Big Brother 18: James And Natalie Meet Up, Confirm Their Relationship

Big Brother 18 fan favorites James Huling and Natalie Negrotti are together again and they’ve got official news for you. They are indeed a couple and are currently together to do the whole meet the family thing.

James Huling & Natalie Negrotti together

“Yes we are dating guys,” Natalie confirmed during a Persicope session while the two were en route to Massachusettes. “Yes we are official. I don’t understand why people don’t believe we are together. How is it not obvious?”

Natalie then explained their road trip saying they’re heading to meet multiple members of her family, including her dad and grandmother before driving to Pennsylvania to meet some of James’ family.

Fans were asking multiple questions to a very happy and excited Natalie (James was driving so he was concentrating on the road). She let us know that she does keep in touch with other Big Brother 18 houseguests. She said if they were her best friends in the house then she’s obviously going to keep in touch. She also addressed some of the things she said regarding James at the end of the season.

“I said some things I didn’t mean, but I apologized after,” she said. “I didn’t mean those things.” And James seems pretty content, so he’s definitely not stressing those things.

One of the most popular questions seemed to be whether or not they’ve moved onto kissing. They plead the fifth on that but Natalie did say James tries to show her some PDAs but she’s not having it because she’s a private girl and likes to “keep it classy.”

Oh and there was one more question. Are they going to get married?

“Yes, we’ll see,” Natalie responded with a smile. “We’ll see if we’re going to get married.”

What do you think? Do you think James and Natalie are going to last? Check out some images from their meet-up below.

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Photos courtesy of Twitter and Instagram


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  1. Having watched their relationship grow on the feeds, and after the BB18 via their social media photos & video, there’s no question in my eyes that James and Natalie are the real deal. So happy that they were able to make it work despite all the negativity. Wishing them a long future together.

    • There “relationship” was non existent in the house. I never saw at anypoint anything growing other than James falling for her more and more. She attempted to jump onto 3 other guys in the house and they all rejected her.

    • You’ve been duped, there’s NOTHING real about their “relationship”!!! Look on youtube for James confession, it’s a doozie!!!

  2. I wish them lots of joy and happiness in their journey outside the house. They make a cute couple!

  3. I think she’s only dating him because of all the backlash. She can’t handle looking bad so she’ll date him for 3 months then move on.

    • She is hoping to get something out of this— maybe an invite to BB again or some other show. One ? tho—- do any of them have a real job or just living on all the big bucks they made on BB.

    • Backlash? What backlash? She is dating him because she likes him, anyone who thinks different needs to have their head examined.

      • LOL! You need to have YOUR head examined! She is NOT faithful and screwed James over, go lookup James confession video on youtube! Boy, you’ve been scammed if you believe anything Natalie says!

    • Haters keep moving the goalposts. First she wouldn’t date him at all, now it’s only for 3 months. They like each other. How is that so hard to accept? Haters just won’t admit to being wrong.

    • She didn’t even dated him that long – she’s a lying, conniving witch and used poor James in the BB house and for a long time afterwards! Payback’s a b&*^%! She used James as a buffer, of sorts, between her family and what she really is doing! James still didn’t reveal her lies, but he did a confession video on youtube explaining how she cheated on him from the beginning, outside of the BB house, look it up!

  4. You have to be living in an Alternate Reality to not see they are in love and dating. Wish them the best…

  5. I’m very surprised, I didn’t think any of the showmances would last. Two out of three ain’t bad.

  6. Well this is shocking. For a long time I thought Natalie never cared for him. I mean they’re of two different backgrounds- James is a country boy from Texas and Natalie is a cheerleader from Jersey.

    And considering Natalie originally liked Vic and Paul this is rather shocking.

    Not a huge Paulie fan but I thought this was the only thing I agreed with- that they wouldn’t last. I mean I know Natalie got defensive when people accuse her of using him, but I didn’t think she really did care for him.

    Well James may have sucked at the game, but atleast he gets his dream girl. Happy for him. Not to mention Natalie met his kid so that’s doubly cute.

    Hopefully they last a long time if not forever.

    • I’m not shocked at all. Watching them on the live feeds it was obvious how much they cared for each other. I’m confused as to what doubters saw to make them feel differently.

