Big Brother Live Feeds: Week 4 Thursday Daytime Highlights


Happy Big Brother 15 Eviction Day! Here’s to hoping we get a fun Head of Household competition outcome tonight to make up for the lack of Live Feeds excitement today. Actually, there hasn’t been much of a Live Feed going on at all because of late sleeping and trivia. But there has been some game talk here and there that points to exactly what’s going to happen tonight with the eviction vote.

Read about those moments and others on our Live Feeds highlights below. And remember that you can check out any of these moments by using the Live Feeds flashback/archive feature.

Big Brother 15 Live Feed Highlights – Thursday, July 25, 2013

10:07 AM BBT – Feeds cut. Wake-up time.

10:20 AM BBT – House is on lockdown because of tonight’s Head of Household competition. Helen is running in the house. Other houseguests are starting to get up and move around.

10:34 AM BBT – Judd is packing up his stuff from the Head of Household room. Jessie is helping. Talk turns to why they definitely have to vote Kaitlin out tonight.

10:43 PM BBT – Jessie and Andy telling Judd he was a good Head of Household.

10:55 AM BBT – Andy and Judd are talking about how loud Candice is with always slamming doors and cabinets.

11:20 AM BBT – Candice tells Howard that Elissa and Helen made a deal with Aaryn that includes them keeping her and picking the nominations even if she wins Head of Household.

11:30 AM BBT – Howard saying his morning prayer.

11:35 AM BBT – Houseguests are all reporting to the Head of Household room for lockdown while production does its thing downstairs.

11:38 PM BBT – Feeds cut to trivia for show rehearsal/prep.

12:56 PM BBT – Feeds are back.

1:05 PM BBT – Spencer and Howard are talking. He says they have to let Elissa and Helen rule until the time is right for them to strike. Spencer says he thinks Judd is the mole who outed the alliance and caused all the trouble the other night.

2:15 PM BBT – Houseguests are getting ready for tonight’s live show.

2:29 PM BBT – Helen tells Howard that Kaitlin was lying last week about not using the veto because she wanted to make a deal. That’s more proof she’s a threat and why she has to go home tonight.

So there you have it. Kaitlin will be going home tonight unless something insane happens in the next few hours. Be sure to check back for tonight’s Live Feeds highlights to find out what happens in the house after the eviction and the Head of Household competition.

You can watch all of these Big Brother 15 events using the archives flashback, the DVR-like feature of this year’s Live Feeds which means it’s always live, even when you missed it! Sign-up now to get the free trial to watch it all live & uncensored.


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  1. I expect CBS to air a disclaimer disassociating itself from the bullying behavior exhibited by Ellissa on last night’s show. I also expect Julie Chen to say she was personally offended by the spectacle. But of course the savvy viewer knew Ellissa’s true character would eventually be exposed.

      • I agree yeh , Ellissa SAID what on her mind but most of the it is true . Sometimes we don’t think before we talk and that might not be what she wanted to say . If it was she was tiered of all the gossip from Amanda . It was not all bad she just giving an opinion how she feels take it or leave it. she the only one I see who talks to other houseguests and she is sweet.

    • What are you talking about? Elissa hasn’t been bullying anyone as far as shown on either show…unless you are talking about something that happened on the feeds which wouldn’t make any sense at all, I have to assume you are talking about Elissa saying “Who wears a one piece?” to Amanda which is true because seriously…no one wears a one piece any more. That’s called out of fashion and Amanda even realized this when she tried to joke on herself… Likewise when she said “That’s nasty” Amanda took it to mean that Elissa is calling her fat and ugly, instead of dimply saying the action is nasty. That’s not bullying.

      Not only is it not bullying, it’s actually being polite in that particular situation as it led to her not making a bigger fool of herself doing things like that for the world to see.

