‘Big Brother: Over The Top’ Nomination Plans In Week 4

Kryssie Ridolfi took over as the new Head of Household for this week on Big Brother Over The Top and now she’s got some important work to do with her nominations, but if she’s not careful America could make plans of their own.

Kryssie and Jason on BBOTT

Later tonight the Safety Ceremony will kick off and we’ll get our first installment of names safe this round. With plenty of talks between Kryssie and allies then Kryssie and opponents, there’s no doubt who has become her target this week on BBOTT.

Originally Alex was going to be in definite danger this week but America swept in and yanked her to Safety Servant-land where she can’t go anywhere near the Block or face eviction this week. With her out of the way the choice fell to Scott and that’s where it’s stayed.

Kryssie is definitely aiming for Scott but now she has to figure out the best way to make that happen this week. The PBS has already decided they’ll gladly throw Scott under the bus to keep themselves safe but if they have an alternative we could see that HG go out the door instead.

That means Kryssie needs to carefully pick her nominations. Jason has warned her she should keep Scott to the side to become America’s Nominee or one of their allies could end up in the hot seat instead. If that happens then the other side could have the votes to boot the 3rd nominee instead depending on where America follows with its Eviction Vote result.

It doesn’t look like Kryssie is going to try for two pawns though as she told Whitney and Morgan she doesn’t want to risk both of them going up and then Scott winning Veto and her having to pick between one of them to go instead.

When this week’s nominees are revealed I’d expect Scott to be there with either Morgan or Whitney. Whitney expects that to be Morgan and it just might be.

Then as for the safety rollout, Kryssie has said she’s not going to play mind games and will instead just go ahead and make her close allies safe in the first night’s reveal. As usual we’ll get half of those names tonight at 7PM PT and the other half Sunday night at 7PM PT as well.

What do you think of Kryssie’s plans? Should she be going with two pawns or is it better to get Scott on up there on the Block? And what about the options for America’s Nominees? Should Kryssie be better planning to work around that?


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  1. Did I misunderstand anything? I thought Kryssie mentioned BOTH not wanting Whitney and Morgan up at the same time AND wanting Scott to be America’s nominee.This implies Shelby and one of W and M will be the nominees in hopes of a Scott AN or a Scott BD. Kryssie has even mentioned that if Scott wins veto the backup plan is Shelby

    • She’s changed her mind a few times on this subject. Last I heard, I think she’s going to just put Scott on the block straight up with a pawn next to him. IF Scott wins veto then she will replace him with Shelby… with Shelby being the target.

      • I can’t believe she’s going to put up Scott straight away! Jason’s point about keeping Scott off as an initial nom so that the viewers have him as a nomination option was spot on. Even more so considering that he’s now been chosen as a HN by the viewers for the second time.

        If she does put Scott up, it seems to me like a done deal that Neely would be voted as the third nom. Plastic fans will vote for her and Jamboree fans will likely split their votes between Shelby and Morgan. Just don’t see Scott going up tomorrow, someone on Kryssie’s side will set her straight prior to the final safety ceremony, right?

      • If she’s smart, she’ll keep Scott off the block and try to take the chance. It’ll be tight, I think, between Scott and Neeley, considering how many people want to send Kryssie a message and how many people hate Scott (which I don’t get, but whatever – it’s a matter of opinion; I personally find him to be a man of integrity and I appreciate his grace under pressure, though admittedly not as good a player as Alex).

      • Well… yes I’m just findin the time to get back on here so I’m a little behind on replying to a few of your comments ((mom life)) but I had to laugh at the question you ended with!! When I read it, K’s reaction to Jason and Neely throwing ideas around in the HOH room popped in my head… clearly she doesn’t like to be told ANYTHING! She just made a terrible game move which will more than likely result in her BFF leaving this week. She just couldn’t listen to the voice of reason AKA Jason and had to do her own thing.

        The crying fit she had last week after Shane left will be nothing compared to the break down she will have if
        Neely goes home on her HOH reign.

        Ohhhh and what do you think about them telling Danielle that Neely doesn’t like her?? ?☺️

      • Do you know if Jason actually suggested to Kryssie that she not put Scott OTB? I know he was discussing this strategy, but wasn’t aware that he shared it with Kryssie.

      • Yes, he actually suggested it to her and mentioned that her putting Scott up would make it more proable that someone from their side would be nominated by us. So she literally only has herself to blame.

    • Well you know how BB can change on a dime. I think she’d be better to just put Scott up along side a pawn, Shelby and let America decide on the third who could very well end up being Kryssie’s pawn and not try to BD Scott at all. America will take care of evicting him if he’s already on the block and loses Veto or Shelby for that matter. Scott’s a threat to Kryssie’s and the LNJ’s games and Shelby is expendable..LOL

  2. I will laugh if Kryssie does the stupid thing and nominates Scott directly herself. It will all but guarantee we can get Neeley on the block as America’s nominee.

    • But won’t the LNJ still have the votes to keep her safe from eviction or no? I’m too tired to do the math.

      • If two Plastics are on the block with Neely, the votes will likely be split 3/3 on each side.

        The viewers would be the deciding vote!

      • It’ll depend on who’s on the block. It’ll be a tie either way with America deciding the vote.

        If 2 BS girls are on the block, then Neeley’s gone. If it’s 1 BS girl, Scott, and Neeley, then it’ll be another close vote, like the one with Danielle and Monte.

  3. Kryssie really needs to think smart if she wants Scott out. It all depends on who America’s nominee is.

    Oh wait I forgot, this is Kryssie we’re talking about.

  4. I have asked this in a couple of groups and haven’t got a clear answer. Why do people want to put Neely up? Is it because she is Krissy’s friend or people just don’t like her for some reason. seems to me that most of the America’s votes are for hg’s that they personally don’t like for some reason or another. Has nothing to do with game strategy. I have actually read a couple of comments about people speculating about the last time Krissey took a shower, or how she should put some decent clothes on. What the hell does any of that have to do with the BB game? Seems to me that BBOT has brought out some more rabid fans than usual, and will vote for anyone they don’t like how they look, how they talk, how they dress, and who they are friends with. etc. IMO the fans and voters are really spoiling the game for me, so I am going to try to just watch the feeds, read the recaps here and not read any more opinions.

    • For me it’s a few reasons.

      1) Neely’s attitude has shifted recently from the positive/funny Neely, to a more negative one.
      2) Kryssie is awful and I would love to see her brought down a few notches.
      3) For me, the Plastics are playing a better game right now while the Jamboree is imploding, I’m all for rewarding the better gameplay.

  5. I want to see all three nominees from Alex’s allies. If Kryssie were to hold off on nominating Scott, he would STILL be able to play for veto and if he won and was America’s nominee then one of Kryssie’s pawns would go, because America’s nominee won’t be replaced.
    Personally, I wouldn’t assume that America would nominate Scott…there’s always the chance that Danielle could be nominated, lessening the number of votes against a PBS evictee and increasing the chances of A Danielle eviction. Kryssie needs to put Scott on the block against someone more likely to beat him in a veto contest, like Morgan

  6. 3rd Nom this week will depend on BB allowing the CHEATER VOTES to continue or end. LNJ fans are determined to nom Scott or Morgan as 3rd nom whichever is not nom by Krissie. LNJ fans are UNITING to take back control of voting which was meant for FEEDERS not to be hijacked by computer geek targeting anyone against Alex.

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