‘Big Brother Over The Top’ Spoilers: Who Won HoH Week 8?

Time to crown a new Head of Household on Big Brother Over The Top following the earlier eviction tonight that sent Danielle on out the door. Now we’re waiting to see if Morgan can overcome the odds and grab her first HoH win of the season or if LNJ will lock it down tonight.

Big Brother HoH comp

Since everything with BBOTT is on the Feeds that means that this HoH comp and every single one this season will be right there for us to watch as they happen in full. If you miss the event then you can Flashback and catch it all over. We’re live recapping it as it happens so read on for the results.

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We’re waiting to find out what kind of comp the HGs will face, but they got their athletic mic pack wraps so this could be something adventurous. Also tonight we learned the winner of this HoH comp would still be able to compete in next week’s comp, something HGs were worried about. That should free up any of them to go for it all in. Justin has said he’s back in LNJ’s corner as well.

HoH Comp Results – Week 8: “Keep You Posted”

HGs will answer a series of questions at the start then move out to posts to stand and balance. If you got the questions right then you don’t have to move forward immediately to the smaller posts. No crouching. Last HG standing wins HoH.

  • 6:50 PM BBT – Comp scheduled to begin soon.
  • 7:01 PM BBT – Shelby is reading the rules.
  • 7:04 PM BBT – Questions start, but we don’t get the answers.
  • 7:10 PM BBT – Quiz portion is over. Time to step on up.
  • 7:16 PM BBT – Comp finally begins as HGs get in position.
  • 7:21 PM BBT – Question 1 results: everyone was right. No one moves.
  • 7:26 PM BBT – Question 2 results: everyone right again. No one moves.
  • 7:31 PM BBT – Question 3 results: Justin was wrong. He moves forward.
  • 7:37 PM BBT – Question 4 results: Jason was wrong. He moves forward.
  • 7:42 PM BBT – Question 5 results: Justin was wrong. He moves again.
  • 7:48 PM BBT – Question 6 results: Justin was wrong. Again. He moves. Again.
  • 7:53 PM BBT – Question 7 results: Everyone got it right. No one moves.
  • 7:54 PM BBT – Shelby announces they’ll start moving forward every 5 mins.
  • 7:59 PM BBT – Time to move. Jason falls during the move. He’s out.
  • 8:02 PM BBT – Justin fell. Last post was too small for both of his feet.
  • 8:04 PM BBT – Moving time. Both Kryssie & Morgan remain.
  • 8:10 PM BBT – Both ladies make the move but it was a little wobbly.
  • 8:12 PM BBT – Morgan suggests Kryssie throw her the comp. Kryssie declines.
  • 8:15 PM BBT – Final post move… Kryssie can’t make it and falls. Morgan wins.

Morgan won Head of Household. Now it all comes down to Monday’s Veto to decide who goes home as it’s even possible for Shelby to end up on the Block and evicted this week. At this point, no one but Morgan is safe and on to F4. Justin will have to complete a challenge with the ACP to get his F4 spot.

Who did you want to win this week? Jump on the Feeds right now to see what happens next!

Remember that viewer voting is over and done aside from deciding who will win the season. There will be no more America’s Nom, America’s VTE, HNs are over, and there’s only Justin left to get the last ACP. The season is wrapping up, folks! Hope you’ve enjoyed it.


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  1. Okay let’s get this started. I would love to see new flip of power… just what we need to spice things up in the house now that Danielle (most annoying ever) is gone!

    • Can we all just have a moment of silence in appreciation of the most annoying, self absorbed, self centered HG finally being gone? ?

      • Sadly, we’re stuck with the most delusional HG for another couple weeks because no one’s gonna send her packing.

      • Game wise, I understand but it is so frustrating! You’d think K would figure out WHY no one wants to see her leave… and it’s not because she’s this amazing puppet master that has everyone fooled like SHE thinks. She’s easily beatable and everyone knows it but her. Heck, I’d vote for Cornbread over here I think!! ?

