America’s Care Package Vote: BBOTT Week 5 – Update: Winner Revealed [POLL]

America’s Care Package is back up for grabs on Big Brother as with the new power giving its holder the choice to eliminate THREE votes from the next eviction round and with only five votes in the house this should definitely change how the game is played.

Attention: CBS had an early problem with the vote that allowed fans to vote for Alex, last week’s ACP winner. A little before 2PM ET the problem was fixed. Now it appears that CBS went back at a later time and reset votes, possibly around 3PM ET.

If you voted before the reset then your 20 votes for today have been restored. CBS has made no announcements to explain so we don’t know if they deleted early votes or just allowed users to add more votes. If you voted after the reset then you won’t have another 20 votes to submit.

America's Care Package vote

We’re in to the fourth round now for the ACP votes which takes out Kryssie, Scott, and Alex from the running to win this week’s prize while another six HGs remain open for one of the last three Care Packages of BBOTT. So who do you want to win this major power?

Update: Winner has been revealed as Shelby. She can nullify 3 votes and will announce her decision during live eviction vote.

CBS provides these details for this week’s Care Package prize:

“The winner of this care package receives the power to eliminate three eviction votes – whoever wins it could single-handedly flip the house by preventing three houseguests of their choosing from voting in next week’s eviction.”

Note that this can block other HGs voting but does not appear to include America’s Eviction Vote, something the recipient might want to do if they were also America’s Nominee this week, but that option doesn’t appear to be on the table.

Check out the full list of ACP powers this season so you can start to plan ahead and make sure you don’t use up someone’s chance at something better later.

Go here to vote in the America’s Care Package Vote and use up your 20 votes each day. Remember that you must be signed in to All Access and subscribed as well so get the Free Trial and now join the game this summer. Then be sure to vote in our poll below for you want to receive the advantage. Reminder: This poll below does not count toward the official tally. This one is just for fun.


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  1. When I went to vote on CBS, they have Alex as an option for CP. I thought she could not get one? I hope this doesn’t mess up voting or cause issues.

  2. Well after watching hoh I will be voting lnj for cp and a bs for 3rd nom. They had chance to be in power and even had numbers and lost. So now the bs can lose a player and maybe next week they will step up there game.

    • I think they’ve stepped up their game plenty. Krissie quiting in POV is really playing huh?

      • Please BB designed the game for athletic people kryssie couldn’t win that pic if she wanted to. Its not fair I’m just seeing how twisted this show really is boo Cbs

      • Isn’t Kryssie a power lifter? She should have been able to do this competition if she does in fact lift weights like she claims

      • She didn’t “quit”. She injured her hands and was bleeding and couldn’t complete the challenge. She wanted desperately to win the veto to take Neeley down, but she was at a tremendous disadvantage with this type of challenge.
        Am I the only one who thinks that BB production is tailoring most of the challenges to favor the Plastics ?

      • Of course they are and they proved it last night during the HOH comp. Production is team plastics. It really doesn’t matter who America votes for at this point. Production will rig it.

      • She’s a 2yr old baby quitter. Everyone’s hands were cut and bleeding. You didn’t see them quit did you? All she does is bitch about everything. My God even when Scott gave a speech why he nominated her she was crying he broke the rules. What a joke. She also wanted to leave the night before they moved in the house. She’s nothing but a quitter with a bad attitude.

      • I neither saw nor heard any other houseguest say that their hands were cut…and, let’s face it, that wall climbing comp gave thinner, more agile players an advantage.

      • Maybe you don’t watch enough live feeds when the plastics are on… honestly, I don’t either. Unless they are talking game, I prefer to watch the misfits on the feeds but I can assure you that Krissy wasn’t the only one with jacked up hands.

      • Shelby and Scott’s hands both were hurt. I know for sure that Shelby mentioned it but continued on. They wanted that POV!

      • No your not the only one. And a lot of the voters aren’t helping. Most people want to hand everything over to the plastics. The plastics don’t have to play they can just wait for the voters to help them out. There is absolutely no reason that Shelby should be getting the CP.

      • She is a power lifter. You’re telling me she physically couldn’t do that challenge? Maybe it’s she’s taken a vacation from working out since she’s been in the house… I haven’t seen her do much exercise unless walking from one couch to another counts. She wasn’t the only one who had hurt hands and as a power lifter, she’s had callauses that have bled and formed thick skin (I know this because she pointed it out on the live feeds) therefore she actually had an advantage did she not?

        I do think that BB should have given them gloves to do this with but I don’t think they tailored it to anyone.

      • She also said that her power lifting blisters weren’t touched. Even if she is a power lifter, we have no idea how much she lifts. And she hasn’t been lifting in the house. Plus, power lifting is not the same as keeping her obviously overweight body on that wall for a long period of time. Power lifters lift a lot of weight for a brief moment in time and drop it. Besides strong arms, you need leg muscles to push your body up. And the fact that she couldn’t do it does NOT mean she didn’t TRY. She tried hard. She fell off the wall 3 times trying to get to the other side. So while he said the words “I quit” I don’t think she was giving up so much as she knew she just didn’t have the physical ability to do it.

        And if people who just plain hate Kryssie aren’t being hypocrites, I hope you would have voted to nom Dr. Will, Dan, and all the other HGs throughout the game who have ever “thrown” or just given up on a comp because they knew they couldn’t win it and weren’t “feeling it” (e.g., Paulie jumping off the merry-go-round comp). All of these people are quitters by definition whether it was strategy, or they felt safe, or they just wanted to be dry and warm. They didn’t prove they could have won or even reached their personal limit. Kryssie at least reached her personal limit.

      • Majority of Misfit fans are voting Jason though, so don’t want to throw my vote away. Splitting the vote will have Shelby or Morgan getting it.

      • Most are voting for Jason. So that why I went with Jason so my vote will count since I want a lnj to get it.

      • If you’re a misfits fan, vote Jason. Don’t throw your vote away. They need to have a little power this week, the plastics have had too much power for too long and it’s getting boring.

      • This care package doesn’t even matter unless the side that wins it also wins the veto. And also only if a Misfit is nominated by America. It could be a total waste of a care package. I hope Jason wins the care package, then America nominates Scott. Then Jason can’t win another and got one he doesn’t need.

