‘Big Brother Over The Top’ 3rd Nominee Week 5 [POLL]

Voting is now open for America’s Nominee, the third seat on the Block, this week for Big Brother Over The Top and after yet again another America’s Nom heading out the door last week the pressure is really on here for viewers to get involved and make their best pick.

America's Vote open to name 3rd Nominee on BBOTT

Danielle is done with her noms for the week on BBOTT after shifting the target during the day and she is ready for America’s decision to see how it’ll work in to her plans. So who is it going to be? Now is your time to vote and help make the choice.

So far we’ve had four evictions and three of those have been America’s Nom. Can’t help but make you wonder if production didn’t underestimate that 3rd nom’s impact on the game. But these are the rules of the season so the Houseguests need to start playing on through it.

After Danielle’s safety picks were final we had the nominations revealed as Shelby and Whitney, which takes those two off the list and gives us six other choices for this week’s 3rd Nominee. You can pick from Alex, Jason, Justin, Kryssie, Morgan, or Scott. Who will it be?

Ready to cast your vote now? Vote Here for 3rd Nominee!

Remember the voting stops at 9AM PT (12PM ET) so don’t want to vote. If you vote the night of then the next morning you get to vote another 20 votes so it’s worth it to be on the ball with this one.

Results will be revealed Monday morning when the Veto players are picked, around 10AM PT. The PoV comp is held at 1PM PT live on the Big Brother Feeds and there’s of course plenty of potential for drama there that you won’t want to miss.

After you’ve done your official voting at cbs.com be sure to vote in our poll here as we await the official results on Monday.


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  1. Extremely valid reasons to vote for Kryssie or Scott. I’m completely torn on this one…gonna sit this one out and let fate decide.

    • No vote Krissie. We can vote Scott next week. I’m afraid if Scotts up he’ll win POV then one of the girls will go.

    • I would honestly be fine with either one going up on the block. Scott started out seeming like a nice guy, but he has pushed my buttons more than once. I voted for Kryssie though because all she does is complain and has an extremely negative attitude. If I have to hear about her hands one more time….

    • If you want to save Whit or Shelby then vote Alex!! She is the reason they are on the block. Scott and Alex have turned on Whitney.

      • Not even going to work on me. Kryssie has to go. Dani said if MF wins Veto they are taking down AM nom. That means Scott would be pulled down too. Leaving Shelby and Whitney on block to be voted out. I will take my chances and vote to put Kryssie up and out! Just to save the girls!

  2. Sorry Kryssie-haters, but I’m voting for Scott. This is thinking strategically here. Voting out someone just because she bitches and whines all the time is just thinking emotionally. And besides, Kryssie isn’t a complete dummy nor a crazily obsessive stalker.

    • I’m voting her out because she does nothing but bitch, belch and complain. She sits on the couch and whines all day long. She’s threatened to quit at least 3 different times. I’m giving the quitter what she wants. She still thinks America loves her. Wrong!

      • You should be ashamed of yourself complaining about something that is a medical issue. Talk about complaining I would say its the pot calling the kettle black.

      • Hahahaha are you on drugs? You seem to be stalking all my comments. I never knew bitching and complaining and being a quitter was a medical issue. Go away troll.

      • I agree. Both reasonings are more personal than emotional. Either you rather it be Krissie based off of your dislike for her awful personality and gross behavior, or Scott for his unwillingness to play for himself and if you believe that will keep things fair.

        I think both of them deserves to go. I don’t care who, but I’d
        personally rather it be Scott. I respect everyone’s individual personal choice, and we’ll see what happens. I’m expecting it to be Krissie.

    • Andrew I agree with you and voted for Scott. Scott isn’t even playing for himself so why should he stay and be another vote for Alex. Alex already has her sister in the game. America has given everything to the ball smashers as it is. IMO they don’t have to play strategic when they are always helped by getting the care packages. If all we have left is ball smashers we will have a very boring game. Frankly, I get bored just listening to them.

  3. I voted Kryssie this week. I think this may be the last week America nominates a HG because next week care package is co-hoh which with 3 noms there could be tie issues and the following week is DE which doesn’t give enough time for voting.

  4. Too bad misfits have stupid fans supporting them. If you actually wanted to help them you’d nominate Morgan. Since Shelby has her care package she can avoid going home this week which would ensure Morgan or Whitney went home this week. That would leave 1 person on that side with a chance for final 3 care packages and also break up the girls. Voting out Scott isn’t going to really weaken them, but hey do what you want. If Danielle wins veto she’s going to save Scott anyway.

