‘Big Brother Over The Top’ Spoilers: Nominations Revealed – Week 5

The nomination process has begun for Week 5 on ‘Big Brother Over The Top’ as Danielle started to roll out her safety picks ahead of Sunday’s second round to eliminate our way down to the two Houseguests who start the week off on the Block.

Danielle Lickey makes her safety picks on BBOTT

After the HoH came down to Whitney versus Danielle it looked like LNJ expected some control over things this week but ACP may have put an end to that. Now she’s making moves to set her side of the game up to go after their opponents and then hope for the best with America’s Nominee.

The first round of the Safety Ceremony was held on Saturday with things set to complete Sunday night at 7PM PT (10PM ET) on your CBS All Access Live Feeds.

Big Brother Over The Top Week 5 Safety Ceremony & Nominations:

Safety Ceremony – Round 1:

Danielle selected the following HGs as safe this week from nominations:

  • Kryssie
  • Justin
  • Jason

The second batch of names have now been announced and we got a slight variation as Danielle decided earlier on Sunday to switch targets from Morgan to Whitney.

Safety Ceremony – Round 1:

Danielle selected the following HGs as safe this week from nominations:

  • Scott
  • Morgan
  • Alex

Nominations – Week 5:

  • Shelby
  • Whitney

Once the Safety Ceremony is complete the voting will begin for America’s Nominee Sunday at 8PM PT but the vote is only open until Monday morning so you better act quick on that one and if you vote that first night you get another 20 votes again on Monday morning so stay busy! Ready to cast your vote now? Vote Here for 3rd Nominee!

What do you think of Danielle’s first Safety picks? Was there really any need to not do her closest allies in the initial picks? Share your thoughts below.



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  1. Danielle has not even made her noms yet and these polls and twitter feud is getting out of hand. I have been on jokers for 10 years and some LNJ fans have taken over. I’m all for discussions but they are just blasting the boards with polls and vote for Scott campaigns and even making not updates that are against the rules. Jokers was always a place to catch up with truthful fair updates, sad that people are ruining it.

      • I think it went a little too far when the LNJ fans posted lies in updates, one I saw was horrible lie about a BS, way across the line of fun competetion between 2 sides.. Updates are not suppose to be lies or opinions. I have no problem with the back and forth on the discussion pages but lies in updates or even pages of the same poll I find issue with.

      • Saw a reference to it and the apology from Jokers but not the actual post. Gathered that it involved Shelby and abortion. Way over the line.

      • I don’t want to repeat it but it was something very untrue that could possible hurt a female houseguest;s life outside of BB. Joker’s has an apology posted at the top of the updates. There have been updates that call people boring or ugly which should not be in an update, this was a flat out lie to try and get a female nominated and hated.

      • Yeah, but to post lies on Joker’s and other update pages is taking it too far. It’s fine to support the other side, but don’t be an a** about it.

  2. Sending Krissie out does nothing to change the game and I want to know who Alex would vote against Morgan or Scott or Shelby. If one of them goes it will change the game completely!!!! VOTE SCOTT 3rd NOM

    • Yes voting Scott because kryssie can leave next week because she won’t win hoh and Scott would likely win hoh over kryssie next week

    • Last night when the house was playing hide and seek and games, Kryssie was not having a part of it. It was a great time the 2 sides started to come together, but as soon as they did Kryssie had her side leave. I would love to see the two sides start to make deals with each other. Scott, Dani and Whitney and the most likely to cross over and make solid deals.

      • Justin and Jason are also in the group that would cross over – as they already have. They have a deal with Alex.

    • Sending Krusty the burping clown out will affect the house as a whole. Not only will we not have to hear her incessant whining, but her whole attitude and demeanor brings her side of the house down. Once she leaves it will free up the LNJ to freely associate with the other side and start to get in the game.

  3. Kryssie has to go. And not just because she’s a whiner, a quitter, and a [w]itch. But because, right now, she’s stunting any side alliances or splits that could shake up the game. Once she’s gone, everything will change.

    • Completely agree, she is blocking the other people in her alliance from forming any kind of relationships/alliances. Once she is gone things will change, drastically. She is a Debbie Downer in every sense of the word.