      • Wrong ! No matter who wins the veto the Care Package recipient gets to name 3 voting players whose votes won’t count during the eviction process!
        Hopefully, this means GOODBYE Scott or Alex !

      • You’re wrong. The cp recipient gets a huge advantage regardless of who wins pov.

      • Example: Alex and Shelby are nominated. America nominates Kryssie. Jason gets the CP. LNJ wins veto. LNJ removes Kryssie. Final nominees are Morgan and Shelby. Now the CP doesn’t matter, because a BallSmasher is going home regardless. Sure, Jason could eliminate Scotts, Whitneys, and Morgan’s votes, but a Ballsmasher is still leaving. = Waste of a care package.

      • Example 2: Alex and Shelby are nominated. America nominates Kryssie. Shelby gets the CP. LNJ wins veto. LNJ removes Kryssie. Final nominees are Alex and Shelby. Now the CP doesn’t matter, because a BallSmasher is going home regardless. Shelby can cancel out Justin, Jason, and Kryssie’s votes, but a Ballsmasher is still leaving = Waste of a care package

      • yas lord Plz Oh yeah I like these..Its about time, even things out as of now they have no way to defend themselves against america. super unfair season. why cuz their not holier then these thou shall nots.

      • That’s ASSUMING LNJ wins the veto. What happens if Kryssie is America’s nom, Shelby gets CP and say Alex wins veto? No possible way a BS goes home, that’s what happens. Don’t assume, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

      • That was the point in my original post. In your scenario, again, the CP is not useful to Shelby, because they would have already had enough votes to send out Kryssie even if the CP didn’t exist. So for Shelby fans, it would have been a waste of her only chance to get a CP. Yes, there are some scenarios in which it would be useful. If Jason gets it and the final nominees are Alex, Morgan, and Kryssie, he can save Kryssie from going home. But if the final nominees are both or all BallSmashers, the CP is useless. There are many scenarios in which the CP is useless this week. That’s the point I was trying to make.

      • Again, it’s better to be safe than sorry. If Jason gets the CP and Kryssie is on the block with plastics, a plastic goes home, guaranteed. In that scenario, it’s definitely not a waste.

      • Yeah, I’m not trying to argue with you or anything, because that’s definitely correct. But I think it would have been risky to give your favorite player a CP that might not even be useful, when he could definitely use a more valuable one down the road.

      • I’m not arguing either, I’m just trying to show you it was imperative that Jason get it just in case. It doesn’t matter now, Shelby got it. :(

      • Also, he’s not my favorite, Justin is. I was just going with the majority of the votes this week.

      • Yes!! That’s what I’m saying! This week Jason is safe and doesn’t need THIS care package therefore I didn’t vote for him to get it. We need him to get a GOOD care package when HE absolutely needs it much like Alex needed that one last week to stay in the game or else she would have been gone. Same with Justin. I want them both to get a CP… when they need it and a good one!

      • It’s like people forget that the first 2 weeks even though the plastics side won HOH, the Power went to the misfits side from America. As of right now BOTH sides have lost 2 players so I have no idea why you or anyone else thinks that the plastics have had too much power for too long.

      • The 1st two weeks nobody knew what they were doing, they flip flopped. Honestly, I still don’t know why Cornbread was put up, even America really didn’t know who to go after. BOTH sides are acting like high schoolers.

      • because u guys seem to plan on continuing support to the plastics till the end leaving the other side hopeless no way to defend them selves no matter what. Unfair game if u keep this up.the other side are using crude/dark humor (lnj) is all.

      • I like how people assume because I stated clear facts that they know where my votes go and which side of the house I’m with. FYI: I’m with BOTH sides. Yes, I have favorites on both sides of the house and guess what? There’s only 1 plastic I really like whereas there’s 2 from
        The misfits that are my favorites.

  3. Yes!!!! Give the care package to Shelby! If she gets it, I can’t wait to see Jason’s reaction!

    • wow smdh just for a reaction. How about to be voting for who deserves it, mix it up not allow the game to be dominated with this new unfair american twist. Not just carrying a grudge or handing shelby a free pass to half a mil, she was out on Question1 her scott and alex. Plz we normally don’t give free ride to the finals. smiles. thanks.

      • Wow! You think LNJ deserves a free pass? For what? All of their nice & respectable comments? Smh (just my opinion)

      • Exactly. And sitting on the couch smoking making disgusting comments and expecting America to drag them to the end. Krissie dropping out of POV. Yep she’s really playing the game lol.

      • we are not here to judge how these ppl smoke, or have a crude sense of humor or verbally argue saying things they really don’t mean anyway at the end of the day, haven’t u ever named called some one then say i really didnt mean to say that. no we run with every little thing these ppl do and rant and hate them production may be saying to them to play this up for the ratings it great. And we know later these ppl become friends after the show. But the fans I like know its a game don’t take it this serious. Saying i’m not giving them this /or that as if only you make all the decision sitting at home. tellin others how to vote. How do you know you wouldn’t have had to do the same in a competition, After doin ur best I believe she gave her all don’t crucify the woman dang just a game.. es-tu sérieux…creole meaning are you serious?

      • Vote how ever you want. I could care less. And as far as name calling and talking behind someone’s back that’s one thing but there’s no excuse for the things that come out of Jason and Krissies mouth. And if you think that’s okay then bye.

      • Or Danielle’s mouth sayings she wants to punch people in the face! That is going way too far. We teach our kids not to talk like that and these are “adults”. I don’t support anyone threatening violence-whether they mean it or not. It is uncalled for, especially when this is just a GAME!

      • Shut the hell up please! Do you have a 9 to 5 or a business or something?!! You are all over these boards. DANG!!!

      • Are you kidding me? She has just as much right to be all over these boards as you do. She can reply to every dang comment if she wants. Why don’t YOU try being an adult and if YOU don’t like reading her comments that are “all over these boards” then YOU are more than welcome to skip over her comments or block her so you don’t see her comments. But please be an adult and don’t come at her in the manner you did just then.

