‘Big Brother Over The Top’ 3rd Nominee Week 4 [POLL]

Voting is now open for America’s Nominee, the third seat on the Block, this week for Big Brother Over The Top and after seeing two of the first three week’s eviction victims coming from America’s selection there’s some actual danger here.

America's Vote open to name 3rd Nominee on BBOTT

Kryssie has wrapped up her nominations for the week giving us the first of two Houseguests sent to the Block but now it’s time to round that number off to a nice odd three instead. So who is it going to be? Now is your time to vote and help make the choice.

Last week Danielle Lickey was the target of America’s Nominee, but for the first time of the season this role wasn’t the evicted HG so she’s still here and that takes her off the list of eligible HGs for this next vote. Yes, that means you can’t be voted in as America’s Nom two weeks in a row. You’ll have to wait for next week if you were hoping to vote for her.

After Kryssie’s safety picks were final we had the nominations as Scott and Morgan which takes them off the list and gives us five other choices for this week’s 3rd Nominee. You can pick from Jason, Justin, Neeley, Shelby, or Whitney. Who will it be?

Ready to cast your vote now? Vote Here for 3rd Nominee!

Remember the voting stops at 9AM PT (12PM ET) so don’t want to vote. If you vote the night of then the next morning you get to vote another 20 votes so it’s worth it to be on the ball with this one.

Results will be revealed Monday morning when the Veto players are picked, around 10AM PT. The PoV comp is held at 1PM PT live on the Big Brother Feeds and there’s of course plenty of potential for drama there that you won’t want to miss.

After you’ve done your official voting at cbs.com be sure to vote in our poll here as we await the official results on Monday.


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    • It’s going to be a long shot for that to happen… I assume you are a Misfits fan but sorry man… a lot of us are literally DONE with them for a long while coming…
      If Neeley hadn’t been acting the way she had been acting then she probably would have a better chance

    • What has Neely done? Why are BB fans so obsessed with seeing the strong black women get evicted? It blows my mind

      • Neely is a huge hypocrite in the house. She constantly complains about behaviors of other people and in my opinion she has much worse behavior than the ones she complains about. I in general like the girls and Scott side more than the misfits side. Of the misfits I like Justin and Jason, I dislike Kryssie with a passion but she is not available to nominate as is Danielle. So that’s why I nominated Neely. It sounds like race is involved in your voting, but that is not important to me. I vote for who I like and who I think is playing well.

      • How does supporting the side that has a 4 girl alliance make me hate the girls? You should read my post again.

      • I have no problem with strong women or strong black women (although I’m not sure why you felt you needed to point out the color of her skin, like we are all blind?)

        I started out loving Neely! After the first week, my favorite house guests were Alex, Neely, Justin and Jason. When Neely got put OTB as a pawn last week, she started acting differently than before. I thought it was just from the stress of being OTB and gave her the benefit of the doubt. When her BFF won HOH, I just knew the Neely I got to know and like would show back up but so far she hasn’t. I want her to go back to her happier, bubbly, funny self that she was precious to being nominated. Now she’s still happy but not like she was. She seems angry all the time, like she has a chip on her shoulder and she looks for reasons to get angry with fellow house guests. And I can’t believe some of the things she has said also. I couldn’t picture her being so hateful during that first week! I think the stress of the house has gotten to her.

      • Interesting. Everything you’ve put in your post has been done by all other HGs – it’s called going through the motions. Sad how Danielle and Nelly are allowed so little from fans yet the other HGs can act how they want without any ramification from Americas vote :(

      • I do find it interesting that out of the whole cast, you ONLY mentioned the two women that have black in their DNA and that is where I feel the real issue you have lies.

        Monte was targeted and taken out by America for his behavior yet you just stated all the house guests but those 2 can do whatever they want without any ramification from America so I’m a little confused by your statement and I’m wondering if we are watching the same show.

      • I’m thinking the plastics fans want Neely up because they kind of like the other 2 misfit options more – Jason and Justin. And fans don’t understand the effect of being trapped in a house with zero outside interaction, people you have to spend 24/7 with, and people you normally wouldn’t hang around. It gets to you like solitary confinement. So all the house guest will have rough days, personality changes, and emotional contagion from others that they are close to.

        Expecting someone to still be all bubbly when they’re on the block is ridiculous. They don’t have to be hateful, but happy go lucky is just stupid.

  1. To my fellow Plastics stans… Shelby is not as safe as we think… I don’t have feeds but Alex has been burning bridges with past HGs left and right. And there are a lot of past HGs lowkey endorsing a pro-Shelby or anti-Neeley nom
    To Misfit fans… well I’m giving you guys a glimmer of hope

    • What do you mean that Alex has been burning bridges with PAST house guests? Like who? And what did she do?

  2. This looks really scary as it seems like Neely is going to be the third nominee. Why would Kryssie put Scott up if the odds were that America was going to put him up already???

    • The America votes have been pretty erratic. The save for Alex was a big shocker. She probably didn’t want to assume we would vote Scott. I wouldn’t leave it up to America either.

      • You make a good point. You have to give all of them credit for being stuck in that house 24/7. It’s not as easy as everyone paints it out to be. It really isn’t.

        Many of them are putting their life on hold on a very slim chance at this season’s only prize and even slimmer chance at stardom.

      • lol, I just posted something similar about being in a house 24/7. As a veteran I completely understand what it’s like to be stuck somewhere with different people and outside social isolation.

      • Thank you for your service to our country. And thank you for your insightful comments. ????

      • You’re welcome and I’m proud to have served, definitely made me a stronger person and better prepared for life.

  3. Totally missed getting to vote for who to evict this week (the life of a mom with 4 beautiful but busy children!) so I’m trusting you all made the right choice AKA Neely!!

  4. Every Big Brother season has hypocrites, liars, rats, skanks, etc.. Viewers acting like it’s the first time you’ve ever seen Big Brother. We finally have a 2 side season. It’s great and also emotionally draining for me as viewer, but I just can’t quit BBOTT, lol

    • Granted this is a very interesting and at the same time emotionally draining season for all viewers! BB should expand their daily recaps from about ten minutes to atleast a half hour to give the viewers a better grasp on what’s going on the house.

      Sometimes it gets too much to try to catch the show 24/7 in between all the down time.

  5. Get Neeley OUT! She thinks she’s “all that” and she’s nothing but she can’t practice what she preaches! It’s okay for her to do the victory dance but when the “ball smashers” do it, it’s disrespectful and a whole other messed up world in her mind…she ain’t all that! Good riddance!!

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