‘Big Brother Over The Top’: Monte Changes His Nomination Plans

After days of planning for Jason to hit the Block Monte is ready to move ahead, but now there’s a new plan for who will join him in the danger zone on Big Brother Over The Top.

Jason and Danielle on BBOTT

Despite Cornbread’s repeated efforts to convince Monte to go after Shelby with this first round of noms Monte had instead planned to put Kryssie, Jason’s secret F2 ally, up on the Block. This morning that plan shifted to a closer target.

Danielle has moved up Monte’s list this morning after some talks with allies may have worried him about upsetting too many on Jason’s side of things. The idea here is that Danielle and Shane are close so Monte hopes to use Danielle as a pawn and then get Shane to keep things going easy for him there. Shane told Monte he’d probably play dumb leading up to the BBOTT announcement which arrives at 7PM PT (10PM ET).

Earlier this afternoon Danielle spoke privately with Jason and told him that she’d use the Veto to save him if he was on the Block and she won Veto. That’s unfortunate then for him that she’ll likely be on there with him, but if Kryssie isn’t on the Block then maybe she’ll have the chance to try and save him too. With only one member of the OTT Jamboree on the Block that could help Jason’s odds this week.

We’ll get the rest of Big Brother’s Safety Ceremony tonight at 7PM PT (10PM ET) when Monte makes five more picks for who won’t be sent to the Block. That’ll leave us with just 2 nominees before voting opens at 8PM PT (11PM ET) for All Access subscribers to pick from the other 10 “safe” HGs for one of them to become much less safe afterall.

What do you think of Monte’s new plan? Would Kryssie or Danielle be a better option for going up against Jason if he wants Jason gone? Don’t forget that several of the other women have talked about targeting Danielle so they could be tempted this week to go for her instead of Jason. Of course who knows with this third nominee what could end up happening.



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  1. How did Monte get this Danielle nom cleared through Shane? Did Shane push back at all or offer other alternatives? Wonder if Shane is aware of the real potential for the Plastics to send Danielle packing??

      • Sounds like Shane passed the Monte allegiance test. I doubt Danielle would be too thrilled with this.

      • Matt – Great job of writing up what is going on BB Over he Top, esp. for those of us that aren’t watching this on-line season. My question is could you please caption the pics you post in your articles with the houseguests names as you do with the tv version? The only people I can recognize are Jason and Cornbread. Thanks!

  2. Question… Is the third nominee that’s voted for by America going on the block before or after the veto comp?

    • Definitely before Dana. That means the viewers won’t have much time to make their votes.

    • Before! They’ll let him know as soon as the voting is over and they’ve been tallied up! :-)

  3. If Danielle was basically Shane’s showmance, wouldn’t that be a vote in favor of evicting Jason since Shane can control Danielle? Can someone explain what the heck is going through Monte’s brain, or lack thereof? A lot of the girls want Danielle out. Need factchecking but Scott might’ve mentioned about getting Danielle out. By Wednesday, this plan will INEVITABLY backfire on Monte and Danielle will be evicted. Hopefully, Monte’s clueless ass will not be far behind

    • It only gets worse. Monte and Shane were just talking in the HoH and Monte asked Shane what he would do should he win the veto. Monte was assuming that Shane would use it on Danielle, but Shane responded that he would not and was kinda shocked Monte suggested it. Shane’s reasoning was that Jason would be voted out regardless so why take Danielle down? Monte agreed 100%

      These guys could be in for a bit of a shock huh? And what’s with Shane thinking he could pull a Paulie and not remove Danielle from the block?

      • Well, look where pulling a Paulie got Paulie…
        Right now, it seems like Cornbread will be going up as America’s nominee. If Cornbread somehow comes down I wish Shane can go up and hopefully Shane goes out then

  4. Anyone who is put up against Jason will be safe.
    Most of the house wants Jason gone. I do hope that he has at least one loyal member of his alliance that won’t be scared to use the veto on him. Hopefully Danielle wins it if she is not put up and she actually does what she told him. The best chance for him is winning it himself.

  5. Ughh so hoping Danielle wins the Veto, save her self, and get enough people to evict the replacement nominee or the third nominee as opposed to evicting Jason. I just wish one of the girls from the catty alliance gets thrown on the block as the third nominee to make them realize that they aren’t liked by the viewers. -_-

  6. Shane and Danielle lounging in bed waiting for final SC reveal. Danielle has no idea she’s going up…much less that Shane knows. Rough one.

  7. Kryssie is safe now. He’d talked of putting her on the block last night. Guess it’ll be Jason and Danielle, then!

    • Her laugh reminds me of a very stoned Jeff Spicoli (Sean Penn) in Fast Times at Ridgemont High!! LOL!

      • I’m pretty convinced she’s a regular cannabis smoker…not saying I have any personal experience with that or anything.

  8. Wow…so much tension in that room now with the Safety reveal over. Danielle looks devastated ?

    • I couldn’t make up my mind. I gave some votes to cornbread, Shelby and Scott. I like Shane and don’t want him up right now.
      Shelby just gets on my nerves and so does Scott. Cornbread is one of Monte’s BFFs in the house.

      • I put one vote in for Shane only because he didn’t put up much of a fuss when Monte suggested putting Danielle up! I voted for CB because he’s feeling way too confident than most of the others are.

      • You know who I am starting to like…? Justin. He was so quiet at first, but he is really starting to socialize now; plus he has like a crap load of funny stories!!

      • CB and threw two to Shane just because he didn’t flinch when Monte suggested putting Danielle up! Guess he passed the Monte test! LOL

      • Yeah that bothered me too. I thought he might put up *at least* a token protest! But his response was she’s just a pawn…Does he really have NO clue that the Plastics are out for Danielle??

  9. Hello everyone… Just put in my votes for CB to be OTB. I gave him all 20 b/c he is acting way too cocky and he’s targeting my faves!! ;)

      • And I heard he snores like a freaking chainsaw!! haha. Shane complained it is messing with his sleep. ;)

      • I almost voted for one of the sisters… I’m not really a fan of Morgan, but I figure those two will be EASY targets later… I want CB brought down a peg or two! Plus that’ll send Monte into an over-analytical tailspin!! haha

      • Trusting @cyrilaxel:disqus and you on this and voting for Cornbread. Really don’t want Jason to go yet. They shouldn’t be targeting him. He sounds like a very down to earth kind of person. Heading to CBS vote now.

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