      • I agree with you 100%. I wish there was a way to tell the misfits to just tell cbs to let them leave. It’s a hopeless situation.

      • You try being her size and navigating that rock-climbing wall with your hands cut and bleeding !

      • Oh poor baby. Everyone’s hands were cut and bleeding. She’s a quitter. She wanted to quit the night before they moved into the house. And she’s said several times she wants to quit. Yep she’s a 2yr old cry baby quitter.

      • you notice how some keep attacking no matter what you say? This is planned. JS

      • I’m just seeing all this and it’s crazy! THEY need to take it somewhere else because my fav thing about this site is that we are
        Able to discuss our opinions, agree, disagree and still keep it civil and fun. Posters like that one above take all the fun out of it.

        And I personally like that you comment a lot Lavendargirl and I always enjoy your opinion which is why I had to reply to a mean comment directed at you up above.

      • Yeah, because the plastics have been so pleasant! It’s not giving them free pass, it’s making the game more balanced and not so boring.

      • Oh yeah you are..If i say oh those plastic are evil im just talking sh***t I hate none of them. while i may dislike some things they say/do. I realize they all doing themselves so I’m not tryna ruin their reputation and lie on them. so my fav can win. relax ppl…
        c’est la vie frech means so is life, and yeah shelby hasnt done anything to earn a care package.

        I’m finished in creole.. Mwen se fini

      • So Jason saying he wants to cum in Scotts mouth is okay? Jason saying he wants to slit Scotts throat and burn down Shelbys house is okay? Jason calling Shelby a whore and a slut and a prostitute is okay? Jason saying that Shelby is giving all of production blow jobs is okay? That’s only one conversation of his. If you Support that kind of behavior then I’m just SMH

      • HI LAVENDER GIRL, hI Lavender gi.. again no i do not find potty mouth trash talking cute. “it’s called Sh**ting on people as paul used to say. it also called sick and crude humor, to wish jason has explain hey i have a really bad mouth of talking sh**sh. and he has also apologized and explained it to scott. And scott says all is cool scott talks about bullying dani yass didn’t he but no plastic fans mentioning these thing or any other faults of these bs gurls. no.

      • Scott could literally slap Danielle and Kryssie across the face every time he see’s them and his fans will say “At least he’s strategizing and playing the game….And we hate Dani and Kryssie”

      • No I don’t feel any of them deserves a free pass as your all giving to the plastics. And I am a fan of the game, since 2009 and i know all sorts of characters have passed through BB some of your fav kind known for super bad behaviors, now known as BB best players ever, all of a sudden now. Your playing Moral judges, like this is a game of catholic school girls. We see movies with bad mouthed cursing character but now oh jason so bad get over the judgmental tone just to advance you lazy favorite who hasn’t done much in this game like shelby i do not dislike her either its the way ppl say hand them the cp for what vote this one out because he not perfect Duh its BB OTT really ppl. and i didn’t wanna longer reply on these sites. I’m like done but ill do a few replies yeh

      • I’m a fan of Jason. I have 3 in the house that are my favorites. Jason, Justin and Alex. Do I like or agree with everything Jason says? No I don’t but I’m sure not everyone agrees or likes everything I say either and it’s ok.

        I DID howved vote Shelby for this CP. Jason is NOT in danger this week so I didn’t want to waste his CP on him in a week that he doesn’t need it to stay in the game you know? I want to send him a CP that really benefits him and when he really needs it.

        I am really bummed to see how sad jason is and I can’t wait to let him know that America doesn’t hate him or Justin. I don’t like Krissy though and I have a feeling America will nom her this week. Jason and Justin need to branch out some, build an alliance with Alex and Whitney and roll to the end.

      • NOBODY is getting a free pass. Stop with the nonsense. If people vote a certain way it does not mean it’s unfair, a conspiracy or a free pass. It is the way the game is set up and the people getting the CP’s are the one’s that America wants to see get them, it is that simple.

      • Actually, when you say “America wants”, you really should acknowledge that it’s what the engaged PAYING SUBSCRIBERS want.

    • Priceless. He needs to be knocked down a little more. Last night he’s talking about I don’t think I’ve done anything mean in front of America. If he doesn’t even realize how he’s acting then this must be how he is out in the real world. Not someone I’d want to be associated with.

      • Did I see it correctly that he called Shelby a Prostitute whore? Wow he really has a lot of room to talk that isn’t playing the game that is playing personal.

      • And that was mild compared to other things. Said she was giving production blow jobs and he wanted to burn her house down, slit Scotts throat and so much more. He’s a very nasty person.

      • This is the nature of the ruthless game of bb they choose the ruthless of people the good guys go home.. when you do hear one of your team players say something nasty mean and evil i promise you will ignore it and lol it off u wont share it and crucify her/him..These ppl gettin money to act a fool. and u all buy it and run tell dat.. lozz..
        Fatige nan tout nan moun sa yo..Tired of all of these people.. take care!இڿڰۣ-ڰۣ—

      • relax ppl no need to chew me out nothing is said with malice or disrespect, really all the characters serve a purpose and they serve it well to rattle the viewers cages. cause great gossip and scripted drama wink wink hint and hint. imo.
        Li pa tout jan li parèt. means..It’s not all as it appears.

      • I keep getting emails thought i was called to reply, thanks for assisting me i had no idea lolzz. p.s
        Dark Humor-
        Jokes that are., Dark humor, is twisted, evil, insulting and hilarious. that’s how LNJ are! and gettin paid to do it.

      • I have to say, I was team LNJ until many of them started talking about wanting to do violence and being over the top nasty. I have watched B.B. since season 1 and have never supported that level of negativity. And I understand someone having a bad day and smarting off only later to realize they shouldn’t have done it but some of these people have continued day after day to take that vicious tone. The game can be won with many different approaches and I personally don’t support the overly nasty approach some of LNJ are taking.

    • That is one of the reasons I’m voting for Shelby, can’t wait to see the look on Jason’s face and the rant he will go on afterwards. Let him keep digging his grave.

  4. late night jamboree has no strategic moves! They are not playing a game. All they do is sit on their side of the house and trash talk the other side of the house they do not deserve to MoveOn . Don’t hate the girls because they are playing the game and strategically they are smarter!

