‘Big Brother Over The Top’: LNJ Turns On Justin In Final 3 Plans

The Final Four Houseguests on Big Brother Over The Top enjoyed their Thanksgiving Day thanks to production pulling together a meal for them to cook, but that turkey wasn’t the only thing being roasted in the house yesterday.

Morgan, Kryssie, and Jason on BBOTT

After Jason’s win in the first part of the Final 3 competition we knew he had secured a spot in the finale for a chance at America’s Vote. Over the past two days we’ve listened in on more conversations revealing what Jason is planning and so far that doesn’t sound good for Justin.

It didn’t take long after the first challenge was over for Jason to start talking about his reasons for not wanting Justin in the finale. After a season of working with Justin it looks like Jason is done with him. And not just done with him, but plenty of disparaging comments to go along with it. Kryssie, who would love a free ride to the finale, has joined the pile-on against Justin and Morgan wasn’t far behind either.

If you Flashback to around 5PM BBT on Thursday (11/24) you’ll find Jason, Morgan, and Kryssie holding a group discussion about their issues with Justin who is outside playing pool. There are complaints about his belief in his chances to win, his style of gameplay, and his down attitude that day. Overall it’s not good for Justin’s chances of Jason picking him for the F3 spot. We’re expecting that decision to be revealed Saturday afternoon on the Feeds.

Justin isn’t in the dark here either. Wednesday night after the competition ended Justin was spotted alone in the storage room where he announced to the camera that he was “f**ked.” Maybe for Jason’s pick, but Justin has had his own strong performances that could give Morgan a run for the money.

There will be just one more competition on Tuesday night to go along with the live show. If Jason picks Kryssie, as I expect, then it’ll be Justin and Morgan facing off in this last comp to decide who makes it to the F3 and who goes home one step short.

Justin has beat Morgan before and if it’s a physical comp then I’d expect him to have a strong chance. Morgan would likely outplay him in a mental comp if it’s events focused. Speaking of, Kryssie has offered to help Morgan study in case of that situation. That should tell us all we need to know about how Kryssie and Jason want this F3 to end up. What a strange way to watch the LNJ end their season.

Things have slowed down considerably in the Big Brother house and with just one more competition to go there won’t be much drama outside the waiting game. We’ll keep watching and report on any major happenings, but for now keep your eyes on these last few events:

  • Saturday – Jason makes his F3 pick at 4PM ET (1PM PT)
  • Tuesday – Last recap episode 8PM ET (5PM PT) + F3 Part 2 comp
  • Wednesday – Viewer voting (exact days/times TBD)
  • Thursday – Season Finale 8PM ET (5PM PT)

Big Brother Over The Top is coming to a close along with a string of more than five months of Big Brother. Who do you hope to see crowned the winner?


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    • At This point, all I want is that Jason doesn’t win it. He’s such a bad person. Maybe it would be better to have Morgan in F3 since she might get all BS fans votes. But that is a long shot

      • I want Jason and Justin at the end. If Jason is trying to get rid of him, then I hope Justin wins the next or last comp. I would like Morgan to be the third rather than Kryssie.

      • But we all know Jason is picking Krissie. America could of got rid of her a long time ago but nope they kept her around for nothing. I hope Morgan wins it all.

      • I’m with you. Between krissie, Jason and justin/morgan, I don’t want krissie or Jason. But both krissie and Jason made it to the end.

        Why did America named Morgan last time??? Probably Danielle would had been evicted but I’m still not sure why america vote end up that way.

  1. I agree. What a perfect way for LNJ to behave after preaching loyalty all season. I think he was mostly a joke as a competitor, but who cares. I see a lot of people talk about voting for who is best at “game play”. A lot of these events are random, and it becomes so much easier to win when going against 3-5 people instead of 10+. Who knows who deserves it the most? I put more credit towards surviving without wins, etc. Social skills to me are more interesting then beating these other three in some made up comp. I would much rather watch and listen to Justin than nasty bitter Jason.

    • Jason is going to win… Meg, DaVonne and others are all tweeting super heavy for him to be voted as winner of BBOTT!

      So, he doesn’t just have his own fans voting…he’s going to get their fans’ votes as well!

      • I can’t stand DaVonne either and a lot of people don’t like her so who knows what the votes will be.

      • Yeah, Da’Vonne’s not helping Jason’s case any. Meg’s probably doing a better job than Da is, as Meg was more well liked.

    • They apparently pulled it from their schedule. I don’t know why, maybe production wanted the day off for Thanksgiving.

    • Maybe because Shelby went through 5 producers Wednesday because she wanted to go home for thanksgiving and come back afterwards to do her press. She talked about it several times.

      • I would have done the same. It’s unfair that she was going to be isolated for thanksgiving. Anyway that season should have been accelerated at the end. It’s way to long. Nothing is happening since 2 weeks.

