‘Big Brother Over The Top’ Spoilers: Who Was Evicted & Who Won Round 2?

We’re about to discover who won the last competition of the season and who was evicted from Big Brother Over The Top tonight in one final elimination that started with 13 Houseguests but will end with 3 vying for your votes and the quarter million dollar prize.

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This will be the last weekly recap episode and with it comes the last eviction so let’s settle in here on All Access and watch what happens next starting at 8PM ET (5PM PT). If you’re late to the party then you can pick up with us below or rewind your Feeds to the start time and see it all.

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Before we get to tonight’s competition the past week’s worth of BBOTT events needs a recap so we’ll watch the Final Four take on the giant wall, that winner’s F3 pick, and any random bits of drama that filled an otherwise quiet week of Big Brother.

Big Brother OTT Final 3 Part 2:

  • 5:40 PM BBT – Comp time! J & M must match evicted HGs to 9 details.
  • 5:45 PM BBT – Both are racing but Justin voices concerns over his guesses.
  • 5:49 PM BBT – Morgan buzzes in. She has the answers right & has won.
  • 5:53 PM BBT – Justin gives hugs to all & then heads out the front door.

Justin Duncan was evicted from Big Brother.

Your Final Three for BBOTT is Jason Roy, Kryssie Ridolfi, and Morgan Willett.

Once things wrap up tonight we’ll have our Final 3 for the season and America’s Vote opens Wednesday morning at 11AM ET (8AM PT) through Thursday afternoon. These last three Houseguests will address fans on Wednesday night at 7PM ET (4PM PT) for their “Final Pleas” for your votes, as if you haven’t already decided who to pick for the big win.

After that we’ll be waiting on Thursday night’s season finale at 8PM ET (5PM PT) as we wrap up the season and put Big Brother to bed for a much needed rest before Big Brother 19 next summer.


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  1. Ok. I’m always lost since I forget the time these things are on. I am prepared for the finals and hopefully Justin is on top today.

  2. This is Morgan’s to win. Justin may not remember the order since he didn’t in the last comp.

    • I knew Morgan had it. She studied hard and is very fit, as opposed to justin who laid in bed pouting for the last 5 days.

  3. Jason is so confident that he will win it. I will be fine if he does, but let me be a traitor and vote for Morgan for the win. Jason would have beaten Justin at the end.

  4. Justin was wheezing so bad..as an asthmatic too..I felt bad for him…I am voting for Morgan…I just get the feeling that Jason thinks he has this in the bag. I haven’t liked his nasty attitude at times either..not to say that Morgan never had an attitude..but..Jason just got on my last nerve alot this season! Go Morgan!

    • Reading Joker’s updates, Jason doesn’t think he has this in the bag. If anything, he thinks he’s a “minor character” and will lose to Kryssie. LOL

      • No Jason thinks he’s won it. That’s why he finally mentioned being voted in by America. Can’t wait to see his face when Morgan wins.

    • I felt bad too. I have Asthma..the hay was an immediate problem for me as asthmatic.. he was wheezing so loud.. i heard Morgan say. he cannot blame his Asthma..”I have it too” she said..but his definitely was worse I didn’t hear any wheezing out of her.. Justin can hold his head high..he beat 9 others..and never watched big brother.. He had difficulties with understanding the instructions and with concentrations.>Great Job Justin.. .and..what a noble thing you did apologizing to the two that so dragged your name all over.. Great game..

  5. I’m glad Morgan won, now I won’t have to vote for Jason. I couldn’t stand him but if he was in the finals with Kryssie and Justin, he was the best player between the 3 of them. Go Morgan!

  6. Glad Morgan won as I like her. But voting for Jason and I think he has enough fans. At least now it will be interesting though.

  7. It’s now gonna end just like BB18. Morgan is poised to win, but Jason has the bigger fan base, which will automatically give him the win. Congrats to Jason for finally getting out of the basement, and becoming the first winner of the greatest Big Brother experience ever. :)

    • I think Jason’s fan base is a myth. Sure on twitter there are lots of people who like him, but there’ also a lot of people who don’t like him. I really don’t think he has won for that reason.

