Big Brother 13 Live Feeds: Week 8 Sunday Highlights

After waiting several hours for the game talk to resume today, finally we see some life in the Big Brother house as one hg starts campaigning to stay even before the POV ceremony.  Of course it’s obvious who will be on the block since the players are back in duos for this week only.  I give Shelly props for thinking she can win back Jordan after flipping on them Thursday but it’s not going to work out too well for her come Thursday.

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Big Brother 13 Live Feed Highlights – August 28, 2011:

12:45 PM BBT – After waiting several hours for same game talk, Shelly finally breaks the silence by campaigning for herself to Rachel and Jordan.  She says she can’t change the past but they can move forward.  She says she will not flip on them, that she’s been with them from the beginning.  Says that Kalia and Adam have a final two deal and they need to get him out.  She says she don’t have  a deal with anyone.  She says she does NOT want Porsche, Kalia or Adam to win the game.  She totally throws her new alliance under the bus.

1:00 PM BBT – Rachel and Jordan now talking alone about Shelly.  They don’t buy anything she said and know she’s only being nice to them because they won the POV.  They don’t trust her so they can’t keep her.
1:50 PM BBT – Adam joins Rach and Jordo and Rach asks if he has a final two deal with Kalia.  He laughs in response but admits Kalia presented the idea to him.  They want to work with Adam but he won’t commit to them.  He says he wanted to stick with the newbies but doesn’t know now because of all the bull crap going on.  Adam says he wants the winner of the game to earn it.  Since he has done nothing to earn even being in the game IMO, I can’t believe he would say this out loud. They all shake on the final 3 deal.  We’ll see if it sticks.
2:50 PM BBT – Shelly tells Jordan that no matter what she’s always gonna look out for her and didn’t want to say that in front of Rachel because it might hurt her feelings.  Rach comes out and Shelly tells them both that the fortune teller came alive and she was in there for hours trying to get it to talk lol.
4:00 PM BBT – Jordan says she’s going to feel bad evicting Shelly because of everything shelly says about doing the game for her family.
5:15 PM BBT – Kalia and Porsche in the HoH.  They don’t really trust Shelly and feel that Adam is a more solid vote.  They want to convince him they are stronger than Rachel and Jordan so he will work with them.  They are not worried about Shelly getting voted out and won’t campaign for her.
6:35 PM BBT – Porsche and Rachel cook a Mexican fiesta together in the kitchen while Adam grills the meat.  They wish they had margaritas to go with their meal.
8:30 PM BBT – Adam reveals he was suppose to be on BB last season but Enzo took his spot.  He said it was his motivation to lose weight because he was over 300 lbs.
10:25 PM BBT – All hg’s are playing cards with the tea bags.  Shelly says please give us some real cards and Kalia responds with who doesn’t love a good tea bag once in a while. LOLOL
1:00 AM BBT – Porsche tells Kalia if Shelly stays she won’t be any help to them but they have a chance with Adam.

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  1. Rachael or Jordan have to win HOH next week. If not they are gone. Adam has never committed to a side and I think if Adam wins HOH he will go with Kalia and Porsche. Seems he is closer to Porsche than anyone. He is a floater. I don’t think he wants power, because then he will have to decide for himself and pick a side.

    • I agree with you Mary, they have to win or they are gone. But I dont think Adam can win, he hasnt won anything yet. Kalia could possibly win, but if its any kind of indurance she will be out and so will Adam they cant hang with Rachel that way. Jordan I dont know. the only bad thing is if R wins HOH this week she cant play next week, and Porsche can. if the P,K are smart they will take R, and J to the final 4. 0ver Adam because some may think Adam played the better game. look how it was for Dr Will. he didnt win anything/ comp on any of his 2 seasons and they voted for him to it could happen espec if he was against P or K since most of the HG dont like them so who knows.

      • Dr. Will won because he:

        a)was charismatic
        b)lied his ass off(talent 2b sure)
        c)was honest about his betrayals
        d)told everyone not 2 trust him

        so… TRUST ME; he earned it for sure!

      • you cannot compare Adam to Dr. Will, Dr. Will is a master strategist, he had everyone do his bid in both seasons (2 and all stars), he orchestrated almost every single eviction. He impacted the game BIG TIME. As for Adam, he didn’t do anything. no games but also no strategy. in other words, if Adam was not in the game, the game would have stayed exactley the same..well minus a vote to whoever promises him “protection”

    • I’m not a fan of Adam, but the only way he can win the 500g would be on a final pairing with Porsche because she is considered a bigger floater than him, he would get the votes of JJBR which would give him the money, so naturally he wants to pair with Porsche

      • I don’t think it’s fair now to say Porsche is a floater. She’s won two comps. The first few weeks she couldn’t compete because she had a golden key, and she never got her name picked out of the bag to play a veto comp. That’s why she was host so many times. The only thing was she really didn’t talk game….although everyone who has has already been getting sent home. I don’t like Porsche. I hope she gets evicted soon….but not before Kalia monkey face biotch.

    • rachel n jordan won POV… far they will b voting out shelly, unless she is able to convinced them to keep her, by telling them a bunch of “sweet nothings”…..we will c on thurs..

