Big Brother Live Feeds: Week 11 Sunday Highlights


The Big Brother 15 season is winding down and that means slower Live Feeds. OK, final five isn’t usually this slow, but when there’s an alliance of four in the final five, you can’t expect much.

Basically right now we’ve got Judd freaking out over the possibility of going home this week and we’ve got Spencer and Andy trying to figure out to make his fears a reality or go for their other ally GinaMarie and make it all-male final four.

Read about those moments and others on our Live Feed highlights below. And remember to sign-up now for the Big Brother Feeds so you can watch any of these moments by using the Flashback archive feature.

Big Brother 15 Live Feed Highlights –  Sunday, September 8, 2013

10:45 AM BBT – Feeds cut. Wake-up time.

11:15 AM BBT – Judd up and outside for a cigarette.

11:20 AM BBT – Judd goes back to bed.

11:30 AM BBT – Judd is up again doing laundry.

12:00 PM BBT – All houseguests are back in bed and sleeping.

2:25 PM BBT – Judd seems to be the only one awake. He is making breakfast/lunch.

2:35 PM BBT – Judd is making a dummy to put in the hammock.

2:40 PM BBT – Andy is up now. He and Judd are outside. Judd tries to convince him that’s Spencer sleeping in the hammock.

2:44 PM BBT – Judd is nervous about going home this week. Andy says they are keeping him (I don’t think they are).

3:55 PM BBT – Everyone is awake but Spencer.

4:15 PM BBT – Spencer finally joins the living (at 7:15 PM for East Coast Live Feed watchers, nonetheless).

4:18 PM BBT – Spencer talking about how GinaMarie could be shady. Sounds like Spencer might be leaning toward booting GM, but Andy still wants Judd gone.

4:35 PM BBT – Photobooth is open. Time for houseguests to take photos.

7:00 PM BBT – Spencer, McCrae and Andy are talking about who would be easier to beat in competitions, Judd or GinaMarie.  McCrae wants to keep Judd. The others talk about how hard it might be to beat GinaMarie.

8:35 PM BBT – McCrae tells Judd he isn’t sure who is going home this week. Judd gets freaked out and asks Andy why McCrae said that. Andy reassures Judd that he’s staying.

8:40 PM BBT – McCrae denies that he told Judd anything.

8:57 PM BBT – Sounds like the plan is now to definitely evict Judd after McCrae, Spencer and Andy had a talk.

9:06 PM BBT Wait a minute, Andy just AGAIN said “which one do we keep around.” They keep saying they have all week to discuss then they discuss it some more. And talk in circles. Over and over again.

9:22 PM BBT – Andy is obsessed with the thought of not wanting Elissa to win America’s Favorite.

9:50 PM BBT – Judd tells McCrae that he has a plan and to not get mad at him for it. That sounds scary.

9:58 PM BBT – Everyone is warning McCrae about moving to Florida with Amanda. They tell him not to jump in to something like that so suddenly.

10:40 PM BBT – Not much going on. Andy is running. Others are just sitting around talking.

11:33 PM BBT – Judd reminds Spencer that it was him, Spencer and Andy who formed the alliance and GM came in after. He says they should cut GM and keep him. Spencer tells him more people are worried about GM than him. But Judd says GM is injured.

11:55 PM BBT – Spencer trying to get Andy to use the Veto on GM instead of himself while promising to vote out Judd. Andy says it’s crazy. Spencer thinks it’s 50-50 and says they could convince him they’ll get GM to throw the next HoH since McCrae is stressing that.

12:45 AM BBT – Spencer talking to McCrae. Andy later enters and pitches the “save GM” plan. McCrae says that doesn’t make sense.

1:10 AM BBT – Andy goes to talk to GM about their progress on McCrae. Upstairs McCrae tells Spencer there’s no way he’s doing that.

1:50 AM BBT – McCrae talks to GM and tells her he trusts her, but not Spencer and Andy. He’s going to save himself instead.

