‘Big Brother OTT’: Veto Meeting Plans – Week 5

Veto meeting is coming up today for the BBOTT HGs and after yesterday’s Veto comp we know all the power over the final noms will be in the hands of Danielle as the current HoH and PoV medallion holder.

Whitney Hogg on the BBOTT chopping block

Earlier in the week Danielle was set on getting rid of either Whitney or Morgan in part since neither had won an ACP while avoiding targeting Alex or Scott. Now she’s got a different plan.

Danielle’s allies decided to see if they could save Whitney now that they’ve become closer to her and see Whitney as a potential flip against the PBS. Jason took that idea to Danielle and was at least able to convince her to not use the Veto on Scott.

Scott is America’s nom and if he came down then no one would go up in his place. Instead saving Scott would leave us with just Whitney and Shelby on the Block.

Things get more complicated this week with Shelby’s ACP prize that lets her cancel out three votes from other HGs. I think it’s safe to say she’ll be targeting Kryssie, Jason, and Justin for those three votes which would leave Alex and Morgan to vote. Well that’s kinda crazy.

America would also get to vote, but with 3 votes the Willett sisters (still unidentified by the other HGs) would be the controlling majority and you know they’d work together on this decision. Should Alex and Morgan be left with Shelby or Whitney to vote out then it’ll likely be Whitney who goes.

Now during Jason’s talk with Danielle it sounded like she was actually considering saving Whitney and if she does that then Morgan would be the likely renom. That could change things up for the week’s eviction.

Whitney has said she’d vote how the LNJ wanted which would be Scott and if America decides to match their VTE with their nom pick then that’s who would likely go regardless of how Alex voted. Though Alex may see this as a chance to get rid of Scott who has grown a bit too attached to his ally Alex.

There’s still more time coming up today for the HGs to talk and figure out Danielle’s final plans so we’ll be watching to see what she decides during the live meeting.

Remember that this Big Brother Veto Ceremony can be watched live as it happens on the Live Feeds today at 1PM PT (4PM ET) so be sure you’re signed up and ready with All Access (get the Free Trial).

You’ll especially want to have that going because an hour after the Ceremony we’ll get the next round of the America’s Eviction Vote starting at 2PM PT (5PM ET). We’ll all be voting to decide where our one vote goes this week and you’ll get to help make that choice if you’re subscribed.

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  1. Okay, I have to say I love the picture you have chosen Matthew. How incredibly appropriate.

  2. I just about gave up last week. The season was headed south. Now, a fresh chance and again, anyone can win!

  3. Really hoping Jason/Justin can convince Danielle to use the veto on Whitney. While I like what Scott brings to the game, his Alex delusion is quite annoying and seems to be getting worse.

    Might be time to for him to go, and this would keep two of my favs…Shelbs and Whitney in the house!?

  4. Whit is becoming much too sketchy for me lately. Kinda hoping Danielle sticks to her original targets rather than being swayed by flip flopper Jadon, dirty minded Justin, and nasty crybaby Kryssie. Say what you will about Scott, but he’s loyal and will not abandon my girl Alex.

    • Whitney is sketchy? I have to disagree, she’s aware that her alliance is now targeting her and has shifted her game to thwart the attack. That’s just solid gameplay, no?

      • But they weren’t even thinking of targeting her until she started getting close to Justin and the other side. Last night they were even saying that she was acting different. If someone is flipping on you I’d get rid of them too. Scott isn’t flipping. But I dont care for him so I hope he goes.

      • I don’t necessarily agree LG. The Plastics made it known last week, prior to America nom’ing Neely, that Whitney was expendable.

        IMO, She’s been the lowest member of that alliance for a few weeks now. Justin just helped her to realize it with the facts the other night.

      • True, but the question is, did WHITNEY know that? Because I never saw them say anything with her in earshot. If the answer is no, then there was no reason for the flip, which may have just cost her the game.

      • While we don’t know for sure, I suspect that Whitney knew her ties to the other side made the other plastics uncomfortable (these social ties were very strategic and smart of her too).

        When Justin was spilling the tea late the other night, Whitney wasn’t surprised at all with what she was being told. It seemed that all she needed was real confirmation of her Alex/Scott doubts.

        Her doubts were real…and she would have been sacrificed & evicted sooner or later.

    • Flipping? That’s a game move. When to flip and when not to flip, that’s the question. Let’s see if it pays off. She’ll probably gonna flip again. She got snatched by the ‘misfits. Another game move. They did a better job than them. Alex/Morgan will flip. Jason/Justin will flip…everyone will flip….flip..flip flip

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