      • I really do not want to see Kalia and Porshe in the finals. Best case is Adam, Jordan, and Rachel are last 3 standing. It would be interesting to see the biggest floater, past winner, and most hated person battle to win. I

      • I think if adam wins hoh he will put up rachel and kalia and if the nominations stay the same till eviction night it will be a tie and he will break the tie.

    • Adam cannot win this game! Shelley is the only one he can beat in the end, and that’s out of the question now.

      The vets have to convince him that Kalia and Porsche will def beat him in the end (and that’s absolutely true). Considering Rachel and Jordan are not on their game this season I would think he has a better chance with them in the final 3 than with KP.

      • I agree. Adam sucks and he can’t win anything. The only thing he could win is a comp against shelly cuz she’s worse. Shelly is a loser, a liar, and a terrible person. It’s funny how she thought switching sides would get her farther. She’s going out sooner than she would’ve with JeJo.

  2. Teah shelly u will look out 4 jodan. U look & make sure she is front of that bus when u throw her in front if it. Pleez don’t tell hg 2 wait till yhey 9 the tapes cause it makes u look like ur 4 sure lying. Shelly u done exactly what dani done & that was jump ship too early. U r obsessed w/jordan & bcause she didn’t speak to u, u voted out jeff. U have some great morals there! U told jejo the whole time u were fine with f3 as long as they won! U r so full of $h!t, u r starting to turn a permenant brown!

    • Hopefully J can see thru the BS that Shelly is saying.thye will probably oust her this week.

    • Shelley is the ultimate floater and nobody will vote her the winner in the end. Family this and family that will not persuade any real votes. In fact if by some miracle she does make it to final 2 she will not get a single vote.

      Shelley had a sweet deal to the final three with JeJo and she choose the spit in their faces and allign with KPD. Huge mistake! What makes it even more sick is that JeJo voted to keep her over Brendan. I def thing the the vets could have made it to final 4 this year if it wasn’t for Shelley.

      • I agree people won’t give her the vote just because of her family. Look at Matt from last season! He told everyone his wife was dying and they still kicked him out.

      • Jeff blow it all when he threw the comp. that put brendon on block..Shelly has played the game fair & square with Strategy..

  3. Production has come through again with their plan to make sure Racheal makes it to the finals. I don’t know what they see in her, other than bad TV with her constant crying and bitching. maybe that sells air time. All I know is, the vets were going to loose another player this week, until production came in with the return of the couples rule. I’m sure Porsche did not want to mess with Pandoras box, her group was fine right where they were, why change that. I’m thinking they told her she had to open the box in the DR, while nobody was looking. I really feel like this has been a lame season. I also feel this is becoming less and less reality and more scripted TV.

    • Every season they have had Pandoras box the HG jhas opened it, why because they are curious and they know that money is usually involved.and they figure at lease if they dont win they take away something. to say that its fixed I dont think all the seasons 13 now, by now someone(there has been almost 200HG’s) would of told someone else that they make you do this and that. so I dont believe that its fixed. they would have lawsuits etc. that is why its always “Expect the unexpected”. the ppl that are saying all this stuff are the ones that are PO that there favorite HG is gone or going.Everyone forgets that this is just a game to win $500,000. not real life! this is just my opinion. thanks

    • I disagree..Even if they swayed Porsche to open Pandora’s box she has a mind of her own,or if what you say is tue than she doesn’t. She was given a choice, she could have refused & not opened it. She was well aware that Pandora’s box results in a awared but also a consequence as well. She wanted the $$$.I don’t think any of them in that position would have thought that the consequence would result in messing with nominations, but as BB saying goes “Expect the Unexpected!” Personally I don’t care who wins now…anybody but Adam; Shelly, or Jordan..none of them deserve it!

    • @Bruce when was Rachel bitching? Recently it appears she is in a much better place. Humble beginnings. I love this Rachel and hope she wins.!! It must be tough to be a target week after week. Go Rachel!

    • @Bruce I agree that Production has a hand of when instituting what they do and when. Too ironic to me that any twist that has happened – like the one that brought Brendon back and now this one happened when a newbie was in power. Both timees helped Rachel. She was a basket case when he left and needed him back. This time her and Jordan were on the block and another twist. I think Porche could have opened it. Jeff threw a veto for money. He admitted it. He also admitted to coming off the ski comp. when there was a possibility of money. This season has been a disappointment and I just wish they would let the newbies play against the vets without these stupid twists and let the best person win. The whole concept of this game this season was a disappointment to me.

    • I agree with Bruce. Too many strange turn of events in favor of certain players. Too many coincidences and convenient timing for twists that were all beneficial to vets. Plus the comment Rach made about being paid enough to come back this season. Other plans must be waiting in the wings in case something goes wrong and off script. This season is over. I do agree with production that without Rach and Jordon, the rest of this show would be somewhat boring. Mainly Rach, she’s the only real player left and I don’t even like her. Am pulling for her to go ahead and win.

      • You have to admit that after Jeff left, RaJo thought it was all over but production saved the day with the P Box. Hurricane and Veto at same time Saturday made for one exciting evening!
        You have to hand it to Rachel, she came trhough like a champ and saved the day. For all the bad stuff she’s put the viewer through (crying, fiance talk, etc.) she is one heck of a player. Jordan was deceived by Shelly. She is truly a snake. Get rid of Shelly the worse came player ever. Shelly can now take over the most hated player from Rachel. would like to see RaJo go further…Saturday was one heck of a Big Brother night!!!

