‘Big Brother Over The Top’ 3rd Nominee Vote Now Open – Voting Ends Monday Morning

America’s Vote for the 3rd nominee this week on Big Brother Over The Top is now open with fans getting their chance to disrupt the game and put a spin on this week’s evictions plans going on inside the BBOTT house. But hurry, because the voting window doesn’t stay open long.

Update: After some earlier issues the voting is back open now but I’d still expect it to close at 9AM PT so hurry!

America's Vote open to name 3rd Nominee on BBOTT

Just after the second round of the Safety Ceremony was complete with Jason & Danielle sent to the Block the Houseguests were ushered in to the living room for a message from Julie Chen. She announced that viewers would be selecting from the ten “safe” HGs to add to Monte’s own two nominees, but there are a few rules we must keep in mind.

To vote, fans must be registered and subscribed to All Access (get your Free Trial now). We have 20 votes each day. Voting ends at 12PM ET (9AM PT). Go here at cbs.com to vote for the 3rd nominee. If you want to know how I’m voting, then I’ll mention it at the very bottom to avoid any cries of undue influence.

3rd Nominee – America’s Vote – Rules:

  • There can be no back to back weeks of nomination for the 3rd nominee. So if “HG John” gets nominated by viewers in Week 1 he can’t be nominated again by viewers until Week 3.
  • All three nominees would get to play in the Veto competition.
  • If the 3rd nominee comes down from the Block then there is no renom.

That last one is because there’d be no reasonable way for fans to vote again live during the Veto ceremony.

Want to cast your vote too? Vote Here for 3rd Nominee!

Remember the voting stops at 9AM PT (12PM ET) so don’t want to vote. If you vote the night of then the next morning you get to vote another 20 votes so it’s worth it to be on the ball with this one.

As for my pick? I’m going with Cornbread for all of my votes. I think him on the Block could end up giving a better chance of throwing off Monte’s plans to get Jason out, plus it takes away a vote against Jason. So yes, voting up CB will benefit Jason’s chances in the game and it’d send a surprise for Monte as CB is his 3rd in command (behind Shane). But of course, vote however you’d prefer.

After you’ve done your official voting at cbs.com be sure to vote in our poll here as we await the official results on Monday.


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  1. I don’t have the right to vote but I think we should’ve voted Shane. I don’t see a target on CB’s back, but people might find a chance to break up a showmance and then Jason will be safe. Plus I find him more unbearable than anyone else other than Monte.
    As for the no “replacement rule”, I don’t get why CBS couldn’t just tally up the votes so the next highest vote recipient goes up? The “no replacement” rule, combined with the “can’t go up back to back” rule, will make America have to vote tactically to get out the HG we want. Unfortunately, when America gets power, WE ALWAYS FXCK UP

    • A few HGs have talked about CB which is where I’m getting that, but there’s more than just the chance to get someone evicted with this. It’ll shake up plans and get them thinking about viewers and what they want to see.

      As for Shane, I just like him so if one of those two were to get a target on their back over paranoia of fan retribution I’d rather see CB carry that one.

      • Same here Matt. I kinda like Shane, he did Danielle dirty tonight, but they aren’t super tight at this point and withholding info is part of the game.

      • Haha they might not be super tight after not letting her know she would be put up. And if he wins veto (which I’m hoping he doesn’t because I honestly think he wouldn’t use it on her) then his rump will be sleeping with his boy Monte.

      • Ab-so-freaking-lutely!! I have ZERO interest in watching another Zakiyah.. (ugh!) so if Shane keeps throwing her UTB, I want to see her kick his a$$ to the curb!!

      • Matt what was up with Scott wearing makeup and a flower in his hair? Did he lose a bet or something LOL!

    • Shane and Danielle are in the showmance so we already have Danielle on the block if they want to split them up, plus IMO Jason could beat cornbread in the veto easier than he could beat shane, that is hoping shane doesn’t get picked to play. If its Jason Danielle and CB on the block Jason has a good chance. The only downfall in this is that the votes that don’t go against Jason may get split between those wanting to split up the showmance and those that don’t care for CB. But I’m just hoping that doesn’t happen. I as you can tell want Jason to stay. So I think this is his best shot, if he doesn’t win the veto.

