America’s Have-Nots Vote: BBOTT Week 4 – Update: Results Are In

America’s Vote is now open for this week’s Have-Nots on Big Brother Over The Top with the latest decision of the season for a few spots to fill with a week of life on Slop and the trampoline beds in the haunted house themed room.

Update: Results are in. Neeley, Jason, and Scott are this week’s Have-Nots.

America's Have-Nots Vote on BBOTT

Each week this season of Big Brother we’ll be voting for many different things including Have-Nots starting on Fridays at 2PM PT and that decision will send three of the Houseguests straight to the BBOTT’s HN room and even a message to the entire house on where viewers are ranking some of the HGs that week. Ready to find out who will take on the punishment next?

Last week Danielle, Shelby, and Alex were voted in as the Have-Nots so those three can’t be repeats two weeks in a row. You’ll have to pick three of the other remaining Houseguests. Who is it going to be? After your official votes with CBS you should vote in our poll below and share your thoughts for the picks you made

Go here to vote in the America’s Have-Not Vote and use up your 20 votes each day. Remember that you must be signed in to All Access and subscribed as well so get the Free Trial and now join the game this summer. Then be sure to vote in our poll below for your 3 HN picks.


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  1. Please don’t vote Scott again. I am not pleased about him evicting Shane over Danielle but if I read Kryssie right she is hoping he is HN so she can say America hates him so she can make him her target and say it is strategic, when it’s just as emotional as Scott’s target was. I voted Neeley, Jason and Whitney.

    • Neeley can still be 3rd Nom. She needs to be HN to make a statement to Kryssie. She is waiting to decide when she sees who gets it and then she is doing her noms. Please vote Neeley, Jason, and Justin!

  2. I voted Neely, Jason, and Whitney. I’m sure I want Neely and Jason on HN’s so I plan to vote them again tomorrow, but I’m torn between Whitney and Justin so I think tomorrow I’ll vote Justin for the 3rd slot and see what happens. I plan to vote Neely for America’s Nomination.

    • Neeley is low on my totem pole. I’m nomming Scott or Shelby this week for eviction unless one of them is on the block. If one of them is and he/she isn’t Am’s nom, I’m nomming one of them out for eviction! LOL

      • I have been seeing a lot of people talking about Morgan or Scott for 3rd nom. We need to unite on the vote, or the Plastics will put up Neely. We don’t want that!!

      • Wait, who will put up Neeley? I mean, sure, America will, but you wrote ____________. Don’t know what you said. My computer doesn’t know that word.

    • I plan on voting for Neeley as my eviction nominee too. I was really sick and off the feeds for awhile… When I came back, I was totally surprised when I did a crash course too see what I had missed and realized she’d done a Jekyll/Hyde personality swap and turned into a total shrew in the last week and a half!! WTH?? Anyhow, she definitely has my HN vote as well as my eviction nominee.

  3. Jason, Justin and Neeley. Not Whitney! We need to make a statement to Kryssie. She is waiting to see who are HN’s to make her noms. Please please please do not vote Whitney!

    • Did you see Kryssie talking to Whitney? She guaranteed her safety, for some reason thinks she is a floater that she can pull to her side. So I went with her because putting Justin on slop punishes all of them since he cooks.

  4. I voted for Scott, Morgan and Neeley…mainly because they were all next to one another! hahahaha

    • I voted Scott, Morgan Neeley too. You know, I almost voted Jason, Justin Neeley b/c I wanted to show Kryssie she is not this huge fan fave she thinks she is, but I decided against it b/c I decided Neely is the one I really am disappointed in, so why punish Jason & Justin, in addition, I really want the PBS side of the house to finally feel a bit of fear for their BB life this week. They have been in power for three weeks, it is time to see how they handle being the ones whose necks are on the chopping block! Will they freak out and self-destruct?? I want to see all the drama unfold…. :)

    • I was cracking up listening to those two They weren’t hearing each other. They were like, high on something. lol

    • I just happened to be watching when that happened… Krissy is seeing that Neely is something else and Dani is certainly liking this… she’s been looking for another partner since Shane left so I can see her trying to slide right in there between krissy and Neely!

      For real though, if my best buddy had a beef with me I would want them to talk to me about it one on one and not in front of someone else.

    • I’ve been away from the computer for a while. A friend of mine just lost his dog today, so I were over there for a while, then had to rush over to the school I work at for the annual talent show. What happened?

      • Kryssie, Jason, Neely, and Danielle were in the HoH room following the CP reveal, discussing strategy for upcoming noms. For some reason Kryssie decided they were all giving her too much advise and she launched into an attack on them.

        Jason basically said, ok and left. Neely and Danielle stuck around and continued with Neely and Kryssie getting into it a bit. Neely left and went outside where later her and Kryssie got into it again one on one. The whole thing was pretty ridiculous, but very funny.

