‘Big Brother OTT’ Live Feeds Week 8: Wednesday Night Highlights

The Big Brother Over The Top houseguests made it to the final five Wednesday night and the first official member of the final four emerged when Morgan win the HOH competition. Jason and Kryssie were left scrambling, while Justin checked back in with the Jambalaya Gang to help ensure his safety for the week.

Morgan and Shelby celebrate on BBOTT

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Big Brother OTT Live Feed Highlights – Wednesday, November 16, 2016:

8:20 PM BBT – HGs went back inside after the HoH comp. Morgan and Shelby head to the London room and celebrate. Shelby is excited for Morgan making the F4. They talk about how no one was throwing that competition.

8:25 PM BBT – Jason is talking to himself that whichever one of them doesn’t go up needs to win the Veto to force a Shelby renom. Justin comes in and Jason tells him that he’s screwed. Justin says the both are. Jason explains to him that the person not on the block has to win veto. That’s the only way they can all stay, he says.

8:26 PM BBT – Justin asks Morgan if she’s going to throw him under the bus. She says no and she’s going to stick to the plan and she won’t turn on their plan. Shelby says as long as Jason doesn’t win the veto this week the Jambalaya Gang is good. Justin plays it off like he threw the competition for them. Justin says this is like their original plan and Morgan is happy and says that’s exactly right.

8:27 PM BBT – Kryssie asks Jason if he’s OK. He says no. She says it’s not over and repeats his thoughts that the one not on the block has to win the veto. Jason says if they can’t beat them in a 3 against one scenario then they probably can’t win veto against them either. The agree that the competition was made for Morgan since she’s a cheerleader and is an expert at balancing.

8:28 PM BBT – Jason says he hopes Justin uses the CP to help them and not play into Shelby and Morgan’s hands. Kryssie says she’s going to fight for him.

8:29 PM  BBT – Morgan and Shelby tell Justin that if he’s presented with a Pandora’s Box (so random) then always open it.

9:03 PM BBT – Jason is feeling pretty defeated. He’s off in the bedroom alone and whispering to himself.

9:20 PM BBT – Shelby, Morgan, Kryssie and Justin hanging out in the kitchen while Jason is by himself in the bedroom.

9:50 PM BBT – Everyone is hanging out in the kitchen, snacking and chatting.

10:20 PM BBT – HGs all still in the kitchen talking about events in the game and people from YouTube, etc.

10:26 PM BBT – Justin talks to the cameras saying he can’t believe he’s still in the house since he sucks at competitions.

10:28 PM BBT – HGs talking about and laughing at their first impressions of Cornbread. Shelby was glad America didn’t end up liking him like she thought.

11:25 PM BBT – Morgan and Justin discuss their situation and confirm their F2 (Terrible Twos). Morgan says it’ll be Jason and Kryssie going up.

11:30 PM BBT – Shelby says she definitely won’t be throwing the Veto comp and is there to win it. Justin says that’s the best situation.

11:35 PM BBT – Jason and Kryssie discussing how Justin is a bigger target and a better notch on the belt for whoever gets him out.

11:40 PM BBT – Justin reports back to Jason and Kryssie that Shelby and Morgan seem to believe he’s in with them. He says that’s an advantage they have against them for now.

12:05 AM BBT – Jason admits either he wins Veto or he will be going home this week. Jason reiterates to Justin how if he’s not on the Block but wins Veto then it’ll force Shelby to be put up.

1:00 AM BBT – HGs all still awake but hanging out in their divided spaces.

2:00 AM BBT – Lights are out and HGs are asleep for the night.

It was a big night for the sides and LNJ lost out to the final two smashers as Morgan won HoH and secured herself a spot in the F4. America’s role is over until we pick a winner which means we’ll be watching and waiting for Monday’s Veto comp with Noms revealed along the way.

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  1. Okay, Justin win this care package, win the challenge become immune, any LNJ wins veto and its bye..bye Shelby. Morgan her chance to win the whole game will be in the trash, when she allows her only partner to go home without americas involvement. LNJ Final 4!!!

    • That is what America voted for. And I don’t think they were handed the game. They are in there fighting and winning comps to stay.

      • The POV…aka ACP shouldn’t have prevented Morgan from being nominated! It clearly should have been used to secure her safety, after being nominated.

        Shelby, would have been nominated, and had a chance to play for the power of veto, like the rest of the nominees.

        Funny how that conveniently works out for the Barbie dolls? BBOTT gave them a game changing, Hail Mary, Stay of Execution!

        I wonder if BBOTT would have done the same for 2 African American Female house guests?

      • The SCP was the veto so there was no one playing for it.
        Funny how that ACP worked out for Jason as well. Seems any underhandedness was not one sided.

      • Holier than thou? LMAO. I replied to not buying it… You are entitled to your opinion, not with”that’s just your opinion”

        It seems you are trying to label me for you’re own benefit? Cherry picking my words to your own satisfaction…Hmmm.

      • You came off as condescending and acting like opinion is right. And then you end it with “you’re entitled to your opinion”. I’m sorry but where was you insinuating your opinion is fact? My answer is this- once they brought actual proof you backed out. Just saying dude.

      • Don’t be a sore loser. And please don’t play the race card. The CP was before nominations and has been the entire season. So when Morgan won it she wasn’t on the block and by rules she can choose to save someone or not. Not her fault that the care packages are before nominations.

      • Sore Loser? This game doesn’t affect me at all. I have nothing to gain, or to lose. As far as race is concerned, Big Brother is lacking in true diversity.

        When African Americans, Hispanic Americans, Asian Americans, Native Americans, etc are chosen to compete, you can count them on one hand, average 3 house guests.

        So if anyone is playing the race card, it’s BIG Brother, for quite some time. You will never see different ethnic groups out number the status quo, and that is the truth.

        Have a nice day, Lavender Girl.

    • they were helped along ppl can play blind all day long. and say they won fair and square you can see production hand in this so clearly u’d have to be a fool not to. truth is we all know how this uncripted game played into their favoritism and then takin away the carepack a week so dani had no chance of her fans voting to send it to her to keep her safe until final 4 time. because after this week everyone has that chance of being in the final four automatically save 1. so what kind of useless cp is that unless it would have came earlier as it should have. there so much i can say and go back to details on how lnj has been slain by bbott, with unfairness they are clueless about some thing they see. but say what you want most know the truth..

      • Dates of cp where publish on the site at the start of the season. It had nothing to do about skipping a week to disadvantage Danielle.

      • thats all good yeah however i still feel dani should still be there same as fans feel their fav should.. she was a goooood player.

    • Uh no?
      If that’s the case then why the heck is Alex gone?
      Why is Whitney gone?
      If it really was rigged, then Alex would be there with her sister.
      All of the girls would be a final 4.

  2. Get Jason out! That will be amazing! Justin is such a snake though, it will be a battle to get Jason out this week

    • It would be interesting to see what Justin would do if he wins veto? He seems sincere with both side. But i prefere not knowing in case he disappointed me…

  3. Could almost feel sorry for Jason last night, but he is so nasty when he thinks he’s winning I hope he goes this week.

  4. Thoughts:
    – Jason has officially checked out
    – What is with this whole idea of the game being “rigged”? Just because someone you don’t like is having the upper hand? If anything both sides had upper and lower hands.
    – Want Shelby to win. Only sane person left.
    – Looks like PBS vs LNJ is over

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