‘Big Brother Over The Top’ Spoilers: Veto Ceremony Results – Week 6 [POLL]

The Veto Ceremony has arrived for Big Brother Over The Top this week as the house divisions set with the balance of power on one side and the complete lack of control on the other. The LNJ has gone from a position of vulnerability after Shelby’s HoH win to being in complete control of the Veto, final noms, and even the eviction vote. But before we get to the vote we need those noms.

Power of Veto competition on Big Brother

Jason won the Power of Veto on Monday and despite an entertaining game of deceit last night with the new “Non-Threat” alliance (Alex, Morgan, & Shelby) he is planning to use it to secure his target (Alex), along with any votes that could stop him, up on the Block.

You could watch the ceremony live as it happened but if you missed it then Flashback to 1PM PT (4PM ET) to see how this plays out on our Live Feeds (get the Free Trial now).

Power of Veto Ceremony Results – Week 6:

  • Jason used the Veto on Danielle
  • Jason (Co-HoH) renom’d Morgan in Danielle’s place
  • Final noms of the week are: Alex, Morgan, & Whitney

Jump on your Live Feeds! NT (old Plastics minus Whitney) are pissed and the yelling has begun! Flashback to 1:02PM BBT for the meeting then move ahead ten minutes for when the yelling started in the backyard as the two sides faced off. A short bit after that the ladies retired to the bathroom for tears & anger at the other side.

At this point we have the bulk of the NT alliance on the Block while LNJ’s votes control the outcome with a 3-vote majority control that can override whatever America decides to do with its vote this week.

Overnight Jason and Danielle toyed with NT that they were going to flip on Justin to renom him then coordinate their votes with Danielle’s to get Justin out the door. That obviously didn’t happen, but it was a bit of funny Big Brother blindsiding to watch while it lasted.

Alex remains the top target and the LNJ is ready to vote her out as the first of two during Wednesday night’s Double Eviction. Don’t forget that show starts two hours early at 8PM ET (5PM PT) instead of the regular, weekly showtime of 10PM ET.

What do you think of today’s events at the meeting? Were the right choices made by everyone involved? Who do you think should be the most likely target for the week?

Eviction vote comes up Wednesday night and we’ll see then how this all turns out but don’t forget that America’s Vote which will start at 5PM ET this afternoon. Who do you think will be voted out this week? Cast your eviction prediction vote in our poll below.


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  1. Disgusting. Thought maybe Justin had a bit more character but clearly I was wrong. That “suckers” taunt and the whole setup was nothing but mean and nasty. When//f the 3 girls are gone I’m one with this, none of the others is worth any vote as a winner.

    • That is why we need to stop rewarding LNJ..they are mean and nasty. So disappointed that we gave them too much power this week.

      • If it’s just them at the end, I’m gonna stop voting. And I think a lot of people would do the same thing.

      • Maybe if Alex’s fans weren’t so ridiculous as to put her up because they assumed she will win veto, then she may not be up there right now. Or if Shelby would have spoken to Whitney about her flip flopping instead of nominating her, then things would have worked out their way this week.

      • I know. I still think that Jason is this season’s favorite for the producers and they chose Alex even if most people voted for Kryssie. Each week whomever is on top in the polls is always the nominee. I have read that many of Alex’s fans put her up so she can win veto and stay safe.

      • Alex’s fans nominating her was the right choice. If the BallSmashers side won veto, Alex would have been safe. If they didn’t Alex was going home, regardless of if she was already nominated by America. It guaranteed an extra veto player for her side.

      • I think regardless Alex would have gone up anyway because Jason won Veto. Kryssie and Danielle up there would have put Jason on the spot when using his veto. He would have picked Kryssie.

      • Definitely. If he took off Kryssie, the final nominees would have been Danielle and Whitney. Why leave that when he could get out Alex?

      • That was Kryssie’s choice. Found out later she didn’t really need to do that anyway because Alex had already decided to save him then. It was a waste of her CP.

      • But Kryssie would not have been able to vote and they would have a chance to flip Whitney back. This way they never had a chance

      • This week was all on the veto though after Jason won the care package. Even if Kryssie was nominated, if Jason or Danielle won the veto, Alex was going home. Nominating Alex gave her side a much better chance of winning veto. They just blew it.