3:50 AM BBT – Spencer promises McCrae he won’t go back and watch McCranda having sex on the Feeds. McCrae says he regrets that decision.

4:40 AM BBT – Judd, McCrae, and Spencer still up in the HoH room chatting about random topics.

5:05 AM BBT – Judd heads downstairs leaving Spencer and McCrae to discuss Final Four and Final Three. Spencer is worried about Andy. They talk about ways to get the two of them to the end.

5:30 AM BBT – Spencer and McCrae finally getting ready for bed. Big day ahead with the Veto Ceremony coming up.

It sounds like the guys are leaning more toward sending Judd to Jury, but it’s still early, so they’ll probably flip back and forth before the eviction this week.

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  1. I hate them all! All they do still is bash Elissa like talk about being obsessed with someone….Andy will act like he is so innocent if he makes it into the final 2. That will be tough to watch.

    • Andy’s head is already as big as a small planet, If he makes it to F2 there would not be enough room in the BB house for it. Boy is he full of himself. His F2 speech to the jury will be worthy of 4 puke buckets.

      • What I do not understand, they keep saying Andy has the votes in the jury. That would be the main reason you wouldn’t take him. Oh I almost forgot, these people do not have any sense!

  2. What is spencers deal with Andy? Why wont he nominate him as the replacement or even put him up in the first place?

  3. I believe Spencer has a final 2 deal with Andy which is why he won’t nominate him unfortunately. I want Andy on the block badly.

      • Yeah but this is why Spencer won’t even think to put Andy on the block in reply to ashjohns52 who wanted to know what is Spencer’s deal with Andy. Spencer won’t do it because him and Andy have a deal.

      • And Spencer thinks Andy can be trusted? Spencer should be asking, why does Andy want me in the F2 with him? The fact that Andy wants him there should be enough reason for Spencer to cut him loose. All of these people should be thinking about taking Judd to the F2 if they want to win.

      • I still think GM is the easiest for Spencer to beat. Other than Aaryn, does anyone on the jury like her or has she done enough within the game to win?

      • I don;t think many people on jury like Spencer either. Let’s face it, besides agree to go up on the block 7 times, what has he done in this game to deserve to win? I am guessing the jurors will think GM is a spark plug and a fighter. I think if its between GM and Spencer, they will pick GM.

      • I think Spencer would have, Amanda, Andy, McCrae and Candice (no way she will vote for GM to win). Then he just needs a vote from Helen, Elissa, Judd or Jessie for the win. Aaryn would definitely vote for GM. But surviving without a big alliance for most of the game could be his pitch for the win.

      • Andy is clever, though. Andy has said that he does not want to be sent to the Jury House with all of the people that he has double crossed. Did he say this, because it is true, or did he say this so that Spencer wouldn’t think twice about their final two deal?

      • If it was me that would be a perfect excuse to send him. Andy had 2 reasons for saying that #1 it was true. #2 if he can convince The other 3 that jurors hate him he may get to final 2. Andys constant bashing of Elissa & other HGs is to hide his own betrayal . While he thrives on being the center of attention he tries to keep conversations focused on the “supposed” backstabbing that others did. Andy always tries to turn the conversation away from himself. Pay very close attention to his conversations and u will realize what hes doing.

      • Agree, Andy is skilled at the art of communication and turning the conversation around to distract from himself. This has been his game play from the beginning, to keep any direct communication off himself.

      • Right they have a deal. That is why Spencer spent over 30 minutes in the HOH talking to GM about what a mistake it would be to take Andy to final 2. He was trying to get her to agree to put Andy up so he would be voted out . But “airhead” GM did not grasp what he was saying. I think McCrae is still in the thinking process cause he knows at some point all 4 have betrayed him.

  4. Let’s approach the guy on the block who won POV and tell him to use it on the person next to him to save her and we’ll vote out the replacement nominee! Seriously? That’s a plan?

