America’s Eviction Vote: BBOTT Week 2 Voting Now Open [POLL]

America’s Vote is open again with the conclusion of today’s Big Brother Over The Top Veto Ceremony where Shane saved himself from the Block and Alex sent Kryssie to the Block. Now one of the three nominees will be the next eviction of BBOTT and you can influence the outcome.

America's Eviction Vote on BBOTT

Just like we got to vote for the third nominee there is a new vote now but this one is to decide which of the three final nominees of the week will earn one extra eviction vote against him or her. We don’t get to pick the entire eviction result, but we can be the force to tip the scales if things are close enough. Here’s what you need to know.

Voting is open at from now (2PM PT) until Wednesday 1PM PT (4PM ET) so there’s only 23 hours of voting but with the two calendar days there you’ll get 20 votes today (Tuesday) and another 20 votes tomorrow (Wednesday) so don’t wait until tomorrow to start voting.

Right now we’ve got Monte, Danielle, and Kryssie on the Block after Shane saved himself and Alex renom’d Kryssie. This seems familiar, huh?

So who do you want to earn the one collective vote against them on Wednesday night? There will be nine total votes including America’s so the chance of a tie-breaker for Alex to step in is possible, but might be tricky to pull off. Share your thoughts below and let us know who you are picking and why.

Go here to vote in the America’s Eviction Vote and use up your 20 votes both today and tomorrow. Remember that you must be signed in to All Access and subscribed as well so get the Free Trial and now join the game this summer.


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  1. Danielle gotta go! All votes heading her way and I am all over TL and other sites working it. Time to let the gamers in house play and not expect America to carry their butts to the end. You wanna the game…Not America!

  2. We all need to vote Danielle or Alex is gone next week. Danielle, Shane, Jason, Neely, and Kryssie all plan to go after Alex next week. By voting out Danielle it keeps the sides even which makes for a more interesting game moving forward, it breaks up the showmance, and if the misfits wins HOH they can put up Monte who can’t compete in veto and we can vote him out then. Please don’t split votes lets all vote Danielle to change up the game. Just imagine the blindside at eviction tomorrow. It’ll be good for team feeds! Vote Danielle!

  3. I went ahead and voted for Danielle after learning Monte can’t play veto next week as well as to help Alex’s HoH not be a total waste like Monte’s was. I want her to go farther in the game than Danielle, Whitney or Shelby! We can get Monte out next week since he poses no big threat while Shane is still in the house.

    • I voted for Monte since I think he will be harder to evict than Danielle and it is better to do now that he is on the block. Danielle has easily been on the block twice and next week could be her third and last if she doesn’t go now.

      • I also don’t want Alex becoming a target next, either. She’s one of the better players this season. I didn’t like that she didn’t keep her word to a couple of them, but that’s something she’ll have to live with in that house and anticipate a few coming after her. I think Danielle is feeling way too comfortable, though, even when she’s a target. She’s not campaigning at all with the other side of the house to save her. She doesn’t believe it’s worth her breath. She’s counting on America to save her if not her own group.

      • She is delusional and thinks America loves her. Once Danielle is voted out Monte and Shane will build a strong alliance and most of the house will bow down to them as always. Right now the girls are on top and I hope it stays that way.

      • I don’t see him going back to Monte either. He has spoken too ill about the girls, Monte and Scott. Shane is all about Shane and his girl

      • Monte and Shane will never get back together. Monte doesn’t trust him and Shane is up Justin and Jason’s butt.

      • And to see the look on her face if she gets voted out. Priceless. That group needs to get knocked down a notch.

      • Well said! I am mad at Alex for breaking her word, Joni. Too early in the game imo to be bouncing checks in the BB house, but as you said, she will have to live with that now. I just hope it doesn’t ruin her game completely. As for Danielle…you know, I voted my 20 votes for Monte earlier and man o man…Dani is making me doubt my votes b/c she is being such a little beeyatch about everything! She is way too cocky to be OTB! No one and I mean NO ONE should EVER feel that safe in the BB house, ESPECIALLY if your butt is OTB!!!!! I almost want to send her home just because she thinks she IS so safE!!

      • I’m seeing a side to her that I think shouldn’t be coming from a mother of a child. Very immature and soooo conceited. I’m sure she’s been like this all along. I just hadn’t taken as much notice until this week.

