‘Big Brother Over The Top’ Spoilers: Who Won Final 3 Comp – Round 1?

Big Brother Over The Top has reached its Final 4 but that’s about to become Final 3 as we go through two more competitions to help decide who will face off for America’s Vote to become the winner of BBOTT.

Final Four prepares for another comp on BBOTT

Round 1 starts tonight with the first of the two comps. Here the winner will get to pick one of the other three HGs for a guaranteed seat in the F3. The remaining two HGs will then face off on Tuesday night for the third and final seat in the F3. From there the viewer voting will be held and we’ll find out who wins this season.

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We’ve got Jason, Justin, Kryssie, and Morgan left in the game after Shelby was voted out tonight. That should leave Kryssie with a sure thing spot in the F3 and Morgan with two chances to make sure she gets there. Should Morgan win either of these last two comps then the remaining LNJ will be broken up just shy of the end.

Who do you want to see win this comp? Get ready to watch it play out on your Big Brother Live Feeds.

BBOTT – Final 3 HoH Comp – Part 1 – “Uphill Battle”:
HGs must use the pulley system to work answers up a huge wall to drop balls in the spots for correct answers. They simply have to identify who won HoH each week. Easy to know the answer, but hard to get the ball up there. First to finish wins a spot in the F3 plus the pick of who will join them in the F3.

  • 6:50 PM BBT – Comp scheduled to begin soon.
  • 7:02 PM BBT – Feeds return. Instructions are read.
  • 7:06 PM BBT – Comp begins.
  • 7:10 PM BBT – Total silence as the HGs race to finish.
  • 7:13 PM BBT – Jason wins!

Well that went fast. Jason won this which doesn’t surprise me. Now who do you think he’ll take to F3? Well heck, does it even matter. Now that Jason got Shelby out, his fiercest competitor for the overall win, he’ll win this whole thing, won’t he?

Update: Overnight Jason confirmed his plans to take Kryssie to the F3 over Justin. Jason spoke with Kryssie and Morgan that they should be the F3. Jason does not want Justin reaching the end as he feels he has a better chance against the women than against Justin in the viewers’ vote.

We now await the confirmation on who gets that bonus free ride to the F3. That should be part of Saturday’s “Game Changing Ceremony” at 4PM ET (1PM PT) and we’ll have the live results when it happens.

Who do you want to make it to the Final 3 on Big Brother Over The Top?


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  1. Ok, after 2 hours of Survivor, I’m ready to watch Morgan win the whole thing. Let’s go Morgan, win this 1st round.

  2. Jason wins Part 1, which guarantees his victory at the end, regardless of who he’s up against (again, Morgan’s only shot is if she wins Part 2 and gets herself there, but considering how the votes have ended up for the large majority of the season in favor of Jason’s side of things, I honestly think it won’t make a difference).

    However, I’m actually curious to see who he will pick. Wonder if that’ll make either Kryssie or Justin finally question his motives, depending on who he doesn’t take.

    • He will pick K… hands down. She’s easily beatable and I’m sure he will tell everyone that unlike Justin, K has never doubted Jason therefore he’s going to pick her and he will say that Justin stands a better chance against Morgan if it’s physical than K does… Justin went in the storage room after Jason won and said out loud “I’m screwed” so Justin pretty much knows Jason isn’t going to pick him

    • A lot of people that liked him in the beginning are now disgusted by his behavior. I’ve read a lot of negative posts about him on other sites. Hopefully everyone will vote against him.

  3. Survivor was a lot better than BB and I hope it ends soon. I will start watching BBOTT now.
    I knew Jason was going to win just like I knew Nicole was going to win the whole game. What a coincidence.
    I’m glad he won though.

  4. Morgan should be able to beat Justin and/or Kryssie, though, in Part 2. She’s definitely got the better comp record. Unless it’s another maze, but I don’t think they’ll do that again so soon.

    So she still has a chance at second place.

      • Yeah. She deserves it over Kryssie for sure. Heck, based on game, she deserves it over Justin, but I’d rather see Justin in F3 than Kryssie at this point.

    • Oh..Morgan’s maze Comp. That was freaking funny. 11 mins of frustrations. Top view cam, is like watching rat experiment….that’s got to be on Youtube now..with background music. lol

      • I felt so bad for her, lol! I would’ve done just as poorly at that comp, I’m pretty sure.

  5. Probably Jason will take kryssie they been very tight so I think it will be Morgan and Justin fighting for the last spot in the final 3 since Jason will take kryssie with him to the final 3

  6. poor Morgan. She has to socialize with these people rather than spend the rest of the week all alone.
    Did she tell everyone that Alex is her sister?

