‘Big Brother OTT’ Live Feeds Week 3: Thursday Highlights

Tensions were tight in the Big Brother Over the Top house Thursday as the houseguests wondered what Scott has in store for them during the looming safety ceremonies. Talk later in the night focused a lot on just how divided the house is and how that split occurred.

Caddy Shelby Stockton on BBOTT

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Big Brother OTT Live Feed Highlights – Thursday, October 13, 2016:

10:00 AM BBT – Houseguests getting their wake up call this morning.

11:25 AM BBT – Chatter among the women over who to target and who they can get to join their side.

11:50 AM BBT – Kryssie and Neeley discuss who could end up as the noms. Neeley suggests it could be Danielle and Shane again.

12:30 PM BBT – General chatter continues through the house. Whitney mentioned she was going to be on BB18 but had to turn it down and was glad she got another chance with BBOTT.

2:15 PM BBT – Houseguests wondering about alcohol and what they’ll get for Whitney’s birthday. Jason is sure production will do something for them. Morgan is crying and feeling frustrated about being a Have-Not, the only one left on it this week.

2:55 PM BBT – Neeley promises Kryssie she won’t vote her out if she’s on the Block on Wednesday night. She says she’ll vote Danielle out before she votes Kryssie out. Kryssie wants them two and Jason in the F3.

3:00 PM BBT – Kryssie fears they can’t trust either Scott or Alex since both have gone back on their word.

3:05 PM BBT – Scott camtalks that he’ll be spilling secrets and revealing games during the nomination ceremony on Sunday. (If he’s planning to simply redo Alex’s noms as he’s said then I don’t see how he’s breaking new ground here.)

3:40 PM BBT – Jason expects Justin to be safe this week from Scott. Jason tells Danielle and Shane their side will eventually fracture and split from within, but he thinks they have a long road before that. He thinks it’d be Neeley & Kryssie vs Shane & Danielle then him and Justin in the middle.

3:50 PM BBT – Danielle observes how the other side is trying to play as though America isn’t involved instead of trying to work with that part of the season.

4:00 PM BBT – Julie Chen visits HGs via the screen for the weekly live Q&A.

4:12 PM BBT – The talk session ends and Julie is gone. HGs wander off.

4:15 PM BBT – Shelby and Morgan discuss if they can get Justin’s vote now that he’s been hanging out with them more.

4:50 PM BBT – Scott and Shelby agree they’ll want to keep Alex as a strong ally. Scott gives Shelby a heads up that he’ll be putting Shane’s game on blast at the nominations. He could be planning to reveal his first night alliance that has been abandoned.

5:30 PM BBT – Feeds return after about 30 minutes of downtime due to loud music playing nearby while HGs were on a lockdown in the backyard.

5:32 PM BT BBT – Alex thinks the other side of the house is being fake happy about Whitney’s birthday.

6:30 PM BBT – HGs are still locked down. They’re getting bored and hungry.

6:52 PM BBT – Lockdown is finally over.

7:00 PM BBT – Morgan heard Danielle spatting a bit with Neely and Jason. She thinks that’s a good sign that people are wearing thin with her.

7:01 PM BBT – Daily recap starts.

7:12 PM BBT – Scott and Neely discuss trust. It seems we may have missed him asking for safety next week in exchange for Neely’s and Kryssie’s safety this week.

7:28 PM BBT – Morgan and Whitney found the Krackle candy bars that Jason has been hiding from Shelby. They give them to Shelby and she puts them in her golf bag.

8:10 PM BBT – Shelby is upset with the other side and talks about how hypocritical they are.

8:12 PM BBT – Whitney thinks America could nominate Danielle but Alex says they can’t risk that. She thinks Scott needs to just put her up.

8:14 PM BBT – Morgan wondering if they’re all disliked and guilty by association with Monte and Cornbread. The girls agree they hope America is judging them separately.

8:25 PM BBT – Justin tells Morgan and her girls that he thinks America went after Monte because of his talk of killing squirrels with his truck.