      • Exactly. It is starting to show though. The ONLY reason I still voted for Monte this week was b/c we (America) cannot vote him OTB next week, where we can Danielle…and I am just thinking ahead to say Monte wins HOH…that could be all kinds of bad.

      • Nope, we can vote to put him OTB again next week if he survives this week and doesn’t get the next HoH.

      • I found that out…daggone it. Julie needs to make a new “How it works” vid and state that too! :-)

      • She got pregnant at 19. What do you expect. It may not have even been her first pregnancy either, if you catch my drift.

      • It will hurt Alex. This is Alex’s HOH and I’m doing what she wants. I love that girl and she is playing the game and doing it with class.

      • What good is it when someone wins HOH if who they put up never gets evicted? Sure they get the room but otherwise being a gamer trying to be strategic like Alex they are beat because of some stans. America vote is good with some things..but not when someone who is a vet with a fan base comes in there. The rest are at a disadvantage. Especially the ones that are not part of the MisFits!

      • Shelby and Krissie but I like Whitney more and more. Last night when they were in the HOH strategizing she is smart. She kept saying to Alex do not put Scott up. She said we need him for a number and don’t give in to the other side. Don’t do what they want. She’s also very nice. She felt so bad for Scott when the mean night group was isolating him and not talking to him. She has a kind heart. She was even crying when Danielle was sticking her tongue out during the veto comp. at Monte and Shelby.

      • Uh…Joni, the reason they are all isolating Scott from their conversations is because EVERYTHING they say to him gets reported back to Monte. In fact, Shelby is still suffering for Scott’s duplicity b/c Jason, Neeley, Justin & Kryssie all thing Shelby is the one who ratted out the OTTJamboree…when in fact, it was Scott who went right up to the HOH room the very next morning and told Monte all about it.
        So hello?? OF COURSE they don’t want to talk to him…he’s a rat! I mean really…that would be silly on their part to continue to talk game with him… Don’t you think?

      • Yeah b/c Jason is getting hip to Scott and his sneaky ways! ;) So really, do you blame them for not wanting to share info with Scott?

        I know I sure as heck wouldn’t.

      • Don’t blame them one bit. Said he was very sneaky and a gopher for whoever is holding the power.

    • I am torn. The more I listen to Danielle, the more I don’t like her. However, I want to take this opportunity and eliminate Monte too before he ahs a chance to come back, win HOH and mess up my grand plans! haha.

      So, I gave my first 20 votes to Monte. I’m gonna sleep on it and decide who will get my next 20! ;) lol!

      • I’m not torn at all now. Monte is losing power no matter how you look at it. He’s now just a number to the non-misfits and that’s it. He’s alienated most of the hgs except Scott so far. I’m glad he’s beginning to see he doesn’t “know” it all.

      • Yeah, Danielle is acting far too cocky to be OTB. You don’t get to act like that unless you’re Will Kirby Danielle…and a Dr. Will you are NOT!! And did you see her when she was doing dishes?? UGH! So bitchy… I am going to sleep on this decision. However, I will be hanging out waiting for live Drs to start! which should be any moment now! Yay!

      • Don’t let me convince who you should vote for. I’m just putting it out there as to why I’m voting the way I did and will do again at midnight since I won’t be around before the deadline to get next 20 in. She’s very lazy it seems. She gets others to do her bidding somehow.

  4. I’m glad I’m not the only one not feeling the Dani love out there. I never got all the love for Jason either.

  5. You guys are crazy if yall dont see danielle is overexaggerates…Drama queen…she wants to put on a show and not play the game ..that dude monte is not racist he just says stuff but no difference from justin and yall respect that? You vote monte you might as well give them the game!!! Make it interesting at least!!!

  6. Danielle is hot. I won’t vote her out. I need something to look at on mute. And Monte is a racist. So bye Monte.

    • Yes Monte is a jerk, but he’s pretty much a dead man walking. He can’t play in next weeks Veto and he certainly isn’t going to win the HoH if it’s a mental comp. He can be taken care of at a later date. Danielle is the bigger threat here, she’s in both a showmance and a strong alliance, she needs to be gone sooner than later.

      • I think the only thing people are using as Monte being racist is what he said about Justin.
        Monte mentioned that Justin was the one who had told him he use to steal.

