‘Big Brother OTT’ Popularity Poll – Week 3

Our weekly Popularity Poll is back for Big Brother Over The Top and that means it’s time to support your favorite Houseguest with your vote each day to move him or her up the charts and ranks.

BBOTT 2016 Memory Wall of HGs

All thirteen BBOTT Houseguests are here in the poll so even if they’ve been voted out you can still support your favorite.

Before we get to this week’s Big Brother polling below we can look back at last week’s to see where everyone ended up. After watching last season’s trends it’s no surprise to see Jason, this season’s only Vet player, come out on top of the poll, but he’s just barely edging out the top newbie, Alex. A solid pick, I’d say. She has Justin, Danielle, and Shelby in a decent drop down below her.

On the bottom side of things for BBOTT we find Cornbread in last then Scott and Shane. I’m actually surprised about Shane though maybe I’d be more surprised if he had been more active early on but he’s been a quiet character so far in the game. Maybe that position will improve for him and Scott definitely has an opportunity to do so this week as the new HoH.

Big Brother Over The Top Player Rankings – previous week results:

  • Jason Roy – 27.06%
  • Alex Willett – 22.66%
  • Justin Duncan – 12.87%
  • Danielle Lickey – 7.55%
  • Shelby Stockton – 7.33%
  • Morgan Willett – 4.48%
  • Monte Massongill – 3.82%
  • Neeley Jackson – 3.18%
  • Kryssie Ridolfi – 2.88%
  • Whitney Hogg – 2.68%
  • Shane Chapman – 2.63%
  • Scott Dennis – 1.58%
  • Cornbread – 1.27%

Now that we have our initial rankings above we can compare those to this week’s new numbers and see who is improving or falling as the season progresses. Be sure to vote for your favorites here in our poll each day for the next week and check back then for the final tallies.


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  1. I’m sorry, but how is Jason number three for this week? He’s literally done nothing but sit around, smoke, and talk crap about other people behind their backs like a coward. I don’t get why everyone loves him, even if he is catty to the point of being funny sometimes.

  2. So glad to see Alex topping the list so far. She is the one playing the game. I’m pulling for her to win.

  3. Expecting to see Jason drop a little after the last couple days. Maybe not enough to take him out of first place, but we’ll see.

  4. I don’t really care for Julie’s Q&A. I would rather watch them privately talk about each other.

    • I agree. It all seemed really fake. Both the questions and the answers. If you watch the live feeds you know how they really feel. I also didn’t like how Julie kept trying to put Whitney on the spot to say more than she felt comfortable with but didn’t seem as determined to be confronting to the other side of the house. Made me wonder if she is biased?

  5. Ha… Danielle just made the comment that she better not be a HN this week since she has the water punishment already.

    Please tell me you’re voting for her to be a HN!!


    • I sure am. Though she will start whining even more than she already does now. But it will be worth it. She is really getting on my nerves.

      • It will be so worth it and will let her know that America is NOT behind her like she thinks!!

      • I just want to see the smug look on Danielle’s face go away. And I also can imagine Kryssie’s face if she’s America’s nominee cuz she’s under the impression that America loves her & lords that over everyone in the house. I hope we see those things happen this week.

  6. I love BBOTT but the America vote is kinda ruining the game for me! I don’t understand how you can just sit and beg for America to do all the work for you :(

    • Yep. It causes all kinda problems. There’s just too much viewer meddling and associated pandering by the HGs.

    • Oh I understand…There’s something to beg to. In DR, they’re ALL begging for something. Why wouldn’t you? The ACP/3rd nominee, and all the twists in this season, encourage pandering….It’s not the players, we spoiled them.

    • I agree. I like that “we” get one vote to evict, and the care packages are mostly fine. But nominating someone is way too much. It ruins what the game is about. The first two weeks, the HOH nominated 3 people, and didn’t even get out a target. I think a cool way to improve it would be to make the safety ceremony more worth it. My suggestion is that whomever is saved in the first round of the safety ceremony CANNOT be nominated by America. This lets the HOH protect their allies, and also forces them to show their cards a bit more by actually having the safety order mean something.

    • I’m on Jason’s side, but I do agree with you. He is not playing this game and I am close to switching. I think Justin and Alex will be my favorites from now on. Unless Jason does something.

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