    • Sorry I don’t just hand a free pass to some who was out on 1st ? Maybe she should of studied the cards better. I not going by what people say they all do it. I am going on comp and the bs had chance and failed. So lnj should get cp.

      • So let’s reward Krissie for quitting during the POV. Let’s reward Jason for his filthy behavior and being out 2nd in the HOH. SMH

      • You knew darn well Kryssie had zero chance of winning that POV as soon as you saw that wall.

      • Even she said out loud, “you’ve got to be effing kidding me!” hahaha She’d given up basically before she even got started! Ahahahahaha

      • I’d have respected it a lot more if Kryssie had at least made the attempt to finish. Neeley certainly did. But Kryssie gave up because she got “hurt.” And she made a big fuss about it. You know who acts like that? CHILDREN!

      • So because they lost one comp they aren’t playing? In this season it seems like head of household really isn’t the most important comp.

      • No what I am saying is Danielle won fair and square. So why should I mess up her hoh when bs had a chance to be in power and even had numbers to win but didn’t. 4 of there people were out in 1st 2 rounds. So maybe they should of study cards better.
        But your right hoh comp isn’t important as long as we just give care package away to opposite side of house that in power each week.

      • Touche she did win fair and square and actually out of that side she is playing a good game as well, however to win over America she needs some work.

    • nah all these girl do is waddle around and follow each other like AL’s lil puppets no brain of their own really she dominates she throws them under the bus when needed but they play her game. as if they fear her, so sad drama. they suck at compa last night all plastics. alex scott and shelby striked out on question 1. then the rest followed quack quack strategic nah alex has poor social skills never went right to krissy either. she sneaked around to neely etc now she wants u all to play for her and you will. and so does shelby and you will lolzz. believe that. wow u guys have blinders on,,ur so focused on the wrong thing in da game. America.. lov huh..

    • I dont totally agree with you there. Justin is apart of the LNG and I feel that he has been strategically playing the game.

    • because u are suspending your beliefs and getting caught up in the drama of the show. and the role u are wanted to play. Dont get too attached..

    • Because it won’t benefit them. At all. The Misfits will curse this one out if they get it.

  5. I am very disheartened with BBOTT! I have been a live feeder for 14 years and know how feeder America votes! I am extremely disappointed at CBS for allowing illegal and flash voting! It is awful to me that I even heard production rooting for Whitney last night during the HOH competition! Please help true feeder America take back our Big Brother and vote Jason for CP! I know that there are many of you out there who feel the same way!! Most disgusting is that on the heels of CBS anti bullying day they have allowed Scott and plastics to do exactly that…bully Dani! I can’t believe that this game has come to this and that CBS is allowing these rigged votes. Please help to keep this game fair, I beg you!!

    • What feeds are you watching? They’ve bullied Scott the last two weeks. Rewind the feeds after Neely got nominated by America so you can see Jason and Krissies filthy, disgusting behavior. Jason doesn’t deserve anything except eviction. He’s a filthy disgusting pig as far as I’m concerned. And I will never reward that behavior.

    • How are the girls bullying Dani? She is a grown ass woman that has no problems talking smack and repeating things like Shane was cumming in your mouth Scott and your an idiot not to realize what he said. But it is “Bullying when he remarked that she slept all day” I completely disagree with you I have been watching the live feeds for years too and what they are doing is playing the game not complaining about everything and that they don’t get their way.

    • Big Brother Fans come in all shapes, sizes ages and OPINIONS. I’ve been a fan since season 3 and I don’t think I can agree with anything you’ve said. Although I’m not a fan of audience voting, this is the game we’ve been given and I intend to participate. If the votes don’t go my way, I won’t be happy,but I certainly won’t start crying about the game being rigged or production interference. That’s called being a poor sport.

      • I’ve complained about the tv show being rigged plenty of times but I don’t believe that of OTT. I don’t think production cares as much about who wins. They called it Over The Top, so the more ridicules, the better. Production doesn’t have to create somebody appropriate to win like they do for TV.

    • lolz its just a rigged show and so many seasons have proved this dont let these ppl get to you. jason and all the LNC are deeply good ppl but they are getting paid so its a job they making exciting feeds, and we are all delusional at this point. they each play towards a different type of audience. and america has gotten a role and has went bonkers. losing it to play judge and jury believing this is realistic …These are rolls where playing.Paul said c..n words and cursed so foul but he is now seen as a great player. This show is meant to give you all a girl for the win finally in case one didn’t win in the previous. don’t hate the characters love them all.

    • Regardless of whom we vote for, if the game is rigged America’s vote won’t be counted anyway and production will just pick whomever they want. I vote for my favorite player and if they don’t get it, they don’t get it. I play it by week.

  6. Has anyone else notice new names in here? And they are all MF fans? I knew of a few but these are all new ones. Just like the trolls on Twitter!

    • I always came to the site look at update but decide I would start speaking since I starting watching live feeds. I have 2 favorites on both side. So just cause u don’t like my option or others we are trolls.

      • No, you’re not a troll. If you can logically think through your argument, then you’re good.

        The BB trolls are the ones who just argue for the sake of arguing and won’t listen to reason or logic.

      • I was not saying you at all. There were some jumping in some of my comments past 2 days that were Jason/Misfit fans that had not been in here before. Had to block them with things they said.

      • That’s the best thing to do. I hate fanatic people who come here and want everyone to agree with them. You like who you like and I like whomever I care to like. Too many likes. lol.

      • If you go over to the far right where you see their name there are 2 symbols. The furthest to the right is the one gives you option to block or report. It is drop down arrow.

    • So because YOU don’t recognize names, they’re trolls? AND you are again?? Maybe people are a little sick and tired of it being a one sided game and are calling production out on their crap.

      • If you were a follower of this site, then you’d know that us “lifers” for this chat don’t go for conspiracy theories.

      • A true follower? Or just a lurker? Because that’s totally a thing my friend’s brother does. Check out the sites, but never join the chat. Unless he just wants to troll people.

        Yeah, he’s kind of a jerk.

