America’s Eviction Vote: BBOTT Week 6 Voting Now Open [POLL]

America’s Vote is open again with the conclusion of today’s Big Brother Over The Top Veto Ceremony. Now one of the three nominees will be the next eviction of BBOTT and you can influence the outcome.

America's Eviction Vote on BBOTT

Just like we got to vote for the third nominee there is a new vote now but this one is to decide which of the three final nominees of the week will earn one extra eviction vote against him or her. We don’t get to pick the entire eviction result, but we do get to be involved as one of this week’s votes. Here’s what you need to know.

Voting is open at from now (2PM PT) until Wednesday 1PM PT (4PM ET) so there’s only 23 hours of voting but with the two calendar days there you’ll get 20 votes today (Tuesday) and another 20 votes tomorrow (Wednesday) so don’t wait until tomorrow to start voting.

After today’s Veto meeting the final noms were decided as Alex, Morgan, and Whitney. Jason saved Danielle and renom’d Morgan in her place, taking all of the NT votes out of play this week and leaving the decision in the hands of the LNJ with Danielle, Justin, and Kryssie doing the voting.

America’s Vote likely won’t be deciding the eviction this time, but it does look like their nominee this week will be the one to go.

Go here to vote in the America’s Eviction Vote and use up your 20 votes both today and tomorrow. Remember that you must be signed in to All Access and subscribed as well so get the Free Trial and now join the game this summer.

Once again we’re running our projection poll for you to report how you’d vote in the official CBS voting. Which of the three nominees this week do you think should earn America’s collective vote this week? Vote in our unofficial poll below:


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  1. Just gave Whitney all of my votes. I hope she goes home. She has been smirking this whole time even though Justin is the only one on her side.

    • I want her in F3, though with Jason or Shelby! I don’t think Jason will like taking Shelby to F3 over Kryssie. So she’ll need our help to make that happen. Please tell me you don’t want Kryssie in F3.

  2. So, Shelby knows about the sister twist and they know about Shelby being a lawyer who just took the bar exam! Not that any of that will possibly save all of them, but Shelby was glad to spill at least and now they all have something to be happy about.

  3. Can’t wait for Alex to go home she had a good run but she was after Jason and she had no chance I hope in the DE Danielle goes leaving Jason’s to steamroll Morgan and Shelby out the game then cut Justin leaving Jason, Whitney and kryssie in the finals giving Jason a 70% chance of winning. If PBS fans decide to throw votes behind Whitney she has a chance kryssie is perfect end game material so easy to beat

    • That’s because you think Jason is such a great comp player and he will win another. He got this HOH handed to him and it is still possible that Morgan or Shelby could win the next comps. I like Alex, but was not such a big fan because she wanted Jason out, but I wanted for her to last a bit longer.

    • Jason has zero possibility of winning the money. You may be a fan but he does not have the votes to win overall. I think today sealed his fate of losing.

  4. It’ll be hilarious to see them scramble to figure out where the vote for Whitney came from. Wonder if they’ll accuse each other or figure out it was America?

  5. I just noticed on FB that people are talking about giving Morgan the CP. Why? Because she’s sad that they got played? They have done the same. Morgan has ridden Alex’s coattail this whole game. Danielle may be very annoying but she is playing the game. Who do you guys think deserves the CP?

    • Morgan for sure.

      But I think a lot of people are more upset by the sudden lack of balance that came with this week. Morgan and Shelby are now the underdogs, and everyone loves an underdog story.

      • Yeah but we cant give Morgan the CP because then Shelby will be the one leaving… best case scenario Morgan wins hoh so we can give Whitney the CP and save the last one CP for Morgan… if a Misfits takes the HoH on the double we cant give the CP for Morgan because Shelby will be the one leaving.. and Shelby is better than Morgan in this game, Shelby F3 for sure !!

      • Nope I’m voting Morgan for CP. If Morgan doesn’t win HOH then she’s gone. I wouldn’t give Whitney anything except an eviction vote.

      • why do you want shelby out??? giving morgan the DE veto care package will ensure shelby gets voted out. dont do that

      • Shelby can’t get it so at least one of them will be safe. I sure am not giving it to any of the misfits. And if Morgan gets the POV package I believe she can save someone too. Either way I’m voting for Morgan. America trying to save Alex by putting her on the block and look how well that worked out. I wanted Krissie up. You never put someone on the block unless you’re willing to risk them going. Just like giving one of the misfits the care package would be stupid. How would that benefit Shelby? They all want her out.

      • That actually does make the best sense! I really wish if these girls do go out next, that at least they go out getting either Jason or Danielle out first!! Danielle would be my choice. What an entitled two face you know what!!!!!

      • Oh and I vote Shelby for the win if given the chance!! She has taken the worst of the beatings!! And most of why people hate her is all the things and seeds that were put forth by Jason. A bunch of lies. He did this to and about everyone but the worst to her. Then now what he did shows me he has a very dark heart, willing to watch these girls hurt to add even more hurt when it wasn’t,, the necessary to advance his game. For humiliating purposes only.

      • You’re right there is a major lack of balance now and normally I love the underdogs. I’m actually really trying to like them but I have been sitting here today listening to them and they keep reminding me why I don’t. With that being said I will say that I wasn’t very thrilled with Justin’s behavior. These girls act like they were the only ones to ever get played. I know this sounds stupid but I might actually vote for Danielle to get the CP. lol… Don’t destroy me too bad for saying that everyone.

      • It would be like Johnson in this preseidental election. 1% of the vote. You do know that Dani came up with that scheme to merely humilate them? She doesn’t deserve anything but a kick in the pants.

      • She’s playing the game. There’s no rule saying that couldn’t be done. Also, Justin clapping, laughing, and calling them suckers was a lot better than arguing with them and intimidating them. FYI–Scott clapped too–did people really forget?