    • Okay, so McCrea is supposed to use his veto to save GM. Spencer will nominate another person and that person will be evicted. Hahahahaha! Why not just nominate the person and evict that person? Why does McCrea have to be on the block to accomplish this? Actually, I know why. Spencer does not want any blood on his hands. Andy probably will vote to evict Judd and McCrea probably will vote to evict GM. Spencer will have to break the tie and he does not want to do that. Anyway, it’s a stupid plan.

      • Judd knows what they got planned…He needs to ask “If GM is going and yall are positive she is then why does Andy not want to be the pawn???

      • They will use the same garbage excuse Andy and Spencer have used all season. Its about hiding the alliance. If McCrae were smart he would agree with Judd and then vote Andy out instead of GM.

      • If McCrae has not figured out the 4 have something on the side then he needs to be evicted. He told GM that he knew he was the target when he got put up. He knows Andy voted Amanda out. I think McCrae needs an Adderall to bring him fully awake…

      • Sorry, Amanda took all her Rx meds with her when she left. She put them in her duffle bag right next to McCrae’s balls.

      • It’s risky, but Judd should tell Spencer that he does not want to go on the block. He should tell him that he does not feel safe and that Andy is a better choice, because no one would send Andy home instead of GM. Also, Judd should say that if he is placed on the block, he will spill the beans about the exterminators. This might get him evicted for sure, but I think Judd is already on his way out the door.

      • So in other words you are saying someone in this house should start playing the damn game the way its supposed to be played!! Yes! I agree. Again, Judd is probably afraid it will be him going up and going home. So he wants to wait until he is on the block to pull a Jessie move. But then its too late.

        Judd should be in MCrae’s ear too telling him it was Andy who lied and voted out Amanda and how Andy wants him out next and would have gotten him out if he didn’t win the POV. Tell him its Andy who is the brains behind Spencer.

        Then the two of them should tell Spencer they want Andy gone because he will win in Any F2 and they may not get another chance to take him out. Tell Spencer if he doesn’t side with them, he will go next week when he can;t play for HOH.

        Then go to GM and tell her, Andy and Spencer want her out but they are trying to save her by having Spencer put up Andy instead of Judd so McCrae and Judd can vote out Andy. This would leave GM beholden to them for the next eviction. The problem is all of these people have no brains to come up with a plan. Amanda did all the thinking in the past.

      • If it was me and it meant final 4/3 don’t think I wouln’t spill my guts . I would tell it all. It might not save me but it would hurt the remaining players. Not that I would care.

      • Don’t leave out that he should tell Spencer that Andy does not want GM out, because he knows that he can manipulate her and he knows that he can beat her in the end. Also, he should say if Andy and GM are in the finals, Andy probably will say his “Four Scores and Seven Years Ago” speech again (all men are created equal) and no one will vote for GM after that.

    • I think Andy and Spencer are so full of themselves at this point they think they can convince anyone of anything. Let’s hope McCrae wins HOH Thursday and puts up Andy and Spencer.

  5. There is not one single person left that I want to win. Andy gets on my nerves like no other. Even though it’s only a game, I can’t tolerate all of the hatred and derogatory comments that are made nonstop towards Elissa. Enough is enough! Then we have Spencer. He’s a disgrace to men with all of his sexist comments not to mention being the world’s biggest pervert. Next, we got McCrae who spent the entire season up to this point lazy and mostly in bed. As far as GM is concerned, she said some of the most racist and disgusting things. Finally, there’s Judd. I used to like him and was actually cheering him and Elissa on, but that all changed when he decided to stab her in the back and join the others in bashing her nonstop. It stuns me that they all feel justified sitting in the house knowing there’s live feeds running 24-7 and they still say the most disgusting things ever. If I were Elissa, I would seriously consider bringing a lawsuit against these jokers for all of the false and negative comments they’ve made about her Eissercise. One final thing, the more Andy and the others comment that they would die if Elissa got AFP, the more they are inspiring others to vote for her. If only they knew how America really felt and how much Elissa is respected and loved by many.

