‘Big Brother OTT’ Upcoming Events: HoH Crowned Today – Update: Live Diary Room Next Week

Today on the Big Brother Over The Top Live Feeds we’ve got three more events coming our way that you’ll want to be sure to catch. But again, if you miss them when it happens live then you can Flashback (rewind the Feeds) or watch the segments in the Video section of your All Access account. Here’s when and what’s coming up today.

Update: CBS just announced shortly before the first Live DRs were expected that things would be delayed until next week. First Live Diary Room session will happen on Tuesday at 10:30 PM ET.

Big Brother Over The Top

Coming up today on the BBOTT schedule we’ve got the conclusion of the 24-hour long HoH challenge, the Weekday Replay, and the first of the season’s Live DR sessions tonight. Details below on when you’ll need to be watching to catch it live.

The BBOTT cast still needs to decide on an HoH and that’s going to come down to one of the four remaining Houseguests in this week’s challenge, BB Bug. The Houseguests have been passing around the “infection” via a bug medallion. When a player is given this medallion they are “infected” and can’t win. Last player standing is the first HoH.

The HoH comp will end at 4PM ET (1PM BBT) and I imagine they’ll do the final decision right then to crown the new HoH on the spot, but we’ll have to wait and see. At the moment we just saw Jason infected by CB so that leaves Alex, Monte, and Whitney. I’m expecting Jason to go with getting Monte as he mentioned last night, but we’ll have to see.

Much later tonight we’ll have two more events on the Over The Top Feeds. At 10PM ET (7PM PT) the next Weekday Replay will air. Last night’s was actually pretty nice. It aired right at 10PM ET and lasted 6.5 mins with the quality feel of the regular Big Brother show intros complete with the same narrator. You can go back and watch it in the Videos section of your All Access account or rewind your Feeds to 7PM BBT last night.

Downside was that they took over all 4 cameras from the Feeds to show it. That violates the no-blackouts promise since the Feeds were completely off for a scheduled event. Let’s hope that was just to catch our attention and they’ll stop doing that real soon.

Lastly we’ve got the Live Diary Room sessions at 10:30 PM ET (7:30 PM PT). There’s been a lot of confusion over these (as with most of this new series). Viewers seem to have skipped the BBOTT schedule details and just expected all DRs to be live. It’s not going to work that way.

Twice a week (Tuesdays & Fridays) we’ll get about an hours worth of Live Feeds piped in from the DRs where the HGs are supposedly going to be doing some general talk along with answering fan questions. Now I’d consider 1 hour far too short of an event for 13 HGs so don’t expect to see all the HGs in there tonight. I asked CBS if we could expect that to be expanded to more days of the week, but no luck. Maybe they’ll come around on that.

So that’s what we’ve got today: HoH crowned at 4PM ET, Weekday Replay at 10PM ET, Live DRs at 10:30 PM ET. And again, if you miss these events live then you can either rewind your Feeds using Flashback to those times or shortly after they are finished on the Feeds the segments and clips will be posted to the Videos section of the BBOTT area on your All Access account.

Do you plan on watching the Over The Top live competitions on the Feeds? You can always join us for our coverage if you can’t and we’ll keep you updated.

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  1. It’s starting to look like they are making sure that they still have plenty of opportunities to manipulate the game.

    • For some reason production just can’t help themselves when it comes to showing the audience what’s really going on in the blasted DR. :D

      • India the live DR sessions are only scheduled for two days a week…other than that, the rest are private hon and will be aired on the daily recap most likely. ;)

      • Too bad, it would’ve been fun to see what really happens when the DR talks with the HG’s.
        I just found out that Monte grew up in a small town close to where I grew up so I’m rooting for Monte and CB now. Monte does have an unfortunate last name though lol.
        Do you have any favorites yet?

      • No, India…there ARE live DR sessions in OTT, they are scheduled to air Tuesday and Friday (today) @ 7 pm PST… So, tonight @ 7 we’ll be able to see the live DR sessions.

        As for my faves… I of course love Cornbread, but I don’t have any *real* faves yet, and I think that is b/c I do not seriously dislike any of the cast-mates yet!! I think Monte is trying too hard too quick and that could come back to biter him in the you know what…but we’ll have to see what he does with his HOH. So far though, I am liking BB OTT. Lots of good feeds all day and no slug-a-beds!! ;) haha

      • Oh, ok then, I must have misunderstood what Matt said and thought only ‘edited’ DR sessions will be shown for one hour. Matt said 1 hour wasn’t enough time to see all the DR’s I thought but I probably was reading too fast and got it wrong.
        GO MONTE! so glad home boy won the first HOH. Too bad he’s making a big target of himself. You’ll have to tell me what his DR’s are like.
        The DR’s shown today should make things more clear as to who thinks what about who and so forth. Who’s lying and who’s telling the truth. I bet it’s hard for you to stay away from the computer with the live feeds so active for a change.
        The small bit of a preview I saw of Krysstie sounds hilarious and the sisters seem ok too.
        Can’t wait for the showmances to begin j/k :D
        Are you still listening to Dick at Nite for OTT?

  2. Monte is the new HOH! Whitney chose to give the BB bug to Alex, instead of Monte. I was surprised there since Alex and Whitney had discussed this situation last night and wanted either one of them to become the first HOH…Not sure who Monte will put up, but I’m thinking Jason might be one of the nominees (a no-brainer since he’s a vet), but I suspect a woman might be the actual target, b/c Monte has made a huge point in mentioning over and over how the girls outnumber the guys in the house. Guess we will see… Still not hating anyone in this cast so far!! *SHOCK*! :O

  3. Thank you for that scheduled reminder. I am completely lost with the timing for each event unless I see on this page.
    I just want to be sure to tune in when there is an actual event going on.

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