‘Big Brother 18’: Nomination Anticipation In Week 8

After cracks began appearing between the guys’ alliance last week on Big Brother 18 with the fault line along Paulie’s game it soon became a question of who would strike first and now we’ve arrived at that time. It’s going to be a very high drama week thanks to the new HoH and the plans ahead.

Corey and Paulie Bro it up on the Block

Heading in to the HoH competition it looked like several duos thought they were sitting pretty playing the middle of the house so when the results came back I was surprised to see this competition wasn’t thrown after all. I was even more surprised when the real nominations planning took off.

Yes, Victor is the HoH again just hours after giving up the role on Big Brother 18. Earlier in the night, just after the Double Eviction concluded, Paulie said he wanted to put James and Natalie on the Block with James as the target for his betrayal. Victor countered with Michelle and Natalie as his targets. Time to see if he’ll stick with that plan.

Soon after Feeds returned from the comp we heard Paulie planning with Paul and Victor that two girls needed to go up with the third as renom option. With only three women left in the game that would be a possible approach and unsurprising considering Victor last week used his HoH to go after the “comp beasts,” Zakiyah and Michelle. Would he do it again?

Victor was quick to board Paulie’s plan here and said they could all sit down at the nominations and tell the women that it’s obvious at this point how things are going. Then all the guys could put their fist to their chest in unison to reveal it was guy-power from here on out. Ugh. Well, hang on.

Flashback on your Live Feeds (get the Free Trial now) to 10:25 PM BBT 8/11.

Victor and Paul are alone in the bathroom when Paul warns him if they don’t make a move right now then they’re screwed. Oh yes. This is happening. Paul is trying to convince Victor they need to target Paulie and Corey this week and to go straight in for it.

Paul tells Victor there is no way Corey and Paulie are going to take either of them on to the end with their strong win records when they could take a weaker competitor like one of the remaining girls.

Paul is making a lot of valid arguments here but Victor seems hesitant. Victor tells Paul he’s worried about what if Paulie wins Veto and comes down. “And??” asks Paul. He tells Victor they could simply renom Nicole and then still vote out Corey. Either way, if both go up from the start then one will go home. He’s right.

Few scenarios. Corey and Paulie go up. One of them wins Veto and saves himself then Nicole goes up and Victor’s allies (Paul, James, Natalie, and Michelle) control the outcome of the six total votes this week. What about if Nicole wins Veto and saves Corey? Michelle could go up then they’d still have three votes to dominate a majority of the five votes. Even if Nicole, Corey, or Paulie gets this week’s ACP “Super Safety” prize the plan is still solid. Since ACP holder can’t go up it wouldn’t even be possible for say Nicole with ACP to be on the Block then have Corey or Paulie be down and save the other with Veto.

Victor is starting to come around on the idea. He brings up how Paulie Backdoor’d him then blamed someone else even though he had control over the situation. Paul points out that even James bailed on Paulie and Corey which reinforces this idea that they shouldn’t be trusting those two either.

Victor is on board and will do it. Paul offers to go make the social rounds to confirm support so Victor can keep at a distance on the plan. Paul goes to talk with James and Victor joins them. James is ready to do it. Victor says he’ll tell Paulie he’s getting the chance Victor never had: to play for safety in the Veto. They want to get in Paulie’s head since they said it was clear he was too rattled to perform well in this HoH comp after the night’s chaos shook him.

Paul next goes to Natalie with James there as well. (Flashback to 10:50 PM BBT) It’s a go for her too. Everyone is in on the plan. Victor arrives and they all promise to fully support Victor in this move. Victor reminds them they’ll need to watch and see how the Care Package turns out. I still can’t think of a problem here though as I noted above, but we’ll be watching closely and those ACP spoilers should be in over the next few hours.

What do you think of this plan? Is it the right time for Victor and Paul to go after Paulie and Corey are too soon? Once Paulie and Corey hit the Block prepare for maximum drama as we’ve seen Paulie deliver over the next few days. It’s going to be a tense week on the Feeds.

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    • Good question. One would think 2 weeks like Victor, but with the battle of the block it could be more

      • He said longest number of days though. During double eviction, you’re only HOH for minutes. You don’t even get the room.

    • Derrick practically lived there in season 16. Even when he wasn’t HOH, one of his minions was. So he was essentially HOH too.

