‘Big Brother Over The Top’ Alliances Starting To Form In Week 1 – Update: Scott Picks A Side

The very first night of Big Brother Over The Top delivered a quasi-alliance but that may have been more of a trial run ahead of the first HoH. Now after the second night we’ve got the first packaged, sealed, and named alliance thanks in part to Jason Roy’s efforts. But there’s an overlap between the two groups. Hmm.

Jason Roy works on an alliance on BBOTT

On the very first night we watched as Monte, Shane, Cornbread, and Scott decided to watch out for each other’s backs and work together to try and win the first HoH. At the time the talk was a little bit loose and no one seemed to want to commit to the group too fast. The second group however, sped right along.

You can watch the guys’ group discuss their semi-alliance on the Live Feeds Flashback 4:50 AM BBT 9/29. The talk there is that they don’t quite trust Justin but instead of alienating him they’ll keep him for fodder. There’s no naming or shakes to finalize and formalize their group.

Now the next alliance came along last night and includes Justin, Kryssie, Shelby, Jason, and Scott. Yes, the same Scott who is in the guys alliance-non-alliance. Hmm. You can Flashback to 4:40 AM BBT 9/30 Cams 1/2 to watch their group discussion.

Jason thanks the group for keeping him sane and easing his worries over being targeted as the only Vet. He points out they can really use his help as he is the only one in the group who has not yet been infected by the BB Bug (5 HGs remain uninfected since last night). Well that won’t last for long with the Bug just two steps away from likely arriving on Jason’s front door.

The 5 Houseguests here decide to call themselves the OTT Jamboree (Kryssie points out it rhymes) and they do an all-hands-in move to make it official. Move things along a few minutes and here comes Cornbread, but none of the 5 mention anything about including him in the deal.

Jump forward to this morning and we’ve got Cornbread speaking privately with Shane in the Storage room. Flashback to 8:40 AM BBT to watch. CB lets Shane know he found the group of five talking last night and that Scott was there with them. CB sounds concerned but Shane suggests Scott can still be trusted and is likely playing the other group to bring them info.

Shane and CB agree that maybe they shouldn’t tell Scott everything though and that way they don’t have to worry about him worrying about what to share back to this other group if there is something going on over there. CB suggests Scott should be the first of their four to go, but they’ll keep him to F4.

So Scott could be a double agent here, but I haven’t seen him confess this OTT Jamboree group to his original group yet. The day is just getting started though so we’ll see what happens next.

Considering Shane and CB (and probably Monte once Shane reports to him) are looking to put Scott on the outskirts of their group then Scott might actually have a better shot of things with the OTTJ group than these three guys. Still very, very early to know either way though.

What do you think of these first two groups? Which way would you go if you were Scott? Do you really think the OTTJ will keep Jason safe if he becomes the top target this week?

Update: Scott appears to have picked a side. Flashback to 10:20 AM BBT Cams 1/2. It’s Shane and Scott in the Storage room. Shane asks Scott if he got good information from Jason last night. Remember that CB saw Scott out there and reported that back to Shane this morning.

Shane asked if their 4 was still good and Scott says it is. He reports back that Jason said he wanted to keep Shane, Monte, and Danielle around to let them be targets naturally in a few weeks but that he didn’t mention CB. Scott says even if CB becomes a target then they’ll have several votes to help keep him safe if he goes up on the Block.

Looks like Scott might want to stick with the stronger guys alliance/group than go with the island of misfits instead.


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  1. Knowing what we already know, Scott’s best plan is to keep his mouth shut at least until America nominates. Once all the nominees are set for the week he can then pick sides. Good job on Cornbread’s behalf that he figured it out so quickly though…
    As for Jason, again, knowing what we already know, although it is likely that two OTTJ members will end up on the block, there is always America’s nominee that the group can bank on. I think Jason will be safe.

    • Maybe I missed a few things, but didn’t CB just simply walk by the BY on the way to the bathroom and see OTTJ’s late night chat?

      • But he noticed the huddle and that made him suspicious… Like I’ve said before, Dan… Cornbread’s good-ol-boy’s attitude is a facade for a far more crafty intellect. He’s definitely not the “aw-shucks” guy he’s portraying himself to be. At least imo that is. :)

      • Playing possum seems to be a very viable strategy as far as CB is concerned. Underneath he sounds like he’s crafty and cunning.

      • I agree India. I think he is far more intelligent than he is letting on… Kind of like Donny in 16. ;)

      • Someone mentioned that most of the HG’s were southern so I’d be happy to se them form an alliance of some sort.

