‘Big Brother Over The Top’ Double Eviction Week Arrives

This week on Big Brother Over The Top the Houseguests are preparing for a Double Eviction because unlike every regular season where it’s totally expected but unannounced they decided to do the reverse and eliminate the mystery. It’s going to be a busy couple of days here as the HGs get ready for an exciting night of BBOTT on your Live Feeds.

Double Eviction night for Big Brother

Not only will this be a special episode on Wednesday night it’ll also be happening at a special time with things moved up 2 hours to air at 8PM ET (5PM PT) with everything still airing live on CBS’s All Access. Here’s what’s going to happen.

Things will kick off with the weekly recap episode at 8PM ET then near the end of the hour the show will flip over to the live portion for the eviction vote and then off to the HoH competition. Houseguests will get a surprise visit that night from Rachel Reilly as the HoH comp host! At this point things will diverge from the regular weekly routine we’ve seen with all the America’s Votes.

CBS says that once the HoH comp is complete voting will open for the next America’s Care Package. Due to the limited time there won’t be any voting for America’s Nom or America’s Eviction vote but instead will be limited to the ACP this round.

According to CBS’s website, there will be just one hour of voting and they’ve got it listed as starting at 9PM PT even though this week’s first round of events would probably wrap closer to 9PM ET. It’s entirely possible that voting will be held at midnight ET but that’d make for a major 4-5 hour split between the two rounds that night.

What I’m expecting is the HoH comp to be around 9PM ET then we get an hour of voting for the ACP which will be this week’s Power of Veto. There will be no Veto comp in the middle of the events for the DE and instead whoever is awarded this ACP will decide how to handle the noms this round.

Options for this second to last ACP for the season will be Danielle, Justin, Morgan, or Whitney. I expect all four of them to survive this next eviction (Alex remains the likely eviction target) but that is really going to leave the odds stacked against Morgan here as she’s going to be Shelby’s only hope for both Veto and HoH as Shelby is the outgoing HoH (along with Co-HoH Jason).

So once the voting for that hour is over the Veto Ceremony can be held and then we’ll jump right in to the second eviction vote of the night. That’ll give us a gap in the events but not much you can do about that if viewer voting is being involved and they’re not making it a quick flash vote event.

I imagine it’ll be an interesting night to see how the schedule and routine works out but hopefully it’s something close to that and we get our final results of the night before too long after things kick off.

As for the Houseguests’ plans that night, it appears things are looking bad for what will remain of PBS, now calling themselves Non-Threat (PBS minus Whitney). They’re most likely going to lose Alex and Whitney has effectively flipped at this point. With Shelby unable to compete for HoH and basically ineligible to win the Veto since it’s the ACP she’ll be a sitting duck relying entirely on Morgan.

Morgan will be competing for HoH against Danielle, Justin, Kryssie, and Whitney. Then she’ll “compete” for Veto ACP against Danielle, Justin, and Whitney. Those are tough odds.

Should NT/Morgan win HoH then I imagine Justin would be a top pick and Danielle is probably up there too. Whitney would be my guess for the Veto and she just might save Justin which would leave Danielle in the danger zone and a likely eviction target in the second round of the night.

If LNJ wins HoH then of course we’d most likely get Shelby and Morgan up with Shelby as the top pick for eviction. A Whitney win for the ACP would probably just keep things exactly as they are and Shelby would be the one to go.

By the end of Wednesday night’s Double Eviction events we’ll be down to just six Houseguests and only about three weeks left to go in the season so get ready for a fast dash to the finish line for BBOTT.

What do you hope to see happen with this season’s Double Eviction on Big Brother Over The Top? Remember it’s a special early time of 8PM ET (5PM PT) and there’s going to be a quick viewer vote in the middle of it to determine the ACP/PoV so be sure to stick nearby for the results and updates.

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  1. Rats now I have to stay up again, this is taking a Toll! Plan to vote for Morgan for this ACP, then Whitney for the Final Four, just to watch how fast she gets cut because the rest will think they will lose to her. Hoping Shelby or Morgan make it to final 3, if not I’m not bothering to vote. So disgusted with this behavior and it seems to get worse every day.

  2. Well I’m going to vote for Morgan to win ACP just to keep the back and forth flip of power going… Plus, it looks like she will be losing her sister this week, I’m all for giving her some safety and power!! ;)

  3. No way will I vote for that little traitor Whitney. I’m voting for Morgan and I hope everyone votes for her. I want Shelby to make it to the end and this is her only chance. If Shelby and Morgan go I could care less who wins because the remaining are all disgusting. I know one thing if this is on next year I’m not subscribing again. America has too much control. And the only reason why I haven’t cancelled is because now that I’ve watched this much of the season I want to see what happens. But I barely watch the feeds. Just turn it on to watch the comps, nominations, care package and evictions. Can’t wait until summer to watch the real Big Brother.

  4. Why do you assume Nit-Whit will get the ACP? There’s been no polling, and I’ve seen a few of Jason’s fans talking about voting for Morgan to get it because of what he’s doing to the girls now.

    • Yeah, I’m not happy with the mean spiritedness Jason showed when he created a fake deal just to humiliate the BS girls. I know lying is part of BB, but this lie did nothing to further his game. It was just mean. I’m voting Morgan for ACP.

      • Theyve bullied and talked and did sich childush and sexual things at the girls. Im almost thru. I will vote Morgan AND SHELBY. then ugh bye bye B BULLY

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