      • That’s because prior to this, Natalie was flirting with Paulie and Vic before officially moving to James. And Paulie later claimed Natalie was using James, and prior to Natalie’s eviction James started to believe Paulie.

      • And James didn’t flirt with every girl in the house too? Why does any of that matter anyway? They ended up together. If them flirting with others beforehand doesn’t bother them then why does it bother others? Kinda weird IMO.

      • Such double standard as James flirted just as much if not more then Nat… Why not just accept the fact they both are in love and dating now rather then continue with the hate.. Makes no sense, get a life and find something to love…

      • Wait when was I hating? I’m trying to explain why I’m shocked. I’m for the couple don’t get me wrong, but I’m expressing surprise at this.

    • actually james was adopted from Korea I believe and grew up in sumter sc..yes he is a country boy. nat was born in vens ( can’t spell it) and moved to jersey at age 7, raised by single mom

  7. Haters are so butthurt. They said they would never date but now that they are these fools have to cry fake. They don’t have enough character to admit they were wrong. They will probably still be saying it even if James and Nat marry. haha

    • lol, no one is butthurt, they aren’t that important. It is a weird pairing and that is what people are reacting to.

      • it is only weird because she wanted nothing to do with him in the house other than to cry to,bitch at, and wanted his vote, and only moved on to james once the other guys wre not into her. And of course no romance at all between the 2 in the house.

      • Apparently they are important enough for some people to give their negative opinions. If they didn’t care they wouldn’t bother to do that. And yeah those still doubting this are completely butthurt about it and still won’t admit to being wrong about them. It’s pretty sad.

      • Really? Henry is leaving negative message after message. They sure seem important to him. It’s bizarre and unhealthy that he cares this much.

    • No one is butthurt.
      People just aren’t sure if this is real.
      Because they had a fight on Natalie’s last day.

      I’m okay with them together, I’m just shocked.

  8. Well well well, I’m still not sure about this but I will say if this is for real good for them.

    • Right there with you! I wasn’t sure whether she was using him during BB or not, but it seems that I may have been wrong. If so, good for them! I wish them nothing but love & happiness!! :D

  9. The amount of haterade being consumed in the BB community is at an all-time high. You cant expect miserable people to actually be happy for two people in love. Or to even know what that looks like. They’re hoping James and Natalie fail because it makes them feel better about their own sucky lives. The fact is, these two did it the right way, getting to know each other in the BB house and not just screwing a dozen times like the other couples did. People don’t believe, simply because Nat doesn’t want to slobber all over James in public. Trust me, that is exactly the kind of girl you want, a classy one. Keep ignoring the negativity, Jatalie. While it’s correct that not many couples truly make it after Big Brother, yall’s relationship has all the elements and ingredients to buck the trend.

  10. You would have to be living in an Alternate Reality to not believe that Jatalie is real and dating outside the BB House.

    • Well I do live in California, so I guess that’s close enough to an Alternate Reality!

  11. She is using him for his popularity so she can become famous. I can’t wait for her to find out that it only last an actual 15 minutes per season and it ends up going nowhere.

  12. I find it quite amusing to read some of these posts. Some folks are so sure that their opinions are the gospel and this relationship couldn’t possibly be the real thing. When it comes right down to it our opinions on the relationship don’t matter. It’s their lives and now they are out of that house they are going to be together by ‘their’ choosing. Sounds good to me. I truly hope they are happy together. Heaven knows we can always use positive news these days with all the negative crap in the media.

  13. Natalie and James lolllllll
    This is a scam to get on another stupid reality show as a pair. Two lazy people trying to avoid working for a living .
    Get a job you two.
    We all saw how mean and nasty she can be first hand. Imagine how she would be behind closed doors. Lol

  14. Simple and plain women love men who love them…first….not lust …

  15. They are NOT a couple and everything Natalie Negrotti says is a lie. James has lied for her, for some strange reason, but these two haven’t been a couple since James found out she had been cheating on him, probably from the moment they stepped out of the BB 18 house. Go look for a Jame’s confession video on youtube – Natalie had “cease and desist” papers sent to him, accusing James of posting nude pictures of her and blah, blah, blah…we all know he would NEVER do anything like that, but he’s livid over covering her ass with her family for almost a year and then she sends him this crap, or her fake attorney does. Whatever!!! God bless James and I hope he meets someone deserving of him!!!

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