      • I’m sorry, is your name Matt or Adam? No? Then I’m pretty sure I don’t have to explain anything to you. I bet you and your brother’s friend get along swimmingly. Birds of a feather..

      • Um… Adam’s not one of the admins for this site. You pretty much just proved Saturn’s entire point.

      • Jeez saturn you sound ridiculous. True follower? Lurker? “us lifers”?. You do realize this a public reality show fan web site and not a cult, right? I think it’s run by volunteers. No one has to give sacrificial gifts, pledges, or blood oaths to participate.

        Take a day or 2 off from this site and just relax.

      • I think that was the point of “lifers” being in quotes. But Saturn was clearly talking about the regular posters here on the website. Everyone seems to be a real tight-knit group here. Makes me wanna create an official account just to join in the fun!

    • I don’t give a crap who comes and go to this site. Old or new. The more visitors, the better for this site. As long as they follow the commenters rules, and they don’t hack my account lol. They’re all welcome….cool with me.

      • I think you missed where I explained more of what I meant down further in these posts. I was talking about the ones that came into my post attacking me. Rude and crude. Was either yesterday or day before.

      • I blocked them. Personal name calling for who we want to vote for or support is not called for. I’m not here for the arguing but to see where people’s heads are with the house. Thanks!

      • I totally get your point. Some of these new commenters are just down right rude. This site and the people on it are good for being able to disagree with each other respectfully and that’s issue with the new ones that are commenting now.

      • I also thought we had to keep it clean too, not bash our fellow posters for having a different opinion, provide our personal information, address, phone number, rank and serial number. But who all ever follows that rationale? hahahahahaha J/K Matthew…tapping my foot now to see how many phone numbers I get! :-)

      • Joni..Why do people get attack here? why? haha I don’t understand. Can you attack me now?..I’ll see if I can make you escalate the topic and make you wanna burn my house. Ha!

      • I have no idea. I have no plans of attacking others either since I have enough drama in my own personal life and would rather not come to a place online where the same is being exhibited towards people we really don’t know personally. It promotes hatred and we have enough of that in this world as it is, why have it here or see it being targeted towards those playing on a reality game show? My arson tendencies need a bit more tweaking before I even attempt to burn down a house. I want to make sure I can get away with it! hahaha

  7. Ok people can we please stop helping the BS and make them play. I mean if everyone wants to give Shelby the care package (I don’t), then at least put Scott up as America’s nom. Giving the CP to Shelby just shifts the power right back to them and makes for yet again another week of watching the girls gloat. America acts as if the BS are little angels.

    • Hahaha they’re the only ones that are playing the game. Those girls are always talking game and strategy. I think you mean disgusting Jason and Krissie. All they do is sit on the couch, talk filth and hope America is going to drag them to the end. Who quit during POV? Oh yeah it was Krissie.

      • But they aren’t really playing if America keeps handing them everything. You sound like a broken record with the Kryssie/POV comment over and over again. We get it. And who was out of the HOH comp first? Oh right, THREE bsers.

      • Oh, the Captain said I’m wrong so I must be wrong. Actually, I’m right. I can’t wait for there to be nothing but plastics in the house. THAT should be tons of fun to watch…(sarcasm)

      • Nah, you are wrong. Once the rifraf are gone, we will be left with real players that are respecting the game and will give us some strategy that will be worth watching.

      • So if one sides get the votes it gets handed to them? What if Jason gets the CP, will it then be handed to him as well? It’s part of the game. They either win the comps and/or votes and what be will be will be. No one is handed anything in the BB house.

      • no it will strategic and evening the playing field ok because you just sent home two LNC members and this girl dani just fairly won so give her team a break they earned this one your rewarding BSP for losing and getting out after question 1 and then q 2.

      • But they’ve BEEN winning comps. It just doesn’t matter because America keeps handing everything to the plastics while they beg you on camera to do so. Once the misfits are all gone, this is gonna be a snooze fest.

      • Did America hand them who they wanted out during their HOH the first two weeks? NO. They are playing and they are winning. And you sound like a disgusting Jason fan.

      • The 1st week most viewers evicted Cornbread cause he caused the most drama besides Monte. He was evicted 9-1, so that doesn’t count for either side. Most viewers wanted Monte gone the 2nd week. Even though the plastics wanted his number, they were sick of him too. I wouldn’t count that one either since he was universally disliked.

      • Took the words out of my mouth.
        Lavendargirl, you should know nobody plays the game the 1st couple of weeks, they’re still feeling each other out. So yeah, keep handing everything over to the plastics so this game can be super boring once they’re the only ones left. Good job.

      • and you arent planning to drag dem gurls to the end are yah!!
        All plastic fans will unfairly drag a plastic to the end.. Misfits have no chance if this keeps up. we shall just wait till they must turn on one another and watch a boring plastic conclusion..should this continue. to be concluded, yass!
        c’est la vie frech means so is life

      • Who all struck out in last night HOH after 1 single question.. alex shelby scott lolzz so strategic yess.

      • u guy stop replying to me plz cuz u all in the dark, here to drag plastics stinks(no basic skills of cookin or cleaning btw) to the end as ur doing. Leaving the other side totally defense less with no fair way to even defend themselves because ur hands are in the cookie jar this season make it a bore and just give one side a easy pass to win.karma watch the judges here. ( in my heart i know none of the LNJ mean a word of any meanness they have ever said in heart/or anger or humor), Some do have crude dark humor it a character. pheww plastic stinks jk, n j/s. no replies cuz im wasting my breath on u all, gnite to all those stand up comedians in the world and movie writers,,. don’t trend here with crude humor. you will be crucified. like Dani I talk a lot. lolzz.

      • First, Krissie quit because she was hurt. Now I agree with you when you say that the girls sit and talk game, but they do their fair share of trash talking as well. But I guess their trash talk is ok. Jason has said some harsh things but so has Scott and Shelby. It’s the plastics who hope to get dragged to the end by America because if I recall they are the ones who are usually putting their faces in the camera and BEGGING America to help them out. The other side doesn’t do that. There have been times where I have had the feeds on for hours and all the plastics did was sit and trash talk. But I guess it’s ok when they do it.