    • Yes McCrae hid behind Amanda but he wins when he needs too. If he is in the final 2 I like him to win. Its all about when you win and winning all comps to get to the finals is the way to go. Thats my take on it but I agree with EVERYTHING else you said! Kuddos!

    • I agree. None of them deserve to win this game the way they are playing. This is just terrible BBB game play. All of the personal attacks just add to the negative side of this group of house guests.

      These people are playing like they don;t care if they win. They are only concerned about making it to next week. They should all be thinking about who they want in F2 with them if they make it that far. Spencer must know that GM and Andy have to go for him to win. McCrae too.

      They should get rid of Andy this week so he does not play in the veto comp where they have to knows the days when BB events occurred. He is going to win that and he will decide who goes home next week. McCrae, are you getting that?

  6. I LOVE that Spencer and Andy hate the thought of Elissa being AFP! Cause you know that’s probably going to happen. That’s who I am voting for!

      • NO! Vote for Elissa. Andy said he will kill himself if she gets it. Spencer said he will poop on stage if she gets it. We want Elissa to win to stick it to these jerks.

      • Candice is my first choice to win AFP, if she doesn’t then Elissa is good. The HGs have got to know if they keep bashing Elissa the viewers would vote her AFP.

      • I hate to do this to Candice, but guys, guys, guys!! Voting for Candice is giving these people what they want which is for anyone but Elissa to win AFP. I understand the sympathy for Candice. I liked her too and what she dealt with in the house was terrible. But the people who did that to her are Aaryn, GM and Kaitlyn. Aaryn and GM already lost their jobs. aaryn was grilled by Julie. Kaitlyn is irrelevant.

        We need to vote for Elissa to make sure the two biggest scumbags in the house, Spencer and Andy, get the message. The same is true for the slightly lesser scumbags, McCrae and Judd.

        I don’t mean to be pushy because I do believe everyone should vote for whoever they think deserves it, but this one time I think we have a chance to send a message to these house guests who gave us the worst BB in BB history. We should not waste it.

        I say this with all due respect to all BB fans who I am sure are disappointed with this season just like me.

      • Wish there was a way we could send Spencer a roll of toilet paper, Would love for him to get it on final night from America

  7. 3:50 AM BBT – Spencer promises McCrae he won’t go back and watch McCranda having sex on the Feeds. McCrae says he regrets that decision.

    Please that will be Spencer’s first thing to do as soon as he gets home. He is a nasty ass fucking perv. He always talks about sex or his penis.

    • ABSOLEFUCKINGLUTELY! Thats what he will do! LMAO What a perv and a Nasty ass pig. He doesnt deserve ANYTHING!

    • Maybe he doesn’t like reruns after all he was in the bed next to them. Bet money he saw it live some of the time when they thought they were alone. Ever noticed all the mirrors (have cameras behind)

    • Probably the second or third thing. I’m sure he will be more interested in catching a nip slip from one of the girls in the shower.

  8. Andy thinks he is playing such a good game that he can sell McCrea gold when it’s really rust!!!! R u kidding me McCrea don’t trust em why on earth would he use the veto to save GM cause they say they will vote out Judd really I bet McCrea is thinking how dumb do u people think I am if u what Judd gone then put him up in my place and vote him out and if I was McCrea I would vote to send GM home and blame it on Andy that way Spencer has to make the choice as to who goes and McCrea would get Judd’s vote if he makes it to the end!!!

    • Why would he save GM when he didn’t even save the one he says he loves. Are these people really that STUPID.

      • My thoughts exactly and when Andy left the HOH room McCrea told spencer they was no way he would save GM!! But Andy thinks he is such a good game player that he could try and convince McCrea!!!