8:28 PM BBT – Whitney mentions that if this were plain Big Brother they’d be ruling because they’ve won all the HOHs  and would have the majority now.

8:40 PM BBT – Morgan talks to herself about slop. She says whoever came up with that recipe is a psycho.

10:14 PM BBT – Justin tells Alex and Shelby that he was so relieved when Monte left because he was his only stresser in the game.

10:15 PM BBT – Justin tells the girls that the house is divided but he’s not a part of that. He reminds them that he hangs out with them and the other group pretty equally. Shelby says it wasn’t an intentional divide because some of them just didn’t want to be outside in the cold around smokers all the time.

10:18 PM BBT – Kryssie tells Shane that Alex told her that Shane confirmed that their plan the whole time was to vote out Monte and not Scott. Alex knows they were trying to trick her into putting up Scott. They realize that it was Scott who told them. Kryssie can’t believe Alex told her all this information.

10:35 PM BBT – Kryssie, Shane, and Danielle all hope they can get a good target up with America’s Vote and send that HG out instead like they did last week with Monte.

10:50 PM BBT – Scott talking with Alex about who to put up. He’s considering Kryssie and Shane to help with their Veto chances but Alex suggests it’s better to go right on in with Shane and Danielle. Scott wonders if Danielle could end up as America’s Nominee so maybe he shouldn’t put her up from the start. Either way, Scott says Shane is definitely going up.

11:45 PM BBT – Alex tells Scott she wants to work with him to the very end. Smart. Scott tells Alex he feels the same way and wants to bring Shelby along too.

12:00 AM BBT – HGs surprise Whitney with a rendition of Happy Birthday.

12:15 AM BBT – Whitney’s birthday celebrations include condom balloon art.

12:50 AM BBT – Jason tells Justin the girls are hanging all over him now for his vote and are kissing up to him. Justin disagrees and says there was no game talk, just being social, which he couldn’t do before because Monte was always around them.

1:10 AM BBT – Justin talks with Scott and lets him know the other side was warning him the Plastic Ball Smashers were trying to kiss his butt. He doesn’t like being told that and says he doesn’t trust Shane and Danielle. Scott promises Justin he’ll be safe this week.

1:15 AM BBT – Justin lets Kryssie know she should be safe this week.

1:40 AM BBT – There was an off-camera dust up between Danielle and Justin possibly over parenting or having children. He’s apologizing and saying he wasn’t attacking her.

1:55 AM BBT – Justin and Danielle again sharing apologies over their argument.

2:10 AM BBT – Justin talking with Neeley now about what happened and was said. He was worried she was mad at him over his comments. Neeley says she’s not.

2:30 AM BBT – Late night crew hanging out and chatting.

4:00 AM BBT – Jamboree is hanging out in the London bedroom chatting now.

4:15 AM BBT – Lights out and talk is slowly quieting.

Scott continues to work on his plans this week for nominations and it sounds like Shane is the main target over his betrayal of their first night group. We’ll have to see how the new ACP power plays out when it arrives on Friday afternoon. Nominations coming up Saturday and Sunday with Veto events on Monday and Tuesday.

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  1. So something that is blowing up on Twitter is Danielle apparently neglected a puppy to the point it starved to death. I’m going to include the transcript of the conversation.

    [This started at 7:49PM BBT]
    Danielle: I remember I bought – I got a puppy, after my son was born. Her name was Sofie and she was the cutest little thing in the entire world, but she killed herself.

    Jason: What?

    Danielle: She starved herself. I was feeding her with a syringe and I went to a track meet and my mom called me and told me that she passed away. She wouldn’t eat, she refused to eat.

    Jason: Did you go to a vet and ask what is wrong with this dog?

    Danielle: No.

    Jason: You just were like trying the syringe thing?

