‘Big Brother OTT’: Veto Meeting Plans – Week 2

This week’s Veto Ceremony arrives later today for Big Brother Over The Top as yesterday’s comp winner, Shane Chapman, is sure to use his power to save himself and force a renom. So who will get that unlucky spot?

Monte and Alex debate renoms on BBOTT

Overnight we saw Jason and his band of Misfits approach Alex, the current HoH, with an idea to get Scott renom’d all the while keeping up with their main plan to send Monte out the door. Would she fall for their trap? Would it even matter if she did or didn’t?

Alex obviously didn’t want this overall situation to happen and had hoped for someone from her side of the competition to win and remove Monte which would have prevented a renom at all since he was America’s nominee. Well that didn’t work out.

Even before the competition there were discussions to prepare for a possible renom and Kryssie was up there on the list. Monte had suggested someone like Whitney or Neeley going up but soon realized the folly of putting one of your votes (Whitney) in to a non-voting position and that plan was ditched.

Last night there were several rounds of meetings as Alex tried to feel out the situation and what she could pull off. It didn’t take long for her to realize this was a losing battle and Monte was in real danger.

Alex’s talk with Justin revealed that she would not be able to flip him as she hoped and Monte’s efforts with Neeley came up without any promises. Later we heard again from Neeley that she was going along with plans to vote Monte out.

The efforts to get Scott on the BBOTT Block aren’t working as Alex is suspecting this was just a move to hurt her relationship with Scott for future weeks. The Misfits have no intention of voting out Scott but would love to see him journey to the Block.

Instead now it looks like Alex will name Kryssie as the renom option which will betray the deal Alex and Kryssie made over Kryssie’s use of the ACP to protect Jason instead of either Shane or Danielle. We’ll have to see how this goes over, but it’s safe to say Kryssie will not be pleased.

Does Alex really have any better options? She has other choices but none of them are great. Instead she’ll likely take her chances with Kryssie on the Block in hopes of drawing out a tie in the 3-way voting. That would work in theory if they get Shane to vote against Kryssie instead of Danielle or Monte, two assumed allies the latter of which to a much lesser degree at this point. Unfortunately for their plans it doesn’t seem likely

If you were Alex, what would you do at today’s Veto Ceremony? Shane will definitely use the PoV on himself and come down so who should go up in his place for Alex’s best shot at keeping Monte in the game?

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You’ll especially want to have that going because an hour after the Ceremony we’ll get the next round of the America’s Eviction Vote starting at 2PM PT (5PM ET). We’ll all be voting to decide where our one vote goes this week and you’ll get to help make that choice if you’re subscribed.

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  1. I think Alex will put up Kryssie. Then I am push for America’s vote to go for Kryssie. I think better shot of getting Danielle out is to split the votes. Alex would then break tie and vote out Danielle. I’m trying to get a feel from sites and twitter and chat rooms to see where they are heading. The gagmance needs split. The misfits and Jason needs to quit thinking we want them all to go all the way. I like a few on the Misfits..but not Jason, Kryssie and for sure not Shanielle!

    • Things aren’t looking good for Alex’s HoH with Monte on the block. Most of the places I’ve been to are wanting Monte out with a passion and only a select few who are voting Danielle out. They aren’t found on twitter at all, most are from FB groups. She’ll need a miracle right now to get Danielle out. If she goes back on her promise to Kryssie, she’ll be the next target for the misfits and they outnumber Alex’s group that will be left, since she is not willing to work with them (see last night’s feeds). It just looks bad for Alex no matter how you slice it. I feel bad for her.

      • Hope we can get this control of HOH by America to go in right direction. If we don’t..we can almost guarantee that BBOTT will come down and soon to just the misfits!

      • That’s my fear too. But we do have the care packages that will come to play a big role in helping to eliminate some of the misfits one by one, don’t forget. They will not survive all in tact.

      • If we’re not careful though the care package could once again end up on the misfits side . Especially looking at past voting .

      • Voters need to realize tbis isnt the week to get monte. He can’t even play in the veto next week somone in the house will take advantage of that.

      • You sound like Helen from BB 15? She kept saying now isn’t the time to get Amanda out. She regretted that. Get people out when you can.

    • I agree with you. If America likes Alex then they need to let her play her HOH and help her out. When she was thinking of going along with the mean night crew and put Scott up I thought NO don’t do it. Then she finally realized why should she do what they want. At least she’ll have 4 votes and hope America has her back. What makes me laugh is Krissie bitching last night about if Alex lies to her and puts her up she’ll never work with her. WTF she wasn’t working with her anyway. And talk about lying what do you think telling her you will all vote out Scott then vote Monte out is. I’d say that’s lying. I’m voting Krissie out. Then Alex can break the tie and send that conceited disgusting Danielle home. It will also knock the mean night crew down a notch. They think America loves them.

      • I think more people will vote Krissie. But it doesn’t matter if we vote Krissie or Danielle as long as people don’t vote Monte. Then there will be a tie and Alex will send Danielle home. I would love to see Alex break a tie. Especially because that mean night crew is so cocky and nasty.

      • I think there should be a consensus of who to vote for between Krissy and Danielle. Those on Alex side will vote between Danielle and Krissy but because those votes are split and may not be enough to overcome those that are voting to back Jason by voting out Monte.