      • Yes. I really think if we took an X-ray of McCrae’s head we would see nothing but some tumbleweed and a dead cattle’s head half buried in dust.

  9. 3 nights I haven’t watch the feeds. Every time I try to watch, I hear some Rat noise, I had to exit. I get my updates here, so thank you guys. Any talk of getting rid of the Rat in the house?

    • Pretty much nothing on the tweeter feed since the veto saturday. There was more traffic about the casting call for BBCan 2 in Vancouver and Rachel saying this and that, like she will host the after the show party in a fancy LA club. And this week-end, was their 1st wedding anniversary (Rachel & Brendon). That’s about it. 9 days before finale and Survivor premiere.

  10. Im gonna flip my opinion of who I want to win. Since all this bs i hope mcrea wins. Id use the pov on judd and andy would go up. Then id vote out andy. Then next hoh u have an injured gm judd spencer and mcrea. That would be best case scenerio but im gonna be pissed if and or gm make f2 or win. They are scum bags. If mcrea isnt a bad guy. He was part of a bad couple. Now that amanda is gone hes back to week 1 mcrea who is a good competitor.

    • I like how you think!! At this point I’m all for McCrea, as for the other four they’re pitiful and don’t deserve anything. I’d almost vote for Elissa as AFP just to piss off Andy and Co.

    • McCrae and GM are on the block. He needs to use it on himself. Then Spencer makes a new nomination which will be Judd. Andy and Spencer are deciding who goes home at this point, McCrae’s vote doesn’t matter. McCrae dug his grave last week when he let his jealousy get in the way of his game play.

      • I don’t think it was jealousy, even though he clearly has a problem with Elissa’s financial situation. I just think that Amanda walked out with his balls in her bag. No balls, means no big game move.

      • I go back and forth on this. I do believe McCrae is really just a dumb person who cannot think ahead. To me the obvious move is keep an ally, get rid of the rats. So something drove McCrae to take out Elissa and I cannot believe it was “just go along with the house”. That just makes no sense. Even a chimp could figure that out. That’s why I look for the emotional reason. But maybe he is even dumber than I think he is.

      • I think you are looking for something to like in one of these houseguests. And McCrae seems the least vile. But they all seem to think that there is a lot of game moves left and the truth is there aren’t. He didn’t know what to do without Amanda telling him, so he let Spencer, Andy and Judd tell him what to do instead. God help him if he wins final HOH, his head might explode from making a decision on his own.

      • I agree but let me make it clear. I do not like McCrae or any of these people. To me they exhibit the worse characteristics of Americans and I think the vast majority of people in this country are much better people than these animals. However, I have accepted they are all disgusting and there is no point in debating the degree or ranking them in order anymore. At this point, I am just looking for some good game play from someone, anyone! But I know I will be disappointed.

  11. Since Spencer has a final 2 with Andy, they should just vote GM out. As I see it, if she makes it to F2, she has a pretty good chance of winning.

    Realistically, I would want Andy as a replacement for McCrae and him voted OUT! But I think it is risky to go F2 with Judd. Amanda is the only one who for some odd reason thinks Judd has super powers… and would vote against him. With Andy in F2, Helen and Elissa knows he is a snake, Amanda is mad at him… So he is a better candidate to take to the end. Spencer can tell the jury about all of Andy’s backstabbing and how he played a role (a major role) in ALL of their evictions. What can he say that is so negative about Judd? Not much.

    These people played and took everything personal all season, they didn’t pay much attention to game play so I can see why Spencer would take Andy to the end.

  12. I have a ?. How does this cast know about the change in the “all cast after party” I believe hosted by Rachet Rachael and whomever this year??

    • I know about cause I read it on the net. The house knows about it cause IAN told them. But IAN did not tell them the truth. The cancellation is due to BB15 being so controversial not due to lack of funding as IAN told the HGs. But seriously would u pay money to go to a party and associate with the cast of BB15. I’m gonna stay home and watch the back yard interviews. The feeds this year was enough of a waste of cash.

