour some ice water on that – or make it hotter.

      • Paulie wants to call out Michelle and Natalie during the noms. .Paulie thinks that Victor is putting them up…(hope not)

      • Paulie wants to come clean with the newly nominated Michelle and Natalie; admit he’s been running the house the entire time (with assistance from the guys’ alliance). Now he’s thinking after the noms, not during Vic’s speech. But I don’t think M and N will be the noms … still Paulie and Corey, I think.

      • Knowing how versatile Paulie’s command of the English language is, I’m sure he could. His weakness is time and stress when he’s blindsided, like he was last night with Z’s eviction. (He’s already admitted he’s been “in a haze” since she was evicted.) So if he’s nominated, he’d do a better job with his speech if he saves it for a more opportune moment. If he fires it off from the hot seat, he’s liable to come across as a belligerent, crybaby, sore loser.

      • He’s yet to even think about his eviction speech..still working on the one he’s supposedly giving Michelle – over and over and over! LOL

      • Michelle should wink at Paulie and Nat should wink at Corey! Piss Paulie off and make Nic jealous. :-)

  35. I am just glad Natalie didnt get it.. I dont think I could stand seeing her cheerlead all over the house in it!

  36. james and natalie botrh have care pacakages should be easy going up on the block?

  37. Maybe we should vote Victor or Michelle for the next care package. Both of them are on the opposing side of Paulie, and a jury buyback will happen if the HGs don’t have a return ticket by Thursday (i think). Voting for one of them will keep Nat’s side of the house in control no matter what.

    • Yeah if Victor goes through with nominating Paulie and Corey and one of them goes home this week then next week he will need some protection since he can’t compete for HOH. So I think I will vote for him so the other side of the house can stay strong.

      • I think we keep victor in HOH and make paulie,Corey,Nicole wonder why America wants victor HOH three weeks in a row. It would piss paulie off.
        And, I think Paul’s personality would be good for the bribe. Make his ass fess up. He has walked around all season acting innocent like he didn’t know who was being voted out, didn’t know Bridgette was leaving, yadayadayada.
        Great tv.
        I think Michelle would fumble either one. She would cave to whoever wins HOH, and she’s too damn emotional

  38. Eww!!! I don’t know a single person who can even tolerate her let alone likes her.

      • Not that strange. You’re looking at it wrong, I think. America is sick of Paulie (et al) on a rampage to remove all females from the house just because of gender. America simply wants to stop that. Bridgette was the winner of the CP; Nicole was the runner up.

      • I voted for Bridgette and Victor so my votes went down the drain. Why couldn’t have Michelle gotten it? Freaking Nicole? No one even likes her! Whatever at least Paulie or Corey will go, I just wanted to see Corey and Nicole on the block next to each other bc honestly Paulie will win veto like always.

      • Nicole is #3 in the popularity poll (behind James and Natalie), so someone likes her.

      • nicole could have got saftey all week when jasmes got his pacakage to with twist!

      • No one likes Michelle, either. She’s as mean and nasty as some of the guys.

        And let’s face it, no one’s a saint in that house. Bridgette threatened to pull out Tiffany’s eyebrows. Paul threatened to punch anyone who went against him, Vic, and Jozea. Paulie… well, we all know what he’s said. This isn’t a house of nice people. We don’t have that this year. We have to therefore judge them on whether or not they’re playing this game, same as we had to do with Dick and Danielle Donato their season.

      • This stuff is rigged AF. CBS probably doesn’t even count votes and just chooses who they think makes the best tv.

      • look at the memory wall derek-ian was placved same spot to win now paul has chance to win it

      • I think no one has the golden ticket and they will give it to the HG they choose after eviction.

      • What they can’t fix is Paulie. I really believe he wont get any. based on stats..It will be obvious. There will be an outcry.

  39. The one thing that I loved about last season is, that even though they were all after each other, they knew it was just a game. The HGS played games and tried to spend a lot of time hanging out and socializing together regardless of who was nominated.
    This season is so much unnecessary cattiness and not enough balls.

  40. people are upset because nicole got care pacage!wel james asnd natalie both got care pacakages

  41. Seriously, now I’m gonna nerd here:

    The reason this America’s Care Package voting system isn’t the best is that it’s FPTP (First Past the Post) voting. Everyone gets 20 votes, but in the end, it’s just 20 votes for ONE choice. Whomever has the largest plurality wins. If the vote was all over the place, someone could win with just 1/6 + 1 vote or 1/7 + 1 vote. It’s even worse when the possibility of the top vote getter getting eliminated. This is what happened in Week Three with the Super Safety vote. Bridgette likely won and by a large margin. But because she was evicted, those votes basically became as relevant to reality as a mythical unicorn. The remaining votes still in the game + leftover Thursday and early Friday votes probably scattered all over the place, with Nicole holding enough of an edge to win.