      • Yeah I agree. I’ve felt this season favored the vets in almost every way. The newbies were set up for failure. Like in a cheesy horror movie the newbies were just the expendable no names who could get killed/eaten/tortured off while the real stars would make it to the end. The duo twist favors the vets because the vets know each other while the newbies didn’t trust one another even in their own duos. Then the timing of brendens return (so he could at the very least be the first in the jury house) now this pandoras box bull. Every hoh that could open pandoras box has but it’s never completely made their hoh useless. If she hdnt opened the box Bb would have found a way to bring the twist anyways. All in all I understand why Bb is playing the game; the newbies game collectively is boring and mindless at best (save for a few members) while the vets make it interesting I guess. IMO the season went downhill when dick left. Peace

    • @Bruce – 1. As for Porsche opened Pandora’s Box because it was the only way for HER to get the 5 Grand that was staring her in the face. That choice had nothing to do with “production”.

      2. As for the “twist” being fixed for Rachel and Jordan, let’s remember, the ONLY way it could SAVE them was if they won the Veto.

      I’m NOT saying the “production” doesn’t try and “mix things up”, but, in this case, it was Porsche’s ONLY way of getting the money. And, according to what Porche said, she “had to open it in order to see what else, besides the money, was being offered”.

      Did you even watch the episode?

    • Ok the i hate Rachel shit is getting old. Maybe u should judge on game play instead. Its just getting really dumb!!! She hasnt done anything to them or you. Shes a great bb player and deserves to win. And im sorry but like u said befor production doesnt have a preference in who wins . Thats just a ludicris statement!!! So how did they fix it that Rachel would win that comp?? Did all the hgs agree.??? Because im pretty sure that they all tried their best to win it!!! Oh and lets not forget that Porsche didnt have to open Pandoras box. Rachel deserves to win!! She kicks ass on comps and still continues to survive even though shes been on the block several times in both of her seasons. Oh and hey lets not forget oone more win and she will be tied for first place for mist comps won and two more shes the top winner all time. Go Rachel!!!!

      • rachel,hung onto the bananna also and won..She also has hung onto brendon..what ever she can wrap her legs around,she will win..just saying

    • I agree, production does involve themselves in the game. Maybe porche and kalia should improve their personalities so they get help too

    • It did seem fixed because usually the episode before it happens, Julie announces the return of Pandoras box. However, they kind of had to because there wouldn’t be any way the other side of the house had a chance. The game would be too one-sided. I’m glad they did that.

  4. Well, Shelley’s leaving this week thats a no brainer. Adam winning HOH???? I cant imagine what the competion would be…triva,pool bacon frying.. I’m not sure who I want to win anymore I’m just surprised at the people who are left not the ones I thought back when this game started. Just my thoughts.

    • I think Adam has done okay. Only guy left. His time is coming. Get rid of Shelly this week then let’s see what happens.

      • I wish there was more guys in the house. Too many women talking about their periods and crying. It’s gross.

  5. I know production doesn’t normally tell HG’s what is going on outside of the house, but I think they should tell Adam that Hoboken NJ was flooded due to Irene. They should at least give him an opportunity to make sure that his family is safe. (Sorry that this wasn’t about the game, but just something I thought of)

    • they probably did call him into DR, when 911 happened during season 3 they called Danielle? ithink her name was) and told her and she called her family.I dont think they would keep this info from anyone. they could probably get sued later. but who knows?

    • If Adam’s family wasn’t safe then production would tell him. But otherwise that’d just worry him unnecessarily.

      I’m pretty sure production didn’t even tell HGs about 9/11.

      • I remember that they did tell them. I think there was only 2 or 3 people left at that point.

      • Sorry because I know your responding to someone but I can’t turn pages on comments because I’m on my phone and don’t know how to, so what happened to Adam?

      • @ Lurker, nothing happened to Adam. His home town was hit by Hurricane Irene. As far as I know, no damages that directly involve him or his family.

      • if memory serves me right they did not tell Remy about Hurricane Katrina until she went to jury b/c her family was ok

    • I believe Jordan is from an area affected by Irene and shortly after the big fight with Shelley she mentioned that BB told her they had called her mother. I assumed they did this to assure Jordan that her family was safe.

      I remember Danielle (from season 3) was called into the DR because she had a cousin who worked in the World Trade Center who was one of the 911 casualties. I don’t remember the other HG’s being told about it.

      • NOOO They called to make sure that Jordon was okay after the fight with Shelly..the storm had not hit at that time..

    • I believe they do contact whatever member or members of his family, that he lists, to ask them what they would like them to do. If his GF and Family were safe, I would think that the family would want him to continue playing, as there’s nothing he could do anyway. Just my Opinion.

  6. @flyonthewall idk if he/she is on right now but I fell asleep during an argument last night so I’m just hoping they see this on here…I’m not trying to bring bad news or anything like that at all…I’m just trying to let people know about the situation regardless of whether or not they are involved…it’s a serious problem and people should know…Im sorry if I have offense you or this site in some way but I’m not trying to do that.

