Big Brother 16 – Week 11 Nomination Anticipation – Not That It Matters

The dust has settled from Thursday’s Double Eviction on Big Brother 16 and after a new HoH was crowned late last night we can now look ahead to the next round of nominations. Well, until that new twist undoes the whole thing.

Nomination Anticipation for Big Brother 16
Nomination Anticipation for Big Brother 16 – Source: CBS

When the Feeds returned from the Head of Household competition, which once again ran well in to After Dark, the HGs were racing to the new twist room. Their conversations focused first on how to handle this giant golden button while nominations still lingered in the not far distant.

There aren’t many choices left for nominations this week on Big Brother and the new HoH, Frankie, knows he will have to put up at least one of his own allies. So who will it be?

Flashback to 10:57PM BBT 9/4 as Frankie meets with Derrick in the Storage room soon followed by Caleb. Frankie tells them he wishes he could use Skittles again to decide the nominees. Seriously. Both Derrick and Caleb are certainly trying to avoid going up which leaves Frankie with the two options he’d need.

Frankie says that both Caleb and Derrick have kept him safe twice each while Cody has only done it once. He supposes that could be his rationale though he adds that maybe he should say something about trust. They advise against that.

A half hour later Frankie confirms to Derrick that he’s going to put up Victoria and Cody, but he (Frankie) might suggest he’s considering Derrick since he’s never been on the block this season.

Then again as the HGs wind down for the night Frankie tells Derrick and Caleb that he’s planning to put up Cody with Victoria. Frankie tells them what Cody has been told so they can be prepared for conversations and still act a little surprised or uncertain.

Frankie tells the guys that these nominations do not have anything to do with next week’s planning since with so few HGs left it’s most likely that they’ll all be taking a turn on the block. Frankie says if he has to do a renom then he’ll flip a coin between Derrick and Caleb.

So there you go. Later on Friday the nominations will be revealed as Cody with Victoria.

Oh, but wait. Remember that “Big Brother Rewind” twist button? Yeah, well they pushed it. Frankie’s idea. This entire week won’t matter and these nominees can’t be evicted. At least not until they redo the whole thing.



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    • Wish they would have done this when Donny and Nicole were on the block together. Don’t understand why they waited so long to do it..sounds like it was a spur of the moment thing.

      • Production probably thought that Frankie was the one to be at risk this week, and figured that this Twist would save him, rather than potentially destroy him from the Big House …. Ha !!!
        eta: That, or it was their way of punishing him for what he said/did on the weekend … Ha !!!

      • You are spot-on. It’s as if CBS said “ruh-roh, all the evictions have been unanimous and it’s almost all guys at the end, again”. And if they are doing their homework and reading comments about the stupid detonators alliance, they should know they’ve created the most boring season of BB ever with perhaps the single most annoying player ever (Frankie).

      • I live in the L.A. area, should have tried for tickets just to boo Frankie at the final show

      • CBS extended the show for another week this season, first time ever. Guess it took them a while to come up with something to put in a one week time slot

  1. Oh the look on Frankie’s face will be priceless when he finds out his HOH didn’t count this week!

  2. The button being pushed might have saved Caleb.

    Because if Derrick would have won the veto he would pull Cody off, Caleb goes up and Cody & Derrick would vote Caleb out.

    Then it would be Cody, Derrick and Victoria against Frankie.

    • What I like most about this twist is that Frankie is NOT as safe as he feels he is!!!

  3. For Cody (and the now evicted Christine), didn’t Donny warn them about who is control and how they should move forward? Instead of listening to Donny, who they all believe is a super secret military intelligence that studied at Harvard and possible can be a CIA medical doctor (the t-shirt), dumb and dumber blabbed to Daddy/Uncle Derrick. Now look where they are, one out and the other about to be on the block.

    Now with the twist, Cody better make sure he wins the next HOH and put up Frankie and Derrick. Derrick cannot “skate” by the entire season without being on the block once.