      • I’m voting Krissie. I don’t want one of the girls to go. I like watching their strategic game play more then I like watching the misfits filthy talk that has nothing to do with game.

      • You must spend your time watching the Misfits since you know what they talk about. And there is nothing strategic in begging America for what you want!!!

      • The show is online in case you weren’t aware. What do you think I’d be watching cartoons? You new posters crack me up. You can’t comment on game you always have to get a personal dig in there. You must spend your time trolling the BB sites. And by the way everytime I am watching and their making filthy remarks I change the camera. Oh so when the misfits have been begging America for the first three weeks then I guess it wasn’t strategic. Which I’ve known all along. They don’t do anything except sit on the couch. At least the girls talk game and play strategic.

    • Totally agree with you that we want Morgan or Whitney to go and thats why Scott has to be NOM!!!

  5. Im gonna vote out scott because he is starting to get a big head and think he is safe in the house and America’s votes.. And take kryssie out next week because she wont when hoh

      • He really does think he is untouchable.. He thinks everybody is scared of him because he is trying to be like evil dick.. If you looked at it this way it will be helping the girls out… Plus if Scott is 3rd they would vote him and the girls would be safe and alex would be happy..

      • I thought Dani told the LNJ to get Scott down if he is nominated. I think Whitney will go over Scott. Kryssie would go over Whitney?

      • He’s obviously trying to create this character of genius player, forcing camera time when he’s alone in this room, talking to himself, figuring out how to open that stupid door…Well,..He’s very unpleasant to watch…I can tell you that. lol

      • Hey friend boy do I agree with your assessment of Scott and he seems to be getting worse all the time.

      • Hey Jacee, long time no see. It’s great to see you here again. Enjoying OTT?..you think we have too much power? lol

      • Hi Cyril I don’t get the chance to be on the site very often. When the season started about a week after my computer died and had to get another one so missed a couple of weeks and then had to play catch up. Yes, I guess I do think we have a bit too much of power. Seems like there are more ball smasher or plastic fans (whichever you prefer) and since I’m more of a misfit fan I haven’t had my votes count for anything until this week. lol Finally looks like Scott will be going which makes me happy. I think it’s great that we are involved, but when you have more fans for one side that side gets everything. Luckily, even the majority of plastic fans thought it was time for Scott to go so I finally have one of my votes count. JMO, but I find the plastics a bit boring and I have heard them be just as catty as the misfits. Good to see you again :)

      • He’s very awkward. But he’s a number for the girls. He can go next week. I can’t stomach Krissie for one more week.

    • Plus Alex really dont want Scott in the house anymore… Alex said that if he gets put up she would vote him out .. Plus if justin gets picked to play the veto he will take kryssie off the block and so would Danielle… So i want to see Scott go up as 3rd nom…

      • And Danielle, Jason and Justin said they’d take Scott off. Alex doesn’t want Scott nominated. Watch the feeds she wants Krissie or Jason nominated.

    • We may not have the chance. America’s vote maybe over next week. Especially with DE coming up. Vote Krissie.

      • I thought Julie said 2 more weeks, but that was at the beginning of the season, so who knows? Seems like it has been too many weeks already. I would just like the HG’s to get more of their own game. America choosing Have nots or getting one vote is enough.

      • I agree I think America has ruined this season with their votes. Ball smashers don’t even have to play with America giving them everything.

      • For what it’s worth, America’s vote goes all the way to the final five this season, as far as I can tell.

  6. This is going to be a tight vote. I think the misfits are going to get their wish this time and Scott will be nominated. If we are this deadlocked on this site, where there is usually a clear lead, then Krissy is probably going to escape the block.

    • Misfit fans from twitter coming in here now to vote. They are doing same every where. Yes some are regs in here but there are lots more that are not.

      • Actually, it kinda does, if only so everyone can see how close the vote actually is every week.

      • It shows how close the voting is. Remember the week there were people on here who were taken by surprise when Alex was made a Have Not, despite not being near the top of the poll? That was because we failed to take the Twitter people into account.

  7. Been out of the loop for a few days and my oh my! It is a tight race between Kryssie and Scott now! Honestly, I wouldn’t mind Scott going up if this means the Misfits fans on Twitter will stop being butthurt and accusing Plastics fans of rigging the vote. Though from what I’ve heard even if Scott goes up the most likely evictee is Whitney?

    • Whitney or Morgan, they want one of the BS girls out who still have a shot at winning ACP. And Danielle’s gone on record saying that if she wins Veto, she’ll pull down America’s Nominee, no matter who it is (even if it’s Scott or Alex).