    • NP..Tks for trying to keep the peace…If u fell asleep then u missed the post that made reference to Shelly/ Kalia/ Porsche/ Dani talking upstairs about ways that they could cause Rachel (if pregnant) to have a miscarriage..They were talking about harming an unborn child…and Shelly was involved..It would be best if u went back and read the post..again tks for trying to keep the peace..

      • Tis Rachel PG thing is NONE of these 4’s business to advertise or threaten. So it is OK for them to cowardly take their vindictiveness and jealousy out on a possible unborn child, which is “murder” and I would be right there demanding ousting, charges and punishment on all 4 them. Shelly how would you like someone killing your unborn if you were PG; you continue to show your child how to be evil, I bet she soooooo proud of. This just prove that they have no val

      • I was not finished: The 4 talking about causing a miscarrage just shows just shows their lack of morals, jealousy & vindictiveness. Now this is a murderous plot. This pales to some falsely accusing Jeff of theats to those around Shelly, he
        has no control of nuts & idiots, but these 4 are out of control & deserve nothing but a kick out the door. Those who support them, shame on you. So, Shelly, how do you think your child likes your behavior now? Your out of the loop now. Dani gone, next Shelly and hopefully cocky Porsha, then Kahlia. Shelly, How’s it going for you now?

  7. The newbies need to explain to Rachel that it’s not in her best interest to go to the finals with Jordan. She needs to start thinking Jury votes
    1- If Jordan is in the final 2, that means that Rachel will only have Brendon’s vote for sure but if Jordan is evicted, especially by the newbies’ hands, Rachel automatically gets 3 votes (Brendon, Jeff and Jordan)
    2- Rachel has burned too many bridges with the newbies and Daniele, she will need to go to the final 2 with someone who will probably not have voted for her if they were in the jury house.
    3- Final 2 decision is not about ur best friend in the house, it’s about taking the 1 person who is less liked than u and probably would not have voted for u.
    Me personnaly, I’m rooting for Porshe and Kalea for final 2.. I know, i can’t beleive i’m saying this either but honestley, noone deserves it from these houseguests

      • @Sandra Rachael has a very good chance of winning aainst Jordan. Dani even said @her eviction speech how they are handing over another $500k if they don’t get rid of jj. I doubt she will vote for Jordan unless she is standing next to Adam who she said to Julie was the worst BB player in history of BB & Kahlia & Porschia will follow & vote for whomever Dani votes for so that’s 4 votes (Brendan, Dani, Kahlia & Porschia) & that’s all Rachael needs IMO

      • Dani’s question to the final 2 will be “What big game moves did u make”?? I do hope that is RACHEL JORDON OR ADAM and they say..”MY BEST AND BIGGEST MOVE IN THE GAME WAS TO VOTE UR ASS OUT!!

    • @Sandra I agree with you. I would like to see Porche and Kalia in the final 2. I don’t think Jordan has played the best game so far. Just my opinion. I think Kalia while some do not like her has played a good game. Some people don’t like Porche, but despite what people might think of her she has won comps and just as people think Rachel, Jordan and Adam’s move was to vote Dani out – the same can be said for Kalia and Porche – they voted Jeff out. Major big move. They did so by winning comps when it counted. All I am saying is it works both ways.

      • If RaJo in final 2, Rachel will win. I can’t believe I’m saying this but Rachel deserves the win if she’s sitting in the last 2 chairs!

    • You are exactly right. Jeff, Shelly, and Adam are all sure votes for Jordan. Brendan votes Rachel.. That leaves Kalia and Porshe assuming its Jo And Rach as final 2. Kalia will vote Jordan I assume because she said she would never put her up. Porshe is anyones guess…but I would say Jordan, to stick with Kalia.
      So yep Rachel needs to dump Jo if she wants to win.

    • Rachel tried multiple times to work with Porsche and Danieille. No one would work with her even when brendan was in the house.

  8. R n J REALLY need to STEP IT UP BIG this thurs in order to WIN HOH r else K will win it!!!

  9. It was good to see Jordan finally tell that annoying two-faced Shelly off this week. I hope Jordan doesn’t buy into her “I’m sorry, I really love you” act. This has to be the season of the most annoying houseguests. The only people I could even stomach were Jordan, Jeff, Brendon and believe it or not, with all the other really sickening newbies, I actually started to like Rachel! I really can’t and could never stand Danielle and am glad her father left early or I simply would vomit if I watched this season with that over the hill moron, Dick….I do, however, find that Adam isn’t all that bad. I can’t stand Porsche and Kalia is merely sheep! She is Danielle’s lap dog. Pathetic how an ordinarily smart woman can so idolize a complete idiot that doesn’t seem to ever want to leave the middle school mentality of being whiney, gossipy and oh, so arrogant (Danielle, of course). Didn’t Danielle and Porsche make the perfect pair in there constantly making fun of others, making up nicknames, using coded type of language. Very immature and just gets so old to watch…..I really liked the coming of age of Jordan where she really did try at competitions this season and spoke up for herself a lot. Rachel is Rachel but with the other houseguests being completely and utterly OFF the walls, she actually looked better. Not great, just much better, whining or not. I hope next season is better. This one kind of fell short of good.