      • On Twitter and other places they are working on everyone voting same way for either Danielle or Kryssie. I am torn right now. If we can for sure get the votes straight up I say vote Dani..but if not..voting for Kryssie for our vote would give Alex the tie breaker!

      • What’s bad for Alex is now she’s trying to figure out what to do because if you look at the past voting it hasn’t exactly been in her favor So she has no idea that a lot of the voters want to help her out.

      • Don’t a lot of people on Twitter like Danielle? If that’s the case then maybe we all need to vote Krissie. I don’t think most of America cares for her.

      • Tide is changing! More people speaking up on Twitter wanting Danielle out. Z fans are all over it too! lol They don’t like Danielle at all. Even Evil Dick voting for Dani to leave.

      • I got that idea. The more I read I realized everyone’s voting Danielle. I’m glad I waited to vote. Now I’ll vote her again tomorrow before it closes.

      • I agree. But I don’t know what everyone is thinking. I don’t have Twitter so I don’t know who’s voting for who. Ok guys who should we all vote for?

  2. Alex has no good options. If she nominates Scott they will take out Monte and flip him leaving only Shelby, Morgan, and Whitney competing in HOH on her behalf. If the other side wins they’ll take her out. Her only hope is putting up Kryssie and hoping America backs her up. After she nominates her the other half of the house is coming for her except possibly Justin. Please vote to evict Danielle today/tomorrow and we can try and take out Monte next week if he’s on the block since he can’t compete in veto. Just imagine the blindside if we can rally the votes to send Danielle home. It’d be amazing feeds watching the fallout. Please vote Danielle this week guys.

    • On twitter you have the movement that loves Shanielle..especially Danielle. I think best bet is push for Kryssie and then it splits it up. As of for now that is how I think.

      • Everyone in the house is asking us to vote Danielle. and Regardless of if we vote Kryssie or Danielle the person going would be Danielle. Don’t split votes lets all vote Danielle.

      • I’m going to watch as many sites as possible to trya and figure out best move. It would be great if there was a big push to get out Danielle! Would make it so much simpler for us all!!

      • How can people like Danielle. She may be beautiful but she’s awful ugly on the inside. Doesn’t say much for those people.

      • The only reason the voters wouldn’t vote to evict her is because she’s on Jason’s side, and for some unknown sick reason it seems a lot of people still like him no matter what he say’s or does.

    • Sad thing about this is the misfits won’t work with Scott at all and won’t try to flip him either. He’ll just be a number, which they don’t necessarily need anyway. They don’t trust him since he tends to play both sides.

    • I agree. Even if people vote Krissie then Alex could break the tie. If America wants to see an exciting game they will support Alex. Otherwise the mean night crew will just let America drag them through the game and they’ll continue to sit on their asses saying vile things about the other side. It will be awful boring. If it gets to that I’ll probably give up.

  3. I am on board to get Danielle out. I think she is even worse than Kryssie as well as it would get rid of one of the sickening showmance. Can we please all band together and make this happen. I really like Alex and her side of the house. They are playing a much honest, cleaner more intelligent game.

  4. Funny, each year of reality show, ya’ll like vote out POC first. No one is thinking that Alex n Morgan is deceiving the house with their secret but at the end of it, they are still with the plastics. We are not in the BBOTT house, we can only imagine the tension and untrustworthiness among them. All of them are hypocrites in there, is the survival of the fittest. Life is a tough row to hoe, Shelby is the stage 4 cancer for the plastics, maybe its strategy but she still a cancer to me. I wish them all the best and may the best person wins………………Alex

  5. She should put up Scott and tell him he’s just a pawn to appease the late night crew and that she knows they will vote out Monte. She should also tell him since America voted Monte for have not and the 3rd nomination it’s a good chance we will vote to evict Monte. The ladies should be able to get Scott to go along with this so he still sticks with them.

    • But Alex could really use Scotts vote. Otherwise they’re down 1. This way it the other side still loses 1 more person that can vote.

      • If she puts up Scott I will have to reassess my initial thoughts of thinking Alex is smart. They need to keep Scott for now for the numbers.

      • There’s a good chance Alex will lose a vote for her side anyway since Monte is on the block. Just talk Scott into being a “pawn” like the TV version does every season. This way the other side thinks they talked her into something and they vote out Monte. Scott’s not mad because he was in on the “plan”, and they could probably pull in another person from the late night crew. Plus fans are getting bored with the late night crew, so that could work in her favor.

  6. Why am I not surprised America is supporting the mean-spirited Misfits? Oh, right, ecause because these are the same people who wanted racist, sexist Paul to win BB18!

    In an America where everyone is so obsessed about being PC, how has it come to this???

    • It’s just a show, not that deep. We can all pick our own sides, there isn’t a right or wrong side.

      • True, however, just because we like certain people who choose to say and do things in a mean manner does not mean we support what they are doing, nor does it mean we are the same as them.

  7. This America voting to put someone on the block is ridiculous . Maks any kind of strategizing practically impossible. How can you strategize when you have an unseen voter

  8. Things have changed for me. I still support Jason (for now), but actually like more people on the other side. What I hope happens is Danielle leaves just to even things. Plus, I don’t want Alex to go next week.

  9. Collectively, if we support Alex, who do we vote for, Krissy or Danielle? We need to all push for the same person.

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