      • Getting played is one thing and they accept that. Trying to humiliate them is another and that’s what disgusting Jason and Danielle did.

      • Oh Lavendergirl it’s been what, about a week since we last spoke? Alex, Morgan, and Shelby act as if they are so much better than the rest of the house. Jason just said in his DR session that he wanted the girls to get a taste of their own medicine when it came to their lying. I agree that some of the behaviors displayed today weren’t great but let’s be real, how many times has Alex lied. Jason and Danielle made a deal and went back on it. Not any different from what the BS have done. Those girls would go back on their word and then go laugh and gloat and carry on. Now the players get played and they act like the world is going to end. The only disgusting thing about it is how big of babies the girls are acting. While Justin’s behavior wasn’t cool I kind of get why they did it. What goes around comes around.

      • What are you watching? Yes everyone lies. Yes the girls lied about who they were voting for. But Jason and Danielle intentionally planned to go up and pretend to make a fake alliance and backdoor Justin. What did that do to benefit Jason except humiliate the girls. If he wanted to lie to Alex and say he’s voting Danielle out that’s one thing but setting up the entire thing just to humiliate them is low. But like I said he’s disgusting and I expect nothing less of him.

      • No, what show are you watching? Do yourself a favor and stop watching because you are too emotionally attached.

      • Oh Lavendergirl, there you go again make this personal. I was watching the same thing as you. There was nothing “disgusting ” about what they did. The players got played and that’s all there was to it.

      • Why are you always so butt hurt? It’s a game! People have been getting humiliated on big brother since day 1. That’s why we watch. It’s very entertaining. I choose to not be humiliated on t.v. which is why I’m not on big brother. Who are you trying to save? These people knew what they were walking into. Shocker!!!

      • I’m definitely voting Danielle for ACP. She’s the only one in the house that has no real allies. Jason favors Kryssie and Justin. Justin favors Jason and Whitney. Kryssie favors Justin and Jason. Whitney favors Justin and Kryssie. Danielle has no one. Danielle for ACP.

    • Morgan more than Justin. Morgan cares more about the game than Justin does. I like Justin, just not his game play.

      • I hear ya. That’s true about Morgan caring more but it did seem to me that her sister was doing all the work. I agree that they are the underdogs now but I guess I would rather give the CP to someone who is actually playing. I hear what you’re saying though.

      • She’s been playing. Maybe she wasn’t as strong as a player than Alex . Some things were from her input. Alex just became their kind of leader back from week one when she had to end up running interference with Monte when she was HOH. It just went from then bc she was having the most exposure of her game play, one on one with each of the others. Plus she had the role as well bc she was more familiar with the game and less emotional. Whitney hasn’t done anything and Justin is just catching on. Not that he is being used though!! So Morgan who had been loyal to her side as well as has played as well in comps as most., She is the most deserving!!

    • I’m voting Morgan. And it’s one thing that Jason outplayed them. That’s the game but when he went and made a fake alliance and made them think they were getting rid of Justin was just disgusting. It didn’t benefit his game he had control and it was unnecessary. All he did was play on their emotions. But he’s a disgusting weasel so I wouldn’t expect anything less of him. I hope Morgan wins HOH and CP and gets rid of him.

      • Agree 100% He has no class by having his way with Hoh. He is void of empathy by rubbing salt into their wounds!

  6. Some ‘fireworks, on tomorrow’s episode. Highlights, 3rd nom. ceremony. Jason whispering to them “Everybody knows” lol Great TV and good ‘line’ by Jason…Excited to see the editing.

    • Aftermath of veto was great! And yes Jason had the perfect response to the girls. If you missed it you should definitely watch!

  7. I’m giving Whitney all of my votes. Even though she won’t go I want her to know America voted to evict her. And she’ll know it’s America because Justin, Krissie and Danielle sure won’t vote for her. I’m also voting for Morgan for CP

    • Absolutely!!! The poll on here has her getting Am. Vote. See that’s why we never should have put up Alex the week! So she could play against Danielle! If we had put up Kryssie and Danielle still can’t!e down and Alex up and they all still pulled all the fake hopes, etc. We could have sent even a bigger message to both Kryssie and Whitney and the rest, but unfortunately Alex would still go. But they wouldn’t be so cocky I bet.

      • Sorry about the typos! I am just so upset with the LNJ attitude. A bunch of really mean-spirited people! It’s cool though that the three that actually were loyal to each other decided to trust each other enough to reveal their secrets while still in the house!!!!

  8. So even my computer hated Jason’s Veto meeting speech, ha ha! The sound glitched in the middle of it earlier today, and again during tonight’s recap – ha ha!

  9. Haven’t been watching the Misfits too much today, but Jason just confirmed that Nit-Whit told them the BS alliance name.

  10. Really, CBS? Really? You asked them about the election? Wow… just – just WOW.

    Why am I surprised by this? LMAO!

  11. Final votes are in for the night. Hopefully, the polls will be accurate this time.

    Don’t worry, Lexi. I’m watching both this AND the election results.

    I’ll be sorry to see this girl go, but if we can get at least the vote to Whitney, it’ll hopefully cause enough confusion to throw the Misfits and Nit-Whit off their game, allowing Morgan to claim the HOH.

    • Oh they’ll figure it out but an even bigger message would have been for Kryssie to have been our nom as I thought and if all went the same Alex would still go home but there would have been two clear messages. Hey LNJ we nominated one of yours( oh, not what you thought huh?) and Whitney you are a two faced snake with no conscience!
      Can,’t believe how truly disgusting , unsympathetic, and void of class these people have been. Some of these things have definitely been OTT OVER THE TOP!!!

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