  10. i just want to say that porche or Kalia have won HOH grand prize all ready!!!! All those two do is eat!! When I see them on BBAD they are always eating!! The food costs for these two house guests for the time they have spent in the house is probaly in the low hundreds of thousands of dollars. It was amazing that porche could have won the veto competiton involving physical competion due to the extra weight that she has put on. I predict if either Kalia or Porche happen to win BB, that they will buy a grocery store in order to be able to keep eating at the pace they eaten on BB13.

    • I would like to mention that kalia would need to save few thousand dollars of her winnings in order to buy a bed, so when she is done eating she can sleep!! LOL

      • Heard through the grapevine that BB needed to visit the local food pantry to keep porche and kalia stocked with food

      • You all are so funny. I just lost 12 pounds. Yippee.. I heard that Porsche is running around with the HOH key on her forehead. That’s as bad as Natalie with that stupid crown on her head. I was watching Porsche last night and was wondering why alot of people thinks she is gorgeous. She is fat. I wonder if BB gets them new clothes if they can no longer fit in the clothes they brought with them.

      • So what has happened to the Have Not comps and the slop? That would help me lose weight LOL.

        I guess it’s getting pretty boring in the BB house – not much else to do but stuff your face.

    • @Ron You are so mean talking about Kalia and Porche eating are you perfect they are the best 2 left in the BB13 go team Dani….

    • I’m sorry, but I also watch BBAD and have live feeds. Say what you want about them eating and sleeping, but Rachel eats up a storm too. For one thing it all depends who is in the HOH room. When J/J were in the HOH room Rachel and Jordan were in their eating. Not so much Jordan, but Rachel would eat like crazy and then go down and go to the fridge and eat some more. I don’t know why so many people say just Kalia and Porche eat. Is it because you don’t like Kalia? That’s fine, but Rachel eats every bit as much. Also, Kalia and Porche stay up extremely late. Sleep for 5 hours and then later take a nap for another 5 hours. They all take naps. I think the only one that doesn’t sleep much is Shelly. What do you expect them to do? There is nothing to do there. BB hasn’t even given them a deck of cards. They had to make their own. Just saying.

      • Rachel works out a lot so she probably burns up all those extra calories you say she is putting in the old bod. I don’t see K & P doing much exercising.

        The houseguests cannot have real cards since apparently the shuffling interferes with the mics (or something like that). Anyways, that’s what I heard.

    • I’m just curious.. You are all ragging on Porshe and Kalia for not doing anything physical, just laying around? What has Jordan done to be seen in a different light. She does the exact same thing.

      • yep,jor has not did anything but eat and sleep,and telling jeff he has to win to keep them in the game.most movement from jor is tormenting jeff in scanty bathing attire,then hop into long sweats and push his hands away..almost 10 yr their ages,now you know the rest of the story..just saying

  11. I hope Rachel or jordan win hoh. because we all know what will happen if kalia gets it, but not adam

    I do not want adam to win hoh

      • If Adam wins HOH I think he will put
        up Rachel and Kahlia. He really likes
        Porche and Jordan. He will try to talk
        Rach into believing she is not his target, but if she wins POV then he
        has to put up Porche. If he doesn’t have to put Porche up because Rachel
        doesn’t win POV, then he would have
        the deciding vote. He won’t put Jordan
        up for any reason. I think RJ will vote
        out K if they are put up together. But
        that is just what I think.

    • Even though I don’t want to see Jordan and Rachel win HOH this last twist saved the vets yet again so I am sure that Jordan will win. She hasn’t won in a very long time. This season is the worst of the worst. If you are going to have vets against the newbies let them just play. Each twist this season has favored Rachel first by bringing Brendon back and then just when she was again most likely going to leave this last twist. If they wanted a vet to win just have an All Star season. IMO

      • That was America’s choice bringing Brendan back. Obviously, nobody liked Keith, or Cassie. Dominic was close. Also, I have a Kin 2 phone, and when you turn it on, there are a whole bunch of pictures of people. One of them is Dominic!

  12. Matt-
    I just read that Shelly’s family is receiving death threats. Do you know if they tell her that when she goes to jury? Just wondering…

    • I’m in no means a Shelly fan (see my long, verbose comment below for proof-ha!) but death threats are dangerously UN-called for and it’s more than a little frightening how serious people are taking this…

      I hope an investigation has begun on who is making these threats.

      You don’t have to like Shelly or her game play, I sure as hell don’t, but those of you placing these threats are behaving worse than Shelly is — and I imagine it’s her ill behavior you’re protesting to begin with…

      Think if it was your family who was being threatened…It’s a game. It has NO bearing on OUR lives.

      We can choose sides, be passionate and feel adamant about our feelings — but making threats is only going to rile up a bunch of crazies who will gladly follow through on them, get you or someone else thrown in jail and get an innocent little girl hurt.

      Let’s take a breath and get a grip here.

      • i appreciate ur concern and u are right about what you wrote but pleaaaaaaaaaaaae someone from this site said it earlier and i’m gonna repeat what he said cos i really find it true as i’ve reading and posting a lot lately
        in here you can’t and won’t find any comment with death threats to Shelly
        so please go to the sites where the threats are being made cos u are offending the people in here that are just commenting on her game play but yet again no death threat were ever made and they have even been defending Shelly regarding these threats
        so please people just go to those other sites and defenf her
        thank you!

