Big Brother Over The Top House Revealed [PICS]

Big Brother Over The Top only had about four days to redesign the house after the end of BB18 so there’s really only so much we could expect for the new BBOTT house designs. Keep your expectations low here and you might not be let down.

Big Brother Over The Top - House design & Have-Not room

From the house tour pics shared at E! the most rework appears to have gone in to the Have-Not room, which is now a Haunted House theme with maybe three net beds, and the lounge which is now also their exercise room, perhaps with the cooler weather coming in. There’s some wallpaper changes as well and a little paint, but that’s going to be about it for the new season.

The sweeping arches in the living room are now purple and the Destination sign is gone, but the associated phone booth is still there on the upper level. The kitchen has a new backdrop with the planes wallpaper covered over and the various destination signs have all been removed. Allegedly the Tokyo bedroom was worked over as well, but that didn’t show up in the gallery yet.

As for things staying the same, the London bedroom doesn’t appear to have changed, at least not by the time these photos were taken. The HoH room looks like the same and the waterfront themed bathroom looks just as it did last week. I won’t be surprised if the backyard isn’t any different either which is fine by me as I liked the forest setting there.

Grodner gave E! a short blurb on the theme which is apparently a “sophisticated city hotel.” Sophisticated, you say? Allow me to get my monocle & top hat.

“In just four days the art department has been able to transform the main living areas from a summer vacation theme into a sophisticated city hotel with colors and decor ready for fun and scheming this fall,” executive producer Allison Grodner tells us. “I think the brand new fitness room inspired lounge will be a welcome surprise for the houseguests with the changing autumn weather.”

Ahh, also in the kitchen and dining area we can see 13 place settings at the table, so maybe that’s confirming we won’t see both Jason and Jozea move in to balance out the cast number and the women vs men ratio.

Take a look through the BBOTT house photos and see what’s there so far. Then we’ll get a better look tonight during the season premiere along with the launch of the Live Feeds. It all starts tonight at 10PM ET (7PM PT) so be sure to sign-up for the Free Trial & be ready to watch.

Update: Few more photos added including the backyard which does appear to have the same backdrop.

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Image credit: CBS



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  1. I got a glimpse at the memory wall elsewhere and there are 16 key slots, but only twelve hgs plus the one we got to vote on. So does that mean production already had three other former hgs lined up?

    • I don’t think so. They may not have enough time to modify the memory wall in time for the premiere so a few of them will certainly be left empty.

    • 13 HGs since Jason will also come in. It is possible that one of their twists is adding a couple of more HGs from the past.
      I hope not. I’ve had enough of those people and if Jason
      starts to become annoying, he may be the first one out.

  2. Wish they would ditch the memory wall and go back to the old nomination way where everyone pulled their keys out of the lazy susan type box – more suspense that way!

  3. No photos of the Tokyo room must mean they haven’t been able to get Nicole outta that corner bed yet…hehe.

  4. I like the changes…considering they only had four days..they have done a good job…I really hope that Tokyo room was changed..that was the worst room ever! Looking forward to tonight!

  5. Double the price for commercial free access.
    I can’t watch CBS without paying for cable, but I will need to pay extra to watch it online.
    I think anyone who pays their cable should get online access for free. It is not a lot of money, but still annoying.

  6. It’s actually beginning to sink in that there’s a new season of BB starting tonight!

    I’m excited:)

  7. The show airs late and many of the competitions will also be done late at night. I hope that I’m able to watch it the next day if I choose to or click on any part of the show that I care to watch.
    I never paid for feeds so I’m not sure how it will work.

    • If you’re on a computer browser you’ll be able to use the Flashback function to go back and view any moment from the season. Unless they’ve changed the mobile app, this option is not available on mobile devises. Also don’t think it’s available on the streaming apps either (Apple TV, Amazon Fire, etc.).

      But regardless, my guess is that these new weekday recap shows will bring a lot of the feed highlights together, so watching feeds 24/7 won’t be entirely necessary.

  8. I wish they’d bring back the beach balls and little yellow rubber ducky in the pool. I hate those log floats. I know no one asked me, but that rubber ducky is iconic.


    • Sharona, there were camera shots of that ducky in the new pool during BB18, but it was never in the pool on the feeds. Production must have tossed it in there, taken the shots and removed it.

      Maybe they felt it didn’t fit the National Park theme? Who knows.

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