‘Big Brother Over The Top’ Spoilers: Veto Ceremony Results – Week 2

Veto Ceremony results arriving today for the Big Brother Over The Top season as again we’re about to have a nominated player save himself from the Block and force a renom by the Head of Household. Would this week turn out any better than the last for the reigning HoH combating America’s influence?

Power of Veto competition on Big Brother

Overnight discussions revealed there were few options for Alex and even among those there weren’t any great ones for her plan to save Monte this week. So would she give in to the Misfits or go back on her deal with Kryssie? She’s run out of time and must now decide.

You could watch the ceremony live as it happened but if you missed it then Flashback to 1PM PT (4PM ET) to see how this plays out on our Live Feeds (get the Free Trial now).

Power of Veto Ceremony Results – Week 2:

  • Shane decided to save himself with the Power of Veto
  • Alex named Kryssie as the renom
  • Final noms of the week are: Monte, Danielle, and Kryssie

Alex knew this couldn’t possibly go over well with Kryssie especially after making the deal that she’d be safe this week if she went along with Alex’s request to make Jason safe (a move to keep Shane and Danielle vulnerable). But it was either that or alienate Scott, someone who’s on the outskirts of her own group but at least voting with them this week.

I’ve added a new poll after the meeting to gauge who everyone expects to be evicted but don’t forget there’s about to be some official voting for America’s Vote. Viewers get to cast one collective vote in the mix this week which puts ups back up to 9 votes this week and could signal danger again for this week’s America’s Nominee. That voting starts at 2PM PT (5PM ET) and you’ll need to be signed in to All Access to cast your votes each day. More details on America’s Eviction Vote here.

What do you think of today’s events at the meeting? Were the right choices made by everyone involved? Who is our most likely target for the week?



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  1. I notice right now the misfit followers are following their orders and voting Monte on this poll. It’s a shame if the misfits puppets screw up the game..

    • Yeah, it’s sickening, Jason is calling women the B, and the C words, yet women keep voting for him? Go Figure!

      • Because he’s not saying all women are those names. Women call each other those names but that doesn’t imply they feel that way about their gender.

      • Anyone that would try to justify Jason’s behavior like some of the viewers do are people that are probably a lot like him.

      • Yes, WOMEN call each other those names. We’re allowed. Just like only blacks can say certain things and only Jews can say certain things and only gays can say certain things. Anyone else using those phrases or words is completely inappropriate and not acceptable in a world where PC is everything.

      • Thank you for saying that. Jeez, I think of all the things said about Nicole last season…in the BB house and on this board…and most of them by women…so, targeting Jason b/c he has a potty mouth seems ridiculous. Jason is a loyal player–once you get his loyalty. The same cannot be said for other players in the house.

      • Jason’s mouth isn’t the only reason I’m not a fan of his. He has a nonexistent social game. He lounges on the couch and does nothing but smoke. The only reason he ends up in alliances is because they come to him, not the other way around. The most I can say for him is that he wins comps from time to time.

      • He hardly ever wins comps. He sits on his ass and smokes and talks vile crap about everyone and wants America to drag him to the end. I hope he goes soon. He’s disgusting.

      • He’s a hateful two year old that has a chip on his shoulder. Saying he wants to burn down Shelbys house and hope she’s homeless shows just what an evil person he is. Saying he wished that bitch Scott would of got crushed when he was on the bottom of the pyramid shows what an evil person he is. I could go on and on about all the vile, nasty, hateful things he’s said but it makes me sick. He has more then a potty mouth and if people don’t see that then it makes me wonder about them.

      • Jason makes me sick and if America votes Monte out because of Jason then they’re just as sick as Jason. I’m voting Danielle out.

    • Excuse me, but just b/c I choose not to vote the way you want me too does not make ME a sheep or a follower. I know my own mind. I helped put Monte OTB, despite the pressure from a lot of people on this board, so please have some respect and don’t call someone derogatory names just b/c they have a difference of opinion from your own. Those of us who want Monte gone are NOT zombies being blindly led along, okay? We are voting the way we want to b/c we want to and, if that is not according to your plan, well then, I’m sory, but we will simply have to agree to disagree.

    • The misfits are too high and mighty and need to be shown that we’re not their puppets . Hell at this rate they want America to help the win since all they do is sit around degrading people.