      • CB isn’t dumb, that’s for sure and I like him so far. But, I’m not sure about giving him loads of credit for noticing something that was so obvious. He may turn out to be very solid, I guess I need more time to watch things unfold.

        One strike against him is that he’s not a BB watcher, unlike Donny who really understood the underlying strategy.

        Noticed this afternoon that Alex and Whitney were talking about CB, they don’t really trust him, but are playing as if they do.

    • Monte seems to really understand the game, but I think he is trying too hard too soon. Could be his BB downfall…

      • Yeah for sure. Let’s just wait and see if he takes this first HoH. If so, I bet we see a big bout of HoH-itis.

      • LOL! Right? He is all gung-ho for the title, but won’t be happy with the results… He does seem to be familiar with the game of BB though, so perhaps there’s more under the hood than we expect! ;) haha

    • Love Cornbread so far!! But his good’ol’boy attitude does mask a far more crafty intellect than he lets on. Trust and believe it@!

  2. Seems like this season is headed in the same direction as BB17 for Jason. He’s aligning with the “misfits” while the “popular” (and stronger) group form up on the other side. Won’t be long before they start taking shots at each other with the others in the middle. Maybe we’ll get a true divided house where both groups are competitive, hope so.

    • Instead of telling everyone about the sisters…perhaps Jason should have went to them (ala Vanessa) and said “Hey, I know you’re sisters, but I’ll keep your secret if you keep me…” Considering Alex is one of the ones targeting him–this might have helped him here. Not to mention he could’ve sweetened the pot by calling to their attention that he will always be as big (if not bigger) target than they are b/c he is a vet. That could have got him the sisters in his pocket, and they could have been each other’s shield, much like Austin and the twins were in Jason’s own season. However, once again, he decided to be the “mouth of the south” and call it out, showing what a gossip he is and, in addition, how observant he is; making the target on his back even bigger imo.

      • I couldn’t agree more TGJ. Jason just seems enjoy sinking his own ship. It’s as if he’s always waiting for other HGs to come to him, talk game and offer working arrangements. He’s very observant and needs to put that to strategic use instead of spill the beans at every turn with nothing to gain on his end but a larger target.

        I hope he’s able to get himself out this first week mess, it’s not looking good at this point.

      • Could not agree more, Dan! He is a *true* Super Fan of the show, but he seems to forget ALL strategy he has seen over the last 16 seasons whenever he gets into the BB house! He should be trying to give everyone a reason to keep him–not show everyone why they need to get him out ASAP!

      • Maybe Jason can’t help but perform for the cameras when they are on him?
        Both Paul and Jason are natural born entertainers but Paul could also play the game and entertain the audience at the same time.

      • Maybe. I was just hoping he would have learned something from his last turn in the house, BUT…then again…Da’Vonne didn’t and she is HIS fave, so maybe they are both just stuck in their ways and are unable to adapt and change their game play to suit a new house environment–and we all know what happens to players who cannot adapt… i.e., a quick and brutal BB death is in store for that kind of player!

      • At least Day tried to change her game from her previous season but after 2 weeks or so she couldn’t hold in it any longer. From what I’ve heard about Jason so far and Day’s performance last season I don’t think either one learned anything from their first season.
        I imagine all the Jason fans are a little disappointed that he blithely informed a lot of people about the sister situation instead of using it for his advantage so enjoy him while you can.
        So true that big mouths don’t last in BB – except Paul lol :D

      • Yep…I’m just going to go ahead and say it. Day and Jason are good, entertaining people. But they both suck at the Big Brother game.

        I’d probably lump Brittney Hayes into this category as well. Big fan of her too.

  3. Okay, so Jason has the bug now… I guess Cornbread gave it to him. I have been on and off the feeds this morning, but I missed the actual hand-off. It had to happen between 11 am and 12:40 pm. So far Jason seems to be the last recipient of the BB bug!! This development is not good for Jason b/c Alex and Whitney (both of whom are still eligible for HOH) had a discussion yesterday about targeting him.

  4. I can’t help but think Monte is just working too hard too quick… He’s now trying to get something going with Whitney (who now has the BB bug) b/c they have their heads together in the feeds right now. I can’t hear what they’re saying, but they are whispering (not too inconspicuously) behind their hands, which just looks suspicious!
    C’mon… NOT good BB moves this early in the game imo!

  5. Any one else get Ronnie bb11 vibes from Scott? I hope he picks the right side though

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