  2. I’d like to actually see Justin or Jason pull a win because I feel they are the most likely to flip on each other… either way, at this point and much to my own amazement I want Shelby in F3 because she’s earned it. She’s beasted this game in every way from the beginning and has them all so fooled still about who she really is. And believe me, I wanted her GONE that first week so me saying this says a lot about how she’s done. Justin? I like him socially and he’s made the house entertaining and while he’s always been a fav of mine… he just hasn’t quite earned the win IMO. Jason? He’s the only one I feel like should be in the F3 that could say he deserves to be there too. He really did make Dani and him a pair and played her eviction out perfectly while seemingly nervous to everyone else. He has played the game. I’d like to see a JJ and S F3.

  3. Questions and endurance…interesting. None of these HG are good at endurance, so this might take too long after all.

  4. Shelby causes the fish to appear on the feeds when she calls out to production that she left the HOH key inside the house.

  5. Okay, so. HGs with little feet should have an advantage here. Additionally, Morgan should also have an advantage, being a former cheerleader (meaning her balance should be really good).

    That being said… none of these people have proven to be that good with endurance. I’m expecting a lot of falls within the first few minutes.

  6. Please let Jason pull out this win take out Shelby and next week win again and take out Justin and then win in a landslide so he never has to stock groceries again

  7. Jason’s down, and it doesn’t look like Justin is that far behind him, the way he’s balancing on one foot.

  8. Jason’s out!! Looks like he might be going OTB if Kryssie doesn’t win this. hahaha… I can barely type that with a straight face! ;) As if… Kryssie hasn’t shown me much of anything except maybe her burping skills!

  9. I guess I shouldn’t throw out who I’d like to see win anymore since they were the first 2 out LOL… I can’t really stand the thought of having K control this week so surely Mo can pull this one out!!

  10. And it’s time to play “Let’s make a deal!”

    With Kryssie continuing to say “I can’t throw a comp,” despite the fact that we all know she did during the Wall Climbing Veto comp.

    • There’s a difference between throwing a comp and quitting a comp.. her ego just doesn’t want to let her admit she QUIT!!!

      • And she admits in the DR she didn’t try to win the last veto and took her time and the hardest part of the comp was deciding how much time to take to throw it without showing she threw it or something like that… so we already know she’s willing to not only throw comps but quit them also

    • You think Jason is out this week? Something about Justin is bad too.

      • I’m torn on it b/c I really love Shelby and if Jason wins POV and comes down then Morgan will *have* to put Shelby up as a replacement and that could be disasterous!
        Shelby definitely deserves this game imo!

      • It would be the smartest move they could make, and I know it’s what Morgan’s going to aim for.

      • Nope..Justin is part of all these..and some on the side. Morg/Justin sub alliance of Jambalaya. These are one of the option to go after Jason, sadly. He could win the Veto. All HG’s have recognized Jason/Shelby are the biggest threat…somebody has to fire the shot.

      • Yup.She stated that in DR. She’s cut throat. She’s logical. If she wants to have a chance of winning.

        She wont go against Shelby right away,

      • If Shelby or Morgan don’t win veto, I think Shelby will go home Shelby will go home. Justin has already flipped back to wanting to keep Jason.

      • I agree with that however no way is Justin or Jason going to vote out Krissy if Shelby is up there as an option

      • Jason will vote out Kryssie before Justin, she just don’t know it yet. Shelby won’t be an option this week.

      • If Shelby is up there she will get voted out, if Jason is up there, he will get voted out. Unless they win Veto’s or some s**t happens….that’s the idea. lol

      • He flipped back just now?..Or their bs talk pre-HoH?..I thought was crap. lol I dont believe him.

      • He told Krissy he wouldn’t vote Jason out. It’s been bothering him, he can’t sleep etc. he said LNJ to the end

      • So that’s what you’re talking about..their talk pre-comp..I don’t buy those promises. lol .Watch Morgan and Justin talk tonight, and we’ll have a clearer idea where this is going…Justin/Kryssie’s convo would be interesting to watch too

      • Jason will give the same speech to Justin as Danielle gave to Jason if he doesn’t pull off this veto win. He’ll know he’s doomed and will make sure Justin doesn’t give in.