    • I hope it’s Caleb and Victoria they put up if Cody wins HOH…that way if Caleb wins Veto, he can remove himself and they can put up Frankie and backdoor him. Once Frankie is out of the house, then they can concentrate on getting Victoria out. She’s basically their only shot at getting to the Final2 or 3 without the other being the wiser. I have a feeling none of my plans are going to ever work…LOL I think it’s fun how things are going now than had they backdoored Frankie when they had the chance!

  4. I don’t see this as CBS helping Frankie – what am I missing?
    Frankie puts up Cody & Vic – flips a coin to determine who the renom is, btwn Derrick & Caleb – bad move. If I were him, I’d def renom Derrick who can’t complain since he’s never been up and Caleb has gone up as a pawn several times (his reasoning) because if Caleb goes up, Derrick/Cody evict him. Frankie is pretty perceptive so surely he “gets” that Vic is Derrick’s $50K stepping stone. Anyway.
    If they rewind so that ALL compete for HoH (incl Derrick and Frankie), maybe that will be the wall comp. Caleb would probably take that one. Then it’d be the fight for Caleb’s soul. Frankie, his buddy, vs CoDer, his final 3 buddies (he thinks) in his ear urging him to gun for the other even though his loyal self would want Vic gone first. But that would be up to whomever is not beside her, right? If it’s Cody & Vic nom’d, maybe Cody goes. If Frankie wins POV, he could pull off Vic or Cody and force Derrick on the block. Then Caleb has to break the tie with Frankie in his ear. Only if Derrick wins POV in that scenario, then Frankie will have to go up, And probably out.

  5. this will be FAST!! I think they are all trying to expect and figure out the ‘unexpected’ derrick is the one that is in the biggest pickle, trying to get vick to the final 2 with him, I think that his cody is now thinking for himself more and asking too many questions so even if he thought he could beat either Vicky or cody, cody is not following blindly now and Vicky is who the rest think will be and easy week for them, lol

  6. On BBAD in kitchen “Frankie ask Caleb how many nights did I not sleep in HOH with you?” Caleb 2. Frankie says that makes 18days I have not slept there. Worse 18 days of the season. One of the many reasons I dislike Frankie. Entitlement attitude.

    • I don’t know why I allow that to bother me so much, but I’ll admit it does. He has practically lived in HOH, and has only been on slop once. I know the HGs let him get away with it, but I guess it is just human nature that I think it only fitting that he should expect to be treated no different than anyone else. He not only expects it, he wallows in it, often seeming to throw it in their faces, revelling in the “specialness” of it all.

    • Caleb outside of the house is said to be a bigot and racist, but in the house he has not once shown that side of him if it is true. He likes black girls and does not punch Frankie every time he tries to touch him or be inappropriate. Frankie will get his once he comes out of the house.

  7. The problem/big question is #1 “Will Frankie get to play in the rewind??
    #2 “If Frankie does play and wins HOH they are back to where they started. Not just because Frankie is HOH (let me make that clear) I don’t think he should be allowed to play cause if he wins its a useless twist
    #3 If the rewind happens @5pm Wednesday ( 9/10/14) were Nicole & Christine still in the house at that time???
    There has to be more to the twist because of problem #2.

    • I think it rewinds to the house playing for HOH, [not sure about derrick, I don’t think he plays, this is a rewind, he did not play] IF Frankie does win again and somebody has really pissed in his cornflakes this week, then he may have a different person to target, Frankie will not miss a thing this week, he is taking notes, I think all but derrick wants Vicky out, and he wants her in the final 2 with him, but he has not mentioned that to anybody hey folks lets keep Victoria so whoever goes to the final just take her and you automatically win the 500k,

      • When Christine gets to jury house and spills her guts (we know she will) Derricks chance at the big prize may be not so close. Christine did not appreciate being made a fool of even tho she brought it on herself.

      • I’m not so sure about that. Christine will be a spiteful voter, but Derrick has done a great job with each of the HG as they were going out the door. I think that Nicole, Donny and Zack will vote for him.

      • I agree completely. Derrick always says nice things and continues to play the game in those goodbyes clips. He is a great manipulator and knows how to play.