      • Well he has to stay there to monitor all conversations, and make sure nobody made plans that didn’t fit with his. Oh a lot like Paulie – just smoother

      • Difference is Derrick kept his ego in check, treated everyone with respect and defused possible blowouts to where people would’ve dragged his name into the mix.

        Paulie is arrogant and allowing his ego to blind him. He talks awful about the women and to the women of the house. He doesn’t respect others in the house as if he did, he wouldn’t have pissed in the pool. Paulie isn’t long for this game as he made himself a big enough target to where if he doesn’t save himself with the veto then he’s out because everyone (ones with common sense) will see him out of the game as a BIG step closer to winning the 500,000.

      • How long did Amanda & McCrea occupy the HOH???..think it was like an entire 2 months or longer..

    • I think you’d probably just have to look at one of the first HOHs, that first competition is set up pretty early, like not long after they enter the house, there is a longer gap between the HOH and nominations and then I think there is a three day gap before feeds come on.

    • Definitely Frankie Grande. Didn’t the houseguests just let him have that room even when he wasn’t HoH?

  1. I suspected Paul would be the one to turn on Paulie. I thought it would after the girls were gone though. But with this week’s turn of events, it did not take that long.

    Sounds bulletproof unless they talk themselves out of it.
    Long way until next Thursday so we shall see.

      • Paul tried over& over to give pissant Paulie a chance to give Paul ONE decision. When that didn’t happen Paul’s light came on. Out you go, trash mouth!

    • I thought PP would go to the end. First Frank, then Day and now Paulie all showed their hands too early in the game.

    • It may be a long way till Thursday, but nominations are today. If he nominates Paulie and Corey, one of them will be going home. Even if they talk themselves out of it tomorrow, it won’t matter anymore as it will be too late. You won’t have to wait till Thursday to know if one of them will be going home; you’ll know later today..

      • Hopefully the one evicted won’t have the return ticket. Worse scenario is one of the two wins POV and the other has the round trip ticket. If that happens I may stop watching.

  2. So why the special epi next Friday?
    I read online people talking about maybe a returning juror???

    • Davonne? I read some article about Grodner (the producer) dropping her name about something

    • We don’t know yet and CBS only says there will be a show that night. My assumption is they are waiting to see who gets evicted and if a RT gets played. Without the RT then they’d have 4 Jurors which works well for a series of comps. If RT happens maybe they’ll run a clip show or something about Jury.

      That is entirely speculation on my end. We have no details so don’t take that as anything more than my guessing.

      • As I tend to agree with you, I can’t help but think if Paulie doesn’t get evicted, then maybe she should come back to wreack havic on him more. Problem is, if he gets evicted this week and doesn’t have the RT ticket, he more than likely can win his way back into the house.

      • I don’t want anybody to return..just let the game play out and if twist are needed or whatever to spice things up then sooo be it.. Please no returnees

  3. The plan is good. But…I just read a comment on another article on this site and I cant shake the feeling that its true.

    Production has switched out the tickets and EVERYONE now has a round trip. So whoever is voted out will come straight back in. That way the twist isn’t wasted and the house devolves into even more chaos. UGH

      • don’t think so either…I believe if the round trip is not produced/shown on the 18th that all HGs will be asked to open their cards to see which one did have it..

      • i know this….i am saying production has RIGGED THE TWIST as of last night so that indeed everyone does have it, so that insures that the twist actually happens this year.

      • Yeah, but after someone is evicted on Thursday, everyone will open theirs either way. If they’re trying to rig it, this is not the way to do it as they’d be exposed.

      • I 100% agree that production probably swapped out all the remaining tickets and now they all say “round-trip.” Unfortunately Paulie is the target this week, and he’ll probably come right back in with the stupid twist. The rest of the house-guests should open all of their tickets after the next eviction before production takes them away, but of course they won’t because production will threaten them.

  4. Loveeeee the plan. I wish Paul was the HOH so his hands were bloody and not Vic but oh well, really hope this doesn’t back fire on Victor next week.

  5. It’s a great plan. Kudos to Paul!! The only reason they are second guessing themselves is because they don’t know what the ACP is like we do. They have reasonable nervousness, which should be calmed in a few hours when the package arrives.

  6. This is what I’ve been waiting for since the game started! Some back and forth playing. Watching one side control the house and make all decisions is boring.

