‘Big Brother Over The Top’ Spoilers: Who Was Voted Out Tonight & Who Won HoH – Double Eviction Edition

It’s Double Eviction time for Big Brother Over The Top and we’re ready to roll through tonight’s results as we wait to find out who will be the two Houseguests evicted, who becomes the intermediate Head of Household, and which Houseguest wins the coveted PoV Care Package. Busy show ahead!

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BBOTT is no regular Big Brother season so don’t expect a regular Double Eviction here. Instead things are kicking off two hours early at 8PM ET (5PM PT) and then we’ll see a hold in the middle of the events to help decide which HG will win the Veto in a one-hour voting window for the latest ACP.

So who leaves first tonight? We’ve got Alex, Morgan, and Whitney on the Block and the LNJ controls the vote even against America’s VTE results arriving during the first round of events. That should make things pretty easy to predict, but as for the rest of the night we’ve got some unknowns.

Ready to find out who was voted out and who takes control next? Here is our live recap for Wednesday’s show with the latest BBOTT results. You can download our Big Brother App, find us on Facebook & Twitter, and get our Email Updates so you never miss anymore Big Brother spoilers.

BBOTT may be not be on TV, but we’ve still got the same weekly live show episode and the events to go along with it so it’s time to get the vote rolling and send one of these Houseguests on out the door. Remember there is no Jury this year so all the evicted HGs, not just the first few, will be sent on home when their game is over. Let’s find out who that will be tonight.

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Big Brother OTT Week 6 Votes:

  • Kryssie votes to evict: Alex
  • Justin votes to evict: Alex
  • Danielle votes to evict: Alex
  • That’s enough votes. Alex has been evicted.
  • America’s Eviction vote: Alex

Alex Willett was voted out 4-0-0.

Rachel Reilly returns tonight to host the next Head of Household competition so get ready to see how that all plays out (and which HGs know enough Big Brother to recognize this former HG & BB winner!).

We don’t know for sure when this next comp will be held, but the HGs are studying items they watched on the screen from the “Big Brother Shopping Network.” These were a series of items from the season so far from comps, etc.

Big Brother OTT Week 6.5 HoH:

  • Round 1: Everyone gets a point
  • Round 2: Everyone gets a point
  • Round 3: All but Justin get a point
  • Round 4: Everyone gets a point
  • Round 5: Everyone gets a point
  • Round 6: Everyone gets a point
  • Round 7: Everyone gets a point

So Justin is out since he was a point behind. The four ladies will do a tie-breaker now. They have to estimate the total amount for all 5 items plus shipping combined. Closest without going over wins.

Tiebreaker results: Danielle was the closest with her $99 guess to the real answer.

Danielle wins HoH!

So Danielle will obviously put up Morgan and Shelby. No surprises here. From there it’ll come down to the ACP and Veto results. If Morgan gets the ACP/Veto then Shelby goes. If anyone of the other three (Danielle, Justin, or Whitney) gets the ACP then Morgan is most likely to go.

While we wait for the next round of events, vote now in our poll here then be ready for when CBS opens the official poll here. Update: Voting opened at 7PM PT & will run for 1 hour. Hurry & vote!

Whoever gets this Care Package effectively wins the Power of Veto this round as there’s no comp for that and it will instead be decided between Danielle, Justin, Whitney, and Morgan as the only four who can receive it at this point.

Big Brother OTT Week 6.5 ACP:

  • Morgan

Morgan reads the rules/details and we discover Morgan can *NOT* be nominated. Normally a Veto lets you come down and prevents renom, but they’re making it prevent an initial nom, something a Veto doesn’t do but Veto usually doesn’t go to someone before a meeting. So now the Veto has been extended to provide safety for the week AND voiding a nomination. That means she’ll be safe and can save Shelby as well when she’s nominated in a minute. An LNJ will go home in the second round of the DE!

Oh geez, they’re doing the Safety Ceremony tonight. Such a slow paced Double Eviction night. They could have just had Danielle name her two noms since it’s all done at once instead over two nights, but nope.