      • I also didn’t like him the first time and still don’t like him this time, he is a mean and nasty person.

      • No, he is not Jim, he is Jason, Jason is a mean and nasty person so is Jeannie.

      • I was agreeing with you. Not sure why you said I was mean and nasty, even if we disagree no need for personal attacks.

      • Didn’t you attack me first? I just voiced my opinion and said “I don’t like Jason to win, he is a mean & nasty person” then you replied my comment and said “Yes and he is Jim”.

      • It was a misunderstanding I guess, you meant “Yes he is, Jim” I think, but you wrote “Yes he is Jim” so I thought you said that mean and nasty person is Jim (me). So sorry about that, I didn’t mean to be rude and have no intention to attack you or anyone even if they disagree with me.

      • Jim, sorry for my part in the misunderstanding. I didn’t mean for my comment to come across that way. Glad we could clear the air.

      • Jim I’m sorry for my part in the misunderstanding. I was referring to Jason. I did not mean for my comment to come across as referring to you. Glad we are able to clear the air.

      • I got what you meant now and it wasn’t really your fault, it was just a misunderstanding, I am sorry for my part also, glad we cleared it and hope you have fun watching BB19, it already got lots of drama in just few weeks.

      • We’re good. I am enjoying this season and there has been lots of drama. I’m hoping that if it’s Cody that comes back he doesn’t team up with Paul.

      • And we know remaining voters, the one against him won’t split votes between krissie and morgan.

        Morgan wil get lots of vot votes not for her game only but by the BS fans or votes against Jason or LNJ.

      • Morgan played a very good game and is very deserving of winning. Some people feel she paled next to Alex, but Morgan was there and was strategizing with her sister all along. She is a lot more deserving than Jason.

    • He may have HAD the bigger fan base, but those stats change very quickly, and I bet Morgan has more fans now. He’s now on the road to a ‘has been’.

  8. Now that the F3 are known, may be the best player win. In my mind, that was Jason. A vet who had a target from day 1, saved himself with the veto, formed a strong alliance as a base but tried to work with the other side to secure his safety, won 2 other vetoes to save himself and his ally, won the final HOH to guarantee himself in the F3, and chose his closest ally and least likely to win against him to take with him to F3. He had the strategy and game play to get to the F3 and take it. Like him or not, he played the strongest game.

    • Of the remaining players that’s for sure.
      I just want this game to end. It was shorter than the summer season, but it seemed like it went on forever.

      • I agree. Since they are in final 5, it has been very long. It was divided in small groups and their was only bitching most of the time.

    • Jason is a obnoxious jerk who was down right nasty. Morgan was in a strong alliance and had to battle to get there. She saved herself several times and didn’t have the benefit of a built in fan base. Morgan for the win. Can’t wait to see. Jason’s face when he loses to Morgan. Priceless

    • The problem is that he pretty much abused that power all season and took it for granted. The PBS were much more game-oriented and didn’t have the luxury of having houseguests mindlessly following you, it was an alliance of equals. You don’t always have to vote for the top dog, the underdog can sometimes be just as worthy, as I believe is the case here.

  9. Now the winner lies in the hands of America. Remember, don’t vote personally, vote for who played the best game (Ik that’s hard to say out of these 3, but we don’t need someone to get Paul-ed)

  10. Morgan for the win. Out of the 3 she played by far the best. And this was the first time girls came to play and not for showmance. Shelby and Alex of course were the 2 masterminds this season, too bad they are gone. But Morgan played a great game and deserves to win.

  11. Morgan for the win. The three comps she won were the hardest this season She didnt win crapshoots. She won physical/mental comps.

  12. I hope they will say the pourcentage of the votes for each of them. That would be unfair not to know how close or not the 2 of them are. And when their is a jury we know.

    And I’m adding to this the reality check for krissie.