    Danielle: Well, I went to a – we have this food depot, it’s like this place with like a bunch of stuff for pets and I went there and was like, “My dog’s not eating.” “Well, what do you normally give her?” “Blue Buffalo.” And they’re like –

    Jason: But she’s just a puppy. Was it like Buffalo puppy food?

    Danielle: Yeah

    Jason: Okay

    Danielle: It was like puppy food, but uhm. I guess when they start eating Blue Buffalo, a lot of dogs get so attached to it, they don’t want to eat anything else.

    Neeley: Yeah, it is expensive.

    Danielle: And at the time, I couldn’t buy the Blue Buffalo brand right now, so I waited a week and I bought a different brand and was like, “Next week, I’ll just buy her the blue buffalo” and within that week, she refused to eat. And at first I didn’t realize she wasn’t eating, I thought my mom was just filling her thing up when I was at school or when I was at work, so I didn’t know she wasn’t eating until she was just laying there, she wasn’t playful, she was just laying in her bed. And like, I’d like pick her up and she was like so weak, and so I took her there. So before I had gone there to get my pet shots, like you can buy shots there and give them to your dog yourself, so I went there and I asked them and they gave me all the medicine and stuff. They gave me PediaSure, and um. Like they gave me this little bottle with a syringe to feed her, and she started doing better but I guess while I was gone she just passed away. And I was so sad, I loved her. It was horrible.

    Kryssie: So the vet gave you all that stuff, to give to her, or…?

    Danielle: No, the food, the store –

    Jason: The pet depot place.

    Danielle: It’s the feed – it’s for a bunch of different type of animals, [indistinct chatter] it’s a bunch of them. But they have it so you can buy shots for your animals there and stuff like that instead of going to a vet and I definitely couldn’t have afforded to take her to the vet.
    Jason: But they’ve got discount vets, like I inherited cats, and you know, to get the shots for animals is usually real expensive, but if you come in there with animals, not even regardless of what your tax bracket is, they’re like this animal needs these things, we can do all these shots that normally cost $500 for $40. Like if you can’t scratch together $40, you should not have a pet.

    Neeley: Yeah, no, before I got to Nordstrom, I had the same problem with Cameron. I used to get low cost vacs –

    Jason has a shout out here.

    Neeley: They’ll have a banner that says “Low Cost Vaccinations” and stuff.

    Kryssie: A lot of places will work out payment plans with you, too, if you’ve got financial issues.

    Danielle: I was like choosing better, I was feeding her with the syringe and out of a bottle, with the PediaSure, and she was starting to do better and she was walking around and stuff, and I was just like I need to get her back to where she –

    Neeley: Yeah but sometimes it’s where they’re from. Did you get her from a breeder or –

    Danielle: No, I bought her off of my friend.

    Neeley: Because sometimes, you know, people will sell these puppies and they’ll have all kinds of issues and you just have no idea, and some of these breeders you have to really –

    Danielle: Yeah, we thought our dog had gotten sick, we thought she had gotten parvo or something

    Neeley: Ohh, that’s bad.

    Danielle: Yeah, it was really bad. We were so scared and she hadn’t gotten her shots yet, but she was outside but we weren’t allowed to have dogs in the apartment. So we were like, “There’s not been any dogs out here, there’s just concrete, there’s no dirt, so we can leave her outside while we’re at school.” So we were worried that something had happened to her, that she had gotten parvo or something, so we were like freaking out. Then we put two and two together. They had come and, because the. The apartment next to us had people that had moved out and so their cockroaches were trying to come into our apartment and so we got it sprayed. And so I asked the guy, Do I need to bring my dog inside? Oh, no, this isn’t harmful, to pets. And I’m sure he didn’t know what he was talking about because that’s when she started to get sick and then that’s when we started to go to the feed place and they gave us the medicine for that and then we got the shots, all her shots there, and it was like $20.

    Neeley: That’s. They killed my half-sister’s. They used to have Dobermans and that’s what happened, the field next to them, that ***** will kill your dog.

