‘Big Brother Over The Top’ Spoilers: Nominations Week 3 – Update: Final Results Revealed

Nominations are underway for Week 3 of Big Brother OTT as Scott is getting things started for his plan this week to ultimately get Shane out the door if the pieces come together. But nothing is easy on BBOTT especially with all of these twists.

Scott Dennis makes his safety picks on BBOTT

Since Scott has the ACP power he was able to decide which special Veto he’d have to work around and minimize potential for throwing things off course as he tries to break up the showmance. Now he’s got his plan in motion, but Wednesday is still a long ways away.

Big Brother Over The Top Week 3 Safety Ceremony & Nominations:

Nominations – Week 3:

  • Neeley
  • Kryssie

Scott talked with a few HGs on Friday night to let them know he’d be going with Neeley and Kryssie for his pawns but hopes both will be safe at the end of the week because he really wants to see at least Shane on the Block and out the Backdoor.

His plan includes using the Double Veto since that at least spreads out the chance to disrupt his BD plans and we’ll have to wait to see how Monday’s Veto Ceremony turns out.

Safety Ceremony – Round 1:

Scott selected the following HGs as safe this week from nominations:

  • Justin Duncan
  • Alex Willett
  • Whitney Hogg
  • Jason Roy

The house was completely divided as the Plastic Ball Smashers gathered in the kitchen while the Jamboree were waiting in the bedroom. No big surprises on these picks and Sunday’s second round will probably work out just as we’re expecting.

The second half of the Safety Ceremony will be held Sunday night at 7PM PT (10PM ET) and then we’ll get the final decision on the starting noms.

Update: Scott’s second round of decisions is now complete and we have our nominations.

Safety Ceremony – Round 2:

Scott selected the following HGs as safe this week from nominations:

  • Morgan Willett
  • Shane Chapman
  • Danielle Lickey
  • Shelby Stockton

Once the Safety Ceremony is complete the voting will begin for America’s Nominee Sunday at 8PM PT but the vote is only open until Monday morning so you better act quick on that one and if you vote that first night you get another 20 votes again on Monday morning so stay busy! Ready to cast your vote now? Vote Here for 3rd Nominee!

What do you think of Scott’s first round of Safety picks? Are these smart moves or just safe moves? Share your thoughts below.


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  1. The divide in this house is at a BB6 level. Both sides refused to mingle with each other during the ceremony

  2. I feel the Misfits as they are called are totally unrespectful. They rather lay around in the bedroom laughing about farts (which is getting so old BTW, it’s been three days, get over it and grow up) then participate in the safety ceremony. I really dislike that side of the house. How you doin.

      • Actually it’s Krissy being immature about it which I just don’t get… I think the game is getting to her and she had a break down. I really don’t think it was about her dirty clothes at all… she just can’t admit that the game broke her down

    • Plus, they are depending on us to keep them safe. I am not going to anymore. Kryssie calling the girl’s whores and bitches last night was ridiculous…they apologized..get over it. I don’t understand how Jason has fans..he is a crude and rude little man. I am so sick of Shane and Danielle and their thrusting sexual activities..UGH!

  3. More Krackel War hysteria this afternoon folks. This war is now fully in the open with both sides talking openly about it.

    Shelby can’t even eat them b/c of her HN status, but she’s getting so worked up about it. She’s been pressuring Justin and Shane for intel. So damn funny. The Plastics can’t find the Jamboree’s new hiding spot (behind the LR dressers) and it’s driving them nuts!

    • It’s too funny! I am loving watching it… now they are hiding coke too. Shane about died looking for that coke lol… ooo did you see where Shane and Justin talked about those girls meaning the ballsmashers aren’t that bad? Danielle would flip out if she heard that Convo between them!! I really don’t like her…

      And I can’t believe K ruined the whole chocolate war with her meltdown. I really think she game is breaking her down and she finally just lost it.

      • Yep Nicole…Kryssie ruined the whole evening! She definitely lost it?

        She has to go and if she’s OTB come Wednesday, I’ll be breaking out my voter ballot once more and sticking her with 40 votes.

      • Most people don’t share this opinion, but I can take another week or two of Danielle before I can with Kryssie?

      • I don’t watch as often as I did last two weeks anymore because of the reasons others have given. So it’s easier to take them in smaller doses…just as I would if they were around me in person.

      • It depends… if Shane or Danielle are OTB I won’t be able to resist voting for DANIELLE. and if she happens to not be OTB… I’ll vote for her toy, Shane to make her miserable. After those two, I’d vote for K!! Danielle is just done in my book and I’m so over her!!