      Although I do think that Elissa is bad at delivering jokes, I don’t see her being malicious like you all seem to think she is being… On the other hand I see Amanda saying very malicious things against Elissa and doing so behind her back, which Amanda was calling “The mean girls” out for…

      • Durakken, honestly you need to get the feeds. It’s fine to be a fan of Elissa or any other HG, but from your comments you obviously don’t know what went on in there that night or the night after. I speak here as someone who used to like Elissa but NO MORE. They actually gave her a very good edit last night, the truth is she drank an entire bottle of wine herself, she got plowed, and she completely embarrassed herself. To the point of not even remembering what had happened the next morning. The NEXT night was worse, as I assume they will show tonight (and/or possibly Sunday): Elissa completely melted down and she managed to turn the entire house against her: including Andy AND Helen. Elissa is now target #1 next week, even amongst her teammates.

      • I would suggest you actually realize what happened. As per what was seen on tonight’s episode, that happened after Amanda has been trashing her the entire week after the house decided to vote on someone with skill rather than the one of worst people to ever play BB as far as I have seen… It was also after Elissa was trying to help Kaitlynn and Kaitlynn spazzed on her and not a single person of the house stood up for Elissa telling the truth when they ALL knew other than Amanda and McCrea and I think 1 other person that what Elissa was saying… and during that same conversation Elissa held her tongue and remained loyal to Helen and I think it was Judd who told her v.v

        Seriously, the house was literally mad at her for telling Kaitlynn the truth and being loyal to her supposed friends, and you think she’s the bad one?

      • I totally agree… Since America gets to pick the third nomination, I voted Amanda 10x’s… she needs a reality check.

      • Agreed. At least Elissa said what she said to Amanda’s face. True, to the fact that Amanda says malicious things against Elissa, oh and let’s not forget her favorite Howard too, is done behind their backs. She ices Helen and Candice. She also was saying Candice is fat and want to eat her. Amanda is a creeper, She is not grown woman enough to say to ppls face. I think Amanda in insecure. She may front like she not…just saying…

      • I don’t see how what she said is wrong, bad comedy for the first thing, and perfectly reasonable for the other. Maybe others don’t think it’s nasty what was being proposed…I don’t, but if someone proposed something I thought was nasty in front of me and others, let alone, streaming online and possibly being shown on national TV… I certainly would say it is, and at the very lest I’d tell her “I really don’t think you should do that…”

        I think Amanda is insecure too. It would explain all her behavior, her choice of McCrea as a showmance, her bathing suit, her attitude, her trying to control the house, her comments about being able to get howard, and many other things she has done.

      • First of all one suits are still in style. Amanda suit did not look right it did not fit her just a tad to small. I think she did not look good in that style. Ellissa just saying what on her mind and sometimes just don’t think hmmm like sister. But I can understand she did not the suit on Amanda. Amanda is in her own world running the game. It funny how Elissa did trust Aaron nobody did not listen that she said she will not become HOH hmm what happen.

    • I was more offended by rascist comments. Elissa was dead wrong and rude to amanda. Amanda is beautiful. I was,shocked by her behavior. Horrible, mean.people

  2. I would like to ask you all to google “rigged game shows” and study up a little bit on the happenings of the 1950’s and the fact that Congress passed a law prohibiting the fixing of quiz shows (and any other form of contest). Fixing or rigging of these shows are not only illegal, it is a federal crime of which a conviction carries PRISON TIME. I understand some of the things that happens on this show seems unfair or does not roll the way we like, but… IT IS NOT FIXED!!! They do not lean in favor of someone, they do not give people information, they do not plan competitions to help folks, the timing of all the twists are laid out months in advance, and if they were not… SOMEONE goes to prison. Just my 2 cents, as I also love this show, and this site and some others like it, but the comments accusing the producers of cheating are getting out of hand. They aren’t, they can’t, and even if they wanted to, they wouldn’t.

    • I beg to differ with you dilmos…….. Plenty of times if you watch after dark that is, you will hear a Houston guest mention someone from the DR is making them vote a certain way. And no one will go to prison either… It’s been done for many years. I think the house guest have to sign some type of waiver stating they will not sue, or go after BB for anything they find out. Also if you have ever watch janell or Jordan and Jeff on talk show them mention it as well. Sorry to burst your bubble

      • Steering you to vote a certain way is part of the “creative license” definition. In the Storage Wars case filed by David Hester which he alleged planting valuable items in storage lockers by the producers, A & El, the judge said that since, it is a show (just like Big Brother), the producers have the “creative license” to steer the show the way they see fit. Which means they can change the rules, add twists to the game as they see fit. Now, for the voting allegations, that is pure hogwash because those results are audited and that part, will get them in trouble with the Fair Trade Board. Just saying so, you know! Now, if this was just a contest and not a show then, that is another matter! Big Brother is a show.