      • I’m sure you’ve been watching. have you? Her stats on F3 is high…unfortunately..omg I dont want her there.

      • If there was a way for America to AX an undeserving HG from making it to F3… ughhhhh she’s basically just a warm body to
        Occupy a seat and idk if she’s really that warm

      • If they want to lose, they will. Are they stupid?..I don’t think so…In all fairness even with Shelby.

      • Especially Krusty!!! She seems to be playing the who deserves it the most game, which is ridiculous. BB isn’t a charity.

      • I don’t believe him either. He has said many times in the last few days he will never trust Jason again and I believe he meant it.

      • What some people don’t understand is he always cover his bases. (thats the flip flapping). Anticipating future events. Suck on comps, but pro-active in the game.

  11. Jason better get this veto on Monday on the LNJ not on the block forcing Morgan to nominate Shelby, the veto means everything this week for Jason’s game and for the PBS

  12. At least Morgan was able to redeem herself to herself with this win. Her family and Alex are probably really proud right now.

    • And she should feel better about her win knowing she won that fair and square without anyone actually throwing it to her

  13. Jason and Kryssie and Justin have worn out their welcome

  14. I think K got to that next post and was like “nope, can’t do this” so her ego is trying to blame it on her pants… funny they didn’t cause issues on the other posts..

  15. It’s time for Jason and the others to know how it feels after the prank alliance they pulled on Alex and the girls.

    • That comment I agree with. Although, that was more Jason and Dani… while K is mean enough to do something like that for fun, I genuinely don’t think Justin is… however he did laugh and didn’t do anything to stop it so he’s guilty too

      • He clapped (remember the LNJ losing their sh*t when Scott did the same) and called them suckers all while laughing his ass off. Not a good look.

      • Scott clapped, America was pissed. Justin clapped, and no one said a word. Very telling of the kinds of people the fans are this season. We become as dirty as the HGs when we’re given power.

      • Justin did more than simply *go along* with that plan; he egged it on… a lot! He was like “oh yeah, please you have to do it. That would be so funny; etc….”
        and then he called the “suckers” afterwards. That is a lot more than simply going a long with it and not stopping it.

      • That’s true I didn’t watch the whole thing I wasn’t on the feeds much that day so I really didn’t know how much into the plan he was but I did know he knew about it and thought it was funny so in my book that alone makes him guilty too

  16. Justin is such a phoney. Now he’s brown nosing Morgan you are not going to throw me under the bus right?

    • Leave my nervous boy alone… he’s just feeling guilty that he was planning to jump ship on the girls and now he can’t. He too honest for this game. ????

  17. At this point Shelby deserves to win the money!

  18. Production better not do anything to rob Shelby of the money she earned and deserves.

    Jason, Kryssie and Justin are bad examples for America

    • We just have to see who wins veto because is Shelby or Morgan don’t win veto then Shelby will be evicted since Justin will have the last cp and can’t be renom or nom

      • He hasn’t won safety yet. Don’t jump the gun on this one.

        Add to that Shelby’s ability to win comps as compared to the others.

  19. So what are the chances of Jason, Kryssie or Justin going home next week?

  20. If Justin does win the care package challenge then kryssie, Jason or Justin win veto it’s see you later Shelby… it’s a complicated plan but it all falls on veto this week, a lot easier week if Justin turns out to be immune

  21. Shelby would be a great example of a Big Brother winner especially after the fiasco with Nicole.

    Shelby is genuinely intelligent and has played an awesome game.

    • Yes, Shelby definitely deserves to win the money over that mean nasty Jason, hope Jason goes home this week.

      • Jason’s true colors came out when he played that prank on Alex and others. That was very mean. Shelby for the win!