      • Everyone talks trash. There’s a difference between trash talk and filthy, disgusting, nasty talk that constantly comes out of Jason and Krissies mouth. And I guess you haven’t watched from the beginning because that’s all Jason, Krissie and Danielle do is beg America. Oh and by the way everyone that played in the POV had bleeding, hurt hands. They didn’t quit though did they? Krissie wanted to quit before they even moved in the house. She’s a quitter and America will nominate her.

      • I have been watching from the beginning and the plastics were up in that camera much more than anyone else in the house. Krissie’s hands were worse than most of the others and everyone knew it. So I guess in your eyes people can’t have moments of weakness. If Krissie really wanted to go she would have left but she hasn’t has she? I agree with you about Jason and Krissie saying bad things in past weeks but the plastics are no angels either. Scott has been bad as well. He is the one who needs to be America’s nom this week.

      • Oh so you were in the house examining all of their hands? Haha. They even showed a close up of her hands during the comp and guess what NO blood. Did you not see Scott and Shelby bandaging their hands? They’re just not whiners like she is. And she’s threatened to quit at least 3 different times. I’m just going to give her what she wants. Hey everyone vote to nominate Krissie.

      • It’s very fortunate that not everyone feels the same way as you. You act as if Krissie did something to you personally. The thing is we just don’t know how bad her Hands felt, well except for you of course. Once all of the interesting people are gone we can sit and watch all the plastics put on makeup and talk about cloths. Lol…All of these things we talk about are just our opinions and we all have a right to them.

      • As I have a right to my opinion. You sound a little hypocritical. You’re saying how bad Krissies hands are while I disagree. But then you tell me I don’t know how bad they are. But you do? And no I don’t like her she has a filthy disgusting mouth. Which is my right just like its your right to love her. By the way if you think sitting on a couch and talking disgusting things is fun to watch then you go right ahead and watch it. I find it more interesting to watch the girls talk game and strategy.

      • Lavendergirl that’s just it. Neither you or I know how much she was hurting. I never once said you don’t have a right to your opinion. I even agree with you about Krissie’s mouth. The girls may not have foul mouths but they do spend a good amount of time talking about the other side of the house. They have said some pretty harsh things while they were plotting and scheming. You seem to be getting pretty heated about my opinion. I just feel that the girls at times come across as being better than the LNJ. And by the way, the only reason I said anything about Krissie’s hands was because you were talking about how she had quit during the veto.

    • The Plastics have been playing the hole time. It is the LNJ who hasn’t, they sit around and bad mouth everyone, while the girls study and strategize. CP will go to Shelby and she will use it wisely and it will get under the LNJ’s skin, especially Jason. I’m sure he will throw another fit and rant and rave about Shelby being a ho, hooker, giving bj’s to everyone across America, including production. Should endear him even more to BB Fans, NOT. lol

      • all lies where are those girls now laying around as usual bad mouthing LNc and not cleaning up their share of chore or cooking

      • If you call literally begging us every week playing, then ya. We gave them 2 care packages (Scott & Alex) and voted out Shane and Neely for them. Neely was a wasted eviction. This week the push is to give them another care package, make the misfits have nots, and evict any misfit. What study or strategy have they done outside of begging??

    • Look if you want to root for LNJ, that’s fine.
      Let viewers vote how they want and we’ll go from there.

      On another note, PBS lost two allies (CB and Monte) so right now they’re even…. kind of.

      • Viewers ARE voting exactly how they want to vote. My opinion isn’t stopping anyone. I just feel like whenever the plastics bat their eyelashes and beg and plead and America jumps to their aid. So since you’re telling me that I should let people vote the way they want(which is what they are going to do anyway) then I guess I should tell you that I am just giving my opinion. So maybe you can just let me do that

  8. Looks like majority want Shelby. Sounds good to me that’s who’s getting all my votes.

    • I’m going to check on Twitter what is going on. Last night I saw a lot of lobbying for Morgan.

      • Let me know. I voted Shelby today. On my FB everyone is saying Shelby. And she’s #1 on this poll.

      • It is united for Shelby! I’m on there doing major campaigning! They were trying to get us to split vote today between Morgan and Shelby. It was trolls doing it!

    • Yea, the twitter-verse is going mostly for Shelby now. A few for Jason (yack).

      Do you know that resetted the vote because of the Alex mistake. So if you voted early today, go check if you can vote again.

  9. I have never posted on here but have followed for years. The people that are offended or are judging the houseguests for the comments they have made need to remember what Julie Chen says concerning the live feeds. ” For an uncensored look inside the house join the live feeds”. That clearly states uncensored meaning rude, crude, vulgar, offensive, etc… not to mention the lovely banner that pops up basically telling you about their comments and adding viewer discretion advised. All those warnings and your upset by houseguests comments. Clearly CBS is saying if your easily offended don’t watch feeds. As far as most of the houseguests comments most are being honest based on the stories others have told about themselves. Look back at the stories Shelby has told about her outings at the Bungalow and tell me if you heard that your first thought probably wouldn’t be a respectable lady. People in general can only say things about others based on what you show them. Are some of the comments over the line, yes maybe. Do the comments come from stories that were told? Yes. Even late last night on the feeds Shelby was talking about friends sleeping with guys at the Bungalow. I don’t have a side so please don’t label me as a Jason fan. The fact that people are complaining about houseguests sitting around is nuts. Let’s think back to Evil Dick whom is my fav to ever play. He did nothing but smoke outside so much to the point the houseguests made comments about it. It’s a game to watch for fun and entertainment! It should never get to the point some of these posts have come to. Some of these posts make people no better than what they are complaining about. It’s simple you don’t like what is being said or going on then turn it off. Don’t be childish and ruin their game because of your feelings. CBS gave us lots of power don’t screw it up for fans that actually watch and play the game!

    • Jason takes it to a whole new level which disgusts me. I will never reward that behavior and I’ve been watching since season one. There have been a few nasty people on the previous shows but he takes the cake. And these sites ARE to voice are opinions.

      • These sites are to voice opinions but from what I have seen when someone has a different opinion then it goes well beyond the that. Post your opinion but don’t get upset if someone feels a different way. Use your vote how you want. No one is pressuring you to reward Jason.

