‘Big Brother Over The Top’ Spoilers: Nominations Week 4 – Update: Final Results Revealed

Nominations are rolling in for Week 4 of ‘Big Brother Over The Top’ as Kryssie begins to reveal her safety picks leading to Sunday’s end to this game of musical chairs where two Houseguests will be left standing.

Kryssie Ridolfi on BBOTT

Kryssie isn’t hiding her target from the house and most everyone knows Scott is the plan this week but that doesn’t mean it’ll happen just yet as we’re still days away from the next eviction vote and there are several obstacles along the way.

The first round of the Safety Ceremony was held on Saturday with things completing Sunday night at 7PM PT (10PM ET) on your CBS All Access Live Feeds.

Big Brother Over The Top Week 4 Safety Ceremony & Nominations:

Safety Ceremony – Round 1:

Kryssie selected the following HGs as safe this week from nominations:

  • Neeley
  • Justin
  • Danielle

The second batch of names will be announced tomorrow night and then we’ll have confirmation on who takes the pawn seat next to Scott Dennis.

Safety Ceremony – Round 2:

Kryssie selected the following additional HGs as safe this week from nominations:

  • Jason
  • Whitney
  • Shelby

That means our nominations this week are…

Nominations – Week 4:

  • Morgan
  • Scott

Once the Safety Ceremony is complete the voting will begin for America’s Nominee Sunday at 8PM PT but the vote is only open until Monday morning so you better act quick on that one and if you vote that first night you get another 20 votes again on Monday morning so stay busy! Ready to cast your vote now? Vote Here for 3rd Nominee!

What do you think of Kryssie’s first round of Safety picks? Are these smart moves to get her target? Share your thoughts below.


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  1. Tomorrow night is crucial. Once Kryssie’s nominations are official, we’ll know if it’s an easy America’s nom vote or if there will be a race to the finish line.

    • I love how America’s eviction vote every Wednesday has always flip from one side to another. They are either the tie breaker (which sent Monte home over Danielle) or the one forcing the tie (Danielle and Shane). This really forces succeeding heads of household to think real hard on how they can manage to work their way around these twists to get their intended targets out.

      I do think that regardless of the outcome, the Plastics will lose a number at the end of the week.

      • Let’s review our targets
        – Cornbread: Obvious target is obvious so not a big problem
        – Monte: We were pretty much the swing vote to get him out
        – Danielle: We forced a tie causing Scott to get blood on his hands.

      • I agree, the balance in power this season has been very refreshing. Really enjoy the equally divided house (and fan base).

        I’m not so sure a Plastic will be leaving this week though. Neely will likely get Amercia’s nom and could get voted out on Wed. It’s going to be very interesting the next few days?

      • I’m with you Dan… esp now that noms are in… IF Neely is OTB, she’s going. I can see Justin or Jason easily voting for Neely.

      • I honestly think it’ll depend on who’s on the block by Tuesday when the vote opens.

  2. The sisters agree that, for them, the best thing would be for Whitney to go this week over Scott. Interesting…

    Meanwhile, Alex’s reaction to Kryssie’s nomination plan (told to her by Morgan after a conversation with Neeley)…

    Alex: “That doesn’t make any sense…”

    • Really the last time i heard they wanted Scott to go, or my gal Shelby if Scott came down. I just hope Shelby dosen’t go!

    • Yep…it really doesn’t make sense. Kryssie’s argument for not nom’ing Scott is that she fears America’s nom will win veto and take themselves down, forcing one of her two pawns (assumed to be Morgan and Whitney) to be evicted.

      What she doesn’t understand is that…

      A) One of her alliance members could be America’s nom (hello, Neely).
      B) The odds of America’s nom not winning POV are largely in her favor (5 of 6).

      Kryssie would be smart to make deals with the Plastics to keep them safe from eviction, at the cost of controlling the use of the veto to backdoor her main target (Scott) should they win it. But, it’s as if she is putting the likelihood of a Jamboree member being nom’ed by America at zero, even though two of them were voted to be HNs today.

      • I expect her to do that. Pressuring a player ‘not to use the Veto, in exchange for…whatever….is so BB .

      • Well this would be a little different Cyril. She actually needs the Plastics to use the veto in this situation to remove one of them from the block and put Scott up.

      • Oh I thought she would put Scott straight up. I haven’t been watching..Is this contingent on who’s America’s nom?

      • Yeah she’s planning on putting Scott up tomorrow.

        All of the above is what I feel Kryssie should do if she wants to best protect her side and get Scott out. Not that I’m for that this week though.

    • They know that one of them will be nominated and probably go home since there are more players on the other side. I hope Morgan gets nominated with Shelby and we can add Neesy. Doubt Neesy will go home, but at least she’ll know that not many viewers like her.

      • Neeley may walk out the door if she’s sitting next to one of the girls. Against Scott, she may have a chance, as I think it’ll be another really tight vote.

      • They wouldn’t necessarily have to SJ. If the three Plastics not OTB vote to evict Neely, she would just need the America vote and that would be it for her.

        It’s made even more easy if Jason and Justin decide to jump ship and VTE Neely. Big veto comp on Monday to make things even more interesting!

      • That’s true. I forgot that Scott is also with them.
        She puts up Alex next to Shelby and Scott, Whitney, Morgan and America can get rid of Neely and ruin Krissie’s HOH. Justin, Danielle, and Jason vote out Alex or whomever she puts next to her.

  3. It’s official…Scott is OTB! Twitter is alive with vote talk. Lots of support on both sides. One poll I saw has over 800 votes cast. Current results:

    46% Shelby
    11% Whitney
    43% Neely

    It’s super close!

  4. Did I call it or what? So I’m gonna do what I said I would if this were Kryssie’s noms. Sorry Shelby but you’re it. You are expendable, if Scott wins veto! :-)

    • I think she’s counting on that happening, though. But she’ll have two from the other side up, so she figures one of their guys to one of their girls against one of her girls is better odds for her. Stupid, but oh well.

      • Let her be stupid then so we can hopefully ruin her HOH and send her BFF home during her reign ;)

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