‘Big Brother OTT’ Twists: Viewer Voting On Noms, Eviction, & More

Well if you didn’t like the idea of viewers voting to pick the winner of Big Brother Over The Top then you’re probably not going to like the latest news from CBS on the audience interference, I mean, interaction for this new series. Things are about to get crazy. Read on for the details.

America's Vote on Big Brother 18

New details have been revealed today that show viewers with an All Access subscription (get the Free Trial now) can participate in the voting for nominations, evictions, Have-Nots, and yes, even the return of the Care Package for BBOTT this season. There’s about to be a LOT of fan voting.

CBS is set to announce more details on these four ways to get involved in the season with deep control over how things happen. I typically don’t like this much user interaction, but this is a different beast so I’m going to keep my mind open to it and see how it turns out. Of course I reserve the right to totally flip position as soon as my yet-to-be-determined fav gets targeted and tossed out over these twists!

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America’s Nominee Vote – The HOH will nominate two Houseguests for eviction and, for the first time ever, fans will have the opportunity to choose a third houseguest to join them on the block.

America’s Eviction Vote – In addition to the house’s eviction votes, for the first time, fans will have a say in who they would like to see go home. The nominee who receives the most eviction votes from America will receive one extra vote during the eviction ceremony.

America’s Care Package Vote – Fans can vote to send their favorite Houseguest a special advantage in the game.

America’s Have Nots Vote – America will be able to vote and choose three unlucky “have nots” each week.

Wow. So we’ll put up a third nominee which means nearly a quarter of the cast will be nominated the first week. That explains the 2-day nomination process. I imagine the HoH puts up 2 people on Saturday night then fans will vote on the 3rd over the next day for those results’ reveal on Sunday.

We’ll also get an extra vote, which could totally spin things, and we’ll be sending in Care Package deliveries though we don’t know the specifics on what they will be.

The last one is a little surprising with the Have-Not picks. Fan non-favs are going to get pummeled here so I wonder if there will be term limits of sorts on these. I can only imagine how this would have gone in seasons past.

What do you think of these new twists for BBOTT? Good ideas? Too much? Share your thoughts!

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  1. Ughh I hate viewers interference. BB fans are biased as hell. So if you are playing a good game but America hates you, than you are nominated or will get screwed over because of the twist. Whatever I will see how things will work out I guess. But so far I can see players getting screwed over just because they aren’t liked.

  2. I like the interaction from the fans. The UK series the viewers vote people out and the show is so much better. House guests don’t just sit around because the viewers find them boring and vote them out. Glad to see CBS change up the game a bit.

    • Or vote to save if it’s a celebrity season.

      The unbearable Bear winning that recent one still leaves a bitter lemony taste in my mouth.

      But it does show how different the voting patterns are between VTE and VTS.

  3. I guess it’s ok. It’s not full control. Third nominee, and one extra vote to be given to one of the nominees. HG’s can still over ride, if they have the majority votes. However that one extra vote has a potential to change the game, or help a nominee that’s in trouble.. I don’t mind we vote for Have/have not..I don’t care for ACP.

      • Yeah, if it’s one sided. We want to see a divided HG. It can tilt the vote. I’d like to see their reactions when they know ‘we’ are voting. I really think because of this ‘BB online only format it is screaming for online/user interaction. Why not go all out. On the hand I like the idea that it’s not solely the viewers that controls the eviction.

    • But after the house guests learn this, will they be as open in the DR sessions or just say what they think will make us like them more?

      • I’m sure they’ll be mindful, but some players can’t help themselves but to remain a douche bag….we’ll see.

    • He would probably have demanded to be fed ‘real food’ in the DR with threats of Arianna’s displeasure if they didn’t.

  4. Welp, Cornbread’s chances are looking a lot better now at least :D
    Seriously though, with all the power the audience wields this season I see a final 2 of Cornbread and Jason right now :D

  5. Can I watch the episodes after they air on cbs all access? I wanted to watch last nights but can’t find it.

    • There really wasn’t an episode. All Access has 15 minutes of Julie’s intro and the players’ packages. You can use Flashback to watch everyone enter. It goes on for a couple hours.

      • Go to the search bar at the top of this page and type in “live feeds flashback”. The guide is the first link.

      • CBS has made it hard to find BBOTT. The first night took me awhile to find it in the app. The mobile CBS site has flashback but it’s super glitchy. I just found out yesterday that the site when viewed on a computer has flashback and it works correctly. I don’t know why it’s not offered in the CBS App.

  6. Normally I wouldn’t like this at all but since it’s only us feeders voting, we SHOULD know what’s actually going on in the Bb house verses how the votes turn out when let everyone vote just from watching the broadcast shows on CBS. I feel like for the first time ever, the feeders may actually enjoy having a hand in the game… But I could be wrong and I totally reserve the right to change my mind too…. Lol

  7. America always votes based on popularity, not gameplay. Will the feeders do the same? Only time will tell.

    How can I support that much voting? I guess all I can do right now it’s reserve judgment and see how this plays out since this is an experiment after all.

  8. Personally I’m not too thrilled with all this viewer interaction. Was really hoping for a straight forward season that would allow the HGs to just play plain old BB. Wouldn’t mind a little viewer interaction, but this is just too much for me. But, I’m staying optimistic…this seems to be a good cast & the OTT viewers really seem to be core BB fans. Fingers crossed.

  9. I kind of like the viewer eviction vote. If you have to let viewers impact the noms, that’s the way to do it. Going to play some mind games with the HGs when they find out, at least. Will they assume America hates their enemies as much as they do? Probably.

    As for the third nom, if BB Can 2 or BB15 are anything to go by, the dominating, annoying power players shouldn’t fare too well. I don’t imagine Monte going very far, for example, weather from viewer interference or in house interactions, we’ll see. Can’t say I’m too miffed if the result is to screw with the bro alliance, but if it persists too far I might get annoyed…Feedster population might work to get floaters on the block though which could be good. I don’t know. Trying to stay open minded even though I hate audience interference…

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