    A better system CBS could use is reduce the number of votes per day, but make the votes be a preferential voting system (like Alternative Vote). Instead of just using one to twenty of your daily votes for one person, you have to rank your choices accordingly to who you most want to win, then second most, third most, etc.

    So let’s replay Week Three with this new system. Bridgette gets voted out. The computer immediately reallocates all of her votes to whomever was the listed second choice for each vote. This in turn ensures EVERY vote still counts, and depending on how the votes split, a different result is likely to emerge, as it’s highly doubtful that someone who would put Bridge first would put Nicole second (at least, probably not enough of a critical mass to tip the balance to Nicole).

    I welcome your thoughts.

    Source: CGP Grey “Politics of the Animal Kingdom” videos and my studies which netted me a Masters in Political Science

  42. Yay this means if one of the 3 win veto M will become emotionally distrot for another 5 dayswhen she gets renominated and realises that she is the only one who is “disposable”. Good job america :D

  43. Who cares if Nicole got Super Safety. Paul and Corey are the Targets, if one comes down… nominate James because he is least likely to stay on course.

    Votes will still go:

    Paulie Vs Corey

    Nicole: Paulie

    Nat: Paulie

    Paul: Paulie

    Mech: Paulie

    James: Paulie.

    Even if Paul and James flipped it would take Nicole voting to evict Corey to flip the results. It is unlikely that Nicole would vote out Corey.

    James vs. Paulie/ Corey

    Nicole: James

    Corey: James

    Nat: Paulie/ Corey

    Meech: Paulie/ Corey

    Paul: Paulie/ Corey

    this would be the tricky votes… Paul might Flip but those two girls hate Paulie and they do not trust Nicorey.

    Paulie/ Corey still go’s hom as long as things stay on course. The veto just has to stay un-used and people need to stay on course… still if the worst thing happens… how much of a loss is James. He really disappointed me this year.

    • Paulie would campaign so heavy, these people would lose their minds. They’ll be so confused.

      • It would be interesting. He really has yet to prove how good a campaigner he might be. We all know he’s a good bully, but that’s when the house was taking it lying down. Right now they could just toss him a “kiss off, Paulie, we’ve seen the light” and send him into a downward spiral. Sometimes bullies get off on their power, but when confronted they turn into simpering wimps (remember “A Christmas Story”? LOL).

      • I’d love to see this melt down but I doubt production is this sadistic. Then again……

  44. Look, I think we should all discuss this and get on the same page for the last two cp’s so the casual votes won’t go to the scumbags. I don’t care that much for ANY LEFT available to vote for BUT, I do know who we all DONT want!!

    I think putting victor in coHOH would be good. Piss off paulie. Make them wonder why the heck America would want VICTOR in HOH spot THREE weeks in a row!
    I think Paul would be awesome doing the bribe thing. He goes around the innocent one, doesn’t know anything happening in the house. This would put him on the spot.
    How can we all get on the same page?

    • We can’t. Over half the vote comes from the TV-only viewers. Plus, we’re not all gonna agree because we all have our favorites. Personally, I don’t see the need to give the Co-HOH to someone just to piss Paulie off because as of now, he’s the target. Unless he wins the POV, has the Round Trip, or finds a way to pull a Dan, he’s a non-factor for the rest of the game.

      • Plus there is a very vocal majority on other social media (like Twitter) who are all over the place but VERY passionate about Paulie, about Meech, etc. Just vote as best you can and try to post your viewpoint and try to sway others to vote with you. :)

  45. Yup, not surprised in the least. Anyone looking at the polls knew how this was gonna go. As far as how this changes the nomination plan, I agree that it won’t. It may give Victor some pause, seeing as he had to be talked into the plan in the first place (he didn’t want to be the one with “dirt” on his hands), but ultimately, it won’t change a thing.

    • But victor might also be thinking its him and Paul left for the last two. It could go either way. I think victor would see America as not liking paulie with all his trash talk.

      • Hence why I said it only might make him hesitate. I honestly don’t know what he’ll do with it. He might not care all together, since Nicole was only the back-up plan to the back-up plan anyway.