      • I totally agree. Monte will be gone soon enough but if we don’t get rid of someone from the mean night crew then they’ll just continue to sit on the couch and degrade and talk crap about everyone and do nothing. They’ll let America drag them through to the end. I thought America wanted to watch gameplay. It’s going to be awful boring if America doesn’t wake up. IMO I think America has too much control. Why even have an HOH because last week and this week it’s America controlling everything and not the HOH winner. I knew from the start this would be a popularity contest and not a Big Brother game. I sure hope this version is a big flop.

  2. All the misfits already said Alex is the target next week. Please vote out Danielle so Monte is still a target for them instead of Alex.

  3. I will stand strong by my girl Alex. Danielle needs to go to keep the numbers on Alex’s side because now all those misfits are gunning hard for her.

    • I’m standing by her too. She’s the best player. And she does it with class not trash like the mean night crew.

  4. The funny thing is all the misfits are acting outraged that Alex would go against their orders and break her word to Kryssie by nominating her when they all planned to snake her by voting out Monte and trying to flip Scott in the process. They are so high on themselves.

    • That was a brilliant idea and would’ve made a great game move. Alex will go now with no input from America needed. #RIPAlex’sGame #ByeMonte

      • So Alex is playing the game and you want to ruin her. You want to give the win to a misfit who has been whining and crying on the couch and talking trash about everyone. That is ridiculous

      • #TeamMisfits Maybe you missed all the game talk and strategy going on late at night.
        and I don’t want to ruin Alex…she does just fine on her own haha!

      • You shame your misspelled name, especially if you support the mean-spirited HGs this year.

      • I DON’T support the Plasics and my username is a play on my real name so it is intentionally spelled that way. Take your insults somewhere else lol

      • And we are not puppets just b/c we like certain HG! Why does a difference of opinion have to be you’re right and I am wrong to you?? We are all entitled to our opinions. That is what this board is for. You do not need to adhere derogatory names to other members just b/c they do not view things the same way as you do!

      • Some people think there is only one person to vote for and if you don’t agree you are wrong. INSANE to me. We are all individuals and should be able to vote the way we want without people calling each other names and making judgements. Keep on Keeping Jenerous!! :)

      • When did I call anyone a name? I believe my comment was So you support a nasty, vile, racist, sexist? I don’t think that sounds like name calling the person making the comment. It sounds like I’m asking s question.

      • Lately your opinions seem mean to other posters if they don’t care to vote out the same person that you do. Everyone has their own opinions of the houseguests and they shouldn’t be viewed negatively on whom they choose to vote out.

      • When do they talk game? Maybe for 2 seconds in between calling people sluts and trash and whores and hoping they get their house burned down and hoping they get their bones crushed and blah, blah, blah. They NEVER talk game.

      • Okay the brilliant plan Dani had to try to get Alex to put up Scott and then still vote out Monte wasn’t game talk? Okay

      • It was so brilliant it worked didn’t it? Haha. And that’s the first game talk they’ve done. Then it went right back to trash talk.

      • So you’re allowed to disagree with me but because I disagree with you I’m salty? Double standards.

      • Oh ffs, do you need the last word? If that makes you happy honey, have it. I got better things to do.

  5. So, all my BB friends and I are in agreement. All our votes go to Danielle.

    So let’s do the math. There’s 5 of us and 20 votes a day.

    20 x 5 = 100

    Then there’s 2 days worth of votes (unless they lock us out again).

    100 x 2 = 200

    200 votes against Danielle right there.

      • I’m in a group of thousands and the majority is voting Monte out. Do the math on that

      • Monte has no alliance with anyone. The girls are just telling him what he wants to hear. Shane is telling everyone what Monte says. When someone has no pull anymore then you move onto bigger fish. Monte is not the big fish.

      • If Monte won HOH next week and put Jason and Kryssie OTB–he sure as heck would be a BIG FISH b/c the girls (who say right now they are not in an alliance with him) would all vote his way, so yeah…getting him out is a good move for any of us who happen to like the Misfits…

      • It’s a 1 in 10 shot of him winning HOH. And even then, it would all depend on the comp. I don’t see him winning anything mental. And we’ve seen some of his physical game isn’t that great, either.

      • But it’s still a shot… This is BB! Stranger things than a very physical guy like Monte winning a HOH comp has happened!! I don’t want to take that chance… sorry./

      • You are not wrong there. Stranger things have indeed happened. Like 2 showmances making it to the Final 6. Never thought I’d ever see that happen.

