‘Big Brother Over The Top’: Who Remains Uninfected In Week 1 HoH Comp?

After a fast paced roll of the first “infections” for the opening HoH competition on Big Brother Over The Top things have slowed a bit without any overnight passing of the BB Bug. So who is left and could win this comp?


As of now, only five Houseguests remain in the running and two of them have already been set as the next targets to be given the bug, infected, and knocked out of the challenge to be crowned the first Head of Household for BBOTT.

Before things started to wind down for the night Morgan was holding the BB Bug when the discussion came up for the next HG to be infected. Flashback to 11:24 PM BBT 9/29. She spoke with Monte, Alex, and Cornbread and expressed uncertainty over what to do. Earlier Cornbread had advised her to target Jason, but that suggestion must not have taken hold. Time to take matters in to his own hands.

Cornbread offered to take the BB Bug and when that transfer happens he will no longer be eligible for this week’s HoH. His plan though is to pass it off to Jason, one of the last four HGs to not be “bit” by the bug just yet.

If CB does get the Bug next and then makes that move against Jason then we’ll be left with Alex, Monte, and Whitney. In a late night talk with a new forming alliance, Jason seem to suggest to his allies (Justin, Scott, Kryssie, and Shelby) that he’d pass it along to either Monte or Cornbread (Flashback 4:44 AM BBT 9/30). Since it sounds like the Bug will be coming to Jason from Cornbread that’d leave his only option as Monte. It wasn’t quite a direct commitment, but he seems to suspect Cornbread and Monte are angling against him.

So from there if Jason does get the bug next and hands it off to Monte then we’d have a woman as our first HoH of the season with either Alex or Whitney. Now earlier in the evening those two said they’d go after Jason because he’s a Vet and coming in with an existing fanbase, something that’s dangerous for the newbies with a season centered around fan voting.

The HoH comp will wrap up at 1PM BBT (4PM ET) so that leaves us with three more BB Bug hand-offs between now and then so keep watching your Live Feeds to see what happens next. We’ll continue to update our HoH comp spoilers post with the results as they happen.

Who do you want to see win this BBOTT HoH comp and become the first Head of Household?


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  1. These HG’s are wasting no time getting started with the game. As a viewer, I love it. I really like these HG’s..they are very intelligent..I think Justin looks a little uncomfortable to me..they are exactly right about wanting to target Jason because he is a vet and has a fan base which is bad for them since we are voting for the winner..smart thinking on their part. So far, I am enjoying OTT!

    • Yea, so far, so good. I like this HoH comp. Any of the HGs can get out of been infected without some strategy. Force them to form alliance right away. It’s long, but it force then to talk it out between each move.

    • I REALLY like Alex… it’s not often there’s
      A super fan in the house that actually
      Plays the game that I can root for (Big Meech flashbacks are happening in my head) and as much as I don’t want Jason to go this week, Alex is my girl!

      • I really like Alex too. I just wonder if her and her sister are secretly really working together..they have to be, right? IMO..Big Meech was the worst superfan, if she really was one, to ever play the game. Her jealousy of Frank, Bridgette and Nicole ruined her game. She was so immature.with all of that stupid crying!

      • There’s no way Meech was a superfan because she didn’t actually respond like a superfan would to any of the situations that were parallel to anything that’s ever happened in the game before. She was completely clueless and I think her main concern was to be found out that she was lying about being a superfan in the first place.

  2. I really like this HOH comp and I know they made it stretch so long to give the house guests plenty of time to talk game and stuff but I do think they could have done a different timeframe and still get good gaming results. 1pm-10pm (since 10pm they are able to go to bed) would have been enough time I think. Either way, we’re on day 2 of the HOH comp so not much longer.

    Out of whose left in the HOH game, who would you all like to see get it and why? And who should they target?

    • At this point I think it’s really set for Alex or Whitney to get it now. Out of those two I guess Alex? It would buy her and her sister some protection, but Morgan would need to refrain herself from hanging out in the HOH room so much once Alex gets it.
      I personally don’t care but I know a lot of people are hoping Monte won’t get it

  3. They are right, with all the fan voting having even one vet around is a bad idea. Jason has to go. In fact, I don’t even know what production was thinking with bringing one vet back in like that.

    • Exactly. If you’re gonna do a fan season where America votes for the winner, and then tell the new players about it, don’t bring in a vet, because they’ll get targeted ASAP.

  4. Honestly, the Survivor casting team needs to just cast both Survivor and Big Brother, becasue they killed it with this group. Big Brother casting team can go do the Bachelor. <3

  5. I hope Jason gets the boot first. It’s a new format and there need be not previous players in the game. Back to mommies basement for Jason!

  6. Up all night first night laughing as houseguests got to know each other. All the different accents and quick witted jokes, etc. Kept my attention. Knew the complete happiness wouldn’t last long and as I caught up yesterday it was clear the wheels are already turning.
    Jason, who was hilarious Wed. Night is getting paranoid because as the vet he knows he’s probably a target.
    I think they all came to play the game, but Shane, Monte, Cornbread, Scott, Whitney, Alex, and Morgan and Jason are going to be real game players. Monte won Hoh so it’ll be interesting to see who goes up on the block. The twist that the fans get to also put one person up is cool! We’ll see how this goes.
    I can say that overall I thought it was a great group , a couple I really liked. Scott and Justin grew on me right away. Both were gentlemen. A couple others I wasn’t completely sure about but now really like. I like Krissy. She is brutally honest but funny. I also like Morgan and Alex so far.
    Not really crazy about Monte, Shane or Danielle. I guess too sneaky. Cornbread, Neely, and Whitney don’t have any real feelings about yet. But I love Scott. And it’s cool everyone has taken him under their wings , including him in conversations, even though he’s so quiet. He’s happy to be there, a super Dooper fan!!! So fitting he entered the house first! Hope he goes far!

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