‘Big Brother OTT’ Upcoming Events Today: Safety Ceremony Conclusion & America’s Vote

Today on Big Brother Over The Top Feeds we’ll be watching Monte, the current HoH, prepare his final five safety picks ahead of tonight’s Safety Ceremony conclusion but once his picks are done our work begins.

Morgan Willett safe on BBOTT

After the conclusion of the Safety Ceremony we’ll get our say when the next America’s Vote opens up to decide a third nominee in a potential bid to overthrow Monte’s plans to target Jason for eviction this week. Busy night.

Last night during the first round of the Safety Ceremony Monte select Neeley, Whitney, Cornbread, Morgan, and Shane as the first five of this week’s initially ten safe HGs. Tonight at 7PM PT (10PM ET) we’ll watch on the Live Feeds as he’ll have to pick five more leaving us with just two HGs out in the cold. Those two are most likely going to be Jason and Kryssie.

Monte was wavering a bit on either going with Kryssie or Shelby for Jason’s Block companion after CB has been pushing hard against Shelby. Doesn’t look like that’s going to happen though. Kryssie and Jason know it too. Overnight they talked about being the likely noms this week and they’re right.

Once those two are on the Big Brother Block the next online voting will open up at 8PM PT (11PM ET) for the third nominee. That can be anyone from those ten “safe” players which really makes that a poor name choice for them. That’ll be a shock to the players this week but after that they’ll come to expect it and we might see that play more in to their strategy after taking hints on the direction the viewers want them to go.

We don’t know yet how long the voting lasts but it must wrap up before Monday’s Power of Veto competition (1PM PT / 4PM ET) so they’ll know who to having playing. We’ll keep watching for all the details from CBS but remember that you’ll need to be subscribed to All Access if you want to participate in the vote.

My quick math scratching makes me think Jason is in a very bad spot here this week with 10 votes including viewers as the 10th which opens us back up to a potential tie and Monte won’t be breaking that in favor of Jason. He’ll need 6 votes this week to survive. Yikes.

Keep watching the Feeds today to see if there are any changes coming along but for now Monte seems pretty set on his path to the first round of nominations for BBOTT. What do you think he should be doing tonight? And start thinking of who you want going up on the Block as well.

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  1. Maybe there is a chance if Cornbread is put up by us and the house wants him out because of his snoring? I am hoping he goes out!! He is a jerk and has to go!

    • Seems likely that CB will be the 3rd nom, but I just don’t see any way he’ll be voted out. Veto could make things interesting though!

    • I agree. I liked him in the beginning but not anymore. I think that’s who I’ll vote for.

    • It’s a toss up between Alex and CB for me. I’ll more than likely vote for CB, though, without batting an eyelash!

      • Agreed Joni! I really liked him at first, but not so much anymore. I am definitely voting for CB… Plus, that’ll throw a wrench into Monte’s plans.

  2. Sure looks like Shelby has jumped ship from the OTT Jamboree alliance. She spent the second half of Saturday as far from them as possible. Looks like she is trying to become a part of The Plastics. I can’t fault her for shifting and trying to improve her position in the house though.

    Definitely looking forward to those live DRs, I really want more insight into her strategy. Is she as sharp as her law degree would indicate? Does she have a good read on the house?

  3. Matthew I think you are right. The way houseguests vote at the behginning of a season with all doing what the HOH wants does not look good for Jason. I believe America’s vote will be of more value later in the game

  4. Hopefully Alex won’t trust Scott so much as to reveal that Morgan is her sister. He is a snitch and it will get back tot he wrong people.

      • He reminds me of Steve. I don’t know if I’m bias or what, but I don’t really like the nerdy looking players. I always want them out.
        Scott wanted Jason to stay, but he seems to talk bad about him to other HGs.

      • I liked Steve and Ian much more than Scott. Scott being a debt collector doesn’t help.

        I really hope Jason stays! He is my favorite, with Shelby next. If they go first, not sure if anyone else will stand out to me.

      • I didn’t like Steve, Ian, and Andy. Scott not so much. I didn’t like looking at them.

      • I don’t mind Scott, yeah he’s pretty nerdy but seems to have better social skills than Steve. I’m interested to see what comes out of the Scott and Alex working arrangement. Both are pretty sharp players.

  5. I am so happy seeing the “Evil Alliance” beating america at a game we have the power to help are “favs” get to the end.

    I really want the Alliance to make it to the end and force america to vote for one of them to win.

    • Who’s the “Evil Alliance”? How are they beating America since the game has barely started.

      • The bros allaince LOL. On RHAP he was talking about how america hates them.

        They are winning because they are about to get Jason out 1st lol.

      • unless he wins Veto. If the rest of the HGs are smart, they’ll get rid of Monte next.

  6. I hate how they don’t let us choose what scenes to watch. There are only 4 cameras and 2 show the same things. If there are HGs in another room they should allow us to choose.

  7. What I’m worried about is the HG’s banding together every week and evicting America’s nominee. That won’t be fun.

    • Vote whoever is against me says Jason. C’mon, the poor kids a grocery stocker. I’d love to see a kid win 12 million bucks to change his life forever.

  8. Well, Jason and Danielle are the nominations. I am a bit surprised at Danielle’s nom actually. I know Monte is not exactly pleased that Shane is starting up a showmance with her, but he seemed really sure that he was nominating Jason and Kryssie. A lot of the “Plastics” (lol) do not like her. Jason may have a chance against Danielle. I’m voting for CB to be the 3rd nominee. He is turning into being kind of a jacka$$!! ;)

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