      • Right! Who’d have thunk that would ever-EVER happen in BB?? Not me that is for sure. My point here is that we (America) can nominate Danielle next week, but we can’t nominate Monte, so sorry, I am going to have to stick with my plan to evict Monte. If Danielle does go home though…trust me, I will not cry a river though! haha.
        She is seriously beginning to bug me. :(

  6. Everyone lets put all votes on Danielle. She has the gall to tell us in her veto speech to save the GAGmance! Not happening!

    • Agreed. I just got done giving him my 20 votes. I was seriously disappointed in Alex breaking her word so early in the game. IMO, that is just bad BB game play. You don’t show yourself to be untrustworthy so quickly…

      If you’re going to back-stab, do it quietly and later on when there are less votes to send you packing!

      • Alex is my girl even tho I don’t like some she’s with and even I can agree she made the wrong move

      • Hahaha you crack me up. So the mean night crew can all go up and bully her into putting Scott up and they’ll save Monte when they had every intention of voting Monte out. Isn’t that double standards? Kind of hypocritical. JMO.

  7. Anyone voting Monte out (and i’m not a Monte fan ) isn’t thinking game all their thinking is Jason Probably a good idea America doesn’t get this power In a regular season. Because just watch Justin puppets are going to do whatever he commands them to do.

    • I totally agree. I don’t like Monte either and we can get rid of him in a week or two but if people like Alex then they need to wake up. I’m also glad we don’t have this much power during the regular season. I’ve watched since season one and that first season was my least favorite.

  8. Well, apparently Alex’s word means nothing. I don’t understand why she even made the deal with Kryssie to begin with. Chances are, Kryssie was going to use that ACP to save Jason no matter what, but Alex giving Kryssie her word to keep her safe, and then going back on that (especially this early in the game!) is just a bad game move. Alex should have A: either not made a deal at all with Kryssie, or B: just nominated Justin, then she would have still taken out a vote for the other side of the house, but she would have kept her word in tact.

    Really disappointed with her game play today…

    • They all lied to her when they tried to get her to put up Scott as replacement. They were going to flip their votes.

      • I know that–and I think Alex knew that per her conversation with Kryssie after the veto meeting in the storage room…however, she could have kept her word by putting up Justin. It would have canceled out a vote for the other side, but left her word in tact. That is the point I am making. It’s just not good BB game play to make yourself appear snakey or untrustworthy this early in the game.

      • It’s not good BB game voting out Monte who is the biggest target in the house and is all alone. Yep it’s real smart to get rid of him.

      • He may be out for Veto next week, but he would be eligible for HOH. What if he wins next week?? You explain to me how it is not smart to get rid of him before he wins another HOH…and then maybe I will listen to your argument.

      • I don’t think the odds are in his favor. It’s probably going to be a Q & A since the last one was endurance. And he’s not the brightest light bulb. I say let the other side take him out. And if they don’t we can. If you like Alex don’t you want her HOH to go the way she wants it too? She needs the numbers right now. We need to play strategic. And if it is a Q&A I think Jason has the best chance of winning. And you know he will put him up.

      • Exactly but Jason lovers are blind. He can do no wrong. Even though he’s the most vile, disgusting person in the house.

    • Haha! I don’t think she’s an emotional roller-coaster ride like Vanessa was, but she is a plotter and a strategic thinker like Vanessa was. I really like Alex, too, however, this move…breaking her word by going back on the deal she made with Kryssie so quickly in the game was not a strategic or wise move on her part, IMO. She should have just put up Justin…I’m not sure Alex really thought that move out. But I sure as heck am not rewarding a move like that by voting for Danielle or Kryssie… Every one of my votes-every day are going for Monte!

      • Oh I see. However, I still think your analogy was correct. Vanessa was a hell of a BB gamer. I know a lot of people did not like her (myself included most of the time) but she was still a very strategic thinker when she made her game moves… Alex seems the same way to me, well, except for this last move. Not sure why she even made the deal with Kryssie actually. All it did was make her look untrustworthy. IMO, that is not a good handle to have so early in this game.

    • Alex is sooooo much better. She is able to school her emotions and seems to play logically. Although her putting up Kryssie when she said she wouldn’t is giving me pause.