    • I do not believe that Monte is a racist. He made an unfortunate comment about Justin stealing all the nice clothes that he has, but he did not make that comment in regards to Justin’s skin color imo. Actually, Monte made the comment under his breath and Shelby is the one who *loudly( repeated it, so Monte was not trying to make the comment even heard…It was just a stupid thing to say, but if anyone on this board can honestly say we have never-ever said something stupid….well, then my hat is off to you. And FYI to anyone BEFORE you accuse me of being a Monte fan… I SO am NOT, but I did see the feed where this happened. And while it was a rude and uncalled for comment, I do not think it was actually a racist remark.

      And keeping Danielle b/c she is hot…well, okay, that is your prerogative, however, from a game play point of view…not a good reason to keep a HG! JS. I am definitely nominating her next week if Monte goes this week.

      • This is why I believe Monte is a racist….he said Danielle can’t switch sides because she is half black. Totally floored me.

  7. If the shoe was on the other foot i hate it for you to be ugly …you damn fool…going off of look for a vote…you damn fool you…Just forget the game huh…you can go on pornhub for that nonesense @yo

  8. Dannielle needs to go. Shes a spoiled entitled brat. Complains about the pool punishment. Makes krissie cook her food. Throws tantrums and has sex on camera when shes supposed to be a preschool teacher and has a 3 yr old. Plus it would be a great blindside and help Alex out.

    • I’ve noticed she talks about having all these convictions but I’ve yet to see her really practicing them.

      • Yeah Joni…She is seriously getting on my nerves. NO ONE should ever feel that safe in the BB house!!

      • You know I have said again and again I want Monte to leave this week…but the more Danielle talks… UGH! :(

        IF she does go this week…I can honestly say… #NeverCared!! hahaha

      • Monte has cooled his jets, whereas Danielle is still blabbering, slobbering all over Shane, like America likes her for that too, and isn’t really gaming at all right now. Everything seems so tedious to her.

      • I know! What is her malfunction?? Where is the girl who campaigned to save Kryssie’s bootie last week?? SHE should be showing up to play this week and not Dani the slobber/blabber mouth! She’s ruining her game right now!

      • She used Kryssie as a catalyst to her own benefit. She doesn’t care a hoot about Kryssie…only Shane.

      • Come on I know you can do it. Vote Danielle. Promise to have your back next week and vote Monte. Lol.

      • Can America put him OTB again next week, or do we have to wait a week, like we do with slop?

      • No. We cannot nominate Monte again next week…but we can nominate Danielle. That is what has kept me sticking with the plan.

      • I knew we couldn’t for slop but I couldn’t remember for nominations. So we vote him up the following week if the other side doesn’t nominate this coming week.

      • Yeah, but what if he wins HOH next week? I just said in a post that when I think of this dilemma I think of Victor when he got talked into supporting the vote to evict Natalie instead of James…His words were this: “If I do this and then end up getting evicted, I’m going to be pi$$ed!” and you know what happened next week, LG?? Vic went home. Monte could very well win HOH next week and that is just not a risk I want to take. If he does not go home…and Danielle does…I won’t shed any tears, but I still have to vote for Monte b/c if I didn’t and he won HOH and sent my faves home, I’d be so mad at myself.

        I think anyone who understands this game can understand that.

      • We can vote for him to be OTB again next week. The only twist with that is if the 3rd nom wins veto and removes him or herself, HoH cannot renom anyone else. If he wins HoH, then we won’t be able to.

      • Yes we cannnnn! Listen to how it works by Julie! :-) We just cannot nominate him for slop again next week.

      • No HG can get nomed 2 weeks in a row by America for HN or the block. You can nom them every other week.

      • And if Monte wins HOH next week…? Those of us on this board who want him out will be kicking our own butts next week. I think of Victor…saying he wants to get out James, but being talked out of it and then saying these final words… “If I do this and then end up getting evicted, I’m going to be pi$$ed!”

        and what happened…? Hmm. Oh that’s right, El Fit Vic went home right after that!! I do not want Monte being that for me.

      • Joni, she doesn’t explicitly say it there, but she did in her announcement to the HGs two Sunday’s ago.

      • I noticed Julie did say something in that clip about voting for “eligible houseguests” each week. I agree, she should have made that more clear.

      • I would love to see Justin or Danielle as have nots. They are always eating. I just want to watch Justin turn into Mr. Hyde from the hunger.

      • We can…the only drawback with the 3rd nominee is if he/she pulls herself down, a renom cannot be made. Says nothing about us not being able to vote to nominate them again if they survive.