      • So? She’s trying to make sure that her alliance stays together, despite their alliance being picked off one by one. Scott’s the one that needs to go. He’s trying way too hard to be an Eval Dick wannabe, he’s a clueless idiot, and he’s stalking someone who he wants to throw his game away to. I can put up with Kryssie’s whining, but I can’t stand that America is allowing an idiot stalker to stay in there.

  4. Oh boy…Justin spilled all kinda tea to Whitney tonight! Convo started in the HN room about 10:30pm BBT.

    The plastic might be starting to crack…and Justin better hope that Whitney keeps her promise to keep all this info to herself or he’s in trouble with LNJ.

    • I couldn’t believe he told her all of that. I do think Whitney will spill the beans to the girls, at least I hope she does.

      • justin tells everybody everything…not surprised at all that he told whitney that info. he cant keep quiet. very unreliable ally

      • I disagree with that. Out of everyone on the plastics side, he trusts Whitney the most. He trusts her way more than he trusted Neely who was in his alliance or Shane who was also in It. And the goal of Justin and Dani is to make deals with Whitney and try to get her to flip sides. I see this as him testing her.

      • I also disagree with this. I was also glad he told her that Alex and Scott made deals with Jason about using the veto. Even if Alex and Scott were lying, it will maybe put a seed of doubt in Whitney’s head. Those 2 would cut her out of their alliance without hesitation over Morgan or Shelby.

  5. SCOTT MUST GO. NOMINATE SCOTT. If you are an Alex fan, do her a favor and get rid of this creep/freak. He is extremely obsessed with her to the point I fear for her life. Save Alex and nominate Scott!!

    • I’ve said Scott is overly obsessed with her a few times and have made a few comments about It but didn’t get many comments on it. Most fans refuse to see it but in the recap the other day they showed a clip of Alex and Scott talking and he told her he’d throw his game away for her but wouldn’t do it for anyone else. Then it showed Alex in the DR saying she didn’t know what to say to that, that he should play his own game and you could tell she was very uncomfortable with it. Then it showed Scott in the DR and he referred to Alex and him as a showmance — whereas a few days ago I saw a DR of Alex where she clearly said there is NO showmance. He’s creepy and he follows her around and just watches her nonstop. Saw her putting on makeup the other
      Day and you could see Scott in the background literally just watching her. That’s what prompted me to make
      My first comment about him last week.

  6. Like I said before, we’re getting closer to the end of the game. It’s time for Scott to go now. I think we gave him and his “angels” all the luxury they can ever hope for now. Let’s stop playing with emotions, and start thinking strategically. And right now, the best course of action to take this week is to take out Scott.

    • I’m really torn. I have favorites on both sides of the house but I’m so over Krissy!!!!! However I felt so bad for two of
      My favorite people in the house (Justin and Jason) when Shelby got the care package. At this point they don’t even see the point in playing the game since they feel they will keep getting picked off by America. If we go over Krissy this week then the misfits are down to 3 numbers and that leaves both Justin and Jason in serious trouble should a plastic win the next HOH. So even though I can’t stand Krissy and want her gone, I’ve got to vote for Scott.

      • I agree I want Justin, Jason and Whitney to be safe. The girls would cut all three of them before anyone of them and lnj want all safe this week. I really don’t want Morgan to go but that just might happen. So creepy Scott needs to go up as 3 NOM this week.

  7. Voting opens soon. Follow your heart when casting your votes, whether you’re a fan of the BS or the LNJ. Because at the end of the day, it’s only a game.

    Good luck to the HGs, and may the odds be ever in their favor.

  8. Vote Kryssie America’s Nomination. Kryssie has been a disgrace to the game of Big Brother and her boyfriend Mike has blamed her actions on production and CBS. He also begged us to send her back home to him via his interview. I think they both need time together to reflect on their actions and learn to not be sore losers.

  9. There’s 2 campaign on twitter: Scott and Kryssie.

    I voted for Kryssie. (20 times now and 20 times after midnight).

  10. Kryssie has to go!! She’s terrible!! Scott is keeping things interesting with his antics. Shelby to win it all!!

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