      • And you really like to make things personal don’t you? I have exactly two favorites in this house so far and one of them is the same player (Alex) that you like, but do you ever comment on that or even respond to those posts? No. You do not. You just seem to attack me on my other comments… so do me a favor, why don’t you answer some of the questions I have proposed on game play and stop making personal attacks on who I like or dislike. Okay? Thank you.

      • If you’ve read ALL of my comments you’d see I already have. It’s just on this thread all your comments seem to be about Jason. And I find him so disgusting and can’t imagine how anyone can condone that behavior. So I’m commenting based on those comments. Never made it personal. And I just asked a question about you not liking nice players. Because that’s the impression you’re giving me just on this thread. So just so you know I’m not attacking I’m stating my opinion just like you just did to me. I could say the same thing to you don’t attack me because I feel different about nasty Jason then you do.

      • Yeah, but LG I comment on a lot of your posts and upvote them as well. However, it just seems to me that you basically only comment to me when it’s negative. If I’m wrong, I apologize, but in all honesty, that is the way it seems to me. We can agree to disagree and still be friends here…I have never said anything bad to you about your choice of HG or who you like… Last season Nicole was NOT a fave of mine, but I looked at her game play from a gaming point of view and never made it personal. I just ask that you do the same.

      • I apologize if you took them as against you. I don’t mean them to be personal. This is a game and everyone has their opinions. I guess not just you but others when they talk about loving Jason strikes a nerve. Sometimes I will admit my comments can be harsh but they’re really not a personal attack on you. ;-)

      • Thank you. I appreciate that. We can absolutely agree to disgree about things without making it personal. I think a lot of your comments are strategic game thinking and I like that, so it (honestly) hurt my feelings and got me mad when I felt like you did not give my own comments the same respect. So, thank you for straightening that out. I hope we can both watch (and play) this season and have fun with it…like it is supposed to.

        And honestly LG…I would love to see Alex sitting in F2, so I think we can both agree on that! :)

      • You’re welcome. And I totally respect your comments and opinion. If I didn’t I wouldn’t even comment. Well at least we can cheer on Alex together.

      • Exactly. I do really like her, that is why I was so upset with what she did today. I just think it was a bad game move b/c she could have put up Justin and that would have eliminated a vote on Jason’s side, but it would have kept her word in tact, LG. I just hope breaking her word so early in the game does not come back to bite her next week if Jason’s side wins HOH.

    • I’m wondering the same thing. I sure hope people see the nasty person he is and vote him up.

  9. Like Monte, Danielle is another player that needs to stfu, if she wants to stay. Sucky attitude. However, There are indications that Monte is still going home….so au revoir Monte!

    • I know. She will be on my list to go shortly. She is getting far too arrogant for me. However, I am sticking with my plan to vote out Monte this week. Perhaps after that, I will be on board to send one of Shanielle home! ;) haha

      • Neeley is pissed huh.. She’s an interesting player. lol I saw her in the backyard, just staring with her dark glasses on. I feel she’s gonna turn in to an alien, and start eating them all up….she’s on larvae stage now.

      • Hahahahahahahahahahaha!! OMG! You crazy funny, Cy!!!

        As long as nothing pops out of her chest and gobbles up the rest of the HG…I’m cool! ;)

    • I was squarely on the side of Monte leaving, couldn’t wait to vote his azz out! But Dani’s behavior is so ugly and pretentious I now want her out first.

  10. I am so over Danielle! Seriously she’s standing at the sink naming off dishes and setting them aside based on if those on slop used them or not… it’s one thing to set dishes aside but to verbally announce each dish as you do it?

    We could send her home this week and target Monte next week!! He doesn’t get the chance to play in veto next week so sending him out next isn’t a bad idea.

    • I know. I am really beginning to not like her as well. I am still voting for Monte this week, but that is only b/c I see him as the biggest threat to Jason…and I love Jason. But I could definitely see myself voting to put Danielle OTB real soon.

      • Jason needs to do his own dirty work instead of depending on America to do it. So far all he’s pretty much acting like a floater depending on America to save his A$$. Plus his mouth is getting more and more discussing.

      • What? Um…I do believe the first week Jason would have went home, no questions asked, Waukman, had he not won POV and saved himself. How is that waiting for America to save him? He saved himself and imo, that is playing BB.

      • So….winning POV at a crucial time does not impress you?

        Then I have to ask, why are you watching this show? That is the entire point of this game!

