‘Big Brother Over The Top’: America’s Nominee Week 7 – Voting Now Open [POLL]

Voting is again open for America’s Nominee, the third seat on the Block, this week for Big Brother Over The Top as we prepare to see if America will overthrow yet another Head of Household’s reign and impose their decision on this week’s elimination. It’s your choice, fans.

America's Vote open to name 3rd Nominee on BBOTT

Shelby has made her noms official now after the close of the second round of the Safey Ceremony. Now it’s time for the viewers to make their pick. So who is it going to be? Read on to help decide the third nominee.

After Shelby’s safety picks were final we had the nominations revealed as Danielle and Jason, which takes those two off the list and gives us three other choices for this week’s 3rd Nominee. You can pick from Kryssie, Justin, or Morgan. Who do you want it to be?

Ready to cast your vote now? Vote Here for 3rd Nominee!

Remember the voting stops at 9AM PT (12PM ET) so don’t want to vote. If you vote the night of then the next morning you get to vote another 20 votes so it’s worth it to be on the ball with this one.

Results will be revealed Monday morning when the Veto players are picked, around 10AM PT. The PoV comp is held at 1PM PT live on the Big Brother Feeds and there’s of course plenty of potential for drama there that you won’t want to miss.

After you’ve done your official voting at cbs.com be sure to vote in our poll here as we await the official results on Monday.



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      • Danielle has earned her right to be there and hasn’t been delusional, like Kryssie, in thinking that America “loves” her. And Justin hasn’t done anything but be a floater and a snake in the game, forming alliances and making deals with the other side oif the house while stabbing his own alliance in the back time and again. If I had my way it woul;d be Justin, Kryssie, or Morgan going home this week…..NONE of them has rerally played any substantial part in the game or won the many challenges and faced as many obstacles as Danielle.

      • I don’t particularly care for Danielle as a person, but I can admit you have a point…she has played a better game than either Kryssie, Justin or Morgan.

  1. Would love to see Morgan as 3rd nom!! She has floated the whole game!! I think Shelby, Jason, and Danelle should be final three!

    • Kind of unlikely for Danielle to survive this week. I hope Kryssie gets America’s Nom and gets evicted… but I don’t see that happening. As long as Jason and Shelby are safe, I’m happy.

    • That’s my exact final three as well! Definitely the three best players in the game. It’s a tight spot for me because if Morgan goes this week, it’s more likely for Shelby to go next week, but if Kryssie goes up, it’s more likely for Danielle to go this week. Both Kryssie and Morgan are boring players, but I like Shebly more than I like Danielle, so I’m voting Kryssie for the block, personally.

      • I feel like Justin’s play has been to maintain relationships with “the other side of the house” really well, which means he’s never anyone’s target, which I respect. Although many would say that’s not really him playing; he’s just being him and it’s happening to work through sheer dumb luck, which is a fair point. It’s all assumption and interpretation with this guy, because he never really talks about the game directly.

      • Justin has been a disloyal snake, slithering through the game and betraying members of his own alliance that have protected him. He gets ALL my nomination votes. I think that Danielle is much more deserving of the final ACP, particularly since both of her HOH’s were seriously undermined and, unlike most of the other players (with the exception of Shelby) she has actually competed well and won competitions to get this far, while most have just coasted through. Shelby and Danielle have both had to beat the odds of having multiple HG’s out to get them and they BOTH deserve to make it to the final.

      • Jason has also won comps. He’s won 2 POV’s and had that last HOH until production stepped in and called for a re-do. I do agree with you about Justin though, he has done nothing to deserve going to F3. Danielle should have evicted him last week…

      • Yes, Jason has also won comps but he hasn’t been targeted over and over again like Danielle has, even though the HGs have kknown from the very beginning that he has a huge advantage in the game. Now I hear that Shelby has had a very huge advantage because she’s connected with someone in production and that’s why she always knows what’s about to happen with the comps….still, at least she has won several comps (or, was she given secret advantages in them?…Certainly no one can deny that it was highly unusual to have to redo the HOH comp with only she and Jason and that suddenly she was able to breeze thru it… Jason was robbed !)

      • I actually agree with you about the re-do. Shelby broke that mirror during her comp. I even have a time stamp of when it happened… 4:17 into the first HOH comp, Shelby tries to force the mirror to go a certain way and it was right after that move that the mirror starts pointing skyward. Imo, if you break the equipment during your comp, you should not be rewarded. I happen to love Shelby though, so I wasn’t too upset…but I love Jason too and if he goes home b/c of the re-do, then I will regret not being upset!

    • Agreed. I would rather depressed and mopey Kryssie left the house, however, it is unlikely since (unless she wins POV) Danielle will most likely go home come eviction night.

  2. I really hope Kryssie goes up, to insure Dani goes home. It would be a tragedy if such a racist, selfish, cruel person made it to F3… but that’s just me, another Southern Vanilla White Cracker chick!

    • Hi, can I politely ask you to please refrain from the “reverse racism” rhetoric? I know you don’t mean it to be, but it’s extremely dismissive to people suffering from real oppression. People of color face massive systematic discrimination that affects many aspects of their lives; when you complain about someone using the term “cracker” or stereotyping the South or whatever, you trivialize racism, and make it all about you which it’s not; if you’re white and live in America, you have never experienced real racism, because racism is more than just some rude or generalizing comments, but rather a system of privilege and oppression, and, being white, you’re on the privileged side of that exchange. This isn’t your fault, and benefiting from a system of inequality doesn’t make you a bad person as long as you’re willing to recognize and relinquish your privilege.