      • Wait… what? Why does she want Scott or Alex down? What made Morgan and Whitney such threats all of a sudden?

      • They can still win the Care Packages, whereas Scott and Alex Can’t. Further,more, Danielle is sick of America’s power and wants to ensure that her target goes home over America’s nom.

  8. I am lost. When is Shelby using her CP power?
    I thought she picked first who she wanted safe and then Danielle voted for whom ever was left.
    I really hope Scott goes up and D doesn’t win the veto. Why doesn’t she want him or Alex gone?

      • Thank you. I thought it was choosing 3 people to not get nominated and of course she’ll choose her alliance. This is even worse because now she will choose 3 people from the other side. I am hoping Scott goes up so whomever is left votes him out instead of Whitney and Shelby. Alex will have to choose between her girls and the pest of the house.

      • Danielle will pull whoever America’s nominee is off the block if she wins. She doesn’t want him or Alex targeted. Just Whitney or Morgan.

      • I think Jason may get the last CP, so Danielle is wasting her HOH by not nominating the biggest threats on that side. Alex and Scott. I don’t want Alex to go right now, but She needs to be next to her #2 to ensure he goes.

      • Thanks. I just read it. I never clicked the arrow before. duh for me.
        The last 3 are too good, so in a way Danielle is playing it smart. I hate Scott though. Get rid of Whitney or Morgan. They are the only ones that could get one from that side. I think Whitney has a better chance than Morgan. Morgan is not liked by many.

      • So still vote for Scott, if you really want. And then pray the Veto goes your way.

        Let’s face it, we’re almost at the halfway point of the season. Time to start considering who we want to actually win this thing and stop playing favorites between the two alliances.

      • I see all of the players as a whole and I’m not picking sides, but favorite players. I like Justin, Jason and Alex in that order. Scott is just an obnoxious person that I don’t care for and it doesn’t matter whose side he is on. I really want everybody else to go, but the ones I can’t stand first. Even if it doesn’t happen that way. Neely left, now is Scott’s turn, then Kryssie or Danielle and Shelby hopefully.

      • I’m not on top of the show ever. Not even when it is on TV. I just come here to read what others are saying. I missed 3 DR sessions so far and I mostly watch veto and HOH comps.

      • So that’s why she put up Shelby? So she can save Shelby and put Morgan up there if she wins Veto. That’s a big “if” isn’t it? What if Morgan wins Veto and saves Shelby? Won’t Morgan be safe as well as Shelby?

  9. Scott needs to go …It would be mutually strategic for both sides keeps the 4 girls in still and the 4 misfits …then game begins

  10. Kryssie is such a drain on the show and on game talk and she has been a big time bummer since her veto quit.. she needs to go so we can get rid of sides of the house.

    • Yeah. With Kryssie gone, the side alliances should start to take precedent. Jason’s all ready going back on his deal with Alex and Scott.

  11. stalker…creeper etc… wow you douche bags must lead some wonderful lives, please do us a favor.Don’t reproduce. People that are so mean and vile like yourselves and of course the LNJ should never reproduce.Pure trash

  12. You know how you can really tell that there are Twitter people here who’ve never been here before? Because of the failure to read the Commenting Rules posted above by the admins.

    “Keep the conversation civil and on topic. If your comment does not add to the conversation or is insulting to others, it will be removed. Debate intelligently. No ALL-CAPS.”

  13. I guess while I was sleeping Justin, Jason, Kryssie and Whitney formed their own little alliance. This is even more reason why Kryssie has to go on block!! If you don’t believe me go and watch or read!

  14. I see that Kryssie is ahead on most polls except this one. I doubt Scott will be nominated, but I’m hoping to be wrong. Kryssie is obnoxious, but I think Scott is just a little bit more, plus that group needs to lose a member to keep Jason and Justin safe.

  15. I really wanted to like Kryssie this season as she is a big girl and a power lifter, however all she does is whine and have a negative attitude. I initially really liked both her and Alex and initially disliked Morgan. I now like Alex and Morgan both. I have been watching Big Brother for years, but never was able to be a feeder until recently. I look forward to being able to actually discuss this game with others. I have been voting all season, and have made each of my votes strategically to help Alex and Jason. I loved the feedback where he dressed as Harry Potter and ran through the house. Perhaps my favorite moment all season.

    • I’m so with you on that one! I really wanted to like Kryssie too, but the house is getting stinky by the hour with her still in it.

      • I don’t mind if Scott goes up next week. In fact, I would welcome it. If we saw a double elimination, they both could go in my eyes.

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