    • They never say the percentages. The only they’ve ever mentioned a percentage when when they said Donny got over 50% of the vote.

  13. Seriously, what has Morgan done strategically? Alex did all the game planning. Jason has been game planning since he walked through the door. I’m voting for Jason to win.

    If you’re for Morgan, simply because you didn’t appreciate Jason’s language, remember Morgan and the Barbie Dolls are no saints themselves!

    Jason has played the best game between Morgan, and especially Krissie. If you’re voting against Jason because of language,behavior, get a therapist!

    No one is a saint in Big Brother!

    • You’re right no one is a saint. But there’s a difference in the way he acted with all his vulgar, disgusting remarks and actions. I’m voting for Morgan because she played a good game. Won when she needed to and won her way to the F3 and didn’t get taken there. Not going to reward Jason’ disgusting behavior.

      • Jason won the POV to keep from being evicted. Morgan, received ACP, aka POV that saved herself and Shelby? Jason won the the most important HOH to put himself in the Final 3. Jason definitely earned his place in the Final 3.

        So I do believe Jason also won when he needed to…

      • 100% agreed lavendargirl.

        I’ll go get a therapist.

        Jason went way further then game play with his attitude and very nasty comments

        This outside any of my values. I cannot vote for someone like that.

      • Exactly, he is a vulgar and disgusting being who constantly lies and will obviously back stab anyone in life for his own gain, not just in BB.

    • Morgan was smart to play the game the way she did! Especially when she had to keep the secret about her and Alex being sisters.

      That in itself was very stressful for her game! Won HOH, received her Cp used it save Shelby and herself, won veto and fought to keep herself in the final three. Also, when KRYSSIE asked her to do a makeover. Morgan did it for her, even fixed her hair. Her attitude was nothing like Jason and KRYSSIE towards BS.

      • You had some good points until you threw in hair and makeup :) I don’t think that counts for anything.

  14. This is the worst possible outcome for Morgan and Jason both. I believe Jason will win. But the fact that it’s a 3 person finale, and not 2, will hurt Jason more than than it will hurt Morgan. Jason played the better game. No one can deny that. But that doesn’t matter when it comes to voting. People vote for the person they liked the best. Even in presidential elections. One of them will probably lose by a very small percentage. The best chance Morgan or Jason had of dominating the vote was with both Justin and Kryssie in the final 3. Now it’s going to be more challenging for both of them.

    Since Jason and Morgan are essentially tied in the polls (if you count for the margin of error), Kryssie is now the potential spoiler, and might will split the vote between her and Jason, causing a Morgan victory. I don’t think Kryssie will get as many votes as Jason or Morgan. But even if Kryssie gets 1% of the vote, that slight difference could be just enough to put Morgan over the top (no pun intended), and actually win. So with Morgan in the top 3, I wouldn’t surprised if we saw a surprise upset, and Morgan ends up winning. It would certainly be the biggest upset in BB history, that’s for sure.

    But this can also be detrimental to Morgan as well, with having Jason in the final 3. Morgan’s best bet was to win part 1, pick Kryssie, and then have Justin and Jason face-off, and hope Justin won against Jason. That would’ve made a Morgan victory all that much easier. But she will have an uphill battle to climb. The fans don’t like her as much as they do Jason. But she has looks on her side, and fans of her sister will most likely vote for Morgan.

    But Morgan doesn’t have the fanbase as Jason, and Jason is a superfan, and superfans have won BB for the past 3 seasons. And the majority of people voting are superfans. And superfans tend to vote for superfans.

    I’m personally team Jason. Since I connect to him personally, and I don’t connect with Morgan at all. But I’m just looking at this objectively. They both have an equal shot at winning.

  15. Okay, so we have another Paul-Nicole scenario. The jury didn’t like Paul’s mouth, now the voters don’t like Jason’s mouth. I like Nicole, but Paul deserved to win. With Jason and Morgan, meh, I’m fine with either of them winning. :) I’m happy with the outcome. (Although it would have been better if Shelby and Alex were in the F3 with Jason.)

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