      • Danielle volunteered to go up so Kryssie wouldn’t blow a gasket and possibly ruined their plans.

      • Krissie might of won veto. So then things would of been totally different. Like I said America made a mistake especially if they were Alex fans. I’m an Alex fan and I voted Krissie. You never put someone up on the block because anything can happen. And now Shelby totally got screwed.

      • I would have liked to have seen Justin play the veto. He would have won this one than if Kryssie got to play in it. I was just totally surprised how badly Morgan and Alex played in it. I thought for sure Alex would have done better than all of them.

      • Your wrong on that. If Krissie was the nom and she won veto then it would of been Danielle and Whitney on the block and Alex would of been safe. But I guess America was too stupid to see that.

      • A few have been way off this season. The first time Alex became a HN, for example. One of the other Misfits (Kryssie, I think, but I could be wrong) was way ahead of her on the poll and yet Alex was the third HN that week, along with Danielle and Shelby.

      • I think something was not right with that nom. Up until the polls ended every site had Krissie in the lead. And by a lot. I know it’s not the CBS site but when all the sites show that it’s usually pretty accurate.

      • Exactly. People thought it would help Alex getting to play for POV. Wow look how well that turned out. Krissie should of been sitting on the block. She’s useless. She can fart and belch just as easy on the block as she can off of it. I know Jason won POV but if Krissie was AN who knows if she would of won or not. America screwed Shelbys hoh

    • What do you expect him to say? Thank you for trying to get me back doored? He could have said worse, I sure as hell would have!

      • That wasn’t their plan, it was Jason’s lie. This had no game purpose, it was just being mean because they have the upper hand and they can. Like all bullies.

      • It was a bully move. We need to vote Whitney for America’s vote to send a message to the group.

      • It won’t change anything, but it’ll be fun to watch them try and figure out where the vote against Whitney came from.

    • I agree. I don’t find any of last night funny. It’s totally different if he didn’t have control of things and you lie to someone about a deal to make it further in the game. I totally get that you’re playing the game. But he knew exactly what he was going to do and telling them he’s getting Justin out was unnecessary. It didn’t benefit his game one bit. All it did was play on their emotions which I think is just cruel behavior. I can’t stand that cocky little weasel and hope he’s gone soon. Please let Morgan get the care package and win HOH.

  2. This whole thing is a nightmare. I’m seeing production losing their subscribers left and right.

      • Yeah, and I’ve seen a lot of people on FB saying they’re canceling as well. This could be what sinks the entire season.

      • Saying and doing are two different things. Besides I tried canceling a few weeks back when my App kept crashing and they offered me a free month. I’m sure they’ll be able to entice a few people to stay that way.

      • Yeah. I know my friends will absolutely go through with it, but they only got the feeds for the first time this season (usually I’m the fan with the feeds among us). I imagine it’ll be different for people who usually do get the feeds and are threatening to quit.

      • I’m seriously thinking of rooting for Kryssie to win now. I can’t think of a more absolutely absurd ending for this ill conceived season. I mean other than the fact I’d be voting for her to get a boatload of money that she has neither earned or deserves. It might be worth it though. It’s kind of like the fans who were rooting for Victoria to win bb16.

    • Yep if it’s back next season I’m not wasting my money. Can’t wait until summer for the real Big Brother. This was a big flop. Could of been good if they wouldn’t of given America so much control and let the HOH’s play their game.

    • Every season I get annoyed with the winner, but I always come back. Once the show is over, I’m back to my real life and watching something else of course.

  3. The plastics are going OFF right now!! I LOVE THIS!! Those 3 girls are all shoulder to shoulder with their skinny little arms on their hips trying to spill tea. This is GREAT!

  4. I’m voting for Whitney to go, but I know that it won’t matter since Jason’s side has more votes.
    I hope Morgan wins next HOH and puts up Danielle and Kryssie. There is one person left on each side if Morgan nominates two of them ,so America will make the final choice. She’ll probably nominate Jason.

    • I’m voting for Whitney too. I hope all of America does even though she won’t go I want to see her face when she gets a vote.

  5. Alex just hit the nail on the head. The only reason Jason is keeping Kryssie around is because he’ll beat her, hands down.