    • It’s all fun and games until a Misfit starts cussing out the Ball Smashers for even daring to touch her precious underwear.

  4. Jamboree sounds so stupid it’s ridiculous, and Jason is a little piece of $#!+ begging for Americas help because he and his minions can’t win with out America helping them!

    • I really hope America puts Danielle up. Even some of the Jason fans are speaking about putting Danielle up now…

      • I only liked Danielle the first week she was there. I disliked Monte more, but want her gone this week. I hope they won’t allow Shane to sleep in the HN room.

      • I didn’t vote Shane a HN for wanting to split them up… so if they allow him to sleep in there I’ll be mad!! Of course last season house guests slept on the bumper cars when they weren’t have nots but still!

        I can’t wait for her to realize that America has seen her true colors and we don’t like them!! Scott is right about her true colors showing. Her own Allies are starting to strongly dislike her and make comments about her.

        And who brags about having sex on tv? Keep her and Shane around for “speculation station” referring to their sex to keep happening. She doesn’t act like a mother, I’ll say that!

    • He’s disgusting. He’s worse then he was on his season. He’s got the filthiest mouth and I can’t stand to watch him.

  5. Although I’m still liking Jason, I think I like Justin more.
    He seems to be playing a good game by socializing with both sides of the house and he is a good comp player. Since I don’t like Scott, I’m hoping Alex finds someone else to align with, preferably Justin.

    • I like Justin. I didn’t in the beginning again because of things he would say but he’s calmed that way down. I think he’s being more careful what he says. And he even was saying he doesn’t understand what the other side has against the girls and that he has fun with them.

      • Hopefully the Justin fans will be the bridge between the Plastics fans and the Misfits fans. I am so tired of this rivalry (not as tired as I am of the big ego of some of the Misfits though…)

      • He hates the divide. I’ve heard him say it several times. Did you catch the convo he had with Shane about the plastics? I wish Danielle would have heard Shane say the plastics really aren’t that bad.

    • I was thinking earlier that Justin’s social game is on point and while he’s crazy and out there sometimes he is one of my fav’s and I can see him going very far!

      • I sure hope so. Justin’s biggest problem is that he now seems unwilling to win anything b/c it will force him to create discord among some HGs.

        His social game will likely take him deep, but he’s gonna have to be willing to slit throats when it comes time. Hope he’s capable.

    • I can’t stand behind Justin most of the time – he’s as foul mouthed as the rest of the Jamboree – but I agree he’s finally learning the game and getting his act together. If he keeps this up, he could go far.

  6. What are the chances America noms another Plastic? I’m dreading this weeks America nom… I don’t want to be disappointed yet again.

    • I was going to vote for Shelby, but I think nominating D or Kryssie depending on who Scott puts up will be better. I really want Danielle out, I cannot stand watching her or just knowing that she is still there.

    • It looks like the majority here will vote to nominate Danielle. But it appears as though Twitter is where Jason’s sheep congregate, so hopefully they won’t overpower the rest of us again.

    • I’m totally voting Danielle if Scott doesn’t have her up already and since she is convinced that Americans nom needs to leave this week I can’t wait to make her Americans nom to send her the message that I agree, SHE needs to go ;)

  7. I can’t for the life of me see how America likes any of those rude, nasty mean night crew. If I hear Jason call one of the girls a cu#t one more time I’m going to flip out. He is so degrading to woman. He’s just plain nasty and evil. Look at the face with all the pimples. That’s the nastiness coming out him. Begging America to put up one of the hoes. Then Justin was making a comment about how can they hide a big bottle of coke and Jason says in their huge vaginas. Then Scott, Justin and the girls are playing a dare game and Jason says they’re boring we’d be daring Danielle to show us her pu$$y. I can’t take anymore of his filthy disgusting mouth. And Krissie is just as bad. Because they looked for the candy in her dirty clothes (which by the way they started all of this) she’s throwing a fit and saying if she wasn’t in the house she’d punch them. Then she said she needs to go up and pee on Scotts bed. She wants the girls to get diabetes and Shelby to get Ebola. She’s calling them trash and ranting on and on. But I seem to remember she laughed when Jason put on one of the girls jackets to rub his sweaty armpits on it and Shane put one on trying to stretch it out. They are a bunch of disgusting human beings. If America keeps helping them then shame on America.