      • Anonymous, I can’t read every single post that’s ever been written about Shelly, death threats, no death threats, etc.

        Nor can I go from site to site doing the same.

        I can appreciate the frustration, however, I was simply adding my two cents worth to the mix.

        I thought my argument was well thought out and written but leave it to someone to always find something to disagree with.

        It’s the lay of the land, I get it. Point taken.

        If the alleged threats are indeed NOT true, then I’m pleased as punch and all the rest is small potatoes.

      • P.S. Where did I write that it was someone from this site that is making the alleged threats as ‘Flyonthewall’ and ‘Anonymous’ has suggested?

        Enough. I get the point already and don’t need you two disemboweling me over my concern.

        My bad?

        Can we all simmer down now?

      • @ Jo
        i have no problem with what u said,
        I thought as well that ur argument was well thought out and written and we are not trying to find something to disagree with, it’s just that ur post seemed as if ur were directing it to someone in here when in fact all the posts in here are defending Shelly’s death threats
        it’s very thoughtfull to express your concern and everyone’s free to express his/her opinion but just write ur post in a way that doesn’t imply that the threats are being made in here
        that’s all we asked of you and others
        thank you

      • Thank you for taking it down a notch — but again, to defend myself, it really was just a GENERAL statement of concern and not directed — nor implied — at ANYONE on this site.

        I see people writing general statements all the time in which it would take an awful lot of time and negative energy to track them all down and belittle them, too.

        *Matt (BBN), I do apologize. You have a great site here and it’s one I greatly enjoy reading and posting — my statement of concern for Shelly and her family was not intended in ANY WAY to implicate that is was someone on here making those alleged threats.

      • when u use the third person in ur post and i quote:
        ”YOU don’t have to like Shelly or her game play”
        ”but those of YOU placing these threats are behaving worse than Shelly is”
        ”but making threats is only going to rile up a bunch of crazies who will gladly follow through on them, get YOU or someone else thrown in jail and get an innocent little girl hurt”

        so the ”YOU” in ur post seems a lot as if ur are talking with the people on this site
        so this was our point and sorry if u felt offended regarding ur concern, we share that with you, it’s just the way u wrote it
        thank you

    • Shelley’s family isn’t the only one to have received threats from disgruntled fans and all people who apply to be on the show must be aware that this could become an issue.

      I don’t think BB would tell her as they are being sequestered from the outside world so as not to influence their decision regarding the ultimate winner.

    • I do not believe that ANYBODY on this site has made a death threat against Shelly…Your post IMPLIES that the threats are being made by us. U really need to correct that statement. As I told another poster u need to go to the site that is making the threats and tell them ur opinion. I am getting tired of people coming in here and insinuating that it’s happening on this site..It is not occurring here. Take ur complaints to the people that are doing it..

      • ah so it was you who said that :-)
        i mentioned that someone said it before and i am getting annoyed just like u that some people are insinuating as if those threats are being made by the people from this site
        it’s getting on my nerve and i hope we won’t find any other posts as these
        really they should go where it’s being made and defend her there

      • I was simply responding to another poster’s question/statement and my response was in general and not directed per se at any one particular group, person, site, etc.

        Just a general appalling at the alleged threats.

        Kindly take your tone down a notch — I’m not deserving of the animosity being flung my way simply because I expressed concern.

        It would take you much of a day, I imagine, to respond to EVERY post I’ve read on here lately where someone, like myself, has posted a concern over these alleged threats.

        *See my response to ‘Anonymous’ above.

      • Hey Fly-I was just wondering if they would tell her in jury, and I figured Matt might know. And Jo, it wasn’t this site or others that was making the threat I was talking about. There have been calls to her home. Including threats against her daughter, and FBI is involved. Allison Groener (spelling) made a statement defending the “loyal viewers of BB” stating that we would not behave this way. It’s a shame either way…

      • I understand that, Mary. In spite of my strong belief and declaration that my post was grossly taken out of context and it’s contents misunderstood — especially my use of the pronoun ‘YOU’ — I have amended my statement…over and over and over to the best of my ability ’til I’m blue in the face.

        Furthermore, I have apologized to Matt (BBN) stating that it was NOT my intention to insinuate that it was anyone on this site making the alleged threats.

        I hope this topic can now be put to rest and that we are quite finished.

        I got it. Let’s kindly move on.

    • I have been concerned about the threats as well. But, part of me thinks it may be a hoax. If CBS seriously thought this was a real issue, I dont think they would not have shown the fight that Shelly instigated. It would just add more fuel to the fire. Hope I am right.

  13. I have several issues with Shelly’s argument:

    Granted, yes, everybody lies in this game but what’s gotten Shelly in trouble with the American audience (and I’m generalizing here — I, of course, realize she actually has some fans, I just don’t realize WHY) is her being so APPALLED at others’ lies and game play — most notably Rachel’s and Jeff’s — that she’s now heavily weighed down with hypocrisy for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

    She also keeps yammering away about how she’s ‘doing this for’ her family: I would suspect most could give the same argument.

    However, the problem is that we’ve actually SEEN where she lives when BB inteviewed her husband and daughter.

    This woman is NOT in any way living in abject poverty, in fact, she’s living in a much nicer home than I’ll most likely EVER live in, whether she rents or owns.