    Danielle: Yeah, that’s what I figured, that has to be toxic. And I was like, “Do I need to bring my dog inside?” And he was like, “Oh, no, this isn’t harmful, she’ll be okay.”

    • This is a story I wouldn’t have openly shared if I were her. Does she not think about things before she opens her mouth? She just admitted to starving a puppy to death and neglecting it denying it proper vet care. If you can’t afford vet care don’t get the animal!

      She made the comment that the other side isn’t playing with America in mind… well, look who isn’t either!

      • Agreed. It breaks my heart to think about that poor puppy. I am a big animal lover and find that story to be intolerable. I have 2 cats I took in as stray kittens with FIV so I could give them a good home. Pets can be expensive, if you can’t afford them don’t get them. They can’t control the home they’re brought into.

      • Don’t even get me started on thinking about how that puppy felt. My mind went there and I had to shut it down. I literally can’t.

      • I recall the time my daughter, who was 16 at the time, brought home a puppy against my wishes. I asked her, “how are you going to take care of the puppy?” She lashed out and said, “Are you saying I don’t know how?” I said, “It’s not that you’re inept, but when are you going to be home to take care of it when you’re gone most of the day and after school?” She was never able to care for the puppy. That job fell to me and before she moved out and I asked her if she’d be able to take her with her, she said, “She’s too attached to you and Dad now, so she’s the family dog now.” That’s why I think it’s cruel to own a pet when you won’t be home enough to take care of it or leave that responsibility to someone else. I can see Danielle just yelling at her mother for not caring for HER dog while she was away.

      • I wanted to shake her. I’m like, if you can’t afford vet costs or boarding fees for that matter, you shouldn’t have a pet, unlike what Jason said, even though I cheered him on when he said, “if you can’t scrape together $40, then you shouldn’t have a pet.” Just cruel to allow a dog to starve to death but more cruel to blame the dog for doing so than taking responsibility for that happening herself.

      • This story makes me so mad, sad and upset. There is no excuse at all for what Dani put this poor puppy through. Breaks my heart.

      • But she loved that puppy soooo much! If that’s how she loves, she has a piss poor way of showing it.

      • Yes ma’am. You are 100% correct. The thing that gets me is she doesn’t seem to have a clue that she did anything wrong in this scenario. Something seriously wrong with this self centered bish

      • Shaking her is very kind of you, she should be tied up in my yard I’d happily show her as much love as she showed that defence less puppy.

      • And that’s yet another reason I’m putting this puppy (Danielle) on slop this week…it’s not as cruel as what she didn’t give her own puppy.

      • When Dani decided to divulge this very sad story of neglect and starvation brought on by her own hands.

      • I’ll tell you Dan, it was when Danielle didn’t get voted out last week. She’s awful.

    • Isn’t that actually very cruel for her to have left her dog outside all day on concrete. To me that’s just totally cruel .

      • That really bothered me to. She got a puppy when her apartment doesn’t allow animals and kept it outside on concrete. Concrete can get really hot and uncomfortable for any animal. Put a poor puppy. I hope her mother is the one taking care of her son. She doesn’t seem qualified.

      • From that story I’m concerned that her mother isn’t that quaified either. That poor boy.

      • I wouldn’t go that far…her mother probably cares for her son while she’s away too, and another reason why Dani probably wasn’t ready to be a mother either.

    • In most if not all states a Veterinarian has to administer the shots. Unless it’s a daily medication the pet has to have. I think there’s really something off about her story.

      • Yup. She probably never got it de-wormed, because she never took it to the vet to know that’s what needed to happen. The puppy probably did have Parvo, and until a vet can diagnose it, they end up starving to death. Poooor little thang.

    • That is horrible! I’m so glad I missed that. She had the nerve to complain about squirrels being run over by Monte, all the while she allowed a puppy suffer at her hands.

      • Can America vote her out this week please? We wouldn’t of had to endure that God awful story if she was gone last week. I can imagine being that cruel.