    • Lol. Thanks for the recap. I didn’t watch any of that.
      Jason preferring men over women thinks that he has the permission to speak about women as he pleases. I think he is very curious about girls and wants to be like them.

      • I’m so worked up. The last hour before the safety was so nasty my mouth was wide open in shock. I couldn’t believe they could act any worse then they already do. My BP is probably sky high right now. Lol. I think I’m done watching for tonight.

      • I was watching the girls play with Scott and Justin play a game. I was all into it and didn’t switch the cameras until Scott went to Jason.

    • Jason talking about hiding a coke bottle up one of the girls vagina Well maybe they should just hide one up his A$$ but he’d probably like that too much.

    • Too bad this couldn’t be a double eviction week and get rid of both Danielle and Krissie.

    • I think Scott might actually like Jason on a personal level while admitting that he’s a game threat. So, yeah, Scott’s playing very strategically for his HOH, which is very, very smart on his part.

  8. Danielle is suffering. I’m loving it, but her complaining is going to get on her alliance’s nerves. Shane wants to take her punishment.

  9. I think they should do BB all year long. Have BB:OTT in the Fall, Winter, and Spring, and BB in the Summer.

  10. Dani’s making me sick on the feeds right now. I honestly don’t know if she’s in denial or if she really believes what she’s saying right now.

    However, I’m LOVING watching her suffer being a HN. Wasn’t exactly thrilled to see Alex and Shelby as HNs, but it’s torturing Danielle to see them taking it better than she is!

    Also, Jason and crew were talking production’s casting Shelby and yet did not get dinged for talking about production. Rookies at the controls again.

  11. How can Danielle possibly have gastrointestinal issues after not even half a day on slop? Not only is she a hypocrite, she’s a hypochondriac.

      • sisters are more dangerous right now, they win the HOH which is more important and the showmance side win veto important but not that important as the veto. If u strike at the showmance Jason and Justin will become targets.

      • Let Jason become a target that just means he has to start playing the game instead of depending on America to do his dirty work. Danielle just needs to go. You don’t reward someone that talks and acts like she does. She’s gone beyond acceptable. At least the sisters are playing the game without talking vile and acting vile.

      • I can agree w/you on to let Jason play the game, but if we are both watching the same feeds you should know the plastics is just as vile as the misfits! They are like the witches coven so one is no better than the other.

      • Both sides is fowl to each other so one side is no better than the other. Showmance is broken now the sisters will soon be broken up and I’m here for it!

    • He definitely has an advantage. The HGs would have voted him out that first week had he not have won veto. Since then, his name hasn’t even come up for consideration.

      The HGs seem to feel that targeting him will result in a viewer revolt against them the following week. They’re probably right too.

      Jason is likely to get deep in the game for this reason alone. But, what kept him safe will likely be his downfall. Nobody will want to sit next to a viewer favorite in the end. Not sure when the viewer nom and VTE end, but he’s probably safe until then.

    • I’d rather be bored then having to listen to the fowl stuff coming out of Danielle’s mouth. I won’t sell my soul or morals for entertainment or excitement purposes.

  12. Putting my 40 votes on Danielle. Hopefully everyone else is on board this week so we can finally change the flow of the game.

  13. Someone get ready to track what’s going down on Twitter so we know where the votes are gonna fall for the nominee. We need to change the tide and get Danielle up OTB and out of this house.

    • I don’t see it. Scott has not been playing a good game. America putting Shelby or Morgan up will ruin another one of that side’s HOH.

      • if America put’s up anyone besides Danielle that wouldn’t say much for America. Danielle needs to go.

      • Well his nomination plan seems to be in motion especially with the CP he received. He wants Shane out but putting him up will give him more fuel

      • Scott has as good a shot as anyone else, since we don’t know what the comp is yet. And don’t forget, if he goes with the Double Veto, 2 HGs have the chance to win. That doubles everyone’s chances.

      • You’re right, but I really don’t see him as a competitor. He is good with mental, but I was assuming it will be physical.

      • The comps are really a tough call this season. Kinda nice knowing that they’ll all be new in some way and they HGs have no idea what’s coming.

        I didn’t care for the barcode comp (as a viewer it was hard to follow along), but I loved the golf comp.

      • Scott really had a mess on his hands early in the game. But he’s pulled himself back up by winning that HoH. He’s not in the best spot, but it’s not bad either.