    We all want what’s best for our kids, I get that, I have a son off to a University this Fall (close to home luckily) and yes, $500,000 would pay for that instead of the student loans he’s forced to take out and a decent home for us (I’m 45 and my husband and I rent) — so, it’s easy for me to sit here and say what I would and wouldn’t do for $500,000.

    But the problem is I do know. If it was that easy, simple and rectifying, I would have done it a long time ago. And Shelly’s hypocitical, ugly tactics are not it.

    So, She needs to save her; “Boo-hoo-hoo, I’m fighting for $500,000 for my family” ploy: it’s tired, played out and seeing how much better she actually lives than MOST people, she’ll do just fine without it.

    • I so agree! I know this game is about doing what you need to so you can advance in the game but don’t come into the house putting it out there that you are soooo honest and have so much integrity then be the biggest liar in the house! She sat there and told JJ that she didn’t need the money she would rather a young person win it and then use the excuse Jeff was in between her and the money??? I would rather see someone admit their dishonesty and lack of loyalty to further themselves than to act like you are this great person!!! Like Rachel, yeah she is whiny and can throw people under the bus but she doesn’t try to act like she is a saint!!

  14. Rachel seems to have found a better place to be in since Brendon’s second eviction. And this serves her well in the remainder of the game. If jordan can pick it up a little her and Rachel can dominate the rest of the way.
    F3 Rachel-Jordan-Adam.
    F-2 Rachel-Adam.
    Winner Rachel.

    • She really has quietened down a lot since Brendan and Jeff’s evictions and has become a lot less emotional. I kind of like this new Rachel with her mind totally focused on the job in hand.

  15. Sometimes i wonder why some people such as “floaters” go onto a show if they dnt have a clue on what to do, r some sort of game plan,strategy in mind, etc. once they r on the show.((for ex: “ADAM, he dnt have clue what to do most of the time,well since day 1”))

    • “Floating” is actually a strategy in playing the game and some players intend to do just that when they enter the house. Newcomers to the house may be a bit intimidated once they get there knowing the cameras are on them 24/7 and not knowing who to trust, etc. I can totally understand why a lot of them sit back and observe for a while. This season must have been especially overwhelming for the newbies coming in only to discover they had to play with a group of strong vets.

  16. I wonder if they will let the houseguest n jury know that “BEYONCE IS EXPECTING!!!!!”…news

    • Oh, that is nice. I was waiting for this news…NOT. Hope this child has better manners than dad, who cannot accept others winning awards and a real heal taking the limelight objecting to the world and proves what jerk he is. I do not care about his fame or money nor B’s. I would so proud of B, NOT. She might as well be nude, since she likes to show her crotch and sexual girate on stage, who needs hubby. Oh, mama should be so proud of her christian girl’s actions….NOT.

      • Don’t like B either! She thinks too much of herself and I don’t like her music, especially her voice!

  17. i appreciate everyone’s concern about Shelly’s death threats for her and her family but pleaaaaaaaaaaaae stop writing that in here as if u have read any of that in here cos u haven’t and won’t ever read it
    in fact someone from this site said it earlier and i’m gonna repeat what he said cos i really find it true as i’ve been reading and posting a lot lately
    in here and you can’t and won’t find any comment with death threats to Shelly in here
    so please go to the sites where the threats are being made cos u are offending the people in here that are just commenting on her game play but yet again no death threat were ever made and they have even been defending Shelly regarding these threats
    so please people just go to those other sites and defenf her
    thank you!

    • It didn’t say they were being made on here, some people are calling her family and job! I think the person writing that was just trying to put it out there to stop if someone reading was involved!

      • i totally understand but when u use the third person in ur post and i quote the person who was defending Shelly’s death threats:
        ”YOU don’t have to like Shelly or her game play”
        ”but those of YOU placing these threats are behaving worse than Shelly is”
        ”but making threats is only going to rile up a bunch of crazies who will gladly follow through on them, get YOU or someone else thrown in jail and get an innocent little girl hurt”

        so the ”YOU” in his post seems a lot as if he was talking with the people on this site
        it’s just the way he wrote it

        every decent human being wouldn’t agree with these sort of threats and that’s what has been said on this site
        anyway we were expressing each our opinions and everything is fine now
        no offense to anyone made

      • Thank you, T.J.

        We get it. I got it HOURS ago and yet ‘Anonymous’ and others are the ones bringing more light and attention to it by NOT letting it go.

        How about a little accountability for those who read way more into my comment (and the pronoun ‘YOU’) than what was ever intended?

        I’ve already amended my statement. Can we kindly put the tar and feathers away now?

      • Let it go, ‘Anonymous’, let it go.

        By the way, I’m a SHE and a HER not a “He” and a “His”. ‘Jo’ is short for Jo Anna.

        Talk about assumptions.

        Shall I drag your misinterpretation through the mud now like you’ve done to mine repeatedly?

        At least I don’t post under the guise of anonymity. Pretty chicken sh** for someone who is all knowing.

        Now, kindly drop it. It’s enough already. I got it.