  46. I know people hate Paulie. But, sorry, I recall the MAJOR dooshbags Vic and Paul were at the beginning when they foolishly thought they controlled the game. With power, they were as big of idiots I can remember, so there is no way I can root for them.

    • Well as of recently Paul and Victor wised up and realize that Paulie doesn’t have their best interest.

    • And they’re gonna be a nightmare once Paulie leaves, because they’ll be the one’s in charge. Either way, we’re in for either a season finale of annoying game players or HGs who have barely done anything or mean spirited people. Only a couple can save this season now.

  47. I feel like Nicole winning is a prime example of how different the feeds are from the actual show….lol

  48. If this goes through, I think Vic and Paul deserve an academy award for their performances.

  49. Being fake is part of the game, being misogynistic, racist, sexist and homophobic is not. Lying, backstabbing and basic manipulation of players as chess pieces all requires them to be fake. The only kind of loyalty in that house should be to oneself.

    I would personally cut off an ally if it benefited my game either because their target gotten too large on their backs or they went full nuclear. I’ll lie and withhold information from opponents and allies if it progresses my game. Not telling someone you’re voting them out in order to provide a false sense of security and possible decrease campaigning for votes is just common sense.

    I just don’t like it when people attempt all that and they do it lousily or just suck at the game. Yet, if you’re holding the above against people then the fact of the matter is that you simple do not like them. Which is fine as everyone who watches Big Brother will not like everyone’s favorites for various reasons. Just own up to the fact you just don’t like them and uses “Cause he/she is fake, lier and blah blah blah because that’s house the game is supposed to be played. Period.

    Like, I didn’t like Rachel Reilly when she played on her two seasons. She is still one of the best ladies to enter the Big Brother house due to competitions she won, actually winning a season and I still don’t like her just because her personality and mine just do not click. Which is fine as that’s life but I still acknowledge her worth as a BB player. Basically, just admit you don’t like someone just because you claim their fake when everyone else in the house is being fake because there is a half-a-mill on the line.

    Paulie doesn’t respect women. That’s self-evident. The way he talks about them, to them and how he treated Natalie in that house meeting was deplorable. That was being an asshole not being fake because you don’t need to be a misogynistic player to win. What he’s saying, how he’s acting and letting his ego run wild will be his downfall because he’s not playing strategic.

  50. What did I miss last night about Nicole being mean to James or whoever??

    Fri 3:58 PM BBTNicole: I thought America would hate me after last night. But my heart was hurt with James, that’s it.

    • James used his 2 eviction votes other than how Paulie Corey and Nicole wanted him too. The result was Zakiyah was evicted..

      • Oh, Thanks…I saw that…i thought she meant something else…lol. It’s a shame he doesn’t want to play their game for them.

  51. Since I won’t be able to be here next week, I wanted to put this out there. If Paulie does not get evicted this week and he wins HoH next week, can you imagine what that will be like if Michelle wins Co-HoH? She’ll be lying next to him 24/7, keeping an eye on him. hahahaha Pooooor Paulie! Hey, could be worse. Nat might do just that as a strategic move! LOLOL

    • Ohhhhhhhh, spit! Very good scenario. Sorry you’ll be away. But take care and have fun.

  52. NOOOOOOO!!! Of all people, America chooses to save Nicole. At least Nicole gets to wear a stupid costume like she did in BB16.

  53. I’m just so disappointed with Nicole. I like her and was hoping she would come to her senses and play her own game, not Paulie’s. But in the past few weeks and especially this week its clear that won’t happen until he’s gone and by then it’s too late. The damage is done for her as a player. I think the problem was she was riding high with the person running the house and didn’t feel she needed to do much. She even said herself that she does her best when her back is against the wall or when she’s the underdog. I think that’s why she was liked on her season. But this season more so this past week I’ve seen her comfort level with doing nothing or doing everything Paulie says. When Paulie was busy blowing up his game she just sat there, when he made the comment to Natalie she just sat there and laughed. Even though she hates Natalie the point is she still should’ve said something to Paulie to at least calm him down. But her, and Corey’s, inaction sealed their fates. You’re supposed to keep conflict down as much as possible. Derrick could’ve told her that, hell he told Paulie himself that. But being aligned with Paulie and letting him blow up like he did just put a bigger target on their backs. And crazy thing is they are still blind to it. Good for her that she got a care package this week but also good it has no effect on this week’s noms.

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