      • Of course we can! It’ll be a switch from 3rd nominee always going home! I’d voted for her to be gone when Monte was the 3rd nominee on the block…hahaha

      • Apparently she has special privileges since she also complained about Monte and making racist comments but she’s allowed to call the plastics the “saltine crackers” which is a direct racist comment

      • Yes it is racist, she is the worst, not only a hypocritical racist but also a puppy killer.
        I can’t even stand the sound of her voice, I just want to slap the cap out of her.

    • Btw, thanks for enduring that story and sharing I hate the story but definitely a must know item.

    • Good grief what is wrong with you people?? So biased. She’s not admitting to starving or neglecting her pet. She sounds like a 1st time pet owner. She did what she thought to do for the dog. You can by vaccines and apply them yourself. And you can go to places like Petco, PetSmart, etc.. for advice though it may not be professional advice. My first dog as a young adult didn’t work out either. After 8 months sold the dog to a family with a dog. It’s more responsibility than I thought and I was barely ever home.

      Had Dani got the dog from a shelter she would’ve got a free 1st exam and info about low cost or free vet services. She went to a pet store, tried different food, got the self administered vaccines, noticed something wrong, got and followed advice to syrince feed the pup and it died anyway. It happens sometime. it was probably already sick when she bought it. She didn’t hunt down puppies to murder them.

      You guys are getting really toxic here. I’m not the social media police and I like a bashing too, but not to this degree. Some of you should really check yourselves.

      And before you all start telling me to go to hell, I know I’m just another anonymous person that doesn’t matter, and at some point I have/may post something stupid.

      • Her first line “she starved herself ” sorry dogs don’t intentionally starve themselves, pet owners do.

      • Any responsible pet owner would have taken their dog to a vet after showing the symptoms that this puppy had.

  2. Please get rid of Dani. She is trash and after hearing and reading about the puppy starvation story there are no redeeming qualities to this girl. I use the term girl purposely because she isn’t grown according to her own behavior and actions. It’s all me me me me me and more me that we hear her talk about endlessly day in and day out. If she can’t take care of a puppy how is she able to take care of a child. I have a sneaking suspicion her own mother is the real mom to her child. A child who at some point will be able to watch his own mommy having sex on the Internet. Truly disgusting imo.

    • It’s time to vote out the trash for sure. She should be ashamed of herself imo. Makes me wonder what she can teach to little kids.

      • I’m so……gosh I don’t even know where to start. Bottom line is this POS needs to get the boot from the BB house. I hope the plastics get wind of this story and are able to send Dani packing asap!

      • I wished Scott was there for this story….wasn’t he? I saw it from beginning to end and don’t recall him being present.

      • I’m not sure if he was. I tend to think he wasn’t because as she started telling the story I quickly switched cams and I think it was up to the HOH room with Scott and the girls.

      • It’s hard to wrap your mind around that cap isn’t it? It is for me having four dogs and one stray cat. Pets are esier to love than some people imo

      • I am with you Angie. I have adopted two homeless dogs with two I already have and a cat. I couldn’t imagine not taking them to the vet. The one dog had multiple vet visits when she first came home and I had to make payments for all the treatment. She was very sick but 7 years latter she is my guard dog.

      • One of my dogs is epileptic I didn’t even know that dogs get epilepsy until his first seizure, so scary, I freaked out crying calling the vet, now he’s on meds daily and doing great.

      • It really is. I feed homeless cats every day of my life, donate money to the humane society and have been a pet owner my whole life. This is inexcusable.

      • We have lots of stray cats where I live. But you’re not allowed to feed them. They are here specifically to take care of the rats.

      • I can;t believe that girls like Danielle and Zakhya are hired to teach children. I really hope their boss watches BB and fires them. Or even one of their student’s parent.

      • A preschool teacher isn’t something that you have to have a degree for… she’s just a daycare worker whose in the 4 year old room and teaches colors and abc’s to kids

      • Last night. She started telling the story and I had to switch cams, couldn’t listen to it. But I read the transcript this morning and wanted to throttle the bish.