      • First we have to see whether production honors Christine’s request to go home than to the jury house. They’re still working those details out. Hopefully she will still have to go to jury since she signed a contract with them.

      • Right after the camera stopped rolling at the live show…I read about it somewhere other than here!

      • If she wants to get paid, she’d be heading to the Jury House, for sure … and, to allow time to recover mentally and physically …
        eta: Do all the HG’s have to go through some sort of a pyschological decompression before returning home? Is it done upon leaving the House? Or, after the Jury / Final episode ??
        I suspect that several of these HG’s may require some sort of intervention once the Season is over …

      • Either Adam or Judd mentioned that there is a psychiatrist on staff 24/7 for the HGs. It was in a comment, rather than one of their articles.

      • I’ve heard that it just takes more time to decompress once they’re home and are encouraged not to take on anything new or what they’d been doing before they went on BB16 for a little longer.

    • I’m for anything that might get Frankie out. If I was on jury I would vote for anyone else who was in F2 with him.

      • exactly they have all acted like jerks or worse, but he has a really arrogant nasty self serving attitude, how he came up with “I am playing for schools in Africa” and if I am not mistaken doesn’t he keep talking about —death, killing etc…??

      • There is a name for that……offensive, revolting, disgusting, nasty swine…..and on top of that he is gross.

    • great point, if they say week didn’t count, now lets go get a new HOH, can Frankie play? They just wiped out his week as HOH so ????. Did it count? If they don’t let him compete and he gets evicted, think he’ll get a lawyer (with his sisters money) and sue?

      • I read some where that Frankie has money!! Lots of it!! I don’t even know what he’s doing there. Maybe just to get noticed. I don’t know. But I really dislike his me me all me attitude!

      • I believe that Frankie and Ariana grew up in a wealthy area of Florida and that their parents are rich. I do know that Frankie makes money from his youtube videos and has worked on Broadway and is a dancer. His goal is to be FAMOUS. That’s it.

      • I’ve read they are very wealthy. Singers are a dime a dozen, as you can see from all the talent shows on now. But to pay to have records made, pay to have them played, pay for advertising as they have done with Arianna, that takes mega bucks.

    • Since it is a rewind, I believe that Frankie will play. To start everything over. I hope he does not play, but Derrick should not win HOH either because he won’t put up Frankie. I think Cody and if there is a miracle in the house Victoria should win.

  8. Derrick is 49/49 so far with not being nominated. This “week” will likely put him to 51/51 or 52/52. It’s hard to not say he’s been playing one of the best games ever. He’s got a legitimate shot of making it to the end without ever being nominated, which is absolutely incredible.

    • With a doubt he has played the best game. People talk about him taking Victoria so far. He was quick (day 2) to recognize she had no idea what was going on.

    • I agree he appears to be playing a good game, but is it that he is so good or did they put him in a game with a bunch of idiots? Just .

      • You can say that about every season though. Was Dan really that good season 14? Or was he just playing against a bunch of dummies in Shane, Frank, Danielle, Jenn, Joe, etc.

      • Oh they were definitely idiots, but he has still been phenomenal. He’s poised to donimnantly win the longest season ever and possibly do it without being nominated; which definitely can’t be discounted.

        Plus, if you look at Dan’s first season, the only other potentially good player really was Brian who was out first. And with Will’s first season, nobody knew how to play; though Nicole’s game is very underrated. I’d love to see Derrick come back for a Battle of the Best in Season 20 so we can see how great he really is.

  9. I have to agree with Adam Poch here – expect fireworks during the live show when Frankie realizes what that button does.

    • and Frankie is such a big phony on the live show, all grins, smiles, and compliments to Julie. Can’t wait till he shows his true colors live!

  10. The twist is belated…perhaps another ploy to bring down Frankie except Frankie won HOH. I am glad it’s Frankie as HOH….no save for him. Only this time, with the reset button, if Cody becomes HOH, then he will put Frankie up and they can be rid of him.

  11. If they don’t get rid of Frankie, then we’ll have 2 years in a row where obnoxious, backstabbing, lying little gay men have won.

    Might as well rename it Big Butthole if that happens.

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