      • Where did you read this? I wouldn’t pay to go to any party with these people but I can imagine a lot of people with high emotions would if for no other reason than to boo these cretins in person for an entire night.

      • I saw it posted on Twitter a couple of times. And IAN told them at the comp that Vegas had been cancelled.

      • Thanks so much!! I love it as they all think they’re the greatest players ever but this cast has ruined it for most of us (dumbasses). Would not pay to go to a party with them ever – can you imagine this bunch getting drunk? There’s no telling what they might say (LOL). I didn’t get the feeds as I knew I’d be gone a lot but plan to next year. This has just been a sucky seasaon and BBAD sucks also.

      • Let’s just hope that this group did not cause CBS to give up on BB for next year. I have this fear that after all of the noise about how bad the cast is that CBS will decide to do something different and not risk the the same nonsense happening again. That’s why this group needs to be given a strong message so that the people who follow them into the BB house in future seasons know that acting the way this group did will make them hated by BB fans.

      • Maybe an allstars. But even then, returning players might not want to be part of this show anymore.

      • Oh CBS won’t give up as this stupid cast has made the national news and probably beyond, some have lost their jobs which I don’t remember if this has happened before, has lots of people taking about them, and made lots of money for them on that also stupid BBAD with all the commercials.

        They need to add some new rules to their BB Rule Book which I’m sure they will due to all the heat. Add warnings and penalties if they do not adhere.

        Kinda think is was a shame that production mentioned their vulgar comments were not acceptable as they’d be totally blown away by their reception. Of course they’re still making crude comments.

    • THE PRIVATE PARTIES HAVE NOT BEEN CANCELLED. TO MY UNDERSTANDING it is the cast/reunion party that will not be held.

  13. I am so impressed by McCrae’s gameplay this week. He figuring out things very well for being behind Amanda for long. Some people dislike him for that but I believe it was a good gameplay move. Also, he seems like he has the fire..specially to still win it for himself (which I admire too because after your partner leaves it could be hard to stay focused). Throughout the entire episode last night, the Exterminators were doing their stupid all hand motions thinking they are geniuses. Meanwhile, McCrae suspects a final 4. Oh and he doesn’t trust Andy. I hope this guy wins, I’ve been rooting for him since day 1 and waiting to see his gameplay.

    • I don’t see how McCrae’s moves have been good game play. He was HOH and could have reduced the numbers against him. In fact, as HOH he could have kept Elissa and made a deal with either Judd or GM (or both) to got F3. Now that we know MCCrae is aware of the final 4 deal the rest of the house has he is even dumber for not keeping Elissa and making a deal with Judd or GM. McCrae could have finished his HOH with a 3-2 majority instead of a 4-1 minority in the house. How can anyone suggest that is good game play?

      If McCrae goes home Thursday night, it will be the net result of his HOH last week.

  14. Andy must not have been paying attention after Amanda’s departure. McCrae is not the wounded puppy you expect him to be since his partner/Amanda left. You can’t convince him with that ridiculous plan.

    Her leaving lit a fire under McCrae’s butt and he is now playing the game, won HOH and POV… Come on Andy! Be for real!

    • If he was really palying the game, he would have nominated Andy and GM instead of Elissa. He even said on the show last night that he KNEW it was Andy that turned on him. Elissa was the only one that tried to help him and Amanda and he got her out of the house. McCrae is the dumbest individual to EVER play Big Brother.

      • He really should have put up Andy and Spencer. If one of them went home, then McCrae could form an alliance with Elissa and GM and possibly Judd, leaving Andy or Spencer as odd man out. The time to do what the house wants is over, its time to ruffle feathers and win the game.