    • Kryssie is 100% on Jason’s side since the beginning and he knows that. Why get rid of someone who’ll help you stay safe.

      • HGs have done that in the past when they realize they’ll never beat them. And we’ve called out HGs who prefer loyalty over victory before. BB16 Cody, for example.

      • This time if Jason and Kryssie keep each other, then he’ll win. I think anyone next to Jason will lose. Maybe Shelby will beat him.

  6. Despite which side you prefer, I think we can all admit the feeds were pretty damn awesome during the last 30 mins.

      • But Whitney’s aligned with 2 out of the 3 voters. So obviously they don’t want to wipe out her or her potential care package.

      • I hope everyone votes for Morgan for care package. If Whitney gets it then say goodbye to Shelby.

    • But they won’t because the Misfits have only half-baked ideas. They’ve been so determined to get out Alex and pulling off this completely unnecessary “blindside” that they aren’t thinking about the long-term consequences.

    • No, no. It will only be Morgan and Shelby left, so a Morgan care package won’t make much difference. But I’m saying that without having looked at the next CP.

      • Either way, you want as much power on your side as you can get. (The next CP is given the veto win during the double eviction tomorrow, by the way)

  7. This was the best Veto ceremony yet. The anticipation was what makes this game so great.

  8. I understand how some of you like the PBS, but honestly, they lost that argument by miles. It’s like they came loaded but didn’t know how to shoot what they were saying

      • Just wait until he sees she is a lawyer. Or almost. All he does is say she’s worthless to society and won’t go anywhere. Well jokes on him while he still lives in Mommy and Daddy’s basement working at a grocery store.

      • Lol. He’s gonna be shocked for sure. But in all fairness, she did portray herself as a dumb, party girl who goes after rich guys at The Bungalow. Sure wish there was video of when they all find out she’s a law school graduate.

  9. Alex just told Shelby she has a secret that she wants to reveal to her before the end of today. She may just be waiting to get Morgan’s permission before saying it.

  10. At the veto meeting Alex said she would respect Jason’s decision. 1 minute later, after he didn’t save her she went off on him because of his decision. WHAAAT! Great live feeds. This season is so frustrating but also the best.

  11. Big blow up I have to say I do feel a little sorry for the BS but America should never gamble and put a fav like Alex on the block. She is a good strategist but not a comp beast. Too bad

    • Alex has a lot of fans, but she also has many haters. I didn’t vote for her, and wasn’t planning on it in the future but I’m not fully one of her fans.

  12. Running through the scenarios, unless Morgan wins HOH tomorrow, it’s guaranteed that another PBS member goes home. Everyone else will nominate Morgan and Shelby together, and even if America does give Morgan the veto, Shleby will still be on the block, and the LNJ has the numbers. Looks like the LNJ may have just came out on top this season, unless Morgan pulls off a miracle tomorrow

    • I want Danielle or Kryssie to go so hoping Morgan gets up of her behind, stop trying to come up with insulting one liners and try her best to win the next HOH. Right now they just sound like quitters. Morgan is not leaving, but for some reason she thinks that it will be her.

    • It’ll actually be a lot of fun to watch tomorrow if Morgan wins during the DE, and then Shelby wins after the DE. I wanna see what happens when the Misfits turn on each other. I don’t think it’ll happen, but I do think that would make for amazing feeds.

      • Imagine if for whatever reason the LNJ decides to just nominate Shelby with one of them as a pawn, and Morgan gets the package. They’ll lose it

      • Exactly! That’s the kind of drama we need on these feeds! It’s gonna get boring real quick now that the numbers are in favor of the Misfits.

  13. So Shelby mentions how she doesn’t want to curse people out all the time because she has a career to go back to. She curses in every sentence.

  14. Poor Shelby. America shouldn’t have this much control. Have-nots, nominee and eviction vote is one thing but a care package almost every week too? I really don’t like that there isn’t a jury and America chooses the winner. It will be too predictable for us veiwers on finale night for one. Your better off not winning any comps like Whitney. She is In the best position of all. That backstabber! Lol

  15. When I say I hate LNJ. Ugghhh. Need some hope. Why did my fellow Alex lovers put her up instead of Kryssie. We could never have been in this predicament. Gotta figure out a way to get Whitney out of here.

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