  7. Congrats to Paul and Victor (and their allies).You go, guys. Let’s see what a wuss Paulie is once his bully status is compromised. He’ll either play the mean, nasty card or dissolve in victimization (which we saw a bit of last night). Fingers crossed …

  8. Well played Paul — He seems to be reading the house really well.. This is the perfect time to strike and odds are, if Paulie stays, he’ll still be targeting James/Natalie and Victor ahead of him..

  9. I already have my next votes (Co-HOH) figured. I’m splitting them between Paul and Michelle all week, Covers most of the bases depending on what happens.

    • If Paul wins HOH next week, the perfect scenario is that we vote Victor to be Co-HOH so that way America can protect him from being nominated so they can strike Paulie or his crew once again. Like you said, it all depends on how things play out this week during Victor’s regin.

      • Plus America voting Michelle for her safety will give Victor a hint that we support his alliance so he can target Paulie and his group.

      • Except we won’t know, and people will have been voting since Sunday, so just voting on Thursday and Friday is all ready too little, too late.

      • The one with the greatest amount of votes will get the other votes that would have been nullified. So you just never know.

      • If Paul wins HOH next week, then Victor won’t need guaranteed safety. Paul’s his closest ally. He won’t nominate Victor next week.

  10. This is the moment to go for it and do some damage to the Borey, Nicole and Napoleon Califiore trio. There are more twists coming which will challenge this accomplishment. This is all the more reason that it has to be done NOW. Dallying about it at this opportune moment would make it much much harder to manage later. Get these bloodsuckers moving on the trail to demolition. Paul knows that now is the time. So does James. Victor is ready. Man the battle stations and prepare to attack.

  11. It’s going to be a tense, exciting week, all right. But right now, here’s where I see the lines are drawn.

    It’s essentially Paul and Vic against Paulie and Corey. James, Nicole, and Michelle haven’t done nearly as much as these guys, and Nat, while having a great social game, can’t win comps. So if any one of these 4 guys gets evicted, then we are essentially back to a boring and predictable outcome. With Paulie and/or Corey gone, Paul and Vic essentially take over control of the house and become the new dictators. With Paul and Vic gone, we still have the same status quo.

    Now should these four take out each other, then we’re left with James, Natalie, Nicole, and Michelle. The HGs who might as well be floaters at this point, because despite James, Nicole, and Natalie being popular with the viewers, they can’t do anything without Paul or Paulie telling them what to do. Yeah, that’ll be a great F4 scenario! Of course, this is unlikely to happen, since at least one of the 4 will be left.

    Now, Corey would be joining the group in a F5 with a very similar scenario, though he would at least have Nicole and they could take over as a powerful duo, but that’s still very doubtful. Victor, most likely, could find himself in the same spot as Corey in that case, but he won’t have a Nicole to support him. Paul or Paulie staying at F5 means that they are guaranteed a slot in the end and guaranteed the half a million dollar prize.

    So, really, no matter who we root for, whatever way we slice it, these boys have to stay strong. Sadly, one of them will go this week (unless it’s Nicole who leaves), which will all ready be starting the descent into boredom. Not something to be looking forward to here, fans!

  12. My only hope is james and natalie at this point. I am not jumping on the meech bandwagon. I don’t like her.

    • I wouldn’t say no to James and Nat at the end, either. Just not looking forward to what it’ll take to get there, because it’ll be a long and boring stretch to the finale if these guys are about to start targeting each other now.

      • Yeah, because while Paulie would probably have been long evicted by now, we probably would’ve still had Frank and Tiffany, who would have entertained, at least, even if they didn’t win every comp.

      • Oh god no. Not Tiffany. I’m glad they got her out when they did. She would’ve been Vanessa 2.0. They got rid of her while she was still a cute little charmander. But when she becomes a charizard, there’s no stopping her.

      • Fair enough. I’m not a Da’Vonne fan, was more than ready to see her go, but I can respect it.

      • I really think they’ll all be okay at this point to not care who gets to the finish line as long as it is not Paulie. They all know they’ll be turning on each other and they’re okay with that. May the best person win after Paulie is gone.

      • I said earlier Paulie /Corey/ Nicole need to just go to jury…Then let the 5 left battle it out…All 5 deserve a shot for their recent game play and realizing that they were low the HGs on the totem pole.