    • Branden said that he interviewed Monte and he isn’t planning to quit killing squirrels. If Scott doesn’t nominate D America will.

      • I know that is who I will nominate if Scott doesn’t. And the thing about Monte doesn’t surprise me at all. I knew he wouldn’t change or want to try to change after this experience. He will go back to being a racist homophobic good ole boy. So glad I don’t live in the South anymore.

  3. She can’t complain if she gets put on slop next. He’ll it’s more then her poor puppy got.

  4. Wow, Kryssie really wants to lose Big Brother. Trying to go F3 with a returning “fan favorite” (ugh) in a season where the viewers vote on the winner, and still not realizing she’s expendable to her alliance and everyone else in the house because she’s so obsessed with the fact that she’s America’s sweetheart because they gave her a useless CP, and hated other players more than her. Smart play for Kryssie is to get her dang personal vendettas out of the equation and keep working on the side deal that Alex is trying to make happen with her and Neely so she has an edge when most of the plastics and them are gone. To be fair, Alex f-ed that up a little too by putting Kryssie on the block without telling her, but I think she didn’t realize how far up her own a$$ Kryssie’s head is right now.

    As for the rest of the misfits, I still think they’re mostly being insufferable and self-righteous (excpet Justin and Neely who are perfect and I love them) but I’m coming around to respect their game a little more: Sure they’re benefiting a lot from the viewer twists, but when you’ve been the most powerful alliance, and the bullies, since the beginning of the game and you can still sell the idea that you’re the underdogs, that’s some impressive PR. Sure it relies on the intellectual laziness of most big brother fans, but as a big brother fan himself, Jason knows how rarely most of us actually bother to think.

    They’re also doing a good job keeping an open flow of information, which I credit Danielle and Jason’s leadership for. As the Plastics continue to lose their numbers advantage, their only option is to try to drive a wedge in the other alliance and swing people, but the misfits are staying tight, and the constant vitriol against the girls from Danielle, Kryssie and Jason, actually helps reinforce the in-group out-group dynamic of “us vs them.”

    And then you have Justin, who’s not falling for the “us vs them” bs and who’s doing the best job of staying in the middle one can possibly do, and all just by being his amazing hilarious self. It’s impossible not to love this guy.

    • Is Jason really a fan favorite still? I just didn’t want him to go home the 1st week. Other than that I’m still looking for a favorite. Jason has no chance of ever winning any version of big brother. He has to get off the couch, cut down on smoking so he can mingle with all the house guest.

      • Maybe their dropping, but if you go on the bbott tag on twitter most of it is pro-Jason/Danielle and anti Alex/Scott/”The Plastics”

        Twitter doesn’t necessarily reflect the majority opinion, but it’s at least the most vocal opinion…we’ll see how Amerca’s nominee goes down this week though…

      • Jason is the Nicole of this season when it comes to the polls. One week he’s first and the next he’s second.

    • I just turned on the feeds and saw Justin dancing in the kitchen. lol The guy is hilarious and knows how to put on a good show for feedsters.

  5. Once Monte was evicted and Scott won HOH Morgan should have gone back to eating real food.

  6. How many times does Scott plan to tell Justin that he’s safe.
    Justin is playing both side now and I think he’ll be in a good spot.

  7. I want to see Neely on slop because I want to see her snap. She hasn’t done nothing and thinks this is one big party hello your on big brother where we lie and backstab. She is the player that put me to sleep I want to see her on slop to see if she starts snapping on people and arguing. I also want to put Kryssie and Danielle on slop because they think they walk on water with America and we love them

  8. So originally I used to like Danielle but she seems like a little slow. She talks about being a mom and doing al of this for her son but yet she’s only thinking about a shownanceshowmance and the fact she had a puppy and left it outside on a small little apartment balcony while she went to school is crazy. I think she needs to take a step back and think about things before they come out of her dumb mouth. America needs to nominate her out the door maybe that will slap Hera wake up call.

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