  18. SO happy Rachel won pov & she & Jordan are safe. As for Shelly throwing her new alliance under the bus… Shocker…not! Just glad Shelly told Jordan she would have her JH vote…great, bye bye Shelly! Not that we could even believe that or count on her vote when she even lies in DR…wow!
    Just want to say this for what it’s worth… we all know this world will always have an abundance of sickos & psychos and with all the resources available with internet & Google, and since this is the 3rd season a HG has received threats to their families (is that truly the case?)…I BB should only give HG’s first names in future shows. Why is it necessary to publicly air anything about their families, employers, where they are from? That should all be private since it has nothing to do with the game or how they play it & apparently opens the door to the sick stuff some crazies are capable of.

    • I agree there is a lot on lunatics out there and in their delusions they take their dislike of a person to the next level
      It happenes to a lot of people doing reality shows and yes TeamJJ they should not release contestants last name or city

      • I’m just really sad that JJ fans are being blamed for these horrid actions when it should be obvious that anyone who would do something like this is not a JJ fan or even a BB fan… just a group of really sick, malicious haters.
        I hope next year’s cast will be starring Smith & Jones, Butch & Cassidy, Turner & Hooch, Jane & John Doe, Mary & Joe Blow & all hailing from
        Meanwhile, go vets! Is that a bus I hear coming to escort Ms Shelly to the JH?
        All aboard! Go Rachel & Jordan!

    • I agree we only need first name age proffession and state nothing else. Then the sick twisted and mental people wouldnt be able to find or threaten the families or the players.

    • I made a comment about threats and comparisons regarding the game, too. Anonymous, I get it, I think we all get it, but ENOUGH of the long tirades be-laboring it and move on to other comments and opinions. Your concern is well
      taken. …..So I am for J and I am glad R standing by J inspite of R drama when B not around, and she does not win HOH or Vet’s. Game change, go J/R. I want Jeff back for new twist and make newbies squirm….

      • i didn’t start with it, so please why are u coming after me, i was defending people posting in here just like u and the others and humbly me
        that’s it

      • plus we were having a conversation back and forth and discussing our views and everything was fine and no one offended the other
        u just made a big story out of it

  19. Shelly I look forward to your being gone next. You have blown your bridge blowing off JJ. What is it with this 2 finger to the lips type smoking action after you do diary? It looks stupid. When you are back home, don’t forget to sit down & watch yourself on this season and try to explain your actions to your child. It should be interesting. Goodbye Shelly, you will not be missed. Also, you would vote J if got to final 2? I SORT of believe you, but, really, is there another bus waiting for J? I will watch, wait and see for myself. Your word is sooooo worthless.

  20. Shelly I look forward to your being gone next. You have blown your bridge blowing off JJ. What is it with this 2 finger to the lips type smoking action after you do diary? It looks stupid. When you are back home, don’t forget to sit down & watch yourself on this season and try to explain your actions to your child. It should be interesting. Goodbye Shelly, you will not be missed. Also,yheard you would vote J if she got to final 2? I SORT of believe you, but, really, is there another bus waiting for J? Caution J! I will watch, wait and see for myself. Your word is soooo worthless.

    • lol,,,u r so right that is soooo unattractice on her when she blows those long fingers to her rough lips….(i guess shelly thinks thats cute)

      • If our Shelly wins BB, this will be $$$ will be “PLAY/POCKET MONEY” 2 our Shelly, she dnt really need the money, just a little info 4 u “not-so-fun-of-Shelly-fans”!!!

      • Team Shelly. It would be a shocker if Shelly made it to the final 2 and the jury voted for her to win the money. I cannot see her chances, but never know. I do not believe she deserves it, but I have no control of the game. Sorry, but Go J/R, show the 3 newbies whose boss.

      • Team Shelly. It would be a shocker if Shelly made it to the final 2 and the jury voted for her to win the money. I cannot see her chances, but never know. I do not believe she deserves it, but I have no
        control of the game, and her not needing the money just validates her to exit BB. Sorry, but Go J/R, show the 3 newbies whose boss.

  21. I have seen Shelly’s pushy attitude before. Corporate bulling is what it is and she is trying to use BB as her board room . Do as I say, that is the rule. If it goes wrong it is your fault, if it goes right she takes credit. I have seen people move up in management by what others do, only to come back and cut jobs out. (thrown under the bus) She doesn’t know people as well as she thinks she does. I don’t think she derserves to go any further. BYE BYE

  22. It is a game but lying and deceit is all part of the game.. Everyone has lied in this game.. Dick messed the game up by leaving.. Giving golden key to Dani who loves to play the game which changed the game for the worst.. Brendon & Rachel bullied the house in the beginning.. Dani & the newbies got power which was helping till production screwed their power up.. Why do the twists only happen to newbies?? Production crew sucks ASS!! Ohhhh yeah bringing Brendon back was stupid & pointless.. Then Jeff gets power & bullies too even bullies when on the block.. Pandoras Box was rigged cause they never should of brought that Duo crap back.. Duos is the worst idea they had next to casting Rachel & Brendon again.. They were hated on their season so why torture us with them.. Hope Kalia & Porshe are final two cause that would be the only way to turn game around.. Unless they bring Dani back.. Floaters & bitches should walk out the door.. If they had a walk off of the bitches that would be hilarious.. Hey Porshe & Kalia get rid of. RACHEL & JORDANS things then they would have to leave.. ROFL..

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