      • I don’t want to see Michelle in the end. She brings nothing to the game and is the worst of the girls.

      • Me either…it should be Paul and Natalie. They’ve made the best strikes, even if Natalie hasn’t won anything. I’d take her over Michelle any time.

      • I agree 100%. They’ve indicated as much I believe in their convos. (Meech James & Nat)

  13. I have a feeling Paulie has the RT. I know its not rigged. If it was, they would’ve rigged it for Day or Frank. But why hasn’t production told us who has it? They know.

    • Shhhhhh….better be careful. She has an army of fans on here ready to pounce on anyone that say 1 bad word about her. They call everyone else in the house liars and backstabbers, but Nicole is an angel I was cracking my side when Meech called Nicole a snake during her speech. The look on Nicole’s face was spectacular!!!

  14. Nightmare scenario: Paulie and Corey are
    nominated. Nicole wins super safety. Corey wins veto and takes himself
    down. Michelle is renom’ed. Paulie is voted out and has the round trip
    ticket and comes right back in, and wins the next HOH. If that happens,
    I’m out! I can’t stand the production interference. I definitely feel
    that production gave Corey that HOH win in the DE because they saw he
    was the only one with the answer “more,” and knew he would protect

  15. Vote for Michelle to get the next America’s Care Package!!
    Nicole and Paulie want it so desperately. A Michelle win would be a slap in the face to both.

  16. I personally think that Victor and Paul had NO business winning this HOH. They were easily in a beautiful spot in the house with Paulie/Nicole/Corey going after James/Natalie/Michelle and vice versa. They could have just lay low until the dust settles. Yeah they might be able to get Paulie out, but what if Nicorey (or Paulie if he stays) wins HOH. Paul and Victor will get targeted and Natalie & company won’t stick up for them.

    • If they didn’t try to take their only one chance while they had the numbers of getting Paulie out, they may not get it again. That was my understanding. So if it doesn’t work out, may the best person win.

    • Between the 3 one of them is definitely going, no way around it. Just weakening them is satisfactory enough because two people can’t control anything. Yeah Vic will be in a tough spot if Paulie wins veto and HOH but I think it’s a chance they’re willing to take.

      • It was soooo satisfying to see how rattled Paulie was during the HoH comp last night. If they manage to keep him in that state, girlfriend ain’t winnin’ nuthin’!!! hee-hee

      • I was quite surprised he’d even admitted it! And I thought he doesn’t play emotionally.

      • Even though one of them will go, Paul and Vic will have to worry about the Nicole and Corey or Paulie winning HOH. Let’s say that one of them win it, than who is the first target? Paul and Victor. One of them will 100% go, because James/Nat/Michelle won’t vote each other out. I think they shouldn’t have won this HOH. They should have either threw it to James/Nat/Michelle or just let Paulie/Corey/Nicole win it. Plus Paul and Victor are at the bottom of the Natalie alliance anyways.

      • I agree it would have been nice for Natalie Michelle or James to have won but it would have been hell if Paulie, corey, or Nicole to have won, sometimes you just have to look out for yourself esp with these ACP falling. I don’t think any of the 6 would have straight up nominated Paul or Vic but they easily could have been replacement noms.

    • Can’t play afraid. Take your shots when you can. Leave it too long, and it possibly becomes too late to change anything. With Paulie winning comps and Corey showing that maybe he actually can win, just going under the radar until wins are needed. Leave voting these two out for too long, them BOOM. Paul/Victor get evicted.

  17. Well, I gave all my ACP vote to Mitch, and my dog poop package to Paulie. I have my tracking # and it’s on transit…

  18. I get this strange suspicion that the idiots who vote for Nicole to get the ACP are going to ruin all of this. She gets the package and in turn it scares Victor and causes him to put up Corey and a “pawn” or some nonsense like that.

    Fingers crossed that Michelle or Paul get it, but I’m doubting that will happen.

  19. So, I’m hearing about an episode next Friday – possible return of another HG??? I’m don’t want any of them to come back…maybe Bridgette, but that’s about it.

  20. I just wonder if Julie will talk to Paulie when he gets evicted just like she did to Aryn from Season 15 when she got evicted?

    • Since his edit (tv viewers) is not that bad and his attitude is the “talk” in social media, I have a strong feeling Julie will address some of the concerns. She has to. There’s no way of getting around it. He’s polarizing.