  2. It is hard to watch the feeds continuously for me, so I have some questions. First is the majority of us feedsters targeting CB only because he is targeting Jason? Also, does that include the other houseguests as well who target Jason. My opinion on Jason he is funny sometimes. He likes to talk but this gets him into trouble. He is observant but he needs to keep some of those observations in his back pocket for later use. It is a good move to target a vet because with america being involved that vet may go further in the game. If I see Jason playing smarter this time around it may be worth it for us to reward him.

    • It could be anything..really. I don’t know their reasons. I know mine, because he snores a lot.

    • Cornbread keeps saying things that puts a target on his back. Just like him telling the hg’s in living room last night that the feeders know all and can see the ones plotting and backstabbing. He should know..he does it regularly. He wants to be the center of attention and got mad at Shelby because she doesn’t want to feed his ego. I thought I would like him at the beginning but the more I listen to him..the less I like him. Would love to see him get voted out this week and weaken Monte’s alliance!

      • I really thought I was going to love him from his intro video, but all that good ol’ boy charm went right out the window right quick and all too soon the backstabbing and trash talking started… I don’t like his reasons for targeting Shelby at all! They’re ridiculous! She doesn’t like me, so she needs to go. Waaaa-waaa-waaa! Looks like CB is playing Big Baby NOT Big Brother!! ;)

      • I think when he gets put up today..he will figure out he didn’t cover his butt fast enough. He so forgot he is on feeds 24/7! lol He needs to go this week. Then let it all play out! Although the next person I would like to see go is Whitney and then Monte!

      • Oh please yes!! Either Monte or (as Dan H, calls her) Wheat-Knee could both go next week and I could care less. They are both acting so cocky!!

    • I totally agree Becky. Jason needs to ease up on gossiping about his observations. He should use that power of observation strategically instead; e.g., he could tell the sisters that he knows they are sisters, but he’ll keep that info to himself if they keep him…plus he could make mention to them that *they* (the sisters) will become a huge target as soon as the house figures it out, but with Jason around, he will still be a main target too. He should convince the sisters that keeping a bigger target in the house would be a smart move for them and their game.

  3. Due to the cable being out in my area for 8 hours i missed the premiere episode. Is there anyway to see it in it’s entirety if you missed it?

  4. Okay catching up with BBOTT and it’s a bit confusing. Those daily recaps are really good. Production does a good job with them.

    Don’t want to see Jason go. Just a hunch at this point. Watching Cornbread eat cereal now.

    • Hi Metgala! I don’t want Jason to be evicted either. He’s so entertaining on live feeds… Well, I just put in my 20 votes for CB to be the 3rd nominee, so hopefully if CB is OTB next to Jason that will be one less vote for Jason to go home. :)

    • I voted on my iPhone 7+ with ease. I cast my 20 votes for CB. I like Jason! He really needs to cut it back a notch or 2. Should CB get put up as the 3rd you will see a change in a few hg’s attitude. They will get the message that America is really watching what is happening among the hg.

  5. Matt Boyer… do you know when they will be announcing who will be the 3rd nom? I know it has to be before 1pm PST, but has CBS announced a specific time? Thank you. :)

  6. It is so weird to see every HG up this early!! It’s not even 9:30 am here in Cali, but all the Hg are up and about…

    Okay, Scott is such a little snake! He’s in the HOH room right now throwing pretty much anyone & everyone UTB in an effort to secure a spot with Shane & Monte. UGH! Since we can’t nominate CB next week (if he does become the 3rd nom) maybe we (America) should put his backstabbing butt OTB next!!

    Is anyone else beginning to dislike him as much as I am?

  7. I truly don’t believe that Julie should have voiced her vote, at all. That is just wrong and leads the public to voting her way when they have no idea who they want to vote for!

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