      • I’ll check it out later. Sounds like the Misfits are starting to fracture, though these DRs don’t reflect that, so who knows…

      • Yeah… well, except for Dani basically telling America she hated the ACP decision. What an idiot!

      • Yes they are thanks to Kristie. She has no room to talk about how anyone us playing the game. She is a hater, whiner and the HoH has gotten to get big time.. Neely and anyone else in her group has the right to be excited, as they finally control the house and she flips out on her friends especially mild mannered Neely

      • Haha I just realized that you answered this question for her and you were able to make your answer much more compact… goes to
        Show the difference between a man and a woman answering the same question! ;)

      • Jason and Neely were in HOH with Krissy and Danielle right after Alex got the ACP. Since Alex is off the table, Jason and Neely were giving their opinions and talking game while Danielle was laying silently on the bed and Krissy was giving her input every now and then. Neely was excited and said that America is keeping it spicy and she was in a really good mood. Krissy comments talking about it seems to the house that Jason and Neely are running Krissy and that’s why people keep pulling them aside and talking game instead of coming to Krissy. Jason left the HOH room soon after that and Krissy went on to say after he left that she appreciates everyone’s input but she feels like her opinion doesn’t matter and when she tries to talk people talk over her and it’s her that’s getting blood on her hands and so on. Suddenly Danielle speaks and is totally on the Krissy bandwagon while Neely is sitting there getting more mad by the comments Krissy is making to her in front of Danielle. Eventually Neely said she would keep her opinions to herself from then on and she left the HOH room. After she left Krissy couldn’t seem to understand why Neely took offense and Danielle was totally using the little tiff to suck up to Krissy. I’m thinking she’s trying to be Krissy’s #1. It’s worth flashbacking to if you can!

      • Thanks. I’ll definitely do that when I can. And of course Dani would take advantage of it. She’s as much of a [w]itch as Krissie.

      • She had no shame either! I could see her cheering on the inside when K and Neely had their tiff in the HOH room then Danielle (who had been quiet for 20 minutes!!!) suddenly came to life and jumped right in on Krissy’s side, appealing to her ego and buttering her up. I just really dislike Danielle. I tried to give her the benefit of the doubt but I just can’t!

      • Kryssie is not going to remember what she said, just that Neeley was upset by it. Some people aren’t even aware of how they come off than what they think inside their minds of who they think they are. I’d have taken offense to someone getting mad at me for no real reason when I’ve been nothing but kind to them. Kryssie’s power went a bit overboard and she took out any prior frustrations on the first person she looked at, which was Neeley. Next week I’m putting Kryssie on slop for sure to give her a taste of what life can be like when you’re practically starving.

  5. Why is Shane there?
    Neely, Scott and Whitney for me.
    I just don’t know what’s Whitney’s game. Neely is annoying.

  6. Justin is really irritating , you can tell the girls are just putting up with him, and trying not to offend him.

      • Don’t tell him that though… earlier today he said that he has the best social game in the whole house lol

      • Justin definitely gets my vote for best social game to this point in the season. In fact, no other HG is even close IMO.

        He’s been slipping up lately, but he’s still miles away from the block and has built good relationships with every HG.

      • I agree Dan and that is why he’s one of my fav’s! Oh and can you believe how buff he’s gotten since coming into the house? LOL

      • He was looking pretty jacked this afternoon…not sure if he had just worked out or not. All the guy does is eat pizzas too!

      • He’s made the comment several times that he’s bored so he works out which I can see because we all know how he gets bored easily. Like during the sword HOH comp, he just couldn’t stand still! He said he kept dancing because he was bored. Lol and essentially that’s why he ended up losing too!

      • think so?..Nobody is targeting him because of his social game, on both sides. He’s a social butterfly, and he will be a big target, exactly because of his good social game….He’s still popular. I don’t think anybody will want to sit with him during the finals.

      • Cyril Axel, isn’t it amazing how two people watching the same feeds can come to two totally different conclusions? Mine is still that Justin has a great social game and you’re right – his social game is technically TOO GOOD to where anyone would be crazy to want to sit beside him in the F3.

      • Yeah, The difference in OTT is you’re playing with HG’s and you’re playing with America, and he’s very aware on both area. The guy knows how to communicate with the viewers. Voters are tough. You pissed them off, they’ll put you on slop, or even nominate you. Somehow they’re delaying to nominate Justin on’s the first bad sign. I’m curious who was the runner up on the Have Not. He must be doing something right….

      • Okay scratch that.

        I mean to say he comes off as awkward around some of them. Remember the moment he pulled down his pants in front of Morgan?

    • I did not like his spying on the 1 to 1 convos with Krusty last night. I thought it was rude and then he lied about it. Dumb. He can be a HN for such behavior.

  7. I know CBS has issues with the feeds all the time, but does it seem to anyone else like they have the most issues on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday night week after week? Because if so, it could be the traffic on the feeds that causes all the issues.