      • Ms. Julie confronted Aryn about a racist comment about Asians, as I recall – entirely personal as should be Paulie’s treatment of women, but I’m not real sure I am remembering correctly .. someone else comment?

      • While Julie cannot fully divulge the full severity of Aaryn’s remarks while inside since she’s still in jury, she did let her know if she was aware of the possible repercussions she said.

        Aaryn replied that she’s sorry to have made if she ever offended anyone but then she said “BUT”…and pinned the blame on her home-state of Texas, saying that’s what they do at home.

        I believe she learned from this experience afterwards based on her tweets updating what’s been going on her life. She’s extra careful now I notice if she had to say something on social media so you’ll see her posts being mostly good vibes and such. :)

        Forgive but never forget though.

      • Not so much a highlight but as soon as she was evicted, the audience booed her. Julie instead of asking the usual question’s ie: what would you do different etc, she went for the jugular due to the racist and other comments she made while in the house.

      • Aaryn’s comments in the house – that we were allowed to hear – were so bad (racist), she was booed when she was evicted. On the outside, she lost her job because of those comments and her attitude about them.

      • Aaryn, among other things, made a comment about an Asian HG (female) with reference to rice. That crew said a lot of disgusting, racial remarks. The season of bullies and misogynists. One male HG discussed really deplorable acts with women. I read that, after that season, he was arrested for child porn – but I don’t know the details to confirm so I won’t mention his name here. It was really, really vile.

        I expected Julie to go at her harder but, as usual, Julie was composed and collected but did not let her skate on it.
        Aaryn did not own it. A mess.

      • Wow, I heard there were a lot of racist comments but I didn’t know what they were. I had sick family members during that summer and couldn’t allow BB to distract me from what I needed to do. Sometimes there are things more important. Only year I missed. After I heard about how bad it was, I really wasn’t so upset about missing in.

  21. TEHEH. It’s time for redemption, and it will be delicious. Don’t f*ck it up, Victor!

  22. they really screwed up last night show!if there going do double evixtiuons why not have 2 care packages at the sametime

  23. Hopefully this plan leads to Paulie’s eviction. He used Zakiyah’s affection and then basically threw her in the trash. So low, so duplicitous, so scuzzy. The only “good guys” left in the house are: James, Natalie, Michelle, and maybe Nicole.

  24. I can’t wait for zing bot. I hope Nicole is there and hoped Z was there, but I think Paulie has said enough about her bad rep.

    • Me either. While Michelle is expecting Zingbot to say bad things, Paulie is expecting to be crowned King.

  25. I have a feeling that we are going to be shown some of Paulie’s nastier moments now that he’s being targeted. The same happened with Frank, they didn’t show anything negative until everyone had had enough and started going after him.
    I really think they need to show his true colors or risk losing viewers who watch the feeds and know what he’s actually like. That’ll be sweet to watch.

    • While Z was there at least Paulie had her restraining hand on him, and even then, though he wasn’t a target, he still managed to be nasty here and there. Now, once he’s on the block – and without Z to control him – Heaven help the HG that gets in his way.

  26. He said put up Michelle and Natalie. And then he can backdoor Paulie or not use veto and send Michelle home. Victor would have no blood on his hand if Michelle goes. I do not trust Michelle. He should have someone else send Paulie home.

    • The numbers are crunching down, why risk letting someone else take out your target, just send him home.

    • How is Paul a dbag? Guy gets along with everyone, and he’s freaking hilarious. Love his self deprecating humor.

      Did you hear Paul and Bridge joking around about Bridge having a sliver of hope, Bridge says the sliver is almost as small as Paul’s dick, Paul’s response “pretty small!”

      Dude is witty, I like him no matter how many people hate him.

  27. I wonder if they would allow America to vote someone back in, if the RT is not used.

  28. Victor will be back on my good side once he gets Paulie out or at last weaken him by getting Corey and Nicole out.

    It’s the jury phase already and he should know better than playing for someone else’s game. Plus, that nomination speech he gave towards Michelle just last week would have gotten him one less vote if he makes it to the end so he needs to rectify that this week if he wants to cover his bases.

  29. If this was BBUK:

    “This week, one houseguest will be safe from nominations. Who stays….YOU DECIDE!”