        But I would have love to hear her fresh out of the house.

    • They are doing two eviction interviews Wednesday, probably sent her home to be with her family and will interview her with the last evicted hg. When she flys back for the finale

  2. I can kinda understand why Jason wants to ditch Justin in favor of Morgan. Seeing Justin in action, everyone can agree, he sucks. But he brings a James-like vibe to the house that makes life in there a little less boring, and that could be Jason’s downfall. Look at last year, both Jason and James were contenders for AFP, and James won it. Besides, we don’t know who’s voting, so there could be a secret majority that actually likes Justin, and could give him popularity votes, possibly more than Jason.

  3. See? This is why the Misfits have been called the Hypocritiots! And they continue to remain so all the way to the bitter end.

    • The only ones who may win this game if they go to the end is Jason and Morgan. They have the most fans. I would love either Justin or Jason to win, but mostly Justin. In the polls Justin was always in the bottom.

      • WE know that Jason can easily best Justin in the F3 but Jason doesn’t know that and I’d like to see him sweat it out.

  4. I would have preferred to see the Misfits stayed loyal to each other. Jason is too paranoid with Justin being there in the F3. He thinks he’ll lose to Justin. I think not. I would vote for Jason though. However, there are Plastics/Alex/Shelby voting bloc that would vote for Morgan in this case, (Burper irrelevant) not to mention Justin fans that seemed to be upset of the situation….vote could be close.

    • Being a BB super fan, I’m really surprised that Jason hasn’t stopped to consider that Mo will receive votes by default simply by being the last remaining ballsmasher. He should know that some
      BB fans are strong in their hatred towards the side of
      The house that was against their fav player and therefore won’t vote for anyone from the opposite alliance.

  5. I kinda think jason is going hard against justin out of fear that possibly justin is the public’s fav after justing goin so long not being a have not, getting the cp so late, never being an american nom and being so comical. He has no idea how morgan’s side was/is the most popular side. he is clueless that america has tons of judgemental/moral judges this season. Most have tiny tiny tolerances for LNJ style of comedy/and style of characters they have portrayed. If is only knew america has been more supportive of Morgans side then he realizes and she could be seen and the one to crown just being a BS player, even if she was carried by her side and didn’t play her own game much. he may see her as just a floater that just showed up a tad bit. if he knew she was competition maybe he wouldn’t be goin so hard to possibly taint fans against justin more then justin may have already. relax jason dont make urself look evil just stay calmer.

    • He’s even Said since finding out about the sister twist that Morgan didn’t have this easy road to the end like he had thought and that she did actually have to play harder than he realized but he is simply forgetting how BB fans can be which is
      Surprising since he is a super fan. He should already be well aware of how people feel against the alliance
      Who takes their fav player out of the game — most hate them and therefore it’s easy to come to the conclusion that going in to the F3 with just his alliance means that votes are split between the same alliance. With Morgan in the F3, votes will be split between 2 alliances. If he would let go of
      Some of his issues with Justin than jason would , in time “, realize this.

      • You’re absolutely right. I didn’t even think of the math. That is in itself a strategy to win the final.

    • Justin has betrayed and voted against his own alliance several ntimes and made deals with the other side of the house as well….most recently when he made a deal with Shelby and Morgan and dragged Kryssie into it…she went along, but revealed that she had no plan to stay true to that deal. Justin has been a very sneaky and clever snake throughout the game and, understandably, Jason knows that Justin was ready to back-stab him , if necessary, to further himself. So, Jasson made the right choice in Kryssie, who is unlikely to pose much of a challenge to his winning in F3. Morgan in F3, would also be more advantageous for him because she was carried thru most of the game by the PBS and didn’t have much of a game, personality, or following among the viewers.

    • A lot of them are nonsense. She’s clinging to the prospective winner/Jason, showing her full support, and hoping to get a 2nd place. (laughable) Now they’re all doing PR with the voters. Speaking to the camera. Morgan is the only one talking to Justin, which is a smart thing to do, since she might end up in the F3. No need to be nasty at this stage of the game.

      • I see her sudden dislike of Justin being a lot of PR work towards Jason, ensuring he carries her to the F3. She has literally been stuck up his butt since the moment he won when normally she branches out more. She went from never saying anything bad about Justin to Jason saying things about Justin and her jumping on board. It’s so easy to see why she’s doing it and really just plain pathetic if you ask me.

      • Some of this is Jason implimenting his plan to make sure viewers are aware that Justin isn’t perfect because Jason doesn’t know if we are all so hung up on the pizza song and other things Justin does that we don’t see it all. Right now Jason THINKS Justin is the only
        Houseguest who could give him a run for the money (he hasn’t thought about Morgan and the votes being split between 2 alliances) so while Jason is saying all Justin does is PR work – Jason is actually on his own PR mission to dismantle Justin’s liked rep in hopes that if Justin wins his way to F3 he won’t beat Jason. All Jason can do at this point is try to make the likeable Justin unlikeable and so he’s jumping on Justin for anything he can.

