‘Big Brother OTT’ Upcoming Events: Live HoH Comp Today

Big Brother Over the Top is up and running at full speed after its season and series premiere last night on the Feeds. While we usually see an HoH comp in the debut episode of the season this time around things are running a little differently, but get ready because it’s about to catch up.

Julie Chen hosts Big Brother Over The Top

Since the several hour move-in event was live there was no immediate chance to get the new BBOTT cast out in the backyard and transitioned over to competing for the HoH. Now with a night’s rest behind them (well for most at least), the HGs are about to face their first BBOTT comp of the season and you can watch it all live on your Feeds.

Houseguests will get their wake-up call at 10AM BBT (1PM ET) for the day to start getting ready. Yes, there is a no-napping policy for 10AM – 10PM BBT which is fantastic. Once everyone is up today they’ll have the HoH competition at 1PM BBT (4PM ET) with everything shown on the Live Feeds as it happens. There is apparently going to be a new approach and style for these completely online comps so we’ll find out more at the same time you do. But again, you can watch this live as it happens!

So how can you watch? Get signed up now with the Free Trial then turn on your Live Feeds a bit early before 4PM ET so you make sure not to miss anything. From there we’ll be watching together and I’ll do a live recap of the competition along with pics, details, and results on the site. And remember, if you miss the competition but want to watch it then you can rewind the Feeds using Flashback anytime.

Then later tonight we’ll have our first of the “Weekday Replay” episodes on the Feeds at 10PM ET (7PM PT) featuring highlights and events from the day. Again this will be completely new so I don’t know if it’ll be hosted by Jeff, a voiceover, or no host at all. Those Replay episodes are on every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday each week all season.

Tomorrow has even more events with the Live Diary Room sessions then Saturday and Sunday have the nominations reveal with a new “Safety Ceremony” stretching out over a few days. Best thing is to check out the BBOTT schedule and print the weekly schedule from there.

Do you plan on watching the Over The Top live competitions on the Feeds? You can always join us for our coverage if you can’t and we’ll keep you updated.

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  1. I expect the HOH comp to be a little stripped down, which isn’t half bad considering that’s how the comps were in the early seasons.

    Wish I live in the States though to watch it all happen. But I’m contented with spoilers online and of course, here at BBN. :D

  2. Our first HoH of the season!

    Kinda hoping that a female wins this one…looks like we’ve got an early all-male alliance forming (Monte, Shane, Corn and Scott). They were talking about gunning for HoH and targeting one of the girls this week. Ughh…

    • I just saw that this morning. I had a feeling Monte/Shane would align..hmm..they included Corn and Scott.

      • Will Shane be over the toply in alignment? I wish someone would explain to him, that ‘toply’ isn’t a wordly.

    • Yay! Cornbread found an alliance! Do you think this alliance is trustworthy?
      Hopefully the new alliance will realize soon that the guys are a bigger threat to them than the gals.

      • Well India, it seems that the leaders of this alliance are Monte & Shane and the two of them have been working with others outside of this alliance. So, I’m not too sure where CB is at in this group longterm yet. I think we’re gonna see Monte & Shane mow down some HGs in the earlier parts of this season. Unless they get challenged by the right folks, or double crossed. Time will tell.

      • Dan, I just realized that Monte is from a small town close to the town where I grew up so I’m definitely rooting for this guy. I hope he doesn’t turn out to be an A-hole.
        Glad to hear he’s getting along with Cornbread too.

      • Oh really? That’s pretty cool India. Where is Monte from again…was it Mississippi?

        I’ll be honest with you, not sure that Monte will end up being a fan favorite. He seems to be getting a big head already from this HoH win. Monte certainly isn’t a bad guy…not even close to the male non-sense we saw on BB18. So maybe he’ll turn things around and level out again. Him and CB certainly seem to be bonding well, I see them working together closely moving forward.

      • Monte is from Olive Branch, MS just south of the Tennessee state line and Memphis, TN. As the Memphis tax rates starting soaring many Memphians began to migrate to north MS for the lower taxes in the small towns.
        Then subdivisions started springing up all over North MS which was just the continuation of Memphis over the MS state line.
        Formerly poor farmers were able to sell their farms for millions as Memphians continued to flee the increase in taxes as the schools continued to decline due to crooked politicians and other problems
        It was more economical to move to MS than to stay in Memphis and send their children to private schools.
        Olive Branch was just a small town until all the subdivisions in the area began to grow to the point where East Memphis is now spilling over into Olive Branch.
        Due to Monte’s age I suspect his family moved from Memphis to the suburbs of Olive Branch so he’s probably more of a city than country boy.
        Sadly, Memphis is now ranked as the 6th most dangerous city to live in the USA as the tax base continues to flee the city due to the crime rate and increasing taxes with no results shown from these taxes.
        It’s so sad to see my once beautiful home town decline in this manner.
        Are you getting the jock type vibe from Monte – self assured and confident?
        I’m hoping he doesn’t alienate the audience this soon.

  3. Hey – are the episodes going to be available on demand? Right now, I can only see “clips” and “live feeds” — Wondering if there will be a way to catch up on missed episodes via the CBS app

  4. Did the sisters Morgan and Alex get a chance to speak alone? I will be watching mostly before comps.

      • After having problem with flash in Opera, I switched to Firefox and it went fine from then on, except for a few short bleep here and there. But this morning the feeds was not working, I had the message “This show has not started yet”. That was between 7h00 and 8h00 estern.

    • Yep, the cams don’t work, and someone called in to complain about it and it took 2 hours to get through to CBS,

  5. Beginning to think the HOH comp is not going to be at 4PM ET only because we have 30 minutes and they are all just lounging in the backyard…

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