‘Big Brother OTT’ Spoilers: Live HoH Comp Results – Week 1 – Update: HoH Crowned

Here comes the first live competition for Big Brother Over The Top and this is a big one with the season’s first Head of Household winner set to be crowned ahead of this week’s nominations. So who will pull off the win and how will this all go down? I have no idea, but I’m ready to watch it all play out as it happens on the Feeds!

Big Brother HoH comp

Yes, this competition is entirely live and will be featured on the Live Feeds as it happens plus you’ll have the chance to rewind and watch it again later if you missed when it happened. Things kick off here at 4PM ET (1PM PT) so settle in with us for the live spoilers and results or if you’re joining us later that’s your target time for Flashback.

Big Brother OTT – Week 1 HoH comp:

  • 12:50 PM BBT – Waiting for the competition to get started. All of the HGs are hanging out.
  • 1:00 PM BBT – Houseguests called to go inside.
  • 1:01 PM BBT – They find a bottle of blue liquid with a card reading “Only 1 May Drink”
  • 1:05 PM BBT – No one wants to drink it fearing poison… really HGs?
  • 1:06 PM BBT – Shane drinks it. BB announces: “Shane, you’re infected! Get to the DR!”
  • 1:10 PM BBT – HGs waiting around and anxious to find out what happened.
  • 1:20 PM BBT – Shane has been in the DR for 15 mins. Nothing yet.
  • 1:25 PM BBT – Shane is back! That was just the prelude. He has a card with all the details… more below.
  • 1:27 PM BBT – The comp is on and lasts until 1PM BBT tomorrow. We’ll keep this thread live & updated.
  • 2:15 PM BBT – Shane & Monte agree to target a girl next & maybe go after Kryssie.
  • 2:45 PM BBT – Alarm goes off. Shane picks Danielle to be next. She’s “infected” & will pick next target.
  • 3:32 PM BBT – Next alarm sounds. Justin offers to take it. Danielle gives him the bug.
  • 4:12 PM BBT – Justin’s turn to hand off. He goes upstairs & tells Shelby it’s her.
  • 5:12 PM BBT – Shelby has handed it off to Scott for the next infection.
  • 5:20 PM BBT – Scott returns with his identifying shirt & Neeley offers to be next.
  • 6:14 PM BBT – Neeley accepts the bug from Scott. She has been infected.
  • 7:30 PM BBT – Neeley hands it over to Kryssie as previously discussed.
  • 8:20 PM BBT – Morgan is “infected” by Kryssie.
  • 11:25 PM BBT – Morgan was stressing who to give it to. Cornbread volunteered to take it with plans to infect Jason.
  • Friday updates:
  • 10:15 AM BBT – Morgan gives the Bug to CB as planned.
  • 11:03 AM BBT – Cornbread infects Jason just as planned. Alex, Monte, & Whitney remain in the comp.
  • 12:22 PM BBT – Jason infects Whitney instead of Monte. Whitney will pick who will be HOH: either Alex or Monte.
  • 1:01 PM BBT – Whitney infects Alex. Monte is the new & first HoH of BBOTT.

Update: It came down to Alex or Monte for the HoH after Jason gave it to Whitney in hopes that she’d infect Monte. But of course she didn’t. So now Monte is the HoH and will make two nominations this weekend. Viewers will also be voting for the third nominee, but we’re still waiting on details for that.

twitter-tweet" data-lang="en">

Results: Monte is the new (and first) HoH. #BBOTT pic.twitter.com/q0KQ3tWjfG

— Big Brother Network (@bigbrothernet) September 30, 2016

Shane returns and reads from the instruction card. I’ll paraphrase. (Video added.)

The first competition is “BB Bug” and it has begun. Shane drank the potion and was “infected” so he can’t be HoH this week. Next time the alarm sounds Shane must immediately give the “bug” to another HG. That HG is now “infected” and ineligible to become HoH. This will continue for 24 hours (ends at 1PM BBT on Friday).

Last HG who doesn’t get infected win HoH. That HG noms 2 other HGs for eviction. We also know fans will be voting for a 3rd nom, but they don’t know that yet.

General rules: HGs may not refuse the bug once they’ve been selected to receive it. The “infected” HG has to wear the bug until the next alarm sounds and they pass it along. Each “infected” HG gets a t-shirt to wear until the comp is over. I imagine that’s to help Feedsters identify ad hoc who is still in the running to be HoH.

If you want to watch this competition with us then be sure to load up your Live Feeds. Don’t have them yet? Grab the 1-week Free Trial and check out the fun. Anything you’ve missed so far is waiting for you in the archives with the rewind Flashback feature. Full episodes will be there too.

