‘Big Brother OTT’: First Impressions From The Premiere

The Big Brother Over the Top premiere was too long, completely unstructured and chaotic. And I loved EVERY minute of it.


Did I mention it was long? I mean, technically it’s still going as I’m writing this (at 1:10 AM EST and as you’re reading this now, whatever time it is where you are). Isn’t that amazing? It never stops.

Seriously, though, I can’t say stress this enough: this was the most I’ve ever been entertained by a Big Brother USA premiere. It might be the most I’ve been entertained by Big Brother in the past four seasons or so. If you don’t have All Access and aren’t watching, get it now, it’s worth it.

So my overall impression was good. Now let’s take a look at my other impressions from BBOTT so far.

The House

I respect that they did their best to change up the house design with what little time they had. The paint choices are good and the new decor works well enough to give the house a new vibe. It would have been nice to see the bathroom redone, however. That was my least favorite room in Big Brother 18 and the fact that it didn’t change much at all is disappointing. But the house is the least of my concerns. It is what it is.


The Game Changes

Most of these aren’t news to us, but some people heard them first tonight and might even be reading them for the first time now. So I’m going to address the changes here.

First of all, we’ve got a shorter season at 10 weeks. That’s great. BB18 was way too long. We don’t have a jury this time. America chooses the winner. I’m a little mixed on this. I like that the players don’t have to impress a house full of people just to win the game. And we won’t have to worry about any of those people who play just to make it to jury.

The only part that worries me is the fact that America doesn’t always make the right decisions. And if they don’t make it where you have to have a subscription to vote then things could get really messy. Someone could vote for a winner of a show they’ve never even watched. Let’s hope that’s not the case. And even when America is watching, they don’t always make the best decisions. Remember when Corey won that BB18 care package? Yeah.


The Cast

I must say, I like this cast. I was a little judgmental when they were revealed earlier this week, but after watching them on the first night of BBOTT, I’m impressed. I love that it’s a nice mix of real people and pretty people. I love that everyone is out there a bit, or dare I say Over the Top.

I know it’s still early, but this cast already feels like it’s going to be fun to watch. And there’s something about them that screams drama. I feel like there will be a ton of fights. I’ve read that the usual Big Brother casting team took this season off and the folks who handle Survivor casting took the reigns. I think it shows. It just feels completely different and that’s a good thing.

We’ll be taking a closer look at the cast in another post, so be sure to check back for that! What did you think of the Big Brother Over the Top premiere?


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  1. I really liked that the cast feels like real people and not people trying to start or that already have some sort of acting career. I was really happy to see Jason come back I think he is fun to watch. I think they introduced the guests into the house too slowly. It was after 11pm here by the time Jason got in and I had to hit the shack for work today… Over all really looking forward to this season. Like that everything is live.

  2. They just dripped them into the house. Everyone should have just gone in every 5 minutes. I turned it off after an hour. I’ll peek in here and there, but so far I’m mixed. Luckily there are sites like this that let me get recaps (with timestamps!) so I can go back and watch something I missed.

  3. Good point about America voting for the winner but I think they will probably only let people with subscriptions to the feeds vote. Wasn’t the voting for Jason/Jozea set up so that only feedsters could vote? I also doubt the general public will care too much if they aren’t watching.

  4. As a feeds rookie, it was pretty cool but also slower than I anticipated. I didn’t realize how quiet it was in the house, though I guess I should have thought about that before. I agree with the other commenters that the move in could have gone a little quicker, though I assume they want each person to have some time to really introduce themselves.

    Also, I never realized how little some of these people know the show! People were surprised about the layout of the house, and only having one bathroom?

    • There’s another bathroom, with a big tub in the HOH room that normally the HOH shares with other house guests of their choosing. NORMALLY they share that HOH bathroom pretty well.

  5. Did not like the HG’s coming in at such a slow pace. I got bored and left my computer for awhile. So far, I like Shane, (and his hair) I like Neelie, not sure how her name is spelled. Morgan’s cheery and bubbly attitude changed a bit when her sister came in..did they each know the other was coming into the house? I will take me a few more days to get a feel for the HG and hopefully, I can pick out a favorite, because last season I could of really cared less who won..although I was rooting for Paul at the end..but, he wasn’t my favorite throughout the season…when I say favorite..that is the person that if they left I would be really bummed!

  6. I loved it. Nice change watching them go in one by one. But yes it was long. Watched for a little while after they all got in but it was boring. Which in the beginning usually is. They all were talking and getting to know each other. I’m sure once I get the schedule down it will be easier to watch. Then the other times will be like watching the feeds.

  7. It definitely shows that the casting crew was different. These people aren’t clones of every house guest over the past several seasons. I watched the trickle down effect of each HG entering the house. It was PAINFUL. After about 45 minutes I quit. Just couldn’t take the slowness.

  8. I really hope America gets to vote and it actually gets counted. I don’t feel like last season was actually America doing the choosing for package winners. It seemed too coincidental.
    I’m sure some fans of annoying people will vote to keep them when the rest of us want them out, so America may not make the right choice sometimes, but only according to whose fan you are.

  9. I really hope America gets to vote and it actually gets counted. I don’t feel like last season was actually America doing the choosing for package winners. It seemed to coincidental.
    I’m sure some fans of annoying people will vote to keep them when the rest of us want them out, so America may not make the right choice sometimes, but only according to whose fan you are.

  10. Anyone have any info about when we can watch that full first episode? I was unable to stream it live last night because I had plans and I’ve been waiting to watch it since I got home. Thanks!!

  11. I’m so lost. I didn’t have the opportunity to tune in last night and now I can’t find the episode on the app. How do you watch if you can’t tune in on time?

  12. I went to bed last night thinking, ugh, this will not work. First thing I thought of when I woke up is to see what’s going on. I actually love it. It took me awhile to get used to everything happening so slow. I love the characters they selected. In my humble opinion, they make the show more interesting. I absolutely love Scott and Cornbread. It would be fun if they put them in a TV series, two nerdy guys that can’t get a girlfriend. Then next door could be the two sisters and also put the long hair guy as a friend that gets all the girls. It would be hilarious.

  13. I was bored out of my mind. Thought I would get to see everyone move in within the first hour and it turns out you had to wait like 3 hours instead. Guess I’m just not a live feed kind of guy. Thought the daily recap episodes would be more robust but I just saw the first one is only 6 minutes. Oh well, I’ll continue to come here for updates but I don’t think this is for me.

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