        You are just biased against Jason and it would not matter what he did imo, your reaction would be just as sarcastic as it is in your reply above.
        You have obviously formed the opinion that you do not like him, and while you are entitled to that opinion, do not try and ram it down all of out throats. Okay? Thank you.

      • Jason isn’t a floater, he is squarely in one camp. Scott was the floater until he was called out on his sneakiness.

      • He thinks America will drag him to the end. He’s doing the same thing he did his season. Sit on the couch, smoke and say disgusting things about people.

    • I agree. She acts very entitled. Like I said for such a beautiful girl she sure is ugly on the inside. She thinks America loves her and her sh#t don’t stink.

      • The ONLY reason America has voted “her” way is Because of Jason and it in no way compliments her unless riding on JAsons coat tails is considered a compliment. 2ndly, Monte and CB helped create a tArget on themselves with their mouths and made it easy for America to target them. After Monte goes I don’t think it will be nearly as easy to pick a target and the playing field will level out some. IMO

      • I don’t like Monte but I’m not voting for him only because right now Alex needs him for a number. And I love Alex and don’t want to screw up her HOH. And if by chance someone from the mean night crew gets HOH they’ll nominate him. If he’s gone then who will be their target? Why take out a big target that is all alone. We can get rid of him eventually but we have to be strategic about it. This will hurt Alex.

  11. And I LOVE Alex and I wish she wouldn’t have nominated K… most of this game is social and she needs to realize that she gave her word on keeping K safe and went back on it. I feel she’s made a mistake and I hope she recovers bc I want her sitting in F2!

    • Nicole I totally agree. I LOVE Alex too, but she should have kept her word. It is just too early in the game to be bouncing checks in the BB house! She could have nominated Justin. Why didn’t she do that?? She made a deal with Kryssie and then went back on it. I think doing that so early in the game is just bad BB game play.

      • She is perfect!! Starting to put on some weight and getting adorable leg rolls!! Girls are so much fun!! Been missing your comments here!! Glad to see you!

      • Thanks, Nicole and ahhh!! to the leg rolls. For some reason, I always knew she would be just fine. Thanks for letting me know.

  12. WTF is with Neely and Krissie saying Alex’s word is no good. Weren’t they both a part of the mean night crew that went up to her HOH room threatening that she needed to put Scott up. Telling Alex that if she puts Scott up then Monte will be safe. Haha what a big fat lie. They were lying right to her face because they were voting Monte out. Talk about a couple of hypocrites. What about your word being no good Krissie.

    • That is not what they are talking about. Alex made a deal with Kryssie to use the ACP to save Jason b/c Alex did not want to give in to the pressure to nominate Jason…and her and Kryssie made a deal if Kryssie did that, Alex would not nominate her. That is what they are talking about.

      • I know that. But I’m talking about yes Alex put her up but the mean night crew wasn’t going to honor their deal either. So it’s pretty hypocritical saying Alex doesn’t keep her word but they’re doing the same thing. Only she’s found it with class and they’re a bunch of classless hypocrites.

      • But LG breaking your word this early in the game is not a smart move. Look at what Nicole did when she was HOH that last time…she gave her word to James that she would not nominate him or Natalie, so, she talked Paul into going up against Meech as a pawn. That way she maintained her alliance with Vic and Paul, but kept her word to James. THAT is strategic BB game play. Alex could have just as easily put up Justin and achieved the same results of eliminating a vote from the other side–however, in that scenario, she would have kept her word.

        I just think it is far too early in the game to get a rep for being unable to keep your word…I’m disappointed in her b/c I love Alex and I think she could have found another way. That is all.

      • I find it funny that people can be so hypocritical when watching this game. If it is not furthering the people they are rooting for then it is fair game, but if they don’t like them then there is hell to pay and they are raging up and down the board. I like Alex but she shouldn’t have gone back on her word so early, just like you said. :)

      • Exactly BG. I love Alex too. I am just disappointed she now has the handle of being untrustworthy. No one will believe her now when she wants to make deals. Jeez, it is only week 2!!!! Not good so early in the game.

      • I was really looking forward to the possibility of Alex working with the other side but I think she has screwed the pooch.

      • Yeah Jason walked outside after the veto meeting and said “what does it matter, she obviously can’t keep her word”. So…I think that scratches any chance of him wanting to work with her in the future. That sucks. I just don’t understand why Alex did not nominate Justin… That would have achieved the same results without breaking her word!