So any early picks for who you want to see win today’s first comp? Overnight Monte, Shane, Scott, and Cornbread all agreed to fight hard to win this so they won’t be throwing it. If one of them gets it we could see this potential alliance solidify.

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  1. HELP ! I can’t get the main screen on the live feeds, just the 4 little camera’s at the top, and their pictures aren’t moving????????????????? Anybody else having problems or a solution? Matt you got a solution

  2. lol this is a weird comp..Shane got called in DR..”Shane you’ve been infected?”..is that what the announcer said?

    • There was this bottle on a table saying that only one of them could drink it. Shane decided to be the guinea pig, and as soon as he drank it, alarms started blaring and a voice shouted: “Shane, get to the DR! You’ve been infected!”

      So, yeah, not it’s just the waiting game.

      • I prefer the edited version on TV. Watching them have these conversations makes me cringe. I just turned it on.

    • I thought we will get the chance to watch everything.
      If he is in the DR, then we should listen to what is being said.

      • I agree! I can see them not allowing us at certain times see the DR like when they are giving house guest meds or seeing a doc or whatever but during an HOH comp when they know they have viewers tuning in to watch, I think they should have allowed us to hear them giving Shane his intructions.

  3. Interesting idea for a comp, but… this is going to be the fastest way for these HGs to make enemies.

    • Yes, but the game has to start. I am sick of all these uninteresting conversations. Now we will have people getting isolated and others making alliances. The guys are not going to infect each other since they are already aligned.

    • Yes, but the game has to start. I am sick of all these uninteresting conversations. Now we will have people getting isolated and others making alliances. The guys are not going to infect each other since they are already aligned.

  4. It’s no endurance comp in the normal sense but will this officially be the longest HOH comp in BB history? This is certainly over the top to say the least lol

  5. Jason is having the best convo right now talking about the sisters, but the screen keeps going to fish.

  6. It’s funny how their conversation changed after that comp.lol They’re talking game now. Jason is working, doing what he does best…talk.

    ..the anticipation of the first alarm is driving them crazy.

    • I think the game will work like this. Shane has to infect someone else then after that, that person will infect another. The last one chosen will become the HoH. Sound about right to you?

      • I’m just now getting to where Shane explained the rules! LOL Can’t believe I got it before I knew I did! hahaha

      • It’s kinda hard to execute if you’re targeting one particular player to be HoH. You almost have to have a majority consensus of the order of players for it to work. I guess an alliance will have better odds on becoming the HoH.

      • I’m figuring this will be a good practice run to see who all should be targeted as opposed to who ends up being targeted when they shouldn’t have. If that makes any sense! They’re still feeling each other out through all the chit chat. Danielle seems to not want to stay in a group setting. Always going off on her own. Maybe that’s why the other girls are now wanting to target her. I despise catty stuff when they need to stick together. LOL

      • The girls seemed to be all scattered. Unaware, big guys alliance were already formed. I’m not sure if it’s solidified yet. I’m curious to know on how they would approach this comp. If they’re smart or they’re idiots. lol

      • Not anything like I did the first week of BB18..LOL Everyone, though is too nice so far. I hope it continues, but I’d like some drama some time! LOL

    • This HoH deal is interesting, but I really wanted to see a real comp today! Plus, this “comp” is so dragging…

  7. I really thought it was funny when he was called to the DR, synonymous with diarrhea..the Diarrhea Room! LOL

    • This season some of the players have actually watched the show. Alex said that she is a huge fan and others sound like they have knowledge about past shows.

    • He does appear to have a good understanding of past seasons and how the game is played. So does Shane and Danielle as well.

      The feeds have been interesting so far b/c many of these HG DO seem to have some knowledge of BB.

    • He listed off the seasons he has watched, in whole and in part, last night. I think he said all of BB10 & 16 and parts of 2-3 others.

  8. OK, so I’m not subscribing—I’m living through you guys…but have any of you ever watched “Extras”, the show written by and starring Ricky Gervais? He did an episode where he was on the UK version of BB. It was hysterical! BBOTT sounds kind of close to that…having to get up and playing games during the day—not just sitting around. The End.
    Have fun guys!

    • Sharona so far Shane is out of the running for HOH…By tomorrow at 1 pm, we’ll know who the HOH is. One thing that IS shocking is the fact that I don’t hate anyone on this cast yet!! LOL! I detested Jozea and Paul immediately during the Summer! ;)

      Paul may have ended up growing on me, but Jozea…? NEVER!! I haven’t had that gut reaction of disgust yet! Hmm.. ;)

      • Thank you, thank you, thank you! I have to re-watch all the videos again to get everyone’s names and faces in my head. Ugh…let’s pretend Jozea never existed.