Big Brother OTT Week 6.5 Safety Ceremony:

  • Shelby
  • Jason
  • Kryssie

Big Brother OTT Week 6.5 Nominations:

  • Justin
  • Whitney

I can’t imagine Morgan will use her Veto now but we’ll see what happens next. Justin is the target as discussed between Danielle, Morgan, and Shelby who agreed to work together on this. Shelby would prefer Whitney out for revenge but agrees to vote out Justin.

Big Brother OTT Week 6.5 Veto Meeting:

  • Morgan did not use the Veto. Justin & Whitney still the noms.

There will be no America’s Eviction Vote this round due to the time constraints so it’s all up to the Houseguests as to which of the two nominees will be evicted this round.

Big Brother OTT Week 6.5 Votes:

  • Morgan votes to evict: Justin
  • Kryssie votes to evict: Whitney
  • Shelby votes to evict: Justin
  • Jason votes to evict: Whitney
  • Tie! Danielle will have to break it.
  • Danielle tiebreaker: Whitney

Whitney Hogg has been evicted from BBOTT by 3-2.

Houseguests are now preparing for a Head of Household competition with individual performances. This could run a long time. Follow our HoH comp live updates here.

What do you think of tonight’s results? Are you happy with how the vote went? Don’t forget that Have-Nots is over but we’ll still be picking a third nominee for next week so keep checking back for details.



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    • Apparently, they’ll find out tomorrow. Though whoever’s evicted will most likely find out tonight.

  1. Heh. Ironic, Kryssie talking about Lexi and Nit-Whit quitting the comp. No, not ironic. What’s the word I’m looking for? Honestly can’t think right now.

  2. Does anyone else remember if, in any other season of Big Brother, a HG started acting like Danielle did at the end of the competition? Because I honestly don’t remember.

    Timestamp is 5:41:48 BBT, just so you know what exactly I’m talking about (and it was a lot worse during than what they actually showed).

  3. And here comes the mean-spirited behavior that’s aggravating several people among Jason’s fan base.

  4. You know what’s interesting? Jason, in his Veto speech, admitted that Lexi is an amazing BB player. Gotta at least give him kudos for that.

    Still don’t approve of his behavior, though, or BB editing out Kryssie’s involvement…. oh, wait, she wasn’t involved. She’s a leech.

    Also, kudos to BB production for keeping every little bit of the Misfit’s obnoxious behavior the past couple of days. From the unnecessary fake alliance to Justin’s “suckers” and Wicked Witch of the West cackle.

  5. Huh… polls are wrong again. What’s going on all of a sudden? I know it’s not BBN, because Joker’s and every other poll say the same.

  6. Morgan needs this care package. I don’t think rewarding LNJ with the package is right given how mean spirited they were with the veto. I hope Morgan get HOH too!!! I’d like to see Danielle or Justin go home.

  7. Everyone is studying and omg “I,I,I” Dani remembered all the pics, and Shelby keeps talking about who to vote out but don’t talk hoh game

  8. I hope a former evicted house guest has a chance to come back since we vote the winner that would make an awesome game twist everyone will kick it into gear if they think they lost their chance to someone evicted. I hope the comp is about the prices and shipping and handling because no body looked at those on the screen!

  9. I missed Alex leaving. I was watching survivor.
    I think the whole thing started earlier this week.

  10. Seriously, a series of easy questions, with the tie breaker an addition question??? With a teacher in the mix??? That was practically guaranteed to go to Danielle.

  11. Is it bitter that I want to see the Misfits reaction to the presidential election tomorrow just so I can watch Jason freak out?


    • They knew they were going to miss the election. So they probably dont care about the outcome. I was outside of the BB house, and I didnt care about the outcome. I hate both Trump and Clinton.

      • They asked them about it in the live DR yesterday, and a couple of them mentioned that they were nervous about the outcome (Jason).

      • He was probably nervous either way. I know I was. I’m satisfied with the outcome bc I really didnt want clinton.

      • He was pulling for Clinton. Which isn’t much of a surprise, giving his sexual orientation.

      • Makes no sense women and gays for Clinton she started that Muslim dinner back in95 during Ramadan for Muslim leaders they hate women and kill all gays …. makes no sense

      • I am not going to get into it with you. Obviously I disagree strongly with some here. Anyway I gave Morgan all my votes.

      • Im a survivor of attempted murder, I don’t like adding new people when my assailant is on the run still, last year I felt a different way. All my votes went to Morgan I sure hope she gets it.

