‘Big Brother Over The Top’ Spoilers: Who Was Voted Out Tonight & Who Won HoH

Here we go for Big Brother’s weekly live show tonight as the BBOTT HGs wait to confirm what they’re all expecting for the next eviction before moving on to the next round’s HoH competition.

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This week we’ve got Morgan, Scott, and Shelby on the nominations couch and not even Scott has any question over what’s about to happen. Looks like the machine fueled by rage and revenge has run out of steam, but let’s wait for the official results.

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BBOTT may be not be on TV, but we’ve still got the same weekly live show episode and the events to go along with it so it’s time to get the vote rolling and send one of these Houseguests on out the door. Remember there is no Jury this year so all the evicted HGs, not just the first few, will be sent on home when their game is over. Let’s find out who that will be tonight.

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It’s time to discover who will be evicted, who America voted against, and how Shelby decides to use her Care Package power.

Big Brother OTT Week 5 Votes:

  • Jason votes to evict: …
  • Kryssie votes to evict: …
  • Justin votes to evict: …
  • Alex votes to evict: Scott
  • Whitney votes to evict: Scott
  • That’s enough votes. Scott has been evicted.
  • America’s Eviction vote: Scott

Scott Dennis was evicted 3-0-0 over Shelby and Morgan. He gives a big clap, hugs everyone, wishes them well, and then heads out the door. He did not take any parting shots on his way out the door.

Big Brother Over The Top Week 5 HoH comp:

Face Morph challenge time! We’re waiting to see how this comp will work out and if it’ll be individual or face-off style (no pun intended). Get ready to watch it all here with our HoH live recap post.

Once tonight’s eviction show is over the HGs will be preparing for the next Head of Household competition. That kicks off live on the Feeds at 9PM PT (12AM ET) so get ready to find out who wins control, or at least safety with the hope of some control, when the comp takes off. We’ll be live recapping it here on the site when that happens.

What do you think of tonight’s results? Are you happy with how the vote went? Don’t forget we’ll soon be picking the Have-Nots and another third nominee for next week so keep checking back for details.


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  1. Acting like a villain is not the way for him to make it to the end. If he would have played the sweet innocent nerd, I think he would have made it to the end just like in the past.

    • Yeah. But he wasn’t wrong about this game being psychological warfare. That’s been proven season after season. I know I couldn’t play this game because I’m too sensitive. You really need a thick skin in that house.

  2. I like the way they set this up. A crazy scientist (not a fun character to look at) success and downfall. Ha!

  3. I like how bb realizes how much of a mess this Hoh comp was that they put Julie’s voice in place hahaha

    • And then she went back on her word. The one downside of not having a jury for OTT. Though I do think Danielle would’ve gone back on her word anyway, cause that’s the kind of person she is.

      • Lol yes she is the kind of person who would go back on her word to someone who has been heard telling others he wouldn’t honor his word to her.

        What a silly goose, always keep your promises to people who don’t respect you or intend to keep their promises to you.

  4. Emotions on this episode goes up and down..It’s good..and an awesome ending..(to me) haha…and a new beginning

  5. So what was Whitney’s mistake here? Lying to her alliance! If she’d just told them what was up, maybe she’d have avoided them distrusting her.

    • She should’ve been honest. Would’ve taken her farther. Now the other BS girls will definitely vote her out first chance they get.

      • Not if she’s protected by the other side. She is now playing both sides which puts her in a good spot.

      • I think it puts her in a bad spot. You know what happens to people that play both sides they get burnt.

  6. Kryssie, Shelby, Danielle, Morgan, Whitney, Alex, and Jason. In that order.
    Justin the winner.

  7. That was a horrible edit from BB against Whitney. Alex and crew were going to vote Whitney out and keep Scott. BB didn’t show any of that, can’t blame her for saving herself. Everybody does not want to sacrifice their game for Alex like psycho Scott did.

    • Spoken like a Misfit fanatic, lol. Good for you, supporting your favs.

      No, seriously, that’s what we’re here for. To support our HG of choice. And the LNJ is gonna need all the help they can get going into this HOH comp. They’re outnumbered.

  8. It looks like they screwed up with their time. They seemed to be running behind the schedule.

  9. I hate these individual comps. I’m sick of them. How about playing a fun game with all of the HGs together.

  10. This Face Morph might be the hardest one in BB History. Even I’m having trouble seeing who’s who.

    • No one. Only one person to compete so far and it was Whit, she was bad. Timed out before she got the answers right. Going to be a long night for the HOH comp.

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