      • I know. I’m a little mad at her b/c of it. I really like Alex. I just think breaking her word so early was a stupid game move and I expected better game play from her.

      • I don’t even know what is going on on BBOTT, but you girls are cracking me up for some reason. I just came on to say howdy. Give em’ he!! gals!

      • I just passed a kidney stone. How the heck you think I’m doing!!! lol
        Oh, I’m better now. I just come and read every now and then ’cause I miss you guys so much.

      • Oh no, so sorry to hear about that KSJB!!! Sending healing thoughts your way my dear. I know those can be very painful. Take it easy and treat yourself well. Really good to see your name on the board. The show has been really good, heads and shoulders above BB18.

      • I don’t know how I missed this post last night, BG. Sorry. That was very sweet of you. I knew it was a stone as soon as the pain started about 7:30 night before last, because I had one about a year and a half ago. My Dr. ordered an ultrasound to see if there were more, and there was one more in there. I hope no more form. No fun!!! But I’m good.
        It wouldn’t take a whole lot to be an improvement from BB18. I’m very happy you are enjoying it more. Honestly, I felt like BB18 was a waste of my time. I didn’t watch the last three episodes and only posted on BBN. I love you all and it makes me smile when I read your posts. :D

      • Absolutely no worries, you were busy catching up with everyone and having fun, I totally understand. I’m just sorry you are having to go through all of that! You are a very popular person around here and you should enjoy that. This season has been really good, enjoy much more than any in quite a few years. Hope to see you around on the boards! Rest easy… :)

      • Thanks, Coco!!! I didn’t see you there! hehe I didn’t know you were watching. I’ve read a few comments on a very few threads but I don’t remember seeing you. Ah, you know I love you, gal!

      • Yup got the feeds just to see how this bunch plays out and I’ve commented on some threads but I mainly just read them. And don’t I know it :D

      • There is some serious bullying here this season… If you like Jason…you are a sheep who does not know your own mind. Have you noticed that or has the Zombie dust taken over so much that you cannot even type any more CoCo?? hahahahahahahaha!!

      • Haha I’ve noticed, just don’t feel like arguing with people who’s minds are strictly set on those they do not like. There’s really know point to it. Now I’m not going to lie I disagree with some of the things Jason and his night crew has stated however I still love him as a game player since he’s one of the few that actually knows the game and can play and I won’t change my mind about him just because a few people hate his potty mouth. No one said you had to like him for the things he says. Also at times he can be hilarious

      • Agreed wholeheartedly CoCo! There are times when Jason says something and I am like ugh…seriously?? However, he keeps it real and that is one thing I do like about him. He is dead loyal if you have his trust, but if you don’t…you know he doesn’t like you. He is not the sneaky, behind your back kind of BB player and I like that about him.

      • You liking it better than BB18 or maybe you haven’t had enough time to decide. I really hope you all are enjoying it. Thanks for posting to me, Coco. :D

      • Still haven’t decided yet since it’s only week 2 but I definitely like this bunch more than BB18. And no problem I miss your posts.

      • I’m back to get a laugh before I run up to check on my parents. You all never let me down. I ALWAYS smile when I read ya’ll posts. :D

      • I just gave you the cliff notes version of BBOTT! I wish you could get the feeds K. Even Sharona has them now and we miss you… :(

      • I’m glad Sha got the feeds. She had to put her baby Lula(cat) down and you guys will give her something to smile about. I just have too much going on, but it’s impossible for me not to check in every now and then just to see you guys conversing with each other. Keep entertaining me and don’t take any crap off of anybody!!!!

      • I know I saw that. I was so sad… :( My heart goes out to Sha. I know how hard that is. My pets are my babies…family and losing them is devastating to me.

        As far as taking crap–you know me! Nope! Not gonna happen. I’ll just blodjkd that prsn! Yup yup! ;) hahahahaha

      • LMAO!!! Nothing to it, right! Hey, I had to on BB18. It’s just not worth trying to discuss something with people that show no respect for your opinion. It’s like, if you don’t think like them, you are wrong or stupid! Blojk ’em! Yup! You kill me. lol

      • I know. It is like some people only comment to blast you…and never make any comments on posts where you actually agree with them!! UGH! Maybe Mickey was right… Blodjkd!! hahahahaha

      • Okay, K, let me fill you in. Jason was st week b/c hello he’s the vet, but he won POV and saved himself. Cornbread the country boy was nominated by us (America) and after some yucky comments about jewish people–we all sent him packing!