      • Thank you, I use to run marathons but not anymore( but in time I will), the mental aspect is tough tho. I just want to Finnish my last few surgeries so I can get healthy enough to do a iron man.

      • And there’s nothing wrong with that. Hence why we all live in this wonderful country where we actually get the freedom to express ourselves.

      • I agree I probably won’t feel like a lil chicken after I have a few more surgeries, but right now I’m more like a ostrich trying to hide my head in the sand lol.

      • I did not vote for either but hate Trump more. I don’t want to talk politics much here though. I want to give Morgan the care package because otherwise it will be too easy for the Misfits.

      • I agree this is Big Brother. I’m sick of all the political talk. Keep the topic on course.

    • No I wanted a live feed of Obama and Michelle being pissy that their presidency goes down is most deceiving and all for nothing, I just want to follow Obama as he packs and contiplates what America truly thinks of him

      • Stop with the politics. We come here for a break and because we watch a reality show. Go to a political site if you want to talk politics. Thank you.

      • It’s disappointing, for sure. I hope they bring her back as a returning player at some point (but not for, like, another couple seasons – NO MORE VETS!).

  12. I’m so happy!!! Dani may be self centered, but she is a comp beast and great strategic player. Gotta give her props.

    • If this one ends up wrong, then we’ll know for sure that they’re unreliable now, despite BBN being on the up-and-up.

  13. What’s this? Justin making nice? I’m not watching the Misfits – was that a planned visit to see how they’re reacting? Because I wouldn’t put anything past those slime balls.

  14. Where are you going to vote at? Mine still shows up as not available to vote until Thursday? Quick answer please

  15. Danielle is getting on my nerves we have to vote Morgan the care package and she can use it on Shelby

    • Danielle talks too much, especially when she wins HOH or is saved by someone else. She just doesn’t shut up.

      • She never shuts up. Everytime I turn the feeds on she’s running her mouth. It doesn’t matter what time of day or night there she is running her mouth again.

      • Yes constantly on the feeds and she only talks about herself and stories of her life never listens to anyone or give them a chance to speak. I don’t even want her to win a free pen! Tho she can have one of them coins she was clowning on lol

      • Anyone notice how she pauses & laughs while telling her stories? …like she’s making up half the crap she’s saying. Makes it even more annoying.

    • Morgan will be up too. She’ll use it on herself. If they don’t give up the pity party and start trying to work a deal Shelly is going home. they should be trying to get Jason out prime opportunity he is a vet with the Fanbase why in the world would you keep them there this close to the end game

      • That’s the problem they have. They’re not connecting with viewers, when ‘viewers voting is an important element of the game. They want to see them cross the other side and start strategizing/playing. The crying all the time doesn’t help.

  16. Why aren’t the girls trying to talk to Danielle? I would be trying to pull some tricks out my hat! Danielle is going to have to nom one of her own If Morgan gets the cp. id be working a flip.

  17. Justin talking now on the feeds about the girls not socializing with them. Well guess what who wants to sit around and listen to your filthy remarks. And gee I seem to remember in the beginning when the girls and Scott went outside to join the disgusting misfits and were talking with them and joking. And after they all left the first remark out of Danielle’s mouth was WTF are they coming out here for.

    • I caught krissy up in the hoh room talking to Jason about defacating on people and instantly any small tolerance I had for her was then tarnished by the disgust that she was there and discussed those issues as tho she is in that lifestyle of unusual

  18. It’s funny, after Morgan gave her speech, they all looked a little bit remorseful. It didn’t take long for the misfits to get over that.

  19. Y’all, even if you give Morgan the Care Package, it’s game over for Shelby. So, it shouldn’t really matter who gets the Care Package, ya dig?

    • If Dani was a smart girl she would know she has ZERO chance with Jason even with the hatefulness he is liked more than she is tolerated

  20. I honestly can’t wait for these Misfits to leave the house and realize how much we can’t stand them.

  21. Morgan’s leading the polls here on BBN and on Joker’s by a large percentage. This should be a slam dunk. Well, unless something’s going on with Twitter and the chat that I’m not aware of.

  22. So what is still coming up? ACP delivery, nominations, veto meeting, live eviction? Or do we get another HoH competition after that? Anyone knows?