  7. Jason killed that. It was hard for me to follow who had how many on my phone but even I was surprised when he rang in so quick.

  8. And here we are with Jason winning this HOH and getting to take someone to F3 we are going to get stuck with K in the F3 SO from here on out we minus well refer to it as the F2 because Cornbread, who left first, could still beat K at this point! Ugh!

    • Regardless if she is at the end, I do hope that Julie or whomever is announcing the winner lets them know live how many votes they each got. Kryssie will see she was in the bottom.

      • ? I’m sure they can find out the actual number of votes afterwards but I’d like to see it live so I can see her facial reaction to it.

  9. And there we have it. Looks like Jason won the whole thing in a nutshell and looks like he’ll be taking Kryssie to the end with him. Man Jason really wants this.

    • I’ve been watching the feeds since the HOH comp and you’re right. And Jason and K have both officially turned on Justin. They’ve been pumping Morgan up, letting her know they want Justin gone.

  10. Been watching the feeds for awhile. They’ve been in the kitchen for awhile talking about the season and comparing notes on things that happened. I enjoyed their talk so if you’ve got the feeds it was fun getting to watch them spill secrets from one alliance to another and talk about house guests.

    When Justin left to shower and lay down, Jason wasted no time telling Morgan that she’d be up against Justin. K and Jason told Morgan if it’s questions, Mo can take Justin easy. LNG is OV now! Jason doesn’t think he can win next to justin in the F3. AND Jason officially told K while they were alone that he is going to keep her safe.

    I’m. Not. Happy!!!! First of all, K going to the F3 basically changes it from a F3 to a F2 because that’s how useless she’s been this entire time. So now that Jason is going to make it to where K is in the F3, BB minus well officially rename it the “Final 2, with 3 bodies” 2ndly, socially Justin has played a good game, I like him and I really wanted Jason and K to stay loyal to Justin. I don’t think Justin would beat Jason in the F3. I think Jason has this in the bag IF Justin is in the F3.

    What Jason isn’t considering is while he and K are pumping Morgan up, wanting her to win this comp and knock Justin out… is that all season America has been torn between 2 alliances. If Jason totally knocks out the ballsmashers then the votes go to nothing but the LNG crew. He’s not thinking about the fact that voters may still stand behind the alliance their fav houseguest was in even if that houseguest is gone. Alex fans who would vote for her are going to throw their votes to Mo. Shelby fans may also do the same and so on and so forth.

    By wanting to take Morgan, Jason is actually making this a tighter race. Do I still think he will win either way? Yes. But he doesn’t have to do it at Justin’s expense.

    • His calculation is wrong about Justin. (likability factor) He would beat Justin on F3. One thing that’s for sure, burper is not gonna win s**t.

      • Absolutely. With Jason in the F3, Morgan’s playing for 2nd. Because there are people like you, Cyril, who don’t have a stake in the game and would rather see the better player win it all.

      • Now that K has a sure spot in the F3, it’s clear to EVERYONE on the BB House that they only have to beat 1 person now instead of 2. EVERYONE but K seems to know that K has lost this game already.

    • Totally agree if no BALL Smashers are not present their fans have no one to rally behind. Taking Morgan out gives Jason a total shutout win against Justin/ kryssie

      • HE doesn’t realize that America has been divided this entire season, just as the house was. The house guests may have realized that it’s every man for themselves now but I guarantee that America doesn’t vote that way. If Justin doesn’t end up in the F3, it’s going to come down to Morgan and Jason. The poll on this site says people want Morgan to win the entire game and there could be enough ballsmasher fans to make that happen…. or at least could give Jason a run for his money.

      • He said he came in this year to play dirty, not to make friends. Would be kinda ironic if playing dirty is what causes him to lose huh? When if he were loyal and took justin, it would be an easy win for him.

    • Like Jason cares about what any of these people are feeling. He just wants to win any way he can, and if he has to screw over one of his alliance members, so be it. Like he’s said all along, he didn’t return to make friends – he came to take home the prize. He’s being ruthless this season, which is why he’s so unlikeable for many.

      • I like Jason also but to each their own. He is making a mistake by not taking out the last remaining member of the other alliance. He hasn’t thought about the possibility that America could be divided – just like the house as been all season – and that Morgan will get voted for solely because she’s the last remaining member of the ballsmashers.