        Alex, (who is a secret sister in the house btw) won HOH and nominated the only showmance of Shane and Danielle, but Shane won POV and took himself off the block and then Alex went back on a deal she made with Kryssie and nominated her instead of another member of that side of the house!

        Whew! And that’s pretty much it.
        I feel like I just ran a marathon! hahaha

      • Why thank you K…

        However, I forgot to mention the most exciting part…this season BB is merging with the Walking Dead b/c apparently, we (America) are Zombies this season if we don’t vote for the side of the house that hates Jason! Hahaha! ;)

        So come watch us Zombies play BB, K! :) Guaranteed laughter and mayhem!

      • The BBZees. lol Did you know that there are some real comfy shoes out there that are made by Naturalizer called BZees? They are sooooo comfy!

      • LMAO! Oh we have to put that out there to all the feedsters and BBN boardsters who like Jason… We can be the BBZees!! LOL! Too freaking funny K! :D

        So, if I get these shoes then I can literally say I have walked a mile in YOUR shoes, right?? hahahaha! ;)

      • Oh joy! I can be a BBZee, too! hehe
        And yes, if you get some of the ones called Revival, we can be twins. No joke, there are at least 10 women I can name that got some just like mine because they liked them so much. But now, my foot is a slight bit on the narrow side and I’m not sure they would be so comfy if it wasn’t.

      • Heck, I don’t need to watch! You did that in very few words and like BG said, beautifully! Thanks, TGJ! :)

      • Always K. Love ya. Miss ya. If I have to personally give ya a recap each week to get you to grace us with your presence…then just consider me your BB Ambassador of Information. :)

      • hahahahahaha!! Is that like an assassin and an ambassador all rolled into one, coz I’m all kinds of down for that. Who do you want me to take out for ya, K?? ;) haha Consider it handled… ;)

      • Of course…sssshhhh. It’ll be our litle secret. We can invent code words for who you want taken out of the game and everything. :) haha!

        Oh btw… I just you-tubed My Sharona from the Knack…
        I’m hoping my music flows through this BBN wave and gets Sha and she’ll feel this overwhelming urge to show up here while you’re still here so we can have a god old fashioned gab fest like we did last season. :) hahaha

      • She’s a hoot. You two are funny posting together. I wouldn’t want to be on either of your bad sides, though. Who’s the bad mofo? lol Not me!

      • Oh no…the Bad MoFo is Super Sha and we all know it!! ;) Do not get on that woman’s bad side, she will drag you out back and bury your butt!! ;) LOL!

        Oh, btw…speaking of casualties..does anyone know where Mickey Mousaroni is buried?? hahahahahahahahaha!! He sure as heck hasn’t shown up since Sharona put him in his place! :)

      • Right?? Who knows what we may dig up? :O Like I said…would not want to get on her bad side. Mickey messed with her friend and suddenly HE was blofjkd!! yup yup! haha!

      • You’re so sweet to take the time to speak to me. I hope you all continue having fun together. I’ll come back in a few days to see what’s cookin’. Love ya, TGJ. :D

      • Ok..K Don’t believe them. I’ll give you the update..Latest twist. Frankie will join the house.

      • Nooooooooooooooo, I have my fingers in my ears singing not listening to this nonsense! lol

      • Whew! I wasn’t sure, Dan, but I think that is the words Sharona used. She’s one of a kind, that gal! lol

      • She is…where is she?? I’ve been playing “My Sharona” on loop for three sets darn it! hahaha! can’t she hear me calling to her, K? ;)

      • The sun has gone down in her neck of the woods. She is probably outside howling at the moon….and digging. :(

      • LMBO!!! You, my friend, are too funny. See, this is why you are so missed when we do not hear from you. ;)

      • LMAO!!! All that glitters goes to gold…not so in Frankie’s case I guess.
        *ducks head* okay that was bad… hehe

      • Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Why Cy? Why would you scare away our friend K like that?

        Thts it yuo blodjkd!! yup yup!

      • That’s exactly true. She could have put up Justin and kept her side happy and Kryssie satisfied. She would have gotten the same result since nominating him would’ve prevented him from voting

      • Exactly CC. Putting up Justin would have gotten the same results without losing her game credibility. In fact,Jason walked outside right after the veto meeting and was like “well what does it matter, she obviously doesn’t keep her word”. That says it all. Her word means nothing now in the house. Bad game move so early on.