  23. So who will Danielle nominate, should Morgan win the ACP and pull herself down off the block? It’ll be interesting to see who she views as the lowest on the Misfits totem poll (when we all know it’s her and Whitney).

  24. Danielle and Jason talking about Morgan having done nothing in this game and that the fans don’t like that.

    If I were the intern at the camera, I’d have slow panned over to Kryssie at that moment.

  25. Holy…. freakin….. CRAP!!!!!!


  26. Finally we can say if production rigs anything (aka changes rules last minute) they do it for the plastics.

  27. I love how more people seem to go home when their allies win HoH this season than when their enemies do. Cornbread, Monte, Neely, Alex, and now some LNJ member (maybe Whitney? I hope not)

    Expect the Unexpected actually means something this year, and even though in theory I prefer the simpler game from the early years, these twists are delivering some good entertainment.

  28. Good Lord..Kryssie and Whitney crying! I bet Whitney wishes she hadn’t flipped now…these misfits are just mean..Big Mouth Danielle walks in after the CP was awarded and says something about sportsmanship..when Morgan received the CP..they never really congratulated her..they all stood there with looks of evil on their faces. I can’t wait for one of them to leave tonight and I pray that it is either Danielle or Kryssie. Enough of those two for me.

  29. Whoa. LOW blow, production. Why did you change the rules on us?! Ever since I started watching Big Brother 15, I knew that the Veto should be used when Nominations are made. Dani didn’t make hers, yet you give Morgan and Shelby a free pass?! Stop cheating in your own contest.

  30. I am convinced now more than ever that BBOTT is rigged by production, all you haters happy now? They rigged it for your nasty mean girls we all knew in High School.

  31. So I’ve been out of the loop for some time… and HOLY MOLY this is great! CBS totally rigged that CP but guess what Misfits fans! Suck it, we don’t care!

    • LOL. Love that response, even though I don’t think they changed it on us. After all, in BB18, there were a couple of CPs that we didn’t understand due to miscommunication.

      • This miscommunication almost led some Shelby fans to vote for Justin instead… oh my gosh how close we were to losing this?

  32. That was not the vote we were voting for, it was suppose to only be a normal veto, not veto plus save a friend, rigged!

  33. I mean definitely rigged, but it’s the nature of the game. CBS isn’t there to have a fair game, they’re there to have an entertaining game. I hate the plastics but them staying means more drama and a more divided house.

      • Yes. I believe it’s was marketed and intended to be a POV, but then to make sure 2 plastics stayed, they made it a safety and save a friend.

      • Correct me if I’m wrong, but if you win the veto and save someone, you cannot be nominated. So the veto protect you and you can decide to remove someone. The difference tonight is that the veto was granted before the nomination.

        But to me it seems to be the same power.

      • The effect of the Veto was not really the same. You nominate first, then the nominees should have a fighting chance to win the Veto/and save themselves.

  34. What an awesome change of events. “Expect the Unexpected!” Look at that somber bunch…the repulsive LNJ lol. I say it’s time to pull the head off the snake & send Jason packing while there’s a chance.

    • Jason leaving would be icing on the cake. But with how things have turned out for the Plastics these two weeks. I would settle for just the cake

  35. Wasn’t really paying close attention these two weeks, so correct me if I’m wrong but I thought the Misfits were LITERALLY turning on Danielle this week? Wonder if she would still be crying if she knew that

  36. I swear I am not a perv. But the LNJ is emotionally shattered and I am enjoying every single moment of it!

  37. Happy Final 6, everyone!

    Has everyone heard from Jeff Schroeder on Twitter tonight? This is very Coup d’Etat tonight.

  38. Well, I’m out, as I gotta get up at 6:30 and I still have to jump in the shower. I’ll check in with y’all tomorrow. Night!

  39. Interesting the double eviction didn’t go that well I mean technically another bs just got evicted so misfits are still in place. Not sure why people are happy

  40. I am so lost since I went to bed early last night.
    I completely forgot about the DE. So Justin and Whitney were nominated and I thought it would have been Whit and Shelby. Morgan can’t use it on anybody else.
    I am voting for Whitney and hopefully Jason votes Whitney out. America should nominate Kryssie, but I doubt they will vote her out.

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