      • McCrae is one of the reasons why this season has been so bad. He has no game either. If not for his relationship with Amanda, McCrae would have been another floater. He is winning comps now because the competition is so bad given the people who are left to compete against. If he kept Elissa and aligned with Judd or possibly GM, he would have a much better chance of making it to final 3.

        Now, he needs to win the next HOH or POV and the final HOH to make it to final 2.

      • I agree, by getting rid of Elissa, he only strengthen the alliance against him. He has managed to survive these 2 evictions by an HOH and POV win, but if he fails to get one of those through the final HOH, he is a goner. I don’t think anyone in the house wants to go against him with Amanda on the jury.

      • McCrae’s dislike/jealousy of Elissa is probably just as bad as Andy’s. He was so focused on the fact that “she doesn’t need the money” that rather than good game play, he got her out of the house.

      • Totally agree, he was too focused on the fact that Elissa did not need the money to think that she would have been good for his game.

      • Yes, basically he said, I don;t care if I win or not as long as she doesn’t. This is the mentality of a pizza delivery boy coming out again.

    • Does he have a choice, but to work harder this time around. Remember it’s 4 against 1. He needs a lot of luck at this stage of the game, because 1 miss, he dies.

  15. Andy s obsession with Elissa is due to jealousy, now he is trying to get the $25,000. he really is a snake and he thinks he can influence America. last night he was trying to justify his behavior toward her, too late rat, the damage has been done.

    • Vote for Elissa for America’s Favorite Player. Let Andy, Spencer, Judd, McCrae and the rest know how we feel about their behavior!

      • Candice was my choice too. But I switched to Elissa because I think Andy and Spencer are on an “anyone but Elissa” campaign. My goal is to piss them off. I think Elissa accomplished that better than Candice at this point.

        I could make a case for Elissa over Candice too, but I like them both so I won’t campaign to hard against Candice.

      • she has my vote hands down!!!! then watch him potty on himself !!!!!!!! he has really convinced himself that he is to adorable!! can t wait til he finds out how wrong he is.

  16. I am upset at the way Elissa’s things were being packed. I think that the evicted houseguest should be aloud to come back and pack their own things while the rest of the house outside on lockdown as much bashing as they have done to her you wonder if she is getting all her things. I was really PO when they took her picture and destroyed it. That was’nt their’s to touch let alone destroy. It should have been STOPPED!!

      • I had a real problem with Spencer packing Elissa’s stuff (can you say pervert) and apparently the producers or Elissa did, as well.

      • The producers are as much to blame for the people in this house as the people themselves. Production could have stepped in at any time to tell them to stop with the vulgar disrespectful behavior. They chose not to.

      • I have said that from the beginning. They let things slide that they should not have and then they lost control.

      • Fly, at first I couldn’t figure out what they were doing. If you go back to Saturday night highlights, you will see 6 small pictures one of the pics is Spaz holding up a plate and on the plate is a pic of Elissa, the one on the memory board. Another pic is of A,GM,S,Mc with the plate. Well if you re-read the recap, it says the four of them destroying Elissa’s pic. My question is was this with her stuff or was in the freezer because it needed to be kept frozen? Either way it was Elissa’s

      • Look how long she had been saving it. She must have really appreciated it. Prince, I could not tell by the pic. But how did they “destroy” her picture?

    • I agree. But I think after the double eviction they didn’t have time for that. But that too show just what kind of rotten scumbags those people are. Elissa spent the night before doing GM’s hair. Do you think GM could have been just a little more appreciative? Elissa was upset when she left. Could you blame her. She was back stabbed by McCrae, Judd and Andy all in the space of about 15 minutes and she was evicted suddenly. Of course she was upset and I bet everyone of those people would have been too. Judd doesn’t remember when he refused to hug Helen and Elissa?

      They hold Elissa to a higher standard then the rest of them people in the house.