      • Yes, I was upset when watching him played the girls, Jason is a mean person and needs to grow up, never liked him in season 17 and don’t like him this season also, would be good if he goes home this week.

  22. How many vetos have Jason, Kryssie and Justin won? Anyone know from the top of their head?

      • Thanks Joni!

        Shelby definitely deserves to win the game. Jason, Kryssie and Justin are really dishonest

      • Danielle deserved it more than all of them that are left…but that’s neither here nor there now.

      • Danielle played dirty too by trying to pain Monte as racist. America still hasn’t forgotten that.

      • Monte said some pretty racist things…just not to their faces is all…but Dani found out when Scott told her.

      • And yet whenever I ask someone to prove it by providing a time stamp, no one can. Ever. Just what came up during that one argument. I think people think the worst of Monte because he supported Trump, which in the eyes of liberals automatically makes someone racist.

      • I disagree with this. Danielle said the most discussing things about other people, she had expected on camera with other people in the room with someone she knew for 2 weeks. She is very selfish person.

        I know many people talk very badly in that house but she was above in beyond all. Her allies even admit she was the negatives ener

      • I agree her social game sucked big time, but her comp wins were why I thought she deserved to be there more than say Kryssie! :-)

      • The thing that bothers me about Shelby is she has said to Morgan Production helped her and the feed cut to fish. She also said to Morgan she asked one of the production guys if he wanted to f**k her and again the feed switched. By her saying those things tells me it’s rigged for her to win.

      • The line she said about asking production happened the day before yesterday when she was in the HOH bed with Morgan but I don’t have the exact time. The other line was a few days ago. I watch all the time but don’t keep track of times. Sorry.

      • And Justin only won because it was double veto. He would have lost had he had to face Alex in that puzzle challenge so it’s almost like the win was given to him.

      • The co-HOH was given to him by America. The two vetoes he won on his own although Dani helped him a bit with the first one.

      • Not really. He kinda won it, but only because he didn’t have to go head-to-head with Alex, since it was the Double Veto.

  23. The house is so filthy. How can people live like that?? ?

  24. The winner of this care package will receive the opportunity to automatically advance to the final four. In order to earn safety this week and claim their spot in the final four, they will have to complete a challenge given by Big Brother.

    UPDATE: Because Justin is the only remaining houseguest who has not yet received a Care Package, there will be no vote and he will automatically receive the final America’s Care Package.

  25. Interesting big brother you put a bimbo cheerleader an complete idiot someone overweight and a short person in a balancing game what did you think was going to happen. It’s time to get these low budget heifers out this house I will celebrate when shelbys ugly but go out on girlfriends watch. I’m so done with this rigged game forevermore

    • He is being such a baby and he said Justin is playing Derrick’s game, what in the world is her thinking. Justin and Derrick’s game are worlds apart.

      • Woooooooooorlds apart. Nobody can play Derricks game and not even close to being as good as him if they tried. Many tried to copy the best from the past, but always failed. I do like the way that Justin has played even without his wins. He won once, but has played a great social game.

  26. Kryssie can do her little drama to Jason, but she’s not minding this at all. She’s fully aware this could come…to be honest.

  27. If Jason doesn’t win the veto he is definitely going home. It will be a tie between Shelby and whomever is not nominated and then Morgan will break the tie. I do hope that Kryssie goes up and goes home. I want Justin to win anyway, but want Jason to be there at the end.

    • But if Jason or Kryssie win the veto Shelby goes home. It is all about that Veto this week (unless Justin does not complete his care package challenge).

      • The care package was awarded already? I still haven’t watched yesterday’s episode. He is the only one eligible to win it. He may not complete the challenge. Not a good comp player.

      • CBS website said Justin already won, no voting because he was the only one left. It has not been delivered. I would assume it would be delivered Friday during the same time as the others were delivered. Very curious what Justin’s challenge will be? Questions, Physical, or just something silly like fun tasks.

      • That’s fine. I want Morgan and Shelby to go home, but first Kryssie. My faves are Jason and Justin.

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