      • When did I tell you how to vote? I could care less who you vote for. I state my opinions just like everyone else.

      • First my post had nothing to do with voting your reply was what brought that up. My post was nothing more than my opinion. I believe you are saying you have a right to post your opinion but clearly have a problem with mine. All my posts was saying was don’t be offended by something that is uncensored. But clearly that upsets you too.

      • I think everyone has a right to their opinion, I also think that if people are going to slam the BS girls that they need to look at both sides. Everyone has their favorites and tends to not look at what their favorites say but the other side of the house, however “In my Opinion” I see a group of people in an alliance that act like they are angels and can’t understand why a majority of viewers don’t help them, and throw stones at the other side before they look in a mirror. I think some of them are catching on.

      • Even in your post you’re doing exactly what you’re complaining about. Some level headed people here have repeatedly said BOTH sides are terrible entitled smack talkers. To which the plastics fans reply “Well the LNJ started it first”.

        In your opinion you only see one side being crappy and the other side vigorously holding bible study sessions.

      • I see it both ways but “In my opinion” I see it more nasty from one side. I think Shelby gets a little catty out of the girls. It is a good thing neither side can hear the other. I think Scott is a wacko. But that is just my opinion.

      • I agree with you completely concerning looking at both sides. Bottom line all houseguests have said something offensive Monte, Cornbread and many houseguest from previous seasons way crossed the line.

      • Lavendargirl, I completely agree with you. This site is for voicing opinions & having discussions. I’ve also been watching since the beginning but this is my first post. I’ve been following the feeds for a long time but after reading this, I couldn’t keep quiet. I agree, agree, AGREE with you when it comes to Jason’s vulgarity. As far as game play goes, I’m not going to reward him in any way, shape, or form. Send him home!

    • Perfectly said/written Katherine. I’ve been here a couple years too but started posting towards the end of BB18. This is the worse commenting I’ve seen since I’ve been here. Used to be a fun, mature group of posters in my opinion. Last week got crazy racist comments.

      • Thank you. Even now I’m getting slammed for my post. I didn’t take a side or even said where my vote will go.

      • You went straight on to slamming on Shelby *present hg*. She was the only one you personally named other than Evil Dick *past hg* If you are going to throw out names and examples..don’t make it so blatantly one sided and maybe others wouldn’t take it wrong? JS

      • I used Shelby because of the outrage from Jason’s comments. They have all said things that could be offensive. As an animal lover I was offended by Monte’s comment but I would just change cameras when he was on. I didn’t attack people if they liked him. Actually I’m not one sided. I like Alex and Whitneys game as well as Justin. So what side is that?

  10. Hopefully the CP winner won’t be decided by this forum. Shelby getting it will be the worse thing to happen.

    • The fans of the Misfits & the LNJ are NOT voting for Danielle this week. They are NOT splitting the vote. They are VOTING FOR JASON. This page is mostly balls mashers, so poll is biased.

  11. Gave my 20 to Shelby today…this CP is going to be a game changer! LNJ has turned into a bunch of nasties!

  12. CBS is having us to vote again because of Alex being on the list to vote for! Go and vote now Vote SHELBY4CP This is for real!

    • Thank you! I was just about to post that. I tried to vote a couple of hours ago and even though Alex wasn’t there, the webpage was doing such crazy things I wasn’t sure that my votes went through. I just went back and they told me I had 20 votes for today. You guys might want to go and check if your votes actually counted.

    • I tried to vote again…told me I had reached my limit. I originally voted about 30 minutes ago..

      • I think you probably voted after they had already changed it. I voted as soon as it opened this morning!

  13. Gave my 20 votes to Shelby. I get what some are saying about the game getting boring if one sided. But I also like Alex, Morgan, and Shelby and don’t want to reward the LNJ’s behavior. I am balancing things out a bit by not voting Jason for America’s nominee. Still hoping he sees his behavior has been, well, OTT.

  14. Justin..Justin..Pizza song made the cut tonight. Julie’s Q&A HG’s agreed..awesome! Probably one of the most, if not the most memorable scene in this season.

    • I’ve rewatched it countless times on twitter…it just doesn’t get old! Really love the edit that shows the reactions of all the HGs when they’re watching the clip live with Julie.

  15. Been reading that some people seem to think we are all biased for the BS here. I don’t think we have been biased bc we think they are angels, as some have said. I think we have been steered toward helping the BS BC the LNJers have been extremely cruel, even speaking of hitting people. The LNJ are playing more on personal emotion rather than strategic, and when things have gone against them they call all the girls hoes and prostitutes and wish bodily harm on them,, especially Scott. Scott may be socially awkward but he’s cool and he’s playing the game well. I really think we do need to send the LNJ a clear message and give Shelby the CP and send one of them home. It’the threat of violence and personal attacks that don’t sit well with me!

    • I don’t think anyone can speak for all biased plastics fans or biased misfit fans.
      I don’t believe Scott is socially awkward. He’s purposely horrible, but he’s probably a terrific debt collector. He takes everything personal so I can see him stalking callers who hang up on him.
      When he rants he repeats himself over and over and just won’t shut up. The clapping for Neely’s eviction rant both sides wanted him to shut up.

  16. Shelby!!! Actually, I’d love to see Justin get it because it would make him choose a side and actually play the game instead of just throwing comps and kissing a$$. That would be throwing away my votes though since no one else is voting for him.

  17. Something to bring up- vote however the hell you want to.
    If you want to root for PBS that’s fine.
    If you want to root for LNJ that’s also fine.
    Just don’t act like your opinion trumps all.

    I may not like LNJ but you know what if they win good for them
    Wasn’t happy that Paul lost, but you know what, good for Nicole.

  18. Shelby getting the care package doesn’t mean a thing you know kryssie can still come down in a veto and the plastics gotta pick between them I can’t wait till that happens. Worst big brother ever i so wasted my money booooo!!! Lnj forever

    • Way too much, I agree Cyril.

      As much as I want Kryssie out of the house, I was pulling for Jason to win the CP just so that the two sides would be more even after this week. Kryssie will likely get America’s Nom, but the veto is still a major factor this week. Should be another interesting week though!