    “To vote to save Michelle, call 0900-50 and dial the name of the housemate you want to save.

    On a mobile, text BBMICHELLE and send it to 1-800-BB18.”

  30. Brring brrriiing
    Oh hi Tiffany?
    What you thought Paulie would win?
    Well apparently he said a lot of sexist crap and ended up abusing his gf in the house and now he’s gone from hero to zero?
    (looks at camera)

  31. paul survives another week look where placed on memorywall just like drek and ian allover again!

  32. Whether it’s the care package or boomerang card we all know production is going to do whatever they can do keep Paulie around another week, I just hope they get him out the following week and not Victor.

    • There is no way anyone would give Pualie safety so if he wins then obviously production is messing with the votes. If Paulie gets evicted only to come back I’ll be so pissed at CBS.

      • yet look where paul is on ther memnory wall might tell you alot just like derek and ian won the same place to!

      • I don’t like Paul but at least he seems like a descent human being, unless i’ve missed something.

  33. CBS has been getting so many complaints about this season. They says its the second worst season with only season 15 being worse with all the racism.

      • No. But I’ve seen versions of BB where things are far more serious and much more heated in comparison to the issues in the US house.

      • Maybe you should watch season 15 if your going to talk about it, the racism and gay bashing as you say happened a couple time but because someone said something about Orientals, Julie got mixed up in it and picked on Arrayn, you notice she didn’t say a word to Josea about all the stuff he said. every year there is stuff somebody doesn’t like, get over it, it just like real life,

    • Please, where are you getting this information? I would like to learn more about it.

  34. Maybe they can get Paulie or Corey out this week then Michelle can win Co-HOH next week then the bribe isn’t really important.

  35. If the person who gets evicted for the next two weeks is NOT someone who has already received a care package, then there will only be two houseguests eligible to receive the final care package.

      • That’s OK, but they’re working together on the Paulie/Corey nominations, so things might change between them. Of course once the P/C/N trio is broken up, the rest will have to turn on each other. We have a long way to go yet.

      • Somebody posted earlier they read somewhere that production has/may have replaced all the remaining cards with 2-way tickets so the next person evicted would automatically go back into the house. I hope not, but I guess we’ll see.

  36. Not only is it the right time to put Corey and Paulie up, but Paul is absolutely right: it’s now or never.

    Nicole winning the ACP kind of shows to me that America isn’t a very good judge either and if America itself ever had to (hypothetically of course) play Big Brother as a contestant– then everyone would lose haha.

    • It might not go as deep as that. America is watching KP systematically rid the house of women, and America might have just thought by giving Nicole safety at least one girl would remain in the house for another week, despite Paulie’s plans. It might be as simple as that.

  37. I don’t see how one was worst than the other, racism and sexism are equally terrible. The only difference I see is how free little men like Paulie are with their blatant sexism and misogyny. Paulie would have long since been kicked out if he was so blatantly hostile and condescending towards blacks, hispanics or asians. Complete double standard as usual.

  38. This is why Paulie is an a@@, this is not his speech, let Victor have his time…smdh.
    Fri 12:58 PM BBTIn HOH room with Victor, Paulie says that Mich came him hard. – RenegadeGirl
    Paulie plans to tell the group,
    after interrupting Victor’s speech, that the guys were in an alliance
    all along. That the Exec’s were real and that Paul and Paulie told Mich
    the name of the alliance so that they could laugh about it in front of
    the girls.
    He is so entitled and thinks everything is his, he makes me sick! truly, it’s not right

    • How about letting Paulie give his high & mighty speech,
      and then pull the double-cross-a-roni,
      and follow it with Vic’s speech about The Sitting Ducks? Lol.

  39. Paulie wants to make a speech to Meech. I hope Victor lets him then reveal he is the nom.

  40. I know people hate Paulie. But, sorry, I recall the MAJOR dooshbags Vic and Paul were at the beginning when they foolishly thought they controlled the game. With power, they were as big of idiots I can remember.

    • People change. Things change. And Paulie is horrible! There is absolutely no comparison in my opinion. Paulie has far exceeded Vic’s douchebagness. He has threatened physical harm against meech and Bridgette for gods sake.(his cousins and sis “will beat the **** out of both those girls”) . Thats a new low for him. I cant respect that. I personally think Paul has somewhat redeemed himself thus far. Just my thoughts.

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