  11. Well I do think Jason deserves to win over who is left. Everyone knew he has a lot of fans, and he had to get through the whole season with that fact. America helped him, but he also won when he had to. I came around to thinking Shelby is the most deserving since the BS did not have a lot going their way. She was also constantly playing the game hard. But things did not turn out for her. Morgan is a nice girl and had a good social game, but I would not put her up with Jason in game play. As for Kryssie and Justin, they are both floaters. I hope Justin gets top 3 over Kryssie. But looks like Jason will take Kryssie.

    I hope next season, BB 19, is all newbies. No returnee advantage. Then BB 20 can be All Stars.

  12. Well, it’s official: Jason is the winner of the season, at this point he has no competition, probably Morgan, but let’s be honest Jason has a big fanbase. Unfortunately this will be a predictable ending for a pretty decent season, at last despite BB18 wasn’t good, had a good F2, Paul and Nicole (I’m not fan of both them) made decent moves, this time there’s no real competition (Morgan could be an exception, but her gameplay is not the best), Kryssie is a joke as a player and Justin is forgettable.

    I hope see something better for BB19, and please don’t mix returnees with newbies again.

  13. Disappointing end to a disappointing season. I’ll vote for anyone but Jason or Krissie. Hoping Morgan is in F3. At least I want to vote for her. Justin not so much. I know if they have this next year I’m passing. America controlled way too much of the game and things would of been totally different.

    • If morgan is up there im voting for her. If not, As much as i hate it i would vote for jason for having a target on his back since day 1 and played hard and winning comp when he had to even though personality wise i dont like him.

      • I think Morgan can beat Justin in this last comp but if not then Justin won his way to F3 and I’ll vote for him. Krissie did nothing and even if Jason played better then Justin I just can’t bring myself to vote for him. I can’t reward his disgusting behavior. And by things he’s said in the house he acts the same outside of the house. He gets drunk all the time and his Dad has bailed him out of jail several times. Nope I’m not giving him all that money to blow at bars.

      • Lavender girl you are so hateful if Morgan wins that would be a repeat of Nicole game beating Davonnes. Its illogical to believe Morgan deserves this win

      • I’m hateful because I have a different opinion then yours? Sounds like you’re the hateful one.

      • Oh Lavendergirl you are so defensive! We all know it’s your opinion and unlike you, none of us are defensive. While Jason is pretty disgusting at times, he is the only person out of all of them actually playing the game. Morgan doesn’t deserve the win.

      • Was I even commenting to you? You can like, dislike, root for whoever the hell you want. If I want to have a different opinion I’m not saying I’m right or wrong. I just have a different opinion. Which is my right. He made a PERSONAL comment calling me hateful because I like someone else. Just like you commenting on something that has nothing to do with you.

    • Jason deserved to win. He came in as a returning player, and beat the odds. Same with Nicole Franzel.

  14. Krissy doesn’t even deserve second place so anyone but her, I hope Morgan pulls it off and wins and I hope krissy is crushed to hear she gave her opportunity away to be friends with Jason! I heard bb renewed a contract for two more years, I think this season is the start to bb’s end season because it’s not worth tv! Horrible season and contestants, I won’t recommend this season to anyone like past seasons!

  15. Watching feeds while cooking and I don’t see the chef helping them cook. I’m sure his thanksgiving recipe will be delicious.

  16. Justin is so down today that he hasn’t even participated in any of the Thanksgiving festivities. Jason mentioned Justin came out and said last night that he could beat them all in the F3. Did anyone else catch that convo? I didn’t see it. Must have happened after I went to bed. Justin needs to man up, get out of bed and try to enjoy the day.

    • I watched it in flashback and was a little shocked, he’s as delusional as Kryssie. He really thinks he did a lot of maneuvering and he and Scott were running the game for a while and he’s sure he can win. If you go back to catch it (about 1 am I think) stick around for the J/K talk after he leaves.

  17. Jason lost my vote after he and Danielle made that fake final 5 deal just to be mean. That was uncalled for. I was rooting for Shelby but since she didn’t make it, I’m team Morgan all the way.

    • I feel the same way. Besides being mean it was seriously bad game play that cancels out some of the better strategic moves he made, at least in my mind.

  18. don’t have bbott2 if you cheat for certain players.. like the cp and hoh. cp wasn’t supposed to be veto and safetyand hoh comp Shelby and Jason had same problems, so shoulda been best of 3 or cohoh.. stop changing game to keep certain people and letting others go home because they are not as popular.. let the game be real… and the outcome be as it may.

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