‘Big Brother Over The Top:’ 10 Take Aways From The Latest Live Diary Rooms

It was Live Diary Room night again in the Big Brother Over the Top house and they seemed a little less grueling this time around.


That might be because we decided to just pull out 10 things that stood out to us instead of a word-for-word recap. If you missed them the first time, you can check them out on All Access under the Highlights tab.

Let’s get started.

10 Take Aways From the Latest BBOTT Live Diary Rooms

1. Everyone but Shane and Danielle think Shane and Danielle will be nominated. It’s almost funny to watch each person, other than Shane and Danielle, answer the question about this week’s nominees. One by one they said it’ll probably be the showmance. But when they answered, both seemed really delusional. Danielle even said she’s glad Alex won HOH from that side because she feels like she can convince her not to put her up. Well OK. I guess I appreciate her confidence.


2. Justin has learned his lesson. Justin realizes that he messed around a little too much during that last HOH competition and doesn’t plan to do so again. “I talked way too much shit and did too many tootsie rolls and that caused me to lose,” he said.

3. Winning a Big Brother endurance competition was on Alex’s bucket list and she pulled it off. Congratulations, Alex!

4. Everyone but Monte hates the name of his alliance. Monte thinks Monte and the Pythons is clever. You could just see it in his face when he talked about it. But his pythons aren’t too happy with it. Alex even ventured to say it might be the dumbest alliance name in BB history.


5. Monte doesn’t believe in violence. This is a funny claim since Monte said about 15 times outside the diary room that he wants to kick Justin’s ass or would kick Justin’s ass if they weren’t in the house. Don’t forget that we hear all the things, Monte, not just the DRs.

6. The Care Package gave Kryssie some confidence. It became very clear that Kryssie receiving the first CP has really boosted her confidence and seemed to have pulled her out of her rut. You made someone feel good, America! Pat yourselves on the back.

7. Scott being a debt collector all makes sense now. I wasn’t seeing how this little nerd could be a debt collector, but after this DR it all fell into place. I don’t know where he found it, but this guy has this cockiness and confidence about him that is getting a little off-putting to say the least.


8. Shelby is the happiest that Cornbread left. It was pretty obvious that Cornbread and Shelby weren’t fans of each other. So it was no surprise that during the DR sessions, Shelby was the most thrilled with the first eviction of the season. “I’m not crying about it,” Shelby said. “Bye bye, Cornbread.”

9. Morgan is still boring. I don’t know if it was because she was the second to last DR or if she’s just that boring but I ended up drifting off and dropped my laptop onto the floor.

10. Monte would probably go home this week if America nominated him. For some reason Twitter is deciding to put up Morgan this week just to send a message to Alex and that side of the house. They also claim that Monte would never go home this week, yet several people during their DRs suggested Monte would go home if we put him up. Interesting.



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  1. How is it, that Scumbag Justin, is still allowed to stay in the game, the dude is always playing pocket pool, and now he is exposing himself to one of the house guests. He should have been booted from the game immediately!

      • Justin takes his pants off right before he gets into the shower (he either doesn’t think, or doesn’t care about the cameras), there were people in the bathroom while he did it this time. He was holding his junk the whole time so no one saw anything but his butt, but evidently this is sexual harassment now.

        Nevermind that Joey and Hayden Voss ran around the house naked in BB16, Jace in BB17, Ian in BB14, Jase and Cowboy in BB5… and so on. No, this is where we draw the line, getting nude before you take a shower is just OVER THE TOP.

        …yes I did that on purpose.

      • Don’t forget that Victor streaked through the house last season with a hat over his parts…everyone thought it was hilarious.

        Dude undresses to get in the shower…in the bathroom…and people lose it?

  2. Justin “claims” to have learned his lesson, but I’m a big believer of “Actions Speak Louder Than Words.” So far, I have yet to see any change. Much like Monte, he seems to have forgotten that we see him when he’s sleeping. We know when he’s awake. We know if he’s been bad or good. They might as well call us Santa Claus.

  3. I have been wanting to see a successful girls alliance, but
    Shelby, Morgan and Whitney make me not like the girls alliance. I hope that Alex does end up playing with Jason or anyone on the other side of the house. Morgan can still redeem herself if by luck Monte goes home. She didn’t mention in the DR working with her sister to the end, but instead mentioned Monte.

    • I found that odd as well. Are they not close at all or what? They seem extremely different so who knows.

  4. Please, Twitter. You can put up Morgan up next week. Don’t be stupid and let him win next week too. I don’t know how much more Monte and I can take before I jump out the nearest window.

  5. I have a question .What makes Jason so popular that America wants to keep him in the game ?

    • Probably him hilarously reacting to Clay licking Jeff’s arm back in BB17 allowed him to win the hearts and minds of Americans everywhere.


    • Not all of America. I think he’s the same tool he was on his season. Cocky big mouth.

  6. What did Monte do to get all this hate ? I don’t get that. Anyway, me, I like him.

    • He really hasn’t done anything. He doesn’t bother me as much as the others like Danielle, Krissie, Justin and Jason. They need him for a number for a couple weeks then I could care less if he goes. I’m rooting for Alex and the girls alliance. It’s been forever since there’s been a strong girls alliance.

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