  8. I really liked Kristie until she freaked out on Alex for putting her on the block when Shane won the veto last week. She keeps saying how she broke the agreement they had that she wouldn’t go up . Kristie knew she wasn’t the target, and she got no votes, so what is her problem? This HoH has gotten to her head for sure. She knows she hurt Neely’s feelings and as a friend she should have apologized . Moving forward Krissie feels like she owes Justin and even though Dani is still there she is making a final three with Justin and Jason. So she is no better than Scott or Alex who are playing the game. She was so mean to Scott but like he said someone has to go and it’s what they signed up for. She is having no problem talking with the rest from her group, except

      • I mean Neely has been loyal to the Jamboree but keeps an open communication with most everyone but Shelby she hasn’t done anything to be treated this way , and it doesn’t seem to bother anyone. They are doing what they did to Scott last week when he thought he had some friends and then no one just hatred! I think Scott deserves to be there still and those girls went along , in fact it was Alex who completed the plan and it all actually worked. He may be nerdy but he’s done nothing wrong but stayed true to his alliance. He and Alex are good together. Danielle needs to go next week or Kristie, but preferably Dani and Neely should take her happy ass and join the other group. I sure wouldn’t trust any of them again. And who is two faced?

  9. Kryssie is so delusional! That’s why she thinks we gave Alex the ACP? Seriously?! Ugh, what a moron.

    Watch out, Kryssie. Slop is coming your way next week when you’re no longer protected by your HOH status.

    • Not watching feeds…why does she think we gave Alex the ACP? Or at least give me the time stamp.

      • She was the last DR, which ended at 9:22.

        But basically, he thinks we gave Alex the Care Package because a, it made “perfect sense” to give it to Alex during Kryssie’s HOH (since we gave it to Kryssie during Alex’s HOH), so it’s poetic justice, apparently??? And b, since Kryssie believes that Alex “refuses to make eye contact” with her, we’re forcing Alex to spend time with her by being her servant because we know this (cue eye roll here). Not that she’s getting any joy out of it, of course, because she’s so “low maintenance.”

        EDIT: Timestamp is 9:18.

      • Kryssie is so into herself. She really believes America gave ACP to Alex because we love her. Bull!

      • I went back and listened and had to throw up in my mouth a couple times. She’s sooo darn clueless just as much as Scott is. Better to be clueless than to know she was a target of ours if she didn’t win HoH. I gave Alex the ACP because I knew Kryssie would be gunning for her and Scott. I’m betting Kryssie will put up Morgan and Shelby since she already promised safety to Whitney. And she feels she’ll be able to BD Scott if America doesn’t vote for him. I also knew Shelby would be her target too if Alex was no longer in the cards for her to target. Soooo predictable she is and so very unassuming as well.

  10. Well Kryssie scored a few points with me, her HoH music is Bad Religion. One of my favorite bands.

    Still nom’ing her next week though???

    • Me too…or Danielle. Will depend on how they speak to others or about others behind their backs after this week.

    • My votes are already promised to Danielle next week but I can jump on the evict Krissy bandwagon the week after. ?

      • Nicole…Kryssie will definitely be gone by then??

        I kinda hope Danielle sticks around awhile. Don’t care for her constant blabbing and entitlement, but she’s got a good understanding of the game and brings the drama. Kinda want to see her get HoH too???

        I know I’m in the minority here though!

  11. Wow. Way to boost Kryssie’s ego, America. Now she’s gonna feel justified about going with Scott. Meaning she’ll be more haughty than she was before.

    Time to nominate and evict Neeley.

    • I’d go for that. I’d prefer Jason, but I don’t think there is enough people that would go for that.

    • I approve of 2 of the results. I feel bad that Scott had to be picked again when Justin and Whitney have yet to experience HN status. And I honestly am curious what Justin, being the chef, could do with slop.

      • Yeah Saturn, I feel bad for Scott too. He was pretty devastated when Kryssie read his name for HN.

        I saw Justin tried one of the slob cookies and hated it. Says he won’t be eating slop if he becomes a HN. I doubt that!

      • Alex didn’t eat much slop last week. After a day or two on the slop, she switched to doing just protein shakes and she said she felt so much better than when she was eating the slop so I guess it’s possible to get by that way.

        I think these house guests have kinda gotten the short end of the stick when it comes to being a HN anyway since this season they are doing strictly slop and not offering 2 different food items to go along with it each week like they normally do.

      • Justin may have to try the protein shake diet, not sure he’ll be able to handle just that though. Guy lives to eat!

        Totally agree about the HN side options this season. Talk about a tight budget huh?

      • No kidding!! Looks like Justin lucked up again this week! I’m VERY interested to see if he can go another week without being voted a HN. He’s celebrating it but he needs to remember WHY he’s there $$$$ and that being so popular that America doesn’t vote you for a HN creates a target and in a game where America picks the winner, you’d be crazy to let him get to F3! He needs to Beg to be a HN for his game play!!

  12. Why was Scott a have not again should have been Justin. That would be entertaining

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