      • Hopefully most of the viewers aren’t idiots and fall for this. Watching the whole season regardless of who their favorite is should determine the winner, but of course with production only knowing who the true winner is, they could give it to anyone they choose to.

    • She’s mad that he didn’t partake in the thanksgiving festivies yesterday and tore into him for it. He kept telling her he just needed to be alone and he didn’t want to be around them, trying to fake it and ruin the day with his sour attitude.

      • Kryssie is the one with an obnoxious attitude. Justin is a grown man and does not need to do anything he doesn’t want to. I heard him say that it has been Thanksgiving for them everyday since he has been doing all the cooking. Her fake annoying crying and talking to him as if she is his mother while trying to imply that she has helped him throughout this whole game is one reason why I cannot stand this woman. She actually thinks she has played the best game and is going to win. Justin has all the right to take a day for himself if he wants to. Maybe he missed his family and friends.

      • He hasn’t been doing “all the cooking”. He’s been full of himself and totally crafty throughout the game without winning anything on his own.

      • Justin played a great social game and most of the cooking in the house was done by him. Jason won a few comps, but was not a good social player. They both had their strength and weaknesses, but either deserves to win.

      • Justin has said several times that he’s never been away from home more than 2 weeks and that he sees his family every day and if you’ve been paying attention lately Justin has been struggling more and more with missing home. As it’s gotten down to fewer people in the house, it’s gotten harder for him each week. I felt bad that he’s been there for everyone this entire game but the one day he was sad and depressed they are literally trying to hang him for it. Not one of them genuinely tried to talk to Justin or lend a shoulder in Thanksgiving. I could see the house change instantly as soon as Jason won that HOH him and K BOTH didn’t need Justin anymore and they’ve been ignoring him since. Then it was Thanksgiving and Justin admittedly was a mess. I like Justin even more for being able to admit that he had a bad day and that he didn’t mean to offend anyone and that he wanted to stay to himself so he didn’t make anyone else feel down with his depressed attitude.

      • Justin is very naive and also very genuine. He probably really beleived krissie was a true friend. He will get a reality check once outside

        But, I am more desapointed by Morgan. I was expecting her to be less LNJ this week. But, well, it’s easy to get drag down by the (not) “cool kids” and get carried away by them.

        At the end, I will vote for Morgan above and beyond the 2 others. Same for Justin.

      • When you said that he was ruining the day with his sour attitude I must’ve misunderstood. I took it as if you were siding with Kryssie.

  6. Here’s how I’m playing it out. I don’t want Kryssie to win at all. As much as I like Justin, i don’t think he deserves it. Morgan is my favorite to win, but if she’s not in the Final 3, I’ll vote for Jason.

  7. Jason thinks he has this win which is why he told them he was voted in by the viewers. Hope Morgan beats Justin to go to final three. Then Morgan beats him for the win. The ultimate Karma pay back. I would love it.

  8. Jason is doing PR work… he’s preparing himself to take on Justin in the F3 SHOULD Justin win against Morgan. He’s taking the likeable Justin and showcasing any flaw he can to try and make us viewers dislike Justin. Even though Jason is in the F3, he certainly hasn’t stopped his game play unlike K who is in the F3 and hasn’t started playing the game yet!

  9. Why is Justin getting all the love? Did everyone forget Justin saying he wasn’t in an alliance to Dani and owed nothing to anyone? Saying he couldn’t hang out with Jason in NO? Saying he thought Jason was a bad person and he was only out for himself all the while saying he (Justin) was only there for himself? Constantly saying he didn’t trust Jason even though he expected Jason to be completely loyal to him? How about Justin telling everyone he was going to win because he was the only one who actually played the game? So, yes, Jason in pissed after helping Justin learn the game (because he knew absolutely nothing about it), helping him learn all the days, noms, etc., helping to keep Justin as a non-target for as long as he could. And instead of being happy for Jason making it go F3 which was his dream, he sulked and got mad because he knew he wasn’t being taken to the end and would have to earn it. Justin is a huge baby and Jason and Kryssie have good reasons not to be happy with him at this moment.

  10. I can only hope Justin beats Morgan. We shall see. But if it’s Jason and Morgan as final 2, I want Morgan to win. If it’s Jason and Kryssie in F2, I will be picking Jason to win. If it’s Justin and Jason, I will choose once again Jason for the win.

  11. By making Justin the choice for “America”‘s pick they effectively set him up as America’s Player. And with all the power they’ve given to “America” they practically assured that whoever was picked would be given a major advantage in the game. It would be hard, especially later in the game, to vote him out. And it’s surprising that none of the HGs caught onto that. He is a nice guy, but he was given much more of an advantage than any of the other HGs.

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