        What really bothers me is that Alex did not even have to take that deal with Kryssie b/c lets be honest, K would have probably used that ACP on Jason no matter what Alex said, so WHY did Alex make that deal if she did not plan on keeping it?? It just makes no sense at all and imo, this has only hurt her game–BIG TIME!

      • It might come back to bite her. But that group is never going to be loyal to her. If Krissie wouldn’t of went along with the group saying they need to lie and vote out Monte then I’d agree saying she should of put up Justin. But they were going to back stab her. And even if she did put up Justin they aren’t going to work with her. They already have their click.

      • I don’t know…However, Alex and Jason had a conversation earlier this week where she told him she wanted to work with him… and Jason said in his DR session that he wanted to work with her too as long as she was on the level about working with him…

        However, after today, he walked outside and said “well what does it matter, obviously her word means nothing”. and that is what I mean by her move bugging me. She had a “secret” thing starting with Jason, but I think that got blown to heck and back today b/c she blew her word so fast in the game. Lying is part of BB–we all know that, but there is a time, place and way to do it…the second week is not good LG. You know that as well as I do. I am seriously worried about Alex’s game now and since I really want her in F2…I’m a little mad at her! You know what I mean?

    • I kind of got that from the conversation Alex had with Kryssie in the storage room…that was her excuse for putting up Kryssie. She said had she nominated Scott, she was afraid America might vote for Scott over “him” (who I was assuming meant Monte)… I was not exactly sure if that was the real plan, but listening in now… I see it is. The girls are voting out Monte I guess. Wow! Another stupid move on their part. He is definitely a vote for them…

      • It kind of shocked me. I haven’t been able to watch at all today so I didn’t know where they were going, but okay girls, vote him out. :)

      • I’m fine with Monte leaving this week. We can nominate and evict Danielle next week. And with the special veto we can give it to Alex that way she’s safe.

      • Right..I really think Monte leaving is good for the game. He just doesn’t seem to fit. Like a reset, then we have all the smart players. I think we’re in for some good gaming.

      • It will be interesting, either way it goes. Makes for a lot of drama on the feeds. Just the way I like it!! :)

      • After the Veto meting, Alex actually hinted at that when she was explaining why she nominated Kryssie… I wasn’t sure if that was a *real* thing or if it was just an excuse, but apparently it is a real thing and the girls are going to flip on Monte and send him packing.

        I have to say, I am surprised at this. Why on earth would they do that? He is a definite vote in their favor?

      • They know he’s going whether they vote for him or not, so they don’t want to piss off the other side of the house more than they have already: Alex basically needs to sell to Kryssie that there was never any risk of her going home (which there wasn’t) just for damage control.

  13. I hope is Monte and next week Danielle or Shelby. I think that Shane will stick with Jason even if Danielle is not there.

    • It looks like it will be Monte this week Samsara, it looks like even Monte’s “Pythons” (yuck) are voting him out!! If Monte does go this week, I say we all nominate Danielle next week, b/c she is just ugh! Arrogant, rude and far too cocky. NO ONE should ever feel that safe in the BB house!

      • I voted Monte so I’m hoping he goes.
        Sometimes I do feel bad for him, but he has chosen not to socialize and get to know all of the players, not just Morgan. I will start watching the feeds more once he goes and see how both groups decide to align. I think alliances will change after this week.

  14. I love how “America’s” side of the house is in complete power right now, and they still threw a temper tantrum when things didn’t go exactly how they wanted them to. I think Danielle just gets frustrated because she comes up with these brilliant schemes but then Alex is too good of a player to fall for them. I hope the power struggle between these two plays out all season, they’re both excellent Big Brother players, and I don’t want to see either one go too soon.

  15. Sounds like the plastics want Neely to think they’re voting Monte; they’re telling her that anyway. Does anyone know the reasoning behind this; is it a last minute plan to screw up the votes?
    Jason should be the next to go (he won’t be thanks to America). If Monte had threatened to burn someone’s house down everyone would say he’s part of the clan, but its OK for Jason

  16. It’s getting to the point I won’t watch anymore. Several of the house guests are the rudest and most hate filled people I have seen on Big Brother and I’m not talking about Monte. Too much power has been given to Jason and his followers who are ruining America’s vote.

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