      Sorry for the rant, I know we’re just here to have some fun chatting about reality TV, so it’s not a huge deal, and I won’t bring it up again, and this is not in any way a personal attack against you, and I know this probably seems like a silly nitpick, it’s just that by making small changes in the way we speak, think, and act, we make ourselves more aware and sympathetic of the situations others are facing, and move by tiny increments towards a more just and equal world, which is something that’s too important to me for me to let stuff slide when I see it. Thanks, and have a nice night. (P.S. totally agree that Kryssie needs to go on the block)

      • I’m so glad you replied to that comment! Her description of Krissie was just as racist as she accused Krissie of being. We are all God’s children and should treat each other with respect!

      • I’m sorry you’re offended, it’s not my intent.. but to heal, love & move forward we ALL must treat each other with respect.

      • As far as my needing to “relinguish my privilege”… you’ve been brainwashed. I was born to a single mom & we siblings ate oatmeal for weeks on end, we were so poor. I worked at least 2 jobs at a time for 40n years, so don’t even try to take what little I now have.

      • This as nothing to do with being judge at first sight for the color of your skin, your religion or else.

        This being said I’m sorry for what you went through and happy to see your an outspoken person.

      • Benefiting from white privilege doesn’t mean that you don’t experience other kinds of hardships, or that you don’t deserve respect and admiration for the hard work you do to rise above. And relinquishing your privilege doesn’t mean giving anything up, it just means being willing to support your brothers and sisters of color when they fight for their equality. When people get all tied up in “racism” against white people, it tends to blind them to real racism. Besides, you’ve got enough problems of your own, why do you need to make racism one of them?

      • Thanks for your reply.. words “matter” & again, sorry… “relinquish your privilege” works on campuses w/ kids but in the real world… it’s offensive.

  3. Well, I just gave my 20 votes to Kryssie. Hopefully, she’ll be nominated by America and Danielle will go home. Or Kryssie… either is fine with me! :)

  4. Just gave all my votes to Kryssie and from the looks of things so far she should be going up but Kryssie has a way of escaping America votes because everything it looks like she got all the votes she’s never pick so let’s hope this time she finally goes up as our nom. Come on everyone Kryssie for third nom

  5. The real question here is *if* we do manage to get Kryssie up on the block (fingers crossed) what kinds of logical backflips does she have to do to convince herself that she’s still the fan favorite?

  6. Just gave Kryssie all of my 40 votes. We need to get her OTB..if Morgan goes up..she will go home unless she wins veto..then Shelby will be all by herself. I don’t want 3 LNJ meanies to be the ones we have to choose from to win the game. We have to have at least one ball smasher! Plus. Kryssie is one of the most depressed and miserable HG’s I have ever seen! She needs to go!

    • Yes, I gave all my votes to that nasty Kryssie too, don’t want Morgan to go home then Shelby all by herself and can’t complete for HOH next week.

  7. Just gave another 20 to Kryssie…Guess we’ll see what happens today. What will really be interesting is if Danielle or Jason wins POV…The feeds will become very exciting b/c Kryssie will probably have a meltdown!! ;)

  8. You know, I knew making that fake alliance was going to come back and bite Jason in the butt! There was no reason for it and imo it really hurt his game b/c had he not done that, I am pretty sure it would be Justin & Danielle sitting OTB right now.

    • I am so happy it did backfired on him. Hope he is gone this week finally. He is a very mean and hateful person

      • I don’t think he’s actually mean or spiteful. I think he’s playing the game and trying to be outrageous in the house. All of the HG have said mean things about each other. Shelby, Alex and Morgan have all said terrible things about the other side too… Maybe they (the BS girls) don’t use foul language to do so, but they have made derogatory remarks. It’s part of the game, just like lying is, however, Jason lying and making that fake alliance was a stupid move b/c it hurt his game rather than further it. Imo, that bad BB game move is what has landed him OTB…not his potty mouth.

      • Jason is a mean person with a foul mouth, I never liked him in season 17 and don’t like him this season either, just don’t know why so many people like or love him, I hope he goes home this or next week.

    • Matt, I hope so. I think if Kryssie is am nom and Dani wins veto I see Jason going home to mommy. His closest ally can’t vote. Shelby and Morgan already showed they won’t work with him. Kryssie may stay with Shelby and Morgan if Jason is not there. If Dani wins next HOH then Shelby and Morgan can tell her how and Kryssie and Justin are/were working with them and were going to evict Dani. That hopefully will take some of the heat off Shelby and Morgan. Would like to see Shelby or Morgan win but I’ll be ok with anyone but Jason winning.

    • Probably, b/c if Danielle pulls herself down, Justin is going up. That leaves Jason OTB with Kryssie and Justin with Danielle & Morgan to vote. Danielle would vote for Justin, but Morgan might vote Jason, leaving Shelby to break the tie; and after the stunt Jason pulled with the “fake” alliance, chances are Shelby will vote him out. So yeah, Jason is probably going home if Danielle wins POV.

      • Remember America’s vote. I want Jason safe, so maybe it would be best to cast our vote to evict Justin instead of Kryssie if she is up. Then no 1-1-1 tie.

      • Oh wow! can’t believe I forgot about our vote… Well of course. We all need to vote out Justin if Dani wins POV. Ab-so-lutely!

      • America would vote Kryssie out if she is up there, but hopefully neither of the two nominees wins veto. Kryssie will hopefully be America’s vote and I would prefer if Justin won it and saved Jason. The only one left to go up would be Morgan so she needs to fight hard for this veto.

  9. Uhm.. the last 2 weeks now the polls everywhere somehow don’t match the CBS voting. Don’t try and tell me that it’s some newfound CBS fans that don’t know about any of the popular Big Brother websites when these polls were totally correct within a margin of error of 3%.

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