  17. Its just talk but ALLISON GRODNER may be replaced as producer due to the show being a disaster this season. Nothing for sure but its being said. I don’t think its been renewed yet. And u know what for all the years we have enjoyed it would be sad that the show ended on such a bad note…really sad…

    • If the show is cancelled because of this cast, they will be forever known for it. That should make Andy proud.

      But the producers are to blame too. They shold have kicked a guest out to set an example and warned the rest of them that disrespectful language and behavior will not be tolerated.

      • They should have removed Jeremy the second he took Elissa’s hat. That would put a no tolerance stance on damaging or defaming other peoples objects. At the very least they need to start giving penalty nominations and votes. If they can’t decide when a line is crossed, make it a viewer decision. Let America choose a punishment, instead of picking have not food.

    • I won’t be surprised if she gets the boot. It’s being done in the corporate world. The head has to go to re-build their image.

  18. I say lets do Nick a solid and vote him AFP. With $25,000 in his pocket, he could move and GM would never find him.

  19. Just want to share a little tid bit I found on joker’s update:

    3:39AM BBT: Spencer wishes Howard would have
    at least made it to jury house because he needed the money

    3:58AM BBT: Andy says if he wins, he would
    give money to Howard.

    • There is no doubt in my mind Andy is trying to say things to win AFP. His attacks on Elissa are designed to take votes from her. But he has been asking rhetorically lately if all his attacks are having the opposite effect. McCrae was wondering the same thing so no I can see the little weasel trying the other tactic to make himself look more likeable.

      Wasn’t there another BB player who made it to final 2 who said he would give some of the $500k to charity if he won? He said it when asked by one of the jurors what he would do with the money. No one believed him either and he lost.

      • Well, I just got back from the grocery store and I could swear I saw him running under the dumpster in the back of the lot. Maybe it was a cousin or something.

  20. I’m just venting. Spencer keep saying who is hot and who is not. Are all of his mirrors broken? Spencer is one of the most unattractive people that I have ever seen. I think he is angry, because none of the girls wanted him. And, what guy in their right mind asks another guy if he has masturbated while in the house (Spencer asked Andy this). Seems a little suspicious to me.

    • Spencer was talking about Helen saying he should do that insanity workout with her. He said when she suggested it all he could do is think about ways to get her out of the house. Someone should tell Spencer that a man of his age should be able to walk up that spiral staircase in the house without huffing and puffing for 10 minutes after he reaches the HOH room.

      This is what I mean about these people. They resent others who represent the worst in themselves. The do not like clean, modest, disciplined people.

  21. Elissa has been receiving outpouring of support from fans on her FB. Promising her the AFP votes. She has over 2000. “likes”. She will be so happy when she reads them. While Andy has 140 “likes,” ..he might really slit his throat when he reads the comments people are posting….not to mention the

  22. This is the worst bunch of house guests in BB history IMO! We have some terrible choices in front of us….all floaters (yes, Andy you are a floater, like it or not, the zingbot was right!).
    Mc has slept throughout the game and Am used her brains for both him and her! Mc does not deserve to win.
    Andy is a rat and America absolutely detests him (I can’t wait to see his face when Elissa wins AFP!). He played the game conniving and being dishonest for no apparent reason/s and his disdainful remarks directed at Elissa does not make him a winner by any means.
    Judd has been a disappointment and even after been given the second chance, he is screwing up his game. He will be gone sooner than later.
    Gina Marie is an absolute racist (no question here!) and her minority status may keep her a little bit longer, but she has been plagued with injuries so her ability to win comps is limited.
    Spencer (current hero, or at least he thinks he is!), has one goal to get to f/2 with Andy as he seems to be content with winning 50k, but in the process, he is taking his partner in crime (Andy the rat) to the finish line. Pity!
    Unless Mc and whoever is not voted out on Tuesday makes a huge move, it seem like two of the most disliked house guests will go to f/2. Let’s hope we have a bitter jury!
    IMO, personally, nobody deserves the 500k and it would be more rewarding to give the money to charity.

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