        Him and Alex where talking this afternoon about approaching Neely and Jason to create a cross alliance. Very great idea both of these individual groups run their side. Unfortunately, the divide between the groups may prevent this cross alliance from going anywhere. Also, Jason is feeling pretty secure these days, and as he’s said in his DRs, he doesn’t trust anyone this season. Could be his downfall.

      • I’m not sure what the whole veto thing is, but unless America’s nominee is taking down, Scott’s HOH won’t matter. That is if America puts up Shelby or Morgan.

      • Yeah if the viewers nom a plastic, they’re gonna have to win veto, or like you said Scott’s HoH is useless.

        I honestly don’t see anyone but Danielle getting the majority of the viewer votes though. If that’s the case, one of the Jamboree will be going home.

      • Jason is playing Scott the rat and Neely will never create an alliance w/Scott or plastic Alex both have burned their bridge w/Neely. Alex going back on he word and put Kryssi on the block and Scott proposed a deal w/Neely then went back on it also!

  14. I’m really torn here. I know Scott’s plan is to put Danielle and Shane up as backdoor nominees, but I really want America to vote for Danielle.It’s spiteful, I know,but I just can’t help myself!

  15. Seems like voting for Danielle is the general consensus. Make sure you vote tonight and tomorrow to get your 40 votes in.

    Neeley is upset that she’s being used as a pawn and Kryssie is in the kitchen reading the rule book.

  16. Good convo between Justin/Jason tonight. Learned more about their game plan in that 5 min convo. Justin, up in the balcony again, doing his nightly show. lol

      • He’s aware of what’s going on in the house, but if he has any doubts he will confirm it to Jason. Because Jason is the ‘elmers glue, to the alliance. lol…Jason proudly claimed that title tonight….Justin’s game is good so far. .

      • Cryil, Justin made a mistake earlier today when talking to Alex and Shelbs. For no apparent reason, he told them that had Monte not have been evicted, Justin would have gunned for HoH and nom’d Monte and Shelby. He basically told Shelby she was on his hit list!

        Alex felt so awkward she got up and went inside. Scott was on the hammock and overheard the whole convo.

      • Did you see Justin/Shelby in front of the girls made up and hugged it out. before nom ceremony?..It was a great scene, I thought…they were all cracking up with Monte jokes…I thought it’s all good..idk

      • No..Cam 4 around 6:54 PM? In the bedroom? just before the nom ceremony tonight…you will feel differently after watching it…I think Justin is ok…a lot of fish in the sea.

      • Found it! You were right…really cute. Two of my favs smoothed things over. That’s always a good thing?

      • Ha! I told you!..His social game is amazing. Maintaining good relationships with both sides. At the same time very blunt, and you’re not even sure if he’s joking or not. lol I think most of the girls gets him now…Whitney is cool with him actually..of all the girls.

      • Unsolicited, he threw Danielle under the bus to the girls. It was like a revelation to the girls. Music to their ears…but the subtlety, how he did. lol

      • I caught that too Cyril…there’s definitely a storm brewing for Danielle. Justin was cracking me up during that conversation…no filter on that guy!

      • It was funny. They felt a relief when they realized Justin agrees with them that Danielle is sucking all the oxygen in the house.

      • Jusnitch is now playing the game of Andy, but the LNJ is onto him, they know he is running his mouth to Scott. Jusnitch needs to start winning comps and helping his side of the alliance out, I cant respect a person’s game that say they don’t want to win HOH or veto or he don’t care about no one else if they are on the block in his alliance. Jusnitch need to be shaken up on the block and slop and maybe he will start to take his position in the game more serious bcz those plastics is coming for him.

  17. I don’t understand why he is using the double veto and not the boomerang…he is making a mistake….let’s assume Danielle is Amer. Nom, so with Dani, Kry, and Neely up on the block, the double veto can be one by any two combinations of the misfits (Jason and Shane or Shane and Justin or Jason and Justin) all they have to do is leave Dani up (since Amer. Nom can’t be replaced) and take Kry and Neely down, forcing a misfits and a Plastics renom, leaving the misfits with 4 votes to get the replacement nom out. If he uses the boomerang this scenario is not possible, b/c that means only three misfits can be safe to vote–for example, Jason wins and takes both Kry and Neely down, still leaves Justin and Shane for renoms with no chance for a Plastic to leave.

    • While no doubt that POV players will be 50/50 from both sides this week, I think the double veto offers the best option for the Plastics provided that Scott has capable players from his side picked to play to better theirs odds. The Boomerang is a bit too risky if Shane is picked to play and somehow manages to win it.

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