      • Hahahahaha! Are you going to get the pom-poms out LG! ;) LOL! I want to, but I cannot get past the point that I cannot nominate Monte next week. If he wins HOH…then that is all kinds of bad. I have to stick with my plan this week girl. Sorry. :(

  9. Yeesh! This vote’s gonna be really close this week. I’ve just looked at Morty’s page and Joker’s to compare the polls to the one here on BBN and they’re all within the same margin of error.

    • 1st real all girl alliance? Danielle even admitted she really doesn’t like girls. Her only alliance is with Shane and cuddling and now late night sessions in bed. She also plays the race card to America to try and get our votes to do what they want. I’m not a fan of Danielle’s. She has to go this week!

  10. I’m surprised to see that Danielle is actually a possibility. I just came to rant about how boring this season is because even when the other side of the house gets HoH, Jason and pals still have all the power due to the twists, but it actually looks like Alex and Shelby might have enough fans that they might get their way. Very interesting. I’m happy to send Monte home, because I want to see the Alex/Danielle conflict play out over the whole season, but I hope after this week things get more interesting.

  11. America’s vote only counts for 1, so if the rest of the house chooses Monte, America’s vote won’t even matter if Danielle gets the most.

    • Imagine if twitter rallies the support to help out Alex and co. and they squander it by voting out Monte anyways. Hilarious!

      • Oh my. Now THAT would be silly. In fact it would make the last three hours of my life debating that very issue ridonkulous!! haha!

        WHY are they even contemplating that?? Monte is a sure vote in their favor. I do not get the logic in that thinking at all.

      • See? That’s why I think ‘merica has too much power. I just put their names on a piece of paper, drop a Skittles, and whomever is closest, gets my votes. Scientific. Then I get to eat the ‘hanging chads’—if you will (yeah, I know they’re not technically ‘chads,’ but ‘voting pieces’ didn’t sound as good).

    • They need one extra vote to vote out Monte so if America votes Danielle out, there’s that vote Alex needs.

    • It would be the 3 plastics and Scott vs. Neeley, Justin, Shane and Jason. A tie. America would break the tie.

    • Exactly. I don’t know. The girls have said they plan on voting out Monte, but then kind of hedged back on that plan… Not sure what they are thinking. They should definitely NOT vote out Monte, but if they do. Okay. I will laugh all the way to the next HOH comp. :)

  12. Call me a cynic but I have to say this.

    Why do I get the feeling the these players will only do what we as America will do? Also if we’re the jury, how would we decide who wins? Gameplay or popularity? (remember Jordan and Jon and the brothers?)

    Because I get the feeling with us being a “player” people would do only what we want them to and not think for themselves.

    Is it me or do I not make sense?

    • I’m not sure if that’s the case. It’s a little early.These people are smart. They have to go against America at one point, if that player wants to win. I would like to think ‘online users, are better Jury than TV viewers. Alex is one of the best gamer there, is recognized by most Feedsters. …I really don’t think there are any slacker there. we’ll see

  13. It’d be mighty fine if all 3 of these nominees sat their butts down on ejection seats. Where’s the three for the price of one button?

    • No, Danielle went after him. He’s no saint, but she’s showing her true colors – and they’re gross to look at.

      • Ya i agree that’s not plesent to watch.
        Monte just think he is God’s gift and has to control everything.
        If I have to hear that he is just looking out for whomever again I’m gonna snap

  14. They didn’t go to Alex to bring solidarity at all. Alex knew that they weren’t to be trusted to do that. Whitney pointed that out to them as to why.

      • Everyone says he is racist! Do u really think u are going to change my mind? Go in someone else’s comments bcz no one cares over here! So that makes your point invalid if u have to to get mad and think someone is going to change their thoughts. Girl Bye!!

      • Check BBN’s Twitter. Check the polls. Check THIS comment section. You are way behind the times, mate.

      • I don’t have to check any sites. What I say is all I care about, so u keep checking and maybe racist Monte will pat u on the head for being a good pet!

      • Good Bye! Stay out of people’s comments section if you think your feelings will get hurt bcz someone wont agree w/u. Monte could care less about u and here u are going wild! LOL! Chile Bye!!

      • Oh, honey. Don’t take it personally just because you lost your argument.

        Feel free to comment back because this is more entertaining than Danielle’s entire DR.

  15. America voted for Monte to be on the block and Morgan to be a HN. America said Monte is out so, let’s gooooo!!

      • No, it’s the number of votes that matters. Whoever gets the most votes is sent packing. Which means the polls? Yeah, they matter. More than usual.

      • Yes, but the nomination no longer matters. He’s on the block – congrats. But will he be evicted? That’s the end goal here, isn’t it?

  16. While Alex is speaking, I was checking 6 chatrooms( unscientific). I know she was pleading her case, but.these people want Monte out. lol

  17. Alex is the player we have been begging for for YEARS! Her fans need to band together to protect her.

    Super fans, let’s give it to the super fan!

    • Voted to evict Danielle
      And will vote for Alex to get the care package.
      I agree, she is the first real super fan imo

  18. “For those of you who don’t know…”

    Proof Danielle has no idea we’re watching her 24/7.

  19. So, considering how close this is vote is gonna be, I feel this is a legit question to ask. What happens if America’s VTE ends in a tie? I’m assuming the tie breaker will still go to the HOH.

    • Yes, Alex will get the pleasure of breaking a tie and evict Danielle.
      And that wasn’t even on her bucket list. Lol

  20. (on the opinion that Alex nominating the showmance was a mistake)

    *face palm* Justin, ladies and gents, once again showing that he has no knowledge of this game.

  21. Been voting for Danielle hopes she’s goes. I’m behind Alex a lot more than anyone else in the house and that’s what’s best for her game right now. Monte can always go next week he can’t even play in POV

  22. I’m kinda losing respect for Shane right now. He’s so busy thinking with his hormones he’s not playing Big Brother – the game. He thinks he is, but he’s not. Then again, maybe he thinks Big Brother is a dating simulator, in which case, he’s playing it perfectly.

    Danielle going might be the best thing for him. Maybe he can salvage the little game he has.

  23. Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait a minute! Is Shane ACTUALLY a golfer???? Because if the answer is yes, then that was a HUGE advantage for him going into that Veto comp!

    • I don’t know if you remember but in his bio he said he could have been a pro golfer but decided not to be, and everyone kind of mocked him for it. Anyways, they all had plenty of time to practice, and I feel like the size would make it awkward enough to mitigate the advantage.

      • LOL. Yeah, I totally forgot that. Thanks for the reminder.

        As for the practice and ball size, I can only imagine you’re right. I only golfed, like, once or twice at birthday parties, so I’m no expert on how much harder or easier it would be with a bigger ball.

  24. Oh, God, Neeley just had to open her mouth and, all of a sudden, I’m having Paul flashbacks!

  25. Is it just me or does anyone realize that danielle side is mad at alex for her decision to put up krissie instead of putting up scott…but in reality they were actually scheming [Snaking] to get monty out…they were never going to abide by that deal so why are they feeling some type way like they are wronged and alex a liar and untrustworthy but really mad bcus they didnt backdown like a bunch of cowards (really monte’s decision) another reason danielle must go…Shes a liar and manipulator and her word means nothing along with jason,neely,and Krissie

  26. Kryssie was going to pick Jason anyway so she wasn’t really working with Alex.
    Why is she as boring as Shelby.

  27. Ok if monte really said he likes running over squirrels with his truck then it seals my vote for him to leave….cause thats evil as hell

    • So You never shot a squirrel with a bb gun or stepped on a roach(insect) or shooed cats or dogs away…you sound like a hypocrite…and (monte is racist) you making it racist with that name and your comments…that man aint racist maybe olblivious to how his comment sound but he have that in his heart

  28. How I’m seeing Monte after this DR session.
    He is the way he is, but as he said wants to keep improving.
    He probably has never been around diverse groups of people.
    He thinks the other side of the house has prejudices about him, rather than the other way around.

  29. He is a good Christian man that believes God loves everybody except gays, blacks, and squirrels. …yeeeee hawww God bless Merica

  30. Kryssie is officially dead to me. She’s been turning me off for a while now, but tonight, she nailed that stake right into her coffin.

    • Huh? Again, all I see is blanks. Your comment does not compute. Must be a false statement that’s been debunked by just about everyone between this chat and Twitter.

    • He is not a racist that’s total BS used to get him out of the game the night crew has no class!

  31. You need to go with that foolish advertisement and im black and can clearly see he’s not maybe a captain america but not racist

  32. Danielle has got to go, their so sure they got America’s vote, let’s bring her down a peg, and send her ___ packing!!!!!!

  33. Gave my 20 votes to Monte the racist. Last season Bronte was the racist. This season Monte is the racist. I guess Elephante will be the racist next season.

    • Heh. Definitely must be my computer. Because, once again, all I see is blanks. Kinda like this.

      ___ ____ ______ _____ ____

      It’s pretty funny.

  34. Disreguard this guys comment…better yet flag him so he never comes back….Bronte a racist lmao what show do u watch canada’s version of bb (australia??) becus your not watching usa bud…once flag him guys make “monte is racist” guy be gone

    • Flagging you for telling people to flag someone else. You can’t incite flagging because you disagree with them.

      • Well do it because im flagging him due to deflamation of character and he has no proof he racist so how about you keep stepping Mister No

      • You know the meaning huh and yea i know i spelled it wrong …i was almost arrest by spelling patrol

      • You’ve obviously been saying it wrong too, since you added in an L that’s not there. It’s one thing if say it correctly, and misspell it. It’s another thing when you mispronounce it, and then misspell it the way you incorrectly pronounce it.

      • Nah i dont pronounce it wrong i just type fast nd just put it down that way so its another thing if you just dont know what you talking about also just assuming

      • That’s not the reason why they are getting him out.
        He nominated Jason so of course he wants him out, and he is rubbing most of them the wrong way by not being friendly.

      • Yeah, the racism thing isn’t the only reason, but Danielle and Justin keep using it as their main motivation, and it just isn’t true. Danielle knows it isn’t true. She used one bad joke Monte made to stir the pot.

      • It was more than just one Saturn.

        Monte also said, “She (Dani) thinks she can play both sides cuz she half white, half black.”

        Essentially shows that Monte sees his side as the “white” side and their side as the “black” side.

      • Lol. He makes weird comments but pretends that is a joke. Poor boy was probably raised on a farm away from civilization.

      • Actually, one of my friends agreed with him when he said that. And she’s bi-racial herself, so I haven’t been counting that one. But, yeah, I can see how people would be upset by it.

      • So you’re one bi-racial friend speaks for everybody? And what is she bi-racial of?

      • lol. I find it a bit racist but if I would have heard him saying it, I would have definitely laughed. He said negative things about Mexicans and who knows what he is bottling up inside about Jason’s lifestyle.

    • Technically, Bronte said she wanted to send James back to Hong Kong. And Paul agreed, calling him “the little Korean man.” But I think production told them to knock it off because it didn’t really happen again after Week 1. Kinda wish they’d sold the Misfits.

  35. For future fyi degrading someone name or character is deflamation of character for example calling someone racist or flaunting a name or title with that based description especially without proof hell even with proof is deflamation of character…so once again flag that guy

      • Thank you im man enough to admit when i was wrong but you do know the meaning since you wanna correct me huh??

      • “damaging the good reputation of someone”

        Monte has no good name. As he is a racist.

      • I was just pointing it out since you typed it the same way a few times. We all make grammatical errors. no big deal.
        I’m not sure if you are new here since I haven’t seen your name before, but getting offended by comments made about HGs will just get you upset and we come here to enjoy the chat.

      • Understandable but this “monty is racist” guy is really getting tiresome…i need team alex to win honestly and fairly….dont need anyone being influence by his ignorance and yea im the new guy lol

      • Click the arrow to your right and block him/her. You won’t see the comments anymore.

      • Arob, welcome to the community new guy. I just popped up in BB18, so I guess I’m relatively new. Just say and spell what ever you want. We’re not writing college essays here. Well most of us aren’t.

    • In the eyes of the law it is not defamation if you truly believe your claim is correct. You must provide concrete reasons why in this case you feel someone is racist. It’s reasonable to truly feel someone is racist who remarks that a black man stole his clothes without reason to jump to that conclusion. ESPECIALLY in today’s American.
      Back to BBOTT, I was voting to evict Monte before that stuff came up. He’s annoying and now the show isn’t fun with this underlying thing. I like Alex despite her stupid renom move, but we can vote out Monte and hook up Alex and her crew with care packages. The CP’s aren’t lame like BB18.

  36. Racist is a heavy word to just throw around people, you better know what your talking about ,or you could really screw up somebody’s life!!!!!

  37. Sending Danielle home this week for trying to paint someone a racist just to further her game. That’s not right.

  38. Monte sounds like a little B**** I want him gone he sounds like a broken record stop hating on Dani

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