‘Big Brother Over The Top’ Week 5: Friday’s Live Diary Rooms Recap

(*stares blankly … fixes hair … awkwardly smiles*) Hello, America! It’s Branden with another Live Diary Room recap! First off, I’d like to take this time to thank you for reading and give a shoutout to all my Twitter peeps and Jun Song, the winner of Big Brother 4. OK, let’s get started!


Annoying way to start this, isn’t it. I won’t do it ever again, I promise. (Reminder, the new DR recap format is to just pull out what I think was the main point or points in everyone’s DRs. And by main points I sometimes might mean the most absurd, hilarious or awful points).


Jason is working on rekindling his side relationships. That translates into: when he thinks he’s safe, he’s not interested in those side relationships, but the minute he smells danger, he’s back to working with Scott and Alex. What’s even funnier though, is that Alex and Scott always seem to welcome him back.

He also knows that winning the competitions is crucial, especially with America’s involvement. He also knows he’d have to win his way into a final 3 and couldn’t rely on his social game to get there since they all think he’d be too hard to beat with America’s vote (which no longer seems true to us here on the outside).



“Honestly” and “awesome” are her two favorite words. That’s about all I got out of Morgan’s latest live Diary Room. Honestly.



OHMYGOSH, America, Scott wasn’t sure you were going to keep him, but he sure thanks you for keeping him. He’s also sorry that he’s not going to be able to get rid of Danielle this week.

The funniest thing I got from Scott’s DR is that he thinks he and Alex are a ‘“power couple.” Yes, that’s the phrase he used.

Number of times he mentioned Alex: 25



Her hands are getting better. That’s all you need to know. I know you were worried.



In typical Justin fashion, we got very little from him, but he definitely still thinks Neeley got evicted because of her witch hat.



She’s happy that Shelby won the care package. But that’s not enough, America. She’s going to need you to come through for them again and put up someone from the other side. Because they apparently can’t play the game without your help, America.



It’s time to adjust my volume or let my dogs out again since they react to high frequencies. Anyway. According to Alex, Neeley, who won no competitions and was put on slop and nominated by America was the biggest BB threat since, I’m guessing, Season 6 Janelle. Alex thinks evicting Neeley was the biggest move yet. OK, girl. OK.



The wrist-slap bit is getting just a bit old. But Shelby gets props for being the first person to actually realize that secretly working with Danielle might be a good idea. And calm down, Alex stans, Alex said she needs to work with Danielle THIS WEEK to keep herself safe. Shelby, however, wants to really work with her to help her game. That’s smart. Let’s see if she follows through.



Danielle comes off very smart in her Diary Rooms, and it would have been fun to watch her freely strategize this week, but with America’s involvement, I don’t think we’ll be able to see that full potential.

There was one point that she didn’t sound as smart, though. She thinks that Scott is giving her respect now because he might have realized he was wrong. Umm, you’re the HOH. That’s the only reason he’s being nice. He’s a debt collector. He has probably forgotten how to be nice for the sake of being nice.

If you want to watch the Live Diary Rooms in their entirety, check out the Live Feeds Highlights tab.


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  1. Branden, you made me laugh on a couple of these! Kudos!

    As far as Alex’s comment about Neeley, she’s right. If this was a regular season of Big Brother, with a jury voting for the winner rather than America, then Neeley would’ve been a threat based on her social game alone. She was pretty well liked, even by those who voted her out. That goes a long way with a jury of HGs.

    As far as whether it was the biggest move in the game, it’s certainly debatable. No one’s really emerged as a comp beast yet (even with Alex’s 2 wins, I wouldn’t go so far as to call her back) and the social games really don’t have as big an impact for BBOTT, either. Neeley may have been a big move for her (because Neeley was definitely gunning for Alex), but it wouldn’t be considered a big move by Morgan, who wasn’t on Neeley’s radar.

    See what I mean? It’s subjective. If you are a fan of Alex, then you’d say that getting Neeley out was a huge move. But if you’re rooting for Morgan or Whitney, then Neeley wasn’t the biggest fish.

      • I honestly don’t find her voice annoying. Probably because I’m so used to my aunt, though, who does the same thing. And my Aunt is a hundred times worse with it because she talks at the top of her voice all day long, whereas Alex only does it in the DR.

  2. Those were pretty good :) I’m glad I’m not the only one who cringes at the frequency level of Alex’s voice (which includes a significant case of “upspeak” which makes it even worse!)

    • Why can’t BB turn the sound down a little when it’s Alex’a turn? It’s not rocket science to turn the volume down some. They HAVE to know by now that the volume of her voice is killing us.

  3. Thanks again! I love your Recaps! I think they’re pretty spot-on, and I love the pics too. LOL

  4. I was not aware that Shelby and Danielle are working together..I must have missed that along the way. Interesting duo.

    • It hasn’t happened yet, neither one knows that the other one would be receptive to working with someone on the other side. It’ll probably happen this week. One of them just has to bring it up.

  5. Great recap Branden. I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one watching the Live Diary Room Sessions simply for comic relief.

  6. I almost died laughing when Justin mentioned Neelys witch hat!! ??? Also, I was surprised at how smart and strategic Danielle sounded in her DR… with Shane gone, she’s actually playing the game. Shane leaving was good for her game. I still don’t really like her but lately I’ve been able to tolerate her easier. She has toned it down alot and I’m interested to see what she does from here. also Shelby surprised me by realizing working with Danielle on the DL would benefit her game.

    • I’ve been watching her from the start. She’s been extremely perceptive about the house dynamics even when Shane was in the house. I don’t think he did much to distract her but he did make her a bigger target. She seems to be a great gamer with a big elephant on her back due to the insta-hate the other side felt for her. I don’t see much hope for her as America steamrolls her side.

      • I disagree. She may have been perceptive of the dynamics of the house when Shane was there but that’s about it. She isolated herself with Shane and you can’t do that in Big Brother. Shane leaving was the best thing for her game. Now instead of just having perceptions of the house, she is working on her social game and she’s fixing things that
        People have
        Complained about such as always taking a convo and making it about
        Her. You can tell she’s toned it down quite a bit and if she keeps this up she could really go far!
        I am really hoping Scott is the Nom for America this week.

    • YES!!!! I agree with this… Dani is starting to grow on me a bit. I’m enjoying how unexpected that is.

      • I’m not going to go as far to say she’s grown on me because I feel as if we’ve seen her true colors and right now she’s being fake and covering them up for the sake of the game
        But I do give her props for doing what she needs to do to advance herself in the game.

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