        It’s great that you haven’t gotten any disgust vibes yet. I TRY not to make a judgement until at least the first week…but that doesn’t always happen. I couldn’t stand Paul from day 1….then I was his biggest champion. Same with Vic. Go figure.

        This comp sounds fun! Weird, but fun. Thanks so much for the info, my friend. Let me know as soon as that disgust vibe kicks in! Can’t wait to hear some juicy snark. ;)

      • Heck yeah no more sleeping all day and part of the night, they need to earn their money and keep us entertained :D

    • He does. I never watched True Blood that much, but I do know what the characters look like from all the fans that I know who talk about it. :-)

      • Thanks! Is there a way to watch the “full episode” that was aired last night or is this it?

      • Your welcome! :)

        Just a quick FYI… the full episode was basically the HG coming into the house one by one…Julie was on in the beginning and she made a brief appearance a few hours in (once all the HG were in the house) but other than that, there wasn’t a “live episode” like the one that will play next Wednesday. However, if you want to watch it…do the same thing. Go to flashback and enter 7 pm on the 28th and you can watch it there. Hope that helps. :)

      • I was thinking the “episodes” started last night. Fingers crossed they’ll have links to the episode next Wednesday. Thanks for the info.

  9. I wasn’t going to read spoilers, but then I couldn’t find the competition so I had to come read what was going on. I’m new to feeds so I was really confused. I was really hoping for a live comp that didn’t take 12 hours… If it’s stuff like this, I’m not sure if I’ll keep the feeds.

    Maybe it will get better once I get used to the feeds, but right now, I am not liking this.

  10. Just caught Shelby in a lie. She told the group that she is a waitress and would like to go back to school to get her degree. She’s a law school graduate.

    • I want to say she said in her about me segment that she wasn’t going to share with the house guests that she has a law degree because she wants them to think she’s basically just a dumb blonde

    • What feeds are you watching? Danielle’s wearing the black shirt. Has been for a while.

      CAMERA 1: 7:27 – there’s the proof.

      EDIT: Okay, now I understand the confusion. JUSTIN infected Shelby.

      • Are you saying that when it’s time to infect someone, they have to give it to Shane to give to them? I’m lost on this. I just saw Shane give Shelby the crab necklace.

      • Awww…that explains it. I only saw the back of Justin when it was given to Shelby…and I’ve been going back and forth from the kitchen to my office while making dinner. Thanks for cluing me in! Geesh! So confusing the first week! :-) So far Shane, Danielle, Justin and now Shelby have been infected. Right?

      • Yes.

        And don’t worry. Without their makeup on, I’ve been having trouble telling the two sisters apart unless the camera’s on the both of them at the same time. Finally memorized what color each sister is wearing – Alex is in blue and Morgan is in pink.

      • LOL…now I can tell them apart when they’re not together. So when they get the necklace, they take it to the DR and get the shirt?

    • I don’t see how they won’t… They almost look like twins. In fact Jason questioned if Alex and Morgan are the same person so he’s deff on to something being off about them, he just hasn’t quite figured it out yet.

    • I’m guessing it’s going grow into a house rumor soon. I’ve noticed that the two of them don’t socialize at all. So, if the rumors do pick up and the HGs realize that the two of them are avoiding each other, they could be in trouble.

    • If they kepp denying it, there is no way to prove it. It’s not like they are twins. Morgan is taller by a few inches and Alex older by 3 years. So it can easily been argue that they just look alike. Happens.

      Basically it will be up to them if they tell or not.

    • If Jason is voted out, hopefully he’ll shout it out, but with him gone who knows if we have a group of intelligent people and great observers.

  11. I think I like this. BB history shows that very few women (and useless James) can win comps of any kind, so this evens the playing field. I’d like to see women play without resorting to using their baby making tunnels.

    • You are correct.
      Most of the women on BB history hide behind the men and just follow along as they are told. I will be rooting for the one who stands up to them and starts to make big moves. It can’t be done if they don’t win comps though. I didn’t watch so I’m not sure why Whitney chose Monte as HOH and not Alex.

  12. Of course Monte gets it. The one person I was truly hoping wouldn’t get it. I wish Jason gave Monte the bug instead of Whitney, either way Jason is in trouble and I really hope this guys’ alliance doesn’t steamroll through the whole competition.

  13. I hoped that Monte didn’t get it since he is planning to put up Jason. I think any player who wants to survive needs to win that veto and if they don’t good riddance. Hopefully he’s HOH will be a waste, but I already see some of the girls cinging to the guys especially Monte.

    • I’ve only been listening for the past 10 minutes and I’m bored to death listening to their voices.

  14. Scott constantly cursing in order to fit in does not suit him well. He reminds me of Steve and I wish these people would vote him out quick.

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