      • Sure is Cyril…sure seems the pro-Plastic vote is gaining momentum. Hoping we see some fracturing of that side soon. Could really begin to happen if only Plastics are OTB come Tuesday!

      • Yep, watching America hand the game to the people I’m rooting for is just as boring as watching them hand it to the people I’m not rooting for. I really wish we could drop the viewer influence at this point; it’s been fun but it would be nice to see the game unfold in isolation.

        But like you said, there’s still veto, and anything can happen!

      • Completely agree about all the voting. It’s really whipped up a fury of negativity among the fanbase as well. Neither side of the house is pure and holy. There’s reasons to enjoy rooting for either side…and I love that.

        Thankfully the voting has completely ruined the season, but it still has the potential too.

      • Two votes to eliminate is ok, so there’s still some work left to do by the player, ..but three?…I mean..who’s the HoH here? lol

      • I was thinking the same thing. Seems like all these CPs were decided before the season began. I bet production wasn’t expecting the equally divided house…we haven’t seen one in so many years!

        A single vote elimination CP would have had a major impact at this point?

      • It’s funny because in the beginning, you were more critical of the CP’s than me, until now, I just realized this is crap! ha!

  19. The LNJ as expected only see it has America hates them not that possibly they need to think about their own attitudes. They have been cruel and have wished harm on some. And many don’t care for people are so intolerant of others. Sure the Plastics were happy and celebrating, and when your side we on things you did as well. They are convincing themselves they don’t do that and everyone else is horrible. I for one have not been happy with the name calling, the words of harming, the sex blatantly in front of thousands, and all the denials of their own doing. U actually liked all of them until it got out of hand. The LNJ are the bullies

  20. “Can single handily flip the house…” except ya know, Shelby winning doesn’t flip anything. It just keeps things the same, just with more bs

  21. I believe Alex to be a bit cocky saying in front of everyone that she thought there were only 2 votes (as she was reading the care package card). That and she is off putting toward her sister. Both sides have people I could do without but I don’t enjoy watching it all be so 1 sided….not as fun.

  22. I believe Alex to be a bit cocky saying in front of everyone that she thought there were only 2 votes (as she was reading the care package card). That and she is off putting toward her sister. Both sides have people I could do without but I don’t enjoy watching it all be so 1 sided….not as fun.

  23. OK…So I’m pissed that “America” has supposedly, once again, stacked things in favor of the lying, deceitful, boring, and awful PBS by giving this very important care package to Shelby (UGHHHH).
    The only possibly good thing is that it’s one more of the PBS that WON’T be eligible in coming weeks for the ACP !
    I’m sick and tired of seeing the LNJ get thwarted at every turn by “America’s” votes in favor of the PBS and their disgusting and ugly geekmate, Scott.

    • Honestly if the LNJ was more tolerable it would’ve been easier for them. I think the reason not much people like them is that some of them come off as cruel and petty. Not saying PBS are angels either, I’m just saying LNJ have a lot of negative reception

      • If the PBS had been relentlessly targeted by the LNJ perhaps they would have vented their frustrations like the LNJ.
        It’s easy to be cheerful and without rancor when you are constantly winning, getting your way, getting extra help and support from production, as well as undeserved help from America’s votes like the PBS has.

      • BS! The LNJ got plenty of breaks the first couple of weeks. Bet you weren’t complaining then. And Monte is the only one who left gracefully. Cornbread (from the day one guys alliance) Shane and Neely (from LNJ) all acted like brats when they left.

      • The LNJ got some extra help of their own (America’s Nominee), hence why they were able to override two failed HOH reigns from the PBS.

  24. I knew she was going to win so unless she is able to save herself her behind is going up and if not next to Scott hopefully goes home.

  25. If this one-sided support for PBS continues I am going to cancel my CBS All Access subscription. What’s the point when BB production and “America’s” votes seem to be geared for just one side of the house.?

  26. Even though Jason has disappointed me with some of his words and actions, he’s still one of my favorites and I do feel sorry for both him and Justin. I can see how they feel like they are fighting a losing battle right now. And with Jason on his last pack of cigs — he’s in for a rough time this week anyway. I don’t smoke but I know enough smokers to know going cold turkey even with patches is hard. I don’t understand why they can’t get him and Scott more cigs anyway?

    • I remember Evel Dick brought large packs of cigarettes that Jen destroyed during their fight. I think production replaced those packs with new ones while penalizing Jen for breaking HN rules.

    • It’s funny, Jason said he actually packed more cigs last year, but went home early enough that he didn’t need them all.

      He said that because OTT was shorter in length and also because he figured they’d be locked in a lot like a normal season, he’d pack fewer smokes.

      He’s regretting it now.

      • I don’t know why they can’t just get him more though Dan H? If it were deodorant or medication he needed they’d get it for him. I can’t stand being around cig smoke or anything but I don’t really think it’s fair that on top of the stresses of the house he’s about to deal with cig withdrawals. IMO, it’s cheaper to buy him cigs than it is to supply him with patches anyway.

      • Nicole, just a guess….but I have a feeling it has to do with liability. I suppose someone could come after CBS for enabling their habit by “providing” them with a known health risk. Silly, but people will file lawsuits and blame someone else for their own decisions so easily now.

        I think this is why we see significantly less alcohol on the show now days. In the earlier seasons booze deliveries were at least once a week. But lately it’s been a handful of times per season. Which sucks because those are the absolute best feed nights!

      • True. And when they do give the alcohol, they don’t really give them enough! I’m not saying get them knock down drunk but give them enough foto loosen up some. Those are the best feeds!!

  27. What is the point of watching now since everyone here wants Alex to win…. I just feel like America had a bit too much power in this. People complaining LNJ does not have any strategic play… but everytime they are trying to vote people out you guys want to stop them from doing so. I’m hoping we can keep balancing out the power. This is not a game on morals, I wanna see the game played out by us allowing the HOH to go through with their plans a bit in the ending part of the game at least final 6. Like fair and square gameplay to the HoH to eliminate their targets and if the targets won veto then good on them…

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