Big Brother Takeover: Gronk Parties Keep Houseguests Up All Night [PICS]

The Big Brother Takeover this week brought in NFL’s Rob Gronkowski but aside from there being no Have-Nots this week we didn’t know what twist he’d be unleashing.

Big Brother Takeover sends Houseguests to the shower
Big Brother Takeover sends Houseguests to the shower – Source: CBS All Access

Now after an overnight streak of flash parties called in to action by Gronk I’m still not entirely sure what his twist is. Making HGs dance awkwardly to 5 second clips of music then steady silence? It’s been a weird one.

So far there have been 4 5 separate events where Houseguests have to stop what they’re doing and follow his instructions or they’ll end up Have-Nots for the week afterall.

The first event started up at 8:53PM BBT as the HGs ran to all squeeze in to the shower for a little bump and grind. Makes total sense when you think back to all those 15 people in the shower stall parties you used to attend at college… Jeff wishes!

Second “Gronk Party” arrived at 11:41PM BBT as the HGs ran to get dressed for a toga party. It lasted a few mins as they danced around. Some of the HGs were better at making their toga dresses than others, but they all got the job done.

Next the HGs had to do a limbo party in the middle of the night. Flashback to 2:46AM BBT as the HGs dance around for a few seconds of music and then keep going to silence. I’m guessing they need the silence for recording the footage.

The last of the overnight events was a hot tub party that arrived at 7:21AM BBT this morning. Houseguests had to run to get their swimsuits and then hit the hot tub for some wild fun. Not really. They just say there and waved their hands at the occasional few seconds of music. Who knows.

Then as I was writing this up another Gronk Party hit. This time it was a conga line and the HGs were anything but thrilled to do this one. It was 11:20AM BBT when HGs were woken up and rushed outside. They shuffle along looking like something out of The Walking Dead before Big Brother finally tells them stop and to get up for the day.

We’re not sure how much longer these Gront Parties will continue of what’s even the point. It’s obviously just silly footage so far at this point, but maybe it leads to something like Kathy Griffin’s phone calls were all silly except for one important call. I’m doubtful at this point though.

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The horror. The horror. #BB17

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  1. Someone might’ve brought this up earlier but I’m just gonna say it anyways

    A. I think all these parties might have something to do with the next HoH comp

    B. Sleep deprived= touchy and grumpy hgs= drama

    • I’m beginning to think that way too! Much harder to win an endurance comp (maybe) when you’re all partied out! hahaha

      • Or maybe this will be a quiz comp for the HOH where they have to remember what time the parties began or other such trivia. I hope they’re keeping notes.

      • Put the gronk parties in order. If they continue @ the rate of 1 every 4-5 hours, they could fit in 25-30 of them before Thursday night. Sleep deprived and having to remember the party order would be difficult by then.

      • It would be a very difficult HOH to win indeed. I’m wondering who would likely excel at this sort of thing. Stephen? Johnny Mac? Shelli? Becki?

      • He’s another one that could do well. Vanessa can’t play but she would probably have had a chance to win this one. I guess it depends on who has the best memory. I’m hoping it’s Johnny Mac.

      • I’d love to see JMac win it, especially after Shay and Vanustin jerking him around. Hopefully he would wise up and target them. However, I don’t think he wants to win an HoH, yet.

  2. They announced before the first Gronk party that anyone not attending would become a have not for the week. So, that’s the announced purpose. I think the real purpose is sleep deprivation. They’ve all been about 4-5 hours apart. Which is enough time to sleep, if you’re quick and go right out. Not enough to get a good night’s sleep.

  3. Just give them some alcohol and a lot of fatty food and they’ll be comatose. I wonder if Audrey would still lie if she got drunk as a skunk. JMac would probably be hilarious. If he gets louder when he is drunk, that might have the potential to start the next Cali earthquake( sorry Cali).

  4. Matt: Please keep updating this blog with Gronk party pics, times, etc. all week. Thanks!

  5. I’m writing exactly what it says on Jokers….
    Sun 11:44 AM BBT….”Vanessa said as a gay woman, it would be embarrassing to put a transgender woman on the block. Especially without any evidence”

    Sun 12:04 PM BBT….”V said there is too much reasonable doubt about Audrey and as a gay person she won’t send her home, but has no issue sending Jeff”

    I’m not happy with Vanessa. :(

      • I am hoping for a Johnny Mac win….I think if he keeps doing what he is doing, he would be a shoe in. He gives off that surfer attitude when in fact, he seems to be a very smart man….Johnny Mac all the way!!

    • that prove the point that Davonne mentioned after she was evicted that people were scared to send her home.

      • That doesn’t prove the point, because Da’Vonne made it seem like they were all afraid to send her home because of that reason, but they all aren’t. I must say though, I am really surprised that Vanessa is, I figured she knew how to play the game

      • Are you sure Vanessa is? Seems like they just wanted to go after different targets this week and keep the big one in there.

      • She’s said it multiple times. She refuses to put up Audrey, because she is gay and Audrey is part of LBGT community. (Although she has no problem putting up Jason.)

      • vanessa is playing the game with her heart and not her mind. there are so many dumb houseguests this summer and i hope that someone like steve or jmac wins, since they have at least a strategy ha.

    • What kind of “evidence” is she even talking about? Is she even playing the game here, I thought she was a poker player

      • I’m not really sure, Alex. I think it is all hot air to cover the fact that she just doesn’t want Audrey out of the game. .

    • That bugs me. I don’t know why she’d make it an issue either. Its just trying to protect her image outside the house I think so no one says anything bad instead of getting people out because you wanna win. No doubt and no evidence? Where has she been? How about the fact that Audrey lies and causes drama.

      • i’m just screaming at the live feeds/flashback telling vanessa to play the game and not publicity status! vanessa i think is one of the most idiotic players and needs to go ASAP.

    • Right! I am just as well disappointed! Like Vanessa get it together!! This is a game! You don’t decide to keep/evict people based off their sexual orientation! Now people are going to assume that you are biased against men!? Which hopefully that is not the case -__-

  6. I hope Gronkowski has more than just this for the Big Brother Takeover. Give someone the power to say, put anyone they choose on the block except those who won BOB and the power of veto.

    • They need to save some twists for later. I’ll bet they’re saving a big veto switch for later, especially since they just had an eviction twist.

      • I would rather they have one twist each week to keep the houseguests on their toes and playing. That way, it discourages some house guess from just floating on their alliance from beginning to the end. That would be boring.

      • Exactly! The twist this week has to do with have nots. Next week it’ll be something different.

  7. Gronk party #7! Pool party @ 4:04 PM. This time the HGs are locked out of the house. Hehehehehehehehe

  8. Somehow this Gronk twist has been more embarrassing for the Patriots than Brady’s suspension

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