    • Although shows like “Big Brother” are Federally regulated, they don’t fall into the same category as “Prize is Right” or other Quiz shows.

      • Big Brother is not a game show or contest because it is a tv show! That is why they have creative license to do as they please—-the producers that is! They can add twists and change rules as they deem fit. We already see the MVP twist they changed out of the blue just this past week. A judge from the Storage Wars case no less has ruled the producers have the creative license to steer the show any way they wish.

      • Sorry Richie, but you’re wrong on that point. Reality shows like BB are defined as “game shows” legally, and they are regulated & independently monitored as such – in the exact same way a Price is Right or a Wheel of Fortune is.

      • No it is not. Big Brother is more like Storage Wars. It is not the same as Price Is Right or Wheel of Fortune. You drunk or something? It is like heaven and hell the comparison that is! If it is a game show, the authorities would have shut it down a long time ago! This is not a game show even if you say so! This is reality tv which is a tv show where the producers have creative license. it is the judge who knows the law that is saying this not me!

      • Reality Competition Show because you sign up to Big brother to compete for a chance to win half a million dollars.

    • Exactly, I’m so sick of of people saying the show is rigged, it’s not, and everyone who keeps saying it should stop watching it and let the true fans enjoy it

    • The only thing that would be considered rigging is direct interference in the competitions or saying “vote this way or else”. Even if they were to tell a HG every answer to every question they were going to ask in a competition it still is not rigging simply because it is not direct interference and the player still has to make the decision as to whether they are telling the truth or not and remember all of it so it is not rigged, but becomes a slightly different challenge.
      I certainly would question whatever they told me were the answers because they may be telling me the wrong answers to get me to fail.

      • I don’t think it’s rigged either. I do think they are right in how they change up competitions. You can’t have all physical when you have men and women competing against each other as most (not all) women cannot physically beat a man.

  3. I don’t think Elissa was talking about Amanda’s body. I think she expressed her disgust for one pieces wrong. And I sure as hell wouldn’t want to see McC lick anyone’s thigh. I wouldn’t want to see any of the HG do that. I think Elissa is more conservative and reserved with sexuality. I think it was pieced together to make it look like she was directly speaking to Amanda because that’s how Amanda took it.

    • At least Elissa said to her face. Unlike Amanda who has said less than nice things about Elissa. That is the fundamental difference between these two women. Plus, Amanda playing the victim card was a waste of viewing time.

      • I really do think Elissa didn’t intend to insult Amanda’s body but the way she said it came off as hurtful to Amanda. Hopefully they managed to talk things out the next day.

        There will always be two sides of the story even if we we saw it on our own eyes on the live feeds.

      • I see your point, about two sides of the story. I just got jaded with the live feeds. How is was pieced together wasn’t fair.

    • Exactly, she was insulting the actual one piece as opposed to Amanda herself, although I don’t know why because Elissa doesn’t have the best fashion sense either. I’m starting to see Amanda’s blatant insecurities show up, and I’m really annoyed at how they’re trying to villainize Elissa a bit as opposed to Amanda who’s doing more horrible things imo, Amanda is far from a victim.

    • and sucking the life force out of McCrea. She is a parasite, that McCrea needs to pass, if you catch my drift :p

  4. Saw a promo on CBS for BB, they are trying to promote a cat fight between the 3 bad girls. What ????

      • I have no idea, but you can see GM pull Kaitlyn hair from the back. When did that happens ?

      • Would someone be pulled from the game for hair pulling? curious? Willie was kicked out in zero to 60.

      • Depend on the circomstance I guess. It’s a 2 seconds scene, so hard to assess what was really happening. I’m trying to look for it on YouTube, haven’t found it.

      • I hope there isn’t a hair pulling incident or cat fight. Just not my thing. Willie last year was enough.

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