‘Big Brother Over The Top’ Spoilers: Nominations & Safety Ceremony – Week 7

Nominations are underway for Big Brother Over The Top after the Shelby vs Jason rematch was resolved and Jason has gone from near HoH to a likely Block resident, but the final decisions are still being made and anything is possible as the last of the Smashers look for their best way out.

Shelby makes her safety picks for nominations on BBOTT

The first round of the Safety Ceremony was held on Saturday with things set to complete Sunday night at 7PM PT (10PM ET) on your CBS All Access Live Feeds.

Big Brother Over The Top Week 7 Safety Ceremony & Nominations:

Safety Ceremony – Round 1:

  • Justin is safe.
  • Kryssie is safe.

While I thought Shelby might go with Morgan plus one of the other two she made a deal with today (Justin and Kryssie) earlier today we heard Shelby tell Morgan and Justin that she’d save him today so there was no big surprise here. Jason, Justin, and Kryssie know that Danielle is the real target this week, but shhh, don’t tell her because they haven’t either.

The second batch of names was announced Sunday night to reveal the final decision for Shelby as she had to finalize which half of the LNJ will be spending time on the Block this week.

Safety Ceremony – Round 2:

  • Morgan is safe.

Nominations – Week 7:

  • Danielle Lickey
  • Jason Roy

Once the Safety Ceremony is complete the voting will begin for America’s Nominee Sunday at 8PM PT but the vote is only open until Monday morning so you better act quick on that one and if you vote that first night you get another 20 votes again on Monday morning so stay busy! Ready to cast your vote now? Vote Here for 3rd Nominee!

What do you think of the Safety picks? Who do you think will end up as the noms this week? Share your thoughts below.


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    • What i think is stupid is that she saved Justin and he turned on her just like that when she was not the only one who was trying to get him out what about Morgan and Jason

      • Justin doesn’t deserve to win. He has done nothing but lay around , eat pizza & float to which ever side is in power & kiss butt. He can’t win comps & he is loud & annoying. At least Dani has won comps & has tried to play a honest game unlike PBS. They haven’t said an honest thing to anyone that wasn’t in their group yet.

      • Danielle honest. Lol. Like the fake deal they made with the girls last week just to play with their emotions. And she never shuts her mouth. Hope she goes. Everytime I turn the feeds on she is blah, blah, blah. Always about her.

      • Oh I see we have another troll making personal comments instead of about the game and the players. Love the block button.

      • I think that’s his strategy. Not a good strategy but a strategy nonetheless.

        Also when has Danielle played an honest game? She made a fake deal with PBS just to be malicious.

    • She is annoying, but she may be on point when it comes to Justin, but I don’t think he’s throwing comps.

  1. I think THink from this point on there’s no more voting for misfit or BS it’s every man for them self because Jason will take out justin before final 3. From now on its voting for individuals and I think people would rather see Morgan stay over Kryssie that’s why Kryssie is getting all my vote and even votes from the misfit side so I finally hope she goes on the block from America

  2. I’m praying America finally nominates Krissie. She’s so sure America just loves her. Time for a slap in the face Krissie.

    • I’m scared misfit’s fan will vote Morgan. Maybe Shelby should have made Danielle safe and she had better chance to be AN. But it’s a gambling and I guess inside the house they have no clue about what people will do.

      For sure I will vote krissie to be nominated. I cannot hear any more burp this season.

      • I hope not. On the popularity poll Krissie has been polling near the bottom so I’m keeping my fingers crossed this is the week.

    • While I do 100% agree with you, I believe we should give her an even bigger slap in the face by letting her get to F3 and not voting for her. That’s just my opinion on the matter, though. :)

  3. As much as I would LOVE to see Kryssie gone, I honestly want her, Justin and Jason in the final 3. That would be BB16-levels of amazing that a F3 deal like that would stick together all the way to the end. And besides, sitting between the life of the party(Justin), and last year’s contender for America’s Favorite Player(Jason), she has NO chance. And yes, what they talk about is very disgusting, rude and selfish, but they’re winning comps, and they rightfully understand that it’s just a game. At least they don’t immediately head to the bathroom, cry their eyes out, and berate every single person thats not Alex or Shelby two weeks in a row. Voting Morgan for America’s Nominee.

  4. Is Shelby that dense and stupid? Doesn’t she know that America loves Jason. If she put Jason on the block, she will end up as America’s nominee next week.

    • I don’t think America loves Jason all that much. Maybe half. @Andrew Justin, Jason and Kryssie as F3? I can see Jason in final 3 but the other 2 haven’t really earned a spot. As far as berating people… all of the LNJ have done that all season. And that side has definitely had their share of crying there eyes out when they lose at comps.

    • Many people will vote for Jason to go home. Danielle’s game play after Shane left has gotten her some more fans. I can’t stand her still and hopefully Jason won’t leave this week and Justin wins the next HOH.

  5. I was unwilling to pay money to watch Big Brother and it looks like that was a wise decision. Seems this season was just a ploy to get Jason a fat check.

  6. Shelby could have just done the nominations yesterday. Morgan is the only one left that she will save and it is so ridiculous that it needs to be done in two days.

  7. No surprise here.

    But as this is the last week of America’s Nominee, I really hope we can get Kryssie up on the block.

  8. Morgan for America’s Nominee. Ain’t taking no sides here, ya dig? I’m just waitin’ on them to shake up the game a bit more.

  9. Jason should never agreed to a do over! Shelby malfunction happened before she failed to better Jason’s time. Jason, should have told Big Brother, my time should stand! I’m fine with shelby having a do over, I shouldn’t have to compete in a do over. And that power of veto, that saved Morgan, and Shelby was Bullshit!

    The power of veto, should have come into play, after the eviction nominations. The veto saved Morgan, and kept the eviction nominees from competing to possibly save themselves. Big Brother injustice prevails…

      • ACP…aka POV, shouldn’t have prevented Morgan from being nominated for eviction! She would certainly have been nominated for eviction, used the POV to remove herself, and Shelby would have been evicted.

        ACP, should have been some kind of exemption from being nominated, leaving POV in play for nominees to compete.

    • I might be naive but I trust that bb check all tapes they have before deciding this. I would have love that they show replay with correct angles and time stamp to really show us what happened.

      My opinion is that they should have done a new competition including all players.

  10. The reason I am voting Morgan is that she has ridden Alex and Shelby’s coat tails this whole game! She has done nothing but look pretty the whole game!

  11. I think the three people that have really played this game are Shelby, Jason, and Danielle. I would like to see them as final three.

  12. Kryssie as am nom. Dani wins veto. Jason goes. If Dani wins the next HOH Shelby and Morgan tell how Justin and Kryssie were going to vote her out and are working them now. Kryssie is more likely to work with Shelby and Morgan if Jason is gone. Want Shelby and Morgan to win